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Functional Life Skills, Social Stories, Feelings

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Functional Life Skills, Social Stories, Feelings

The Angry Octopus book

A book about how to handle anger and shows children how to calm down. Beautiful illustrations and adorable characters.

Autism Xpress

(free) It is designed to encourage people with autism to recognize and express their emotions by touch expressive cartoon faces..

Community Sidekick

($9.99) From AbleNet, it provides automated location email updates as the person with special needs travels in the community.

Hidden Curriculum for Adolescents and Adults

Real life examples and suggestions by Judy Endow (an adult on the spectrum). Topics covered include social relationships, community, money, workplace and others.

Hidden Curriculum for Kids

Real life based entries to start conversations about the “unwritten social rules”

iDress for Weather


Living Safely


Look in My Eye (garage, car mechanic, restaurant and toys)

By looking in the eyes of people in the photographs you see surprised. If you can match the number surprise you earn money to buy car parts to build a car in the garage.

Model Me Going Places

With 6 locations (e.g. playground), each has photos with narration of children modeling the behavior

Model Me

(free) Social stories for children

Off We Go HD

($4.99) Titles include Going on a Plane, Going to the Dentist

Picture Scheduler

This app shows a visual reminder (photo or video) at a specified time as well as playing a voice note to cue the user.

Social Skills


Social Stories

Uses real life pictures and stories that show facial expressions that are easy to understand and follow. There are 6 stories that teach classroom rules, turn taking, reciprocal play and more.

Stories 2 Learn

($13.99) Use to develop your own stories, adding in pictures, sound and text.

Story Builder



A free app that allows you to easily add in your own pictures, text and messages for creating books, social stories, steps in activities, etc.


Action Bowling

Basic bowling game

Air Hockey

($.99) with 1 or 2 pucks for 1 or 2 players


($0.99) The tradition game of logic and strategy allows you to improve your rank and earn super weapons.

Bug Squash

Squash the bugs as they go across the screen (good to practice activating items on the touch)

The Deep

A realistic pinball game where touching either side of the screen activates the left and right flippers.


See how many moves you have to make to flood the screen of tiles all one color.


Move the marble to go around barriers and into the holes

Mahjong (various Mahjong games are available)

The traditional Mahjong game in 3D


Timed concentration game

Skee Ball

Roll and release the ball to get points like in the arcade games

Solitaire (various available)

Various games for different types of Solitaire


The traditional Sudoku game (various available)


123 Animals Counting

Touch 40 different animals with sounds to see and hear numbers counted.

Abacus HD

($0.99) iPhone & iPad - Will help children learn to count faster and enjoy it.

A Factor Tree

Algebra: High School and College Math Practice Problems

($9.99) Multiple choice questions, recalibrates based on performance, review questions you missed most, flag specific questions for later review.


($3.99 each) From Pearson 10 different apps, including: Equations, Inequalities and Problem Solving; real numbers; factoring; quadratic equations; graphing; exponents; roots and radicals.

AlgrebraPrep: Practice Final Exam

($7.99) From Pearson, review, practice and prepare for your algebra tests. Take practice tests, get answer feedbac and watch instructional videos.

Algebra Pro (iPad only)

($7.99) Interactive workbook with over 100 practice questions and instant “show me” lessons.

Algebra Solver

Solves math formulas and equations and allows you to email them to others.

Basic Math

(Free) Based on drill and practice instructional strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There is a deluxe version available for $3.99.

Basic Math with Mathaliens HD (iPad only)

($1.99) Addition, subtraction, multiplecation, division with 2 basic game types of Mathaliens Bingo and Hunting Mathaliens.

Cloud Math

Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with a timer, levels of difficulty and solution choices.

Cute Math

7 cute activities for counting, adding and subtracting with manipulative, solution choices and verbal praise


Algebra learning tool – solve the two empty spaces in the diamond by following the rules.

Dinosaurs Kids Math HD (iPad only)

($1.99) Teaches how to count, add and subtract visually using dinosaur animations with a prize reward system for completing each level.

Easel Algebra Lite

(free) interactive hands-on algebra workbooks with instant “show me” lessons.

eSolver HD (iPad)

(free) and iPhone version is available. In this first version only quadratic equations are supported.

Flashcard Champion Basic Math

($0.99) For ages 4 to 11 to practice and improve the fundamental math drills.

Flash Math

Math flash cards from kindergarten to elementary ages, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


($1.99) A simple app for practicing adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

Freddy Fraction

Use Freddy, an alien, to determine the equivalence among fractions, decimals and percents.

Free Equation Genius

($1.99) Math equation solver for first to third degree equations and with 2 and 3 variables.

