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In seeking perfection, an art is born. The process of perfecting human physical skills using the perfect human body instruments and leading to the creation of beauty that brings joy to the human spirit is the process of practicing Art. Such a practice is the best disciplinary training for elementary school students. A true Master Teacher of any form of Art knows how to use the practice to discipline the human spirit for reaching perfection.
In Traditional Chinese Culture, there are various forms of practice of art that have been shown by the long history to be highly effective in disciplining human spirit. Such art forms include: Music, Chess, Chinese Calligraphy, Painting, Martial Arts. Music includes playing music instruments, singing and dancing. For girls and boys, different forms of art have distinct roles. According to the teachings of Daoism, all forms of lives in the physical world have distinct fundamental nature, and male and female human lives are bestowed with distinct nature of Yang and Ying, respectively. In the education of art, since the process of seeking perfection is an integral part of the process of nurturing the inner spirit, therefore the art format chosen shall be consistent with the nature of each individual boy and girl. A great Master Teacher uses these various art forms to fine tune the student’s inner spirit and help the student to gain unique insight of the universe and him or herself in practicing an art form.
Besides the offering of the traditional Chinese art forms, the various forms of Western Arts of similar nature will be also offered to the students in our Charter School; folk arts and local art formats in the community will be introduced to the students in our Charter School through various seminars and workshops.

New York City has the blessing of a large number of extremely talented artists and many new immigrant artists reside within the community of Flushing; in addition, our partner non-profit organization, the New Tang Dynasty Television, hosts International Competitions of Nine different formats of Art (Singing, Piano, Violin, Classical Chinese Dancing, Culinary Art, Chinese Han Couture, Photography, Oil Painting, Martial Art)every year in a escalating scales; the human resource for art in our Charter School is therefore highly abundant.

Parent Involvement and Educational Staffing Plan: Parents and Grandparents, especially the later, will be an integral component of our education program. Each student will be led by their individual Master Educators specialized in various subject fields, such as language and literature, math, human body, history, humanity study, arts and cultivation practice; therefore each student will have seven Master Educators to follow them all the way from K to 5th grade and make their individualized curriculum according to their learning ability and interest; among the seven Master Educators, each student will choose one as the Lead Master who will stay in close contact with the parents or grandparents for communication of all necessary education issues. For the first year, with the enrollment of 20 students from each grade, our Charter School will be staffed by one Master Educator for each specific subject of study for each grade. For example, for English Language and Literature, we will have one Master Educator for each Grade, each will be in charge of 20 students for that grade; with seven different subjects of studies ongoing for each grade, we will be staffed with (6 grades x 7 subject=) 42 Master Educators, each in charge of 20 students of one grade; every six Master Educator will form a subject education team, and constantly work together to perfect the education skills, and work with 120 parents and grandparents of their students as a large community based education team; in this regard, the integral involvement of community represented directly by parents and grandparents will be a distinct feature of our Charter School.

Administrative Staffing: besides the staffing of 42 Master Educators for the seven different subjects of studies in our Charter School, we will be staffed with the following administrative team: the Principal, the Vice Principal, seven secretaries serving each team of Master Educators (Six) and parents/grandparents, an Accountant, a Treasurer, a Director for Transportation, a Director for Food, a Director for Health and Safety, a Director for Media, Advertisement and Community Outreach, a Director for Staff Straining and Recreation, a Director for Events and Workshop Management, a Director for Scholar Seminar Organization.

Governance: the Board of Trustees of our Charter School will work closely with the Administrative Staffing team listed above to govern the Charter School; the Board of Trustees will be responsible for bringing both personnel and financial resources to the Charter School and do everything possible and necessary for accomplishing the proposed mission of the Charter School; the Administrative Staffing Team will be responsible for the successful and safe daily administrative operation of the Charter School; the teaching team of Master Educators will be focused upon the delivery of high-quality education to the students.
Location: The proposed location of our Charter School will be located at the current site of a property purchased with 750, 000 dollars of donation fund from the Korean Community of Flushing, by the Korean Community Center of New York. Due to the critical role of Dr. Lotus King Weiss in saving this property from being at the verge of foreclosure in 2009, Dr. Lotus King Weiss has been offered the CEO position of the KCCNY and is committed to work with the local community to use this resource to serve the community; using this location for the Whole Elephant Charter School would be an ideal solution for both the KCCNY mission and the mission of the Whole Elephant Institute, both of which will be the partners of the Whole Elephant Charter School at Flushing.
Unique calendar, schedule, or configurations of students and staff:
Our Charter School has unique calendar and schedule in the following aspects:

