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Books – Adults and Young Adults

3D Bookshelf

Includes a variety of classics


Download hundreds of classic books arranged alphabetically by author.

Barnes & Nobel eReader

Allows you to download books from Barnes & Noble


Allows you to create a book list by title, author, genre and recent and do searches.


($4.99) App allows you to download ebooks from various resources and formats. Can import books from your computer.

Borders eBooks

Allows you to download books from Borders


Contains the complete text with some illustrations of 22 classic books. You can bookmark where you are in your reading.

Cliff Notes

Available for a variety of the classic books and offers information on the plot, characters and summaries.


Summaries and reading assistance for many books in English Literature (like Cliff Notes). Each one is a separate app.


(Free) Download and read New York Times best selling electronic books, with over 100,000 ebooks available. It allows you to upload your own personal content or eBooks from many other web sites.


(Free) When connected to the Internet access your eTextbooks to read them and to view, add or edit your notes.

Free Books

($1.99, free on iPad) Thousands of books in different genres, all to download for free

Good Reader

($0.99) A PDF viewer, there is an iPad version that support USB file transfer that lets you transfer files from your computer over a USB cord. The reflow features automatically fits all your text to a screen so you don’t have to scroll left or right.

Great Books

The text of over 200 books, that are arranged alphabetically by authors. It uses autoscrolling.


(free) Download and read books that show the pictures in the actual books, turn the pages back and forth by touching the edges of the pages. Get free books by searching for free books in the store.

Jules Verne

The works of Jules Verne

Kaeroboy Book 1

($.99) iPad, the tale of a kid with dyslexia who discovers he can read the secret language of superheroes, turning him into one.

Kindle for iPhone

(Free) Download and read Kindle books, highlight and take notes, select alternate text and background colors. Not all books work with voice over).


Includes a collection of classic mysteries.

PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro for iPad

($0.99 to 3.99) PDF Reader allows you to upload PDF files through WiFi. It also includes a document scanner feature. The iPad version allows you to transfer files to your iPad from your computer or directly from a website. Some of the features PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad includes are USB file sharing, downloading email attachments, landscape mode with auto rotation, search capabilities, bookmark, password protection, emailing PDF files, WiFi web sharing, document manager, scan option and full web browser.


Auditory or visual summaries and notes on hundreds of books. Each one is a separate app. (Like Cliff Notes)

Science Books

($3.99) A large collection of complete books in the science domain.

Shakespeare in Bits

(Lite versions contain only 2 acts)

(Free to $14.99) An animated study edition of Romeo and Juliet featuring Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen. It features the complete original text combines with dynamic text features to increase comprehension. Modern translations for difficult words and phrases can be obtained by touching the words. Study notes, plot summaries and analysis are included.

Sherlock (iPad)

Vook (Videos and links included in the book to make it a video book).


Download from over 50,000 free books and read them with tabbed navigation, copy support and note sharing.

VOD – Voice of Daisy

($25.99) Daisy format reader

Vook Books

(Prices vary from $1.99 to 6.99)) Various books that have embedded videos and links to wikipedia for the text that is in blue and underlined.

Wattpad 100,000+ books

(free) an ebook community where everything is free to download.


ABA FlashCards - Actions

52 images to learn actions via text, photo and real audio

Alexicom AAC

(Free 45 day trial) Now has built in scanning mode. Communication pages with text, images and AT & T Natural Voices can be downloaded directly from the Alexicom server or imported from your PC or Mac using iTunes. They offer over 300 pre-made pages and over 2000 images and include 9 pre-made page sets. The application is not device dependent and can be access from any computer, iOS device or other device with standard web browser.


You scroll through basic comments for conversations, telephone, emergency, meals, restaurants, health and pain scale.


($49.99, though recently on sale for $30.00) A free lite version is available. Allows you use 14 cards in 40 decks of randomized flash cards for practicing specific sounds with data collection. Has audio and recording features.

AutoVerbal Talking Soundboard Pro

($9.99) Includes some basic pictures and words that speak as you touch them. Can also type in text and have it spoken.

DAF Assistant

Delayed auditory feedback and frequency shifting to help decrease stuttering


Contains over 100 commonly used expressions divided into 7 categories (a Youtube video at


On sale at $34.99) Transient screen app that allows you your own pictures from Smarty Ears.

