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Apps for Education

Compiled by Carolann Cormier, MS, CCC-SLP, ATP

This handout is meant to be a resource. It is not meant to be exhaustive and is not a suggestion on what apps to buy or download. It is always helpful to review the ratings on apps before purchasing. For review of apps, click on the review button when you are on the app download page in iTunes. If a lite version is available, generally they are free or cheaper, so they can be a way for you to try an app.
For children’s apps click on the Apps for Kids category in iTunes sidebar. For books, click on the Books category. Use the search parameters built into iTunes for apps by clicking on the apps button when your search results come up.
iTunes now has a Special Education Section as one of the searchable categories in the iTunes sidebar. Included in this category is: communication; hearing; language development; literacy & learning and organization.
To take screen shots of your various displays on your devices, press the “home” and “sleep” keys at the same time. The screen shot will be saved in your photos and can be emailed or used in presentations.
To restrict access to WIFI on the iPad (with OS 4.2 onward), go to Settings>General>Restrictions and then Enable Restrictions.  You then set a passcode. You now have the option of not allowing access to Safari, YouTube, iTunes, and Installing and deleting Apps. If you choose to restrict these apps, they will not even appear on the device. You can also set Content ratings for Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, etc.

To create folders drag one application on top of another and name the folder. On the iPad you can have up to 20 apps in a folder, allowing many more apps to be loaded onto the device. You can also use folders on the iPhone and iTouch. It can also be done on the computer while you are syncing your device, by going to the list of your apps and dragging apps on top of each other. You will see thumbnails of each app in the folders. A great way to organize your apps.


It was reported that approximately 30% of the apps on iTunes are free. In iTunes you can do a Power Search to search only for free apps. If you put “Power Search” in the Search Store section in the upper right hand corner of iTunes the Power Search menu pops up. Click on Search only for free applications. You can set this for the category type, as well as apps just for the iPad.

The website Free App Alert ( provides information on free apps. This website is updated on an on-going basis, as apps may only be free for a period of time.
Apple has Education Account Executives that can assist educational systems or educators in purchases or understanding the Education Volume Purchase Program. The representative for Connecticut is Ann Couser Kittredge, , K12 Education Account Executive, Apple Inc.  , Chester, CT 06412, ☎ 860-501-2976, Fax:  866-758-7704. She reported that there is a discount on volume iPad purchases.
How Many Devices can an App Legally be loaded on:

(Information provided by David Niemeijer, on the QIAT listserve on 11/2/10)

The App Store license (see

applies equally to the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and to the regular iTunes

purchases. See David’s post on iTunes, iPod, iPhones and IPad FAQ’s at

It specifically states:


(i) You may download and sync a Product for personal, noncommercial use on any

device You own or control.

(ii) If You are a commercial enterprise or educational institution, You may

download and sync a Product for use by either (a) a single individual on one or

more devices You own or control or (b) multiple individuals, on a single shared

device You own or control. For example, a single employee may use the Product on

both the employee's iPhone and iPad, or multiple students may serially use the

Product on a single iPad located at a resource center or library.

In other words, if personal use applies you can use an app on any number of

devices you own or control. If the device and software is owned by and

educational institution it is either one license per device used by multiple

students, or one license per student using multiple devices. This applies to

both licenses purchased through VPP (Volume Purchase Program) and normal iTunes purchases.
Benefits of VPP:

- Apple honors tax status of your organization

- Apple accepts purchase orders for VPP vouchers

- There is a 50% discount if 20 or more licenses are purchased at once for a

particular app that is in the VPP (my guess is most educational apps are).
Licenses purchased with VPP can be deployed by syncing a single iTunes account

to many devices or through one account per device. In the first case (one account

for many devices) you still need to purchase as many licenses as you have

devices or users, but you only redeem one license and store the remaining ones

in a cool dry place so that you are in compliance with the terms (you bought as

many licenses as you have devices or users).

Redeeming Volume Vouchers to purchase apps:

Create a new Apple ID for the App Store Volume Purchase Program. These are separate accounts from personal iTunes accounts and won’t be able to access the App Store to download applications, music or any other content. Search for and purchase apps in variable quantities, up to the dollar limit of the voucher amount. The institution’s tax status will be recognized and billed accordingly. The Program Facilitator will receive an email with a link to a dashboard, now populated with app-specific codes. These codes can be distributed to users for redemption at the App Store.


123 Sticker HD

($3.99) iPad, Animated sticker book in English, French, Spanish and German, build and create sticker books with sound effects, background music, 25 songs and voice over for colors’ names.


($3.99) ArtStudio is a professional drawing/ painting application that also provides photo editing.


($1.99) iPad only, animated sticker book that allows a variety of stickers to be placed and modified on various themed backgrounds.