  1. Integrates traditional Chinese Culture-based holidays into the school calendar

  2. Longer Daily School Hours (from 8:00 A.M. to 5:45 P.M.)
  3. Weekend Seminars and Workshops

The table below illustrates unique configurations of students and staffing:
English Chinese Mathematics Arts Science History Humanity
Red Orange Yellow Green Indigo Blue Purple
K 1 7 13 19 25 31 37
1 2 8 14 20 26 32 38
2 3 9 15 21 27 33 39
3 4 10 16 22 28 34 40
4 5 11 17 23 29 35 41
5 6 12 18 24 30 36 42

Each subject of study for each grade will be led by one Master Educator who can also shoulder multiple posted positions as from 1 to 42; seven subject-specific education teams (coded with distinct color) and six grade-specific rainbow education teams are configured; with the purple-coded Master Educator to be the Lead Master Educator for each Grade-specific teams and the Grade-5 Master Educator as the Lead-Master Educator for the subject-specific teams;
Innovative organizational structures and system:

The organization of the education program in our Charter School adopts the Master-disciple relationship commonly observed in the Eastern Martial Art Schools and Western Graduate Schools; each Charter School student will have a Lead Master who will be in charge of his or her personal curriculum development in each grade level for all subject of studies, as well as a subject-specific Lead Master who will be overseeing the student from K all the way to Grade 5; the Lead Masters with also work closely with the parents and grandparents of the students to integrate the Charter School deeply into the society through honoring the families and communities as a Whole.

Waivers of any federal statutory or regulatory provisions or any state or local rules to successfully operate the proposed school:
Our Charter School’s operating philosophy and education contents are unique and novel, however, the lead applicant consider such novelty conforms with the federal statutory or regulatory provisions, or any state or local rules, therefore would not require any waivers. Thus, at the current application, no request or justification is made, until any potential disagreement may arise by the expert reviewers.
Replication Issues:
This is the first Charter School we are applying for and therefore has no replication issue.
Justification for helping children at risk of failure:
The population of children that are facing great risk of failure and can be labeled as disabled in their total lack of the experience and knowledge of normal American culture due to living in a corrupt and twisted Communist Party Culture in the Mainland of China, and in a family environment of illegal immigrants who do not know any English and struggling daily to survive, is the key target of the Whole Elephant Charter School; by helping these children and their parents through our Charter School, we can also help the entire Flushing Community to heal from the heavy influence from the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Government, and bring peace and health to the many ethnic groups who are living in Flushing.
C. Enrollment, Recruitment, and Retention
Enrollment Plan:

The Whole Elephant Charter School at Flushing will officially open on September 1, 2013. One hundred and twenty students, with 20 students at each grade (k, 1, 2, 3, 4&5), will be admitted after the Admission Officers meet with the applicant students and their parents in one-on-one fashion and explain the mission and education program to the student candidates and parents; admission will be based upon first come first serve principle; In the following four school years, an additional 20 students will be enrolled for each grade, therefore enrolling a total 220 students in Year 2, 300 students in year 3, 360 students in year 4 and 400 students in year 5, as shown in the table below.

Projected Enrollment Table Over the Charter Term7
























































Rationale for selecting the particular enrollment size as well as the growth strategy for the proposed school:

In the past seven years, the Whole Elephant Institute has been carrying out extensive community work in Flushing; various different methods of education for immigrants’ children from various different ethnic backgrounds were used and tested to find out the most suitable ones. It is concluded that the best education for children between 5 to 11 requires the educator to be familiar with the ethnic background of the immigrants’ children, to be an integral member of the ethnic group, to be able to understand the deeper meaning of the history and culture of the ethnic group, and to show genuine respect, trust and love towards the ethnic group; the key is for the educator to gain the trust of the family of the student, especially the trust of the mother or grandmother of the student; the role modeling aspect of the educator is also key for motivating the student to learn; standard textbook style of education becomes more and more limited for meeting the needs of the education of a whole person; instead, the educator is required to have the ability to apply wisdom of a true educator to enter the inner world of a child, to be able to see and hear the secrets of the deeper longings of the child, to identify the issues of learning blockage, like an experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, then apply timely remedy to tackle the issues; to accomplish this, the educator needs to work very closely with the child’s family, since the issues are usually rooted within the family background. Children of the new immigrants are usually facing issues of making new friends, being too isolated, feel lonely, trapped, and neglected due to the parents trying very hard to survive in a new country; the inability of the parents to understand the culture and the language of America puts the children of the new immigrants in a very difficult position to be an integral part of the mainstream American Society; they need educators who are experts of the American Culture and Language but also know their culture and language to become their best friends and to fill in the gaps their parents are unable to fill. Dr. Lotus King Weiss has been frequently called, “Mother Teacher” by her students, because to her students, she is both a Teacher, and also a Mother who will love them unconditionally. Thus, in designing the Whole Elephant Charter School in Flushing, Dr. Lotus King Weiss have been putting all these factors into consideration and believe that a Master-Disciple style of education in the Whole Elephant Charter School will be able to accomplish all of the issues mentioned above for the children of the new immigrants here in Flushing. There will be seven different subject of studies for the Charter School: English, Chinese, Mathematics, Arts, Science, History, Humanity;; each subject will be headed by one Lead Master Educator, who will serve the role of Mother Teacher; since each subject has students of six different grades, which represent different levels of mastering of the skills required in that subject of study, six different grade-level-specific Master Teacher will be in charge of each grade’s education of that specific subject; a total of 42 Master Teacher will therefore form the entire education team, with the highest Grade Master Teachers (seven) to be the Mother Teachers of the Whole Elephant Charter School. In this way, each Master Teacher will be directly delivering his or her teaching to 20 students together, while each Mother Teacher will oversee 120 students as his or her disciples, supervising the students under the assistance of six grade-specific Master Teachers, while also works with one family representative from each student. The increase of the numbers of the students in each grade in the following four years is based upon the consideration that abilities of the Master Teachers and Mother Teachers shall increase with the annual practice and development of the education program and therefore should be able to take an additional 20 students each year. The applicants believe that such a plan shall meet and even exceed the enrollment and retention targets set up by the Board of Regents;
Recruitment Plan:
The target population of the Whole Elephant Charter School in Flushing is the children who are new residents and just came from a foreign country. In this community, there are many children who just came back from the Mainland China after many years of being raised by grandparents there. These children were born here in America by the Chinese immigrants, most of them came into the United States through the so-called the Snake Heads; these Chinese Immigrants, in order to pay back the large sum of money the snake heads demanded onto their family members inside of China, usually have to give all of their income in the first five years made in America to the snake heads, therefore have no time to raise their young children; when finally their children come back to America, the children are usually at the age of 5 to 6; some of the children have to return at later years, due to the parents were not doing as good as others who made their debts paid off within the first five or six years; so there are many children from the age of 5 to 11, all directly came back from China, and need to enter the local elementary school system; however, these children will be facing the greatest challenges, since their parents do not speak English at all and are still living a life style of illegal immigrants; many of them truly do not have legal status even after five or ten years in America; they live in illegal housings and are in general totally isolated from the rest of the mainstream American Society. Within the seven years of community service, Dr. Lotus King Weiss has been primarily working with this group of families and children. It is exactly based upon the observation of such an urgent situation, Dr. Lotus King Weiss decided to call upon the parents of these children to work with her to help their children to receive better education; Dr. Lotus King Weiss first set up community-based education sites in both commercial buildings and in residential buildings, and then worked with the parents of the children to attend the children’s PTA meetings and helped the local public schools to translate school documents and brought the parents into various events of the local public schools; and finally lived into two of her students’ home for one year to identify key issues of education that are related to dysfunctional family environments. In order to help the children with the Chinese ethnic background to be an integral member of the local community, Dr. Lotus King Weiss also researched into the education settings of almost all ethnic groups in Flushing, and established community networks of the Korean, the Spanish, the Indian, the Jewish, the Greek, the Italian and the Afghanistan. Using the platform of the Whole Elephant Institute and the Korean Community Center of New York, Dr. Lotus King Weiss has been pulling together both the personnel and financial resources to prepare for the establishment of the Whole Elephant Charter School. The dream of setting up such a school was initiated in 2009, and Dr. Lotus King Weiss has been doing community outreach since then to lay the foundation for the school; the details and scope of scholarly work as well as community work carried out on the platform of the Whole Elephant Institute and the Korean Community Center of Flushing under the leadership of Dr. Lotus King Weiss are presented in Appendix I-IV. It is important to note that Dr. Lotus King Weiss has been a target of persecution by the Chinese Communist Government, and all of the work carried out by her and her team are primarily those who are Falun Dafa practitioners and those who, after learning the Truth of Falun Dafa, decided to stand next to her to support her efforts in bringing true knowledge and true health to the community. The persecution story of her and her family is posted on the website:, and the ongoing legal efforts to end the persecution of Falun Dafa carried out by the Whole Elephant Institute is shown in Appendix V. The establishment of the Whole Elephant Charter School at Flushing, therefore, will be supported by a large crowd of local residents who, after learning the truth of Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners, started to form a community team to carry out public education in order to save guard the peace and health of the Flushing Community on the platform of the Whole Elephant Institute; of course, the strongest supporters of the establishment of the Whole Elephant Charter School will be the international team of Falun Dafa practitioners who have made major contribution in helping the American general public to build immunity towards the deceptive nature of the modern Chinese Communist Party and has helped over 100 million Chinese people to denounce the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the past seven years; it is this team that has now brought a renaissance of the authentic traditional Chinese culture to the world; under the efforts of such a team, there are three major international media network: the New Tang Dynasty Television (NYDTV:; the Epoch Times (; and the Sound of Hope Radio (; all of which have gathered the best and the most diligent educators of various aspects of Chinese Culture, Language and History, through the media format. The Whole Elephant Institute has direct access to all of the abundant information and personnel resources, and will receive strong support from these three media, in the process of community outreach and student recruitment, as well as in the entire process of carrying out the proposed education programs.