Grace – Picture Exchange for Nonverbal People

It can be customized by adding your own photos. The users selects up to 8 cards in a sentence and rotates the device to present them to the listerner who reads the cards.

Going Places – Social Stories

Contains 6 video and audio social stories about going to different places

Halo Talk

by AdstraSoft this forced choice/prompting app is designed as pairs of opposites, to use, to offer choices from a field of two photos or to prompt by using a field of two photos. This uses the cartoon drawing of a person as well as photos.


($49.99) Pre-loaded pictures and storyboards/routines to facilitate language comprehension. You can record your own speech and customize the setups.


AAC tool to express 6 different icons representing basic needs: food drink, sick, bathroom, help and break


($8.99) A portable basic communication board that provides visual pictures paired with audio feedback in a girls or boys voice. Touch the icon once and it talks, touch it again and it brings you back to the main screen. Good for those with limited dexterity.


($4.99) This application turns the device into a letterboard with large easy- to- read keys and word suggestions with word completion word prediction.


Visual prompting tool containing original artwork for schedules, a timer, a 2 choice prompts and a library of pictures

iSpeak Spanish

Uses high quality text to speech to translate English to Spanish and Spanish to English


List of sounds for developmental ages 3 to 7+ with explanations for forming and teaching the sounds

iTranslate Plus

Translate words and whole sentences in 52 languages and use text to speech with 43 voices in 16 languages

Jolly Holiday

Learn prepositions while decorating the tree, then learn the signs to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. – 24 titles

($.99, though many are free) Most of the apps present 1 picture with the text paired with speech, but some also work on receptive language by identifying by name, what goes together, rhymes and function.

Larry the Talking Parrot

Larry repeats your words back.

Learn to Talk

Over 160 interactive flashcards to learn nouns, verbs, early syntax and word combinations.

Locabulary Lite

Audio output for expressing phrases (hello), moods (I am happy), assistance (Call the doctor) & restaurants. Comments on iTunes said there are problems with it crashing and causing problems with Prologuo2Go.

Look2Learn – AAC

($24.99) AAC system with photos and preloaded voices to express wants and needs.

Mobile Articulation Probes

Over 600 words organized by sound, to practice articulation in flashcards with user and data features

My Choices Board



AAC software with photos and voice recording feature that can be used with a web authoring service, includes text to speech and ‘in cell’ video


($14.99) Design your own talking story books, social stories etc. Has a wizard, can add in pictures, text to speech or your own voice.


($159) Primary use for communication, contains some word prediction. Has scanning as an access method where anywhere on the screen can be touched to access. Can save often used phrases in a phrase bank.


($189) Full AAC dynamic display solution with over 7000 symbols, natural sounding voices, automatic tensing and more.

Question Builder

($3.99) Designed to help elementary age children learn to answer abstract questions and create responses based on inference. Include audio clips to improve auditory processing for special needs children (prompts can be turned off).

Small Talk Aphasia

By Lingraphica, geared towards individuals with aphasia, has icons and text for simple communication messages (free)

Small Talk Dysphagia

By Lingraphica, present icons and text for basic communication, including adaptive equipment needed for eating.

Small Talk Oral Motor Exercies

By Lingraphica, presents videos and pictures for oral motor exercies


(Prices vary) Over 19 apps available, all created by speech/language pathologist, includes fluency, wh questions, articulation, turn taking and others skills. Expressive ($34.99) is an AAC app.

Sounding Board

($49.99) by AbleNett, vocal output that includes most frequently used 100 to 120 words used in communication devices and grids to make overlays with various amounts of pictures. You can add your own photos.

Speak It

Text to speech

Step Stones

By AdastraSoft, visual schedules for 9 sequential activities that can be checked for completion and more activities can be added.


Allows you to easily create your own books, schedules, sequences or social stories by importing pictures and adding speech

Talking Carl

An animated figure repeats whatever it hears using a modified voice and some other sound effect.

Talking Harry the Hedgehog

(free) Harry repeats whatever you say.

Talking Tom Cat

(free) Similar to Talking Carl, an animated cat repeats what you say. The voice is not as modified as Talking Tom.

TapSpeak Button ($9.99 for iPad)

Allows you to record messages that the person plays back by touching red buttons on the display (like a Big Mack). They will be expanding their line to included sequential playback of messages.