Color & Draw

Includes various types of paper and background images. You can import pictures for your background

Curious George

With virtual stickers and 45 colors, paint 56 unique pages of Curious George and friends.

Doodle Buddy

Finger paint with colors and tap the screen to include stamps on pictures or provided backgrounds.

Doodle Kids

Using a finger, draw random shapes in random colors and sizes, then shake to clear the screen

Draw for iPad

(Free) Cooperative Drawing Game

Drawing Den

A series of pages to color in.

Drawing Pad

Includes different brushes, stamps, crayons, colored pencils and different color paper for the backgrouns.


An art program that allows you to add stamp images or your creations onto included backgrounds. Some verbal feedback provided.

iColoring Book

With many pen colors paint included images, or use downloaded images from the Internet.


(Free) A powerful and fun drawing app that allows you to draw in an array of colors with full alpha support, sketch basic geometric shapes along with the pen and “blob” tool, replay your drawings, undo/redo with a quick half-flip, save images to your library, and much more.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

A musical color image with 70 elements to paint. You can save your image to your photos.

Learn to Draw

Follow directions with basic shapes to make drawings

Splatter HD

(Free) allows you to pick colors and make spatter pictures that you can save in your picture album.

SculptMaster 3D

Using your fingers, create digital sculptures by painting clay like material.

Spawn (a lite version available)

Touch and drag on different areas of the screen to get animated feedback of where your finger is moving.

Assessment Tools


($0.99) Allows you to know how loud a sound or environment is. Could use for biofeedback for someone to self-monitor or work on increasing or decreasing volume levels.

Eye Chart Premium

($3.99) iPad only. Allows you to randomize the Snellen and 2 other eye charts to use as a screening tool to test vision.

Test Your Hearing

($0.99) This fun application tests how good your hearing is and then it determines your approximate hearing age. If it’s a lot more than your actual age, you may have hearing loss.


(1.99) A professional grade angel measurement tool. It is commonly used for picture alignment, measuring angles of elevation, slope, or incline, showing the inclination of an aircraft or ship relative to horizontal, measuring the “look angle” of a satellite antenna towards a satellite, measuring the slope angle of a tape or chain during distance measurement, indicating roll of vehicles, sail boats, and aircraft, and much more. Can be used during assessments to determine what angles work best with various pieces of equipment.


(Free) A hearing loss screening test which allows you to test your hearing to determine if it is within normal range, or if you have potential hearing loss.

Assistive Technology & Accessibility

There are accessibility features on the 16 and 32 GB model iTouches only and on the 3rd and 4th Gen. iPod Touchs, iPhone 3GS and iPads. These features include voice over, voice control, high contrast mode, mono audio and up to 5x zoom. For more information go to: and click on the specific tool you would like information on for the accessibility features.

Voice Controls – After holding down the home button, speak voice controls to your iPhone 3GS onward, to make calls and play music.
For people with visual impairments, you can purchase the clear table clothe plastic material and cut out shapes or dots to place on specific areas of the screen (the material will cling to the screen) so the person to feel where to touch to get feedback. Great with the different musical instruments apps.

A Special Phone

3 Steps (shake, verify, dial) to make a call without looking and use 6 friends images for speed dialing.


Install on iPhone/iTouch and computer and allows you to use the app to control the computer


($0.99) A powerful volume control to amplify everything better at home, work, class, sporting events, theaters, concerts, and watching television all through your 3 & 4G ear buds with the built in microphone.

Apple Accessibility for the iPad

Apple Accessibility for the iPhone 4

Apple Accessibility for the iTouch

Big Names

Large, high contrast text makes it easier to select and call a person from your contact list.


Create talking pictures

Eye Glasses

($2.99) An iPhone only application for individuals with visual impairments. You use the iPhone camera to clearly display text or an image. The application offers 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x magnification.


($29.99) Allows you to take pictures of bar codes and have information about it displayed which you can read with voice over, also lets you print out the code with information about it. A lite version is available to allow you to create of read labels.

iHear Dialer

Move your finger across the keypad to hear phone number digits, then select the digit by releasing.

soundAMP R

($4.99) Amplifies soft and medium sounds and softens loud sounds.

Touch LCD Designer Speaking Clock

($1.99) When clock is touched it speaks the time.


Type in text and it creates an mp3 file of your text

Web Reader

($1.99 to 4.99) Web Reader is a text to speech page reader. You can configure web pages to be read as soon as they are loaded, read pages manually after they are loaded, point to where you want to start reading, or use Cut, Copy, and Paste to read only sections of text. You must be at least 17 years old to download this application.

Books - Children

ABC Dinos

A dinosaur name is read and shown on each alphabetical page

Berenstain Bears

($2.99) Various titles, 3 reading modes with words highlighted as they are read to you and pop up text as pictures are touched.