Since the establishment of the Whole Elephant Charter School will be supported by the Whole Elephant Institute, below is the overview of the Whole Elephant Institute and the community network on the platform of the Whole Elephant Institute; such a large network will assure that the information of the Whole Elephant Charter School will be timely delivered into all ethnic groups of the Flushing Community and beyond for effective recruitment:
The Whole Elephant Institute (WEI)
The Whole Elephant Institute is a non-profit organization that has not applied for the 501 3c Status. The Certificate of Incorporation was approved on July 8, 2005. The EIN number of the Whole Elephant Institute is 607787350. Since the establishment, the Whole Elephant Institute has been offering free social and human services to the local community, with a focus on Mothers and Grandmothers, as well as young girls.

The services include:

Bilingual (Chinese and English) language teaching and services;

Immigration legal services;

Public education on the traditional Chinese culture;

Truth-clarification about Falun Dafa;

Free assistance in learning the practice of Falun Dafa;

Housing and living support;

Services and Advices to the Mothers of all ethnicities

Quitting Chinese Communist Party Education and Services

Enhancement of social harmony between political and ethnic groups

Support for local and international non-profit organizations: the Global Center for Quitting CCP; the China Democratic Party; the Grand Union for the Persecuted Chinese People; the China Social Democratic Party; the Dajiyuan Times; the Epoch Times; the New Tang Dynasty Television; the Shen Yun Performing Arts

Delivery of public education materials as well as public speech or teachings to the following schools, universities/Institutes and hospitals: the Oceanside School District (including nine schools from Elementary School to High School); York College; Queens Hospital in Flushing; New York University; Columbia University; Mount Sinai Medical School; Berkeley College; the Cancer Center of Massachusetts General Hospital; the HOPES Program of MGH; the Classical High School in Providence, RI; the Rohde Island Hospital in Providence, RI.