TapSpeak Picture

Take pictures of common objects for visual indicator, message categories, sync from iPhone to iPod Touch to use Touch as primary playback device

TapSpeak Picture Choices

Adds to TapSpeak Picture the ability to configure and choose among two or more messages on a single screen.

TapSpeak Sequential (for iPad $29.99)

Sequential recording and playback of songs, stories, nursery rhymes, and other messages. Includes starter set of songs with others sets available through iTunes

Tap to Talk

(Free) Communication program that allows you to program 6 choices in the display, with a category picture above it. The speech is better here then on the DS. Subscription needed to edit and add.

Tap to Talk for the DS


($149) Transient screen software that comes with 5 vocabulary files (each file contains multiple linked pages) for various communication levels, contains pages based on core vocabulary. It is programmable and you can add your own pictures.

Verbal Victor

($6.99) Basic transient screen application with 4 items per page and you swipe to get from page to page. Comes with 2 pages and you can add your own photos to create more pages.


Uses drawings and photos to communicate schedules and actions


Voice4u JP (Japanese)

($29.95) AAC app that contains 130 icons. You can customize with your own icons.

Early Academics

ABC & Me

Works on learning ABC’s and basic words through various games.

Baa Baa Black Sheep

($1.99) by Duck Duck Moose. An educational puzzle app with 2 popular nursery rhymes. You explore the island of Baa Baa where you can row your boat and explore 3 underwater worlds while looking for matching puzzle pieces.

Dad’s Gift

Colors, shapes, numbers and early math

Dog Party

Created by PBS Kids, based on the series Martha Speaks with several games and a pop quiz.

First Words Animals

($1.99) Includes 39 animals with sounds that children can practice spelling and identifying the letters with different difficulty levels.

Fish School

(Made by Duck, Duck, Moose), Cute and interactive program for letters, numbers, matching and other areas.

In the Zoo

Alphabet learning using sing a long, Karaoke and flashcards.

PreK Safari

Letters, numbers, colors and shapes with flash cards or touching the items when asked

Preschool Adventure

Includes 8 simple activities parents can do with their young toddlers and preschoolers

Fidget Apps (Some are also Cause/Effect)

Alli’s Jigsaw Puzzle

($0.99) Solve classic jigsaw puzzles


($2.99) An environment enhancer to help create an ambient atmospheres to focus, relax or reminisce. You choose from over 1,000 free sounds to download and list to, create customized sound mixes, cycle through playlists, wake up to relaxing sounds and more.

Art of Glow

(free) colorful, animated glow particles


(free) 14 interactive particle effects/screen savers

Bubble Harp

($1.99) Draw bubbles around your fingers, recording and replaying your movements while creating music.

Bubble Snap

(free) pop bubbles in bubble wrap one at a time or drag your finder to pop multiple bubbles.

Bubble Wrap

(Free) Pop the bubbles on the bubble wrap, when you pop them all you get a big bang

Cookie Doodle

($.99) You can make virtual cookies with 17 different cookie dough choices, 25 different flavored icings, many different cookie cutters and multiple toppings to create your own cookies that you can take pictures of to email to others.


(free) Turns your screen into liquid surface.


(free) play with water


($0.99) This game exercises your memory by having to press the buttons in the same sequence as you are shown.


($0.99) Combines music, art and science with stars, colors and relaxing music.

I Love Fireworks

(free for lite version) combines the lights and sounds of fireworks.

Koi Pond

($0.99) Mimics a real koi pond. You can change the settings of things like the weather, lily pads, amount of fish, and more. You can touch and drag their finger in the water, move the lily pads, feed the fish by shaking the device, and watch the fish eat the food. The sound effects are very real, which makes the user feel like they really are at a koi pond.

Neon Doodle

($0.99) With 8 different neon colors, you can create a masterpiece, make a shopping list, play games like hangman or tic-tac toe , or even make a picture to send to a friend.

Rad Sounds

(free) From R. J. Cooper, his cause/effect music activity that can be used with his songs or import your own. Has a momentary mode where the song only plays as you touch the iPad. Comptible with his switch interface.


(Lite version available) 12 animals or vehicles, when you touch one it goes to an actual picture and makes the sounds. 4 additional categories are in the full version.

Tesla Toy


Create different designs based on your touch actions, i.e. hold two fingers near each other and the particles will go between each finger, three fingers and all the particles come together and follow you finger movements, all on a black background.

Wood Puzzle

($.99) Different themed puzzles with 21 different puzzles

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