Brave Monkey

Cute story that is automatically reads to you. Does not highlight


A story about an elephant

Buddy #1

Story about Buddy the Bus and where he takes people. You can add your voice. It reads in English, French, Japanese, Chinese, German and Spanish.


Real photographs of bugs with the text that is read by touching Mother Goose.

Cat in the Hat

An interactive book that can be read to you or you can read where each word is highlighted and the text label of items on the page is displayed and read when touched.

Children’s Classics

Auto scrolling books from various authors, arranged alphabetically. Text only with some illustrations.

Curious George’s Puppies

The book allows you to record your own voice and is read to you page by page. It allows a large text feature

Curious George B-day

An interactive book where you discover George’s birthday surprise as you listen to the book or record your voice

Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s

An interactive book that can be read to you or you can read where each word is highlighted and the text label of items on the page is displayed and read when touched.

Emperor’s New Clothes

Can auto scroll, the text is not read aloud.

Fairy Tales

Books from Hans Christian Anderson that auto scroll at the rate you desire. Text only.


Each word is highlighted as it is read to you

Grinch Who Stole Christmas

An interactive book that can be read to you or you can read where each word is highlighted and the text label of items on the page is displayed and read when touched.


Each page is read to you when you touch the page

How to Train Your Dragon

From ForgDog Media, each word changes color as it is read aloud.

ICDL Books for Children

Thousands of children’s books (e.g. Three Little Pigs) from 60 countries in various languages with illustrations.


High Contrast, white on black picture book with 5 categories (e.g. animals, food) for young children.

iMotherGoose – Bugs

Talking picture book with full color pictures that speak the insect name when touched

iMotherGoose – Emperor’s New Clothes

The classic has been altered and contains narrations and original artwork.

iMotherGoose – Hansel and Gretel

The classic has been altered and contains narrations and original artwork.

iStoryTime Kids Books

The books are illustrated, include text, and are narrated with pages that turn automatically or manually.

Jack and the Beanstalk

($3.99) An interactive book and game. The goal of the game is to see how much Jack can climb up the endless beanstalk. The game changes every time you play it.

Just Grandma & Me

($1.99) The Little Critter story about going to the beach. No animation, but good sound effects, animated with a child’s voice. Highlights word by word and pictures named and labeled when touched.

Just Me & My Dad

Just Me & My Mom

($.99) This and other Mercer Mayer books are available. Animated, highlights word by word as text can be read in 3 modes.

Little Lala

Can read or have it read to you page by page

Little Red Riding Hood

Talking, interactive book with story narration paired with text and animated objects.

Miss Spider’s Tea Party (also in French and Spanish)

($9.99) iPad, animated and interactive story with the books actual graphics, that reads to you

The Lorax

An interactive Dr. Seuss book that can be read to you or you can read where each word is highlighted and the text label of items on the page is displayed and read when touched. Background sound effects

My Friend Isabelle

Two friends with differences in a narrated story paired with highlighted text.

The Penguins of Madagascar

Includes a maze, spot the difference, daleidoscope, create a scene, coloring board, jokes and 2 stories, that contain some videos (words are highlighted as read to you).

Peter Rabbit

The test is read to you, each page has a hidden shape and the pages color in as they are turned

The Reading Bug – from iStory Times a library of narrated children’s books

Designed for children 2 and up. Can pick different voices and other preferences. This story is about a chameleon out to catch the reading bug.

Sesame Street Playground

Allows you to change some settings and record your own voice for this story about a lost puppy.

Shrek 4

(free) Highlights as the text is read, some animation and sound effects.


The simple story is read to you with sound effects.

StoryBook (a lite version is available)

A collection of stories that allows you to customize the books by genre, names, gender, ages and species. Each reading can be slightly different, introducing you to new words.


Easy program to create your own stories by adding in photos, text and speech. Could use for social stories and schedules.

Three Little Pigs

Interactive book with story narration paired with text. The characters can be touched to make sounds.

The Three Little Pigs – So Quat

($3.99) Karaoke reading, prononciation of each word, display of syllabic decomposition, silent letters and vowels. Each pages has a cartoon animation, display of word explanations and word illustrations.

Toy Story

(free) Animated book that highlights the words as they are read.

Toy Story 2 Read Along

($8.99) Animated book that highlights the words as they are read, contains a variety of games, videos, sing-along tunes and coloring pages. You can record your own narration.

Treat Street

Simple Halloween animations containing a costume shop, Treat Street where you can interact with items on the street to get audio feedback and treats and a goodie bag. No speech or text.


Simple story book that names and shows the text of the trucks as they are touched.

Zoo You Later Monkey Business (lite version available)

($4.99) iPad only, interactive book that highlights words and allows you to add your own voice. You can hear each word read or spelled. Includes a coloring book.

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