The Whole Elephant Institute Community Outreach Programs as well as other education programs can be found on the following websites:

Dr. Lotus King Weiss (former name, Dr. Tongwen Wang), the Founder of the Whole Elephant Institute, is a world-renowned scientist specialized in the study of the molecular mechanisms of cancer (Appendix V: Dr. Lotus King Weiss resume). In 2001, after she experienced great benefits from the teachings and practice of Falun Dafa, she started to collaborate with another Falun Dafa practitioner, Dr. Lili Feng, in an attempt to explore into the molecular level manifestation of the physical effects of the practice of Falun Dafa. Such efforts led to a ground-breaking discovery. She was invited to give a public speech at Harvard University, during the “Future Science Conference” ( Observing the scientific validation, even at the molecular level, of an intimate link between stress and all life-threatening system diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases, Dr. Lotus King Weiss pointed out that the current life science research using animal as the model to find drugs to treat human diseases has a fundamental flaw, due to the mistaken assumption that the human body is qualitatively similar to that of the animals. If stress is the number one cause of human diseases, then the solution of human health will come from the solution of human heart, the origin of all stress responses. Animal research, therefore, is not going to find the cure that can fundamentally eradicate human diseases. When her speech was translated into a Chinese article and published on the largest Chinese language international newspaper, Dajiyuan Times, she immediately became the target of persecution by the Chinese Communist Government. However, the persecution experience only made Dr. Lotus King Weiss stronger in her spirit and gained true insight into the future of health solution for the world people. She decided to establish a world top class education and research institute to systematically deliver the best and true knowledge to the general public and give back all that she learned in her over forty years of journey from the East to the West. It is her determination to introduce the wonders of traditional Chinese Culture through the education systems here in America, from early childhood education all the way to graduate school level education, since she believes that the essence of the five thousands of years of Chinese Culture contains all the healing power this modern human world needs to recover from a late stage Malignant Cancer due to global level influence of the Communist Ideology.

The Korean Community Center of New York (KCCNY)
Korean Community Center of New York (KCCNY) is a non-profit organization with 501 c3 status. The Certificate of Incorporation of KCCNY was approved on July 24, 2003. The EIN number of KCCNY is 55-0841763. On January 31, 2004, the Application for Recognition of Exemption for KCCNY was filed and the application was approved on August 5, 2004. The Tax Exemption Certificate number is Ex 236515.
The Mission of KCCNY is:
To create, form and establish a community center for the benefit of Korean-American immigrants in the tri-state area; to provide recreational, social and other activities for those individuals who may otherwise be unexposed to such activities; to hold, sponsor, arrange and conduct programs and activities to provide guidance and leadership to youth in the community; to offer aid, assistance and comfort to the elderly; to disseminate information to the general public concerning the goals of the corporation; to raise funds and solicit donations from interested individuals, charitable, educational and scientific organizations and foundations, agencies, institutions, associations, and corporations and to administer and expend such funds in furtherance of the corporate goals and purposes; to aid, assist, cooperate, co-sponsor and otherwise engage in concerted action with private, governmental and other agencies and organizations with the same or similar objectives; to solicit, collect and otherwise raise money for the charitable and benevolent purposes of this corporation and to expend such money and generally promote, foster and advance the health, welfare and well-being of Korean American immigrants by all available means and methods.”

The KCCNY has the unique strength of being the only Korean Community Center here in Flushing, and have been widely recognized by the Korean Community. In addition, the current Directors of the KCCNY are all talented small business peoples who have been supporting the mission of the KCCNY and the Whole Elephant Institute. They are:

Insurance Company ran by Mr. Jingsoo Kim

Advertisement Company ran by Mr. Sungsoon Kim;

Cosmetic Company worker Mr. Taehyun Kim;

Health Store Owner, Mr. Joseph Lee

Computer Professional Training Center Owner, Mr. Jean Ann

Family Church Pastor, Mr. Kibong Cho;

Real Estate School Owner, Mr. Henry Bae

Language Educator, Mr. Chun Soo Pyun

Real Estate Broker, Ms. Suzie Choi

Accountant: Mr. Young Tai Choi

The KCCNY facility will play a key role in assisting the Whole Elephant Institute to prepare for the establishment of the Whole Elephant Charter School at Flushing, and also provide key support for community fund raising efforts to sustain the budget of the Whole Elephant Charter School at Flushing.

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