Free Graphic Calculator - lite

iPhone and iPad version, scientific calculator and function plotter, can plot cartesian and polar functions


(free) a collection of interactive graphing examples.

iLiveMath (series)

($4.99) Series includes sports, oceans, trains, cars, animals of Africa. Asks word problems at 3 different levels using real situations.

KidCalc Math Fun

Activities for number recognition, counting, and math operations using flash cards, puzzles and games.

Math Bingo

($.99) Play Bingo by solving addition, subtraction, division or multiplication problems at 3 different difficulty levels.


($2.99) Appropriate for ages from kindergarten to elementary school. It includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. The user can control the range of numbers they want to work with, the amount of questions they want to answer, and even assign a time limit per quiz. Makes learning math fun.

Math Cards Pro

($1.99) Quick quizzes in math, different speed modes, includes Roman Numerals

Math Drills

($1.99) Drills for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with number lines, hints and facts.

Math Magic

Includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, takes data and has graphics for younger children

Number Line

(free) a game tohelp students learn about fractions, decimals and percent by ordering them on a number line.


Includes quiz component that takes data

Park Math

($1.99) By Duck Duck Moose. Includes interactive activities to count, sort, add, subtract and more for ages 1 to 6.

Pop Math

In adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, pop pairs of bubbles that match the equation with the solution.

Silly Numbers

($4.99) iPad, an interactive and fun way for children to learn how to count with silly characters that come to life.

Sudoku HD for iPad

Sudoku games at various levels

Tangram XL

(free) Simple version of popular tangrams, move the shapes around and tap to flip them.


Works on times tables in different formats including a 12 x 12 grid

Math- Calculators

Big Beautiful Calculator

Has changeable skins


Has a four function mode and appears to show equations

Calc It

Can show equation, in “123” mode it looks like a four function calculator

Easy Calculator

(free) shows the math vertically

Free Graphing Symbolic Calculator

(free) allows for quickly inputting formulas.

Graphing Calculator

Scientific calculator and high resolution function plotter to trace multiple equations on the same graph

Jumbo Calculator

(Free) Provides ease of use of a large buttoned calculator that allows you to add, subtract, multiply, divide, squaring, and square-rooting.

MyCalculator Pro

Graphic calculator in 2D and 3D with one touch graphing with memory to store and recall answers

Super Calc

(free) changeable backgrounds

Math – Money Skills

Coin Counting Calculator

Realistic pictures of coins, does not include dollars, has a younger look

Coin Math

($1.99) works on identifying coins, counting coins and learning to make change. It can also be used to learn or reinforce counting by 5’s, 10’s and 25’s.

Money – Learn to Count

Customize the values of money, then select the correct value that corresponds to bills and coins pictured.

Money Counting Calculator

Realistic pictures of coins and dollars, has a look like a standard calculator, you touch the coins/bill and the total amount shows on the top display

Pocket Change

Times adding activity using graphics of actual coins


Autism News Reader

($.99) Grabs the top stories from the best autism health news and information sites and delivers them to your iPhone.

Behavior Tracker Pro

($29.99) Allows you to record the components of ABC data collection and then analyze the data.

Conover Company

They have over 40 apps of various titles including category sight words, money equivalents, social skills, grooming and many others. They have 4 free samplers available.

Dragon Search

(free) Allows you to search the internet based on dictated text.

Flashcards (free)

Allows you to create your own flashcards for any subject


Videos in a variety of categories including arts, media, business, careers, education, crafts, hobbies, kids, sports, technology and many more.


Timed concentration game

Presenter Pro

(Free) Helps you refine your presentations skills and change the way you present.

Revision Aid

Design your own tests, they can be multiple choice or a single answer.


Access to wikipedia

Music, Musical Instruments and Songs for Young Children

Accordeon - iPad

Play the accordeon by touching the keys and buttons.

Air Harp - iPad

($1.99) Can play the strings or follow the notes on the strings to play songs


Just like the actual autoharps, you create music by moving over the strings.


($2.99) plays the bass buitar


Touch on the screen to create bubbles that play southing music.

Drum Kit

($1.99) The closet you can get without a real drum kit. It is a fun app for drummers and non-drummers. The user can create their own music or play along to songs.

Five Little Monkeys

Musical counting game based on the popular rhyme with toys that react to touch. Can sing in rock, country or pop modes

Glee Karaoke

($.99) Sing all the songs to the popular show with the app making you sound amazing


($3.99) Allows you to hold chords & strum at the same time, comes with many different guitars.

iBand Tribal Percussion

($.99) includes several instruments like maracas, sticks & Tambourine that you can play by shaking or tapping.


Allows you to play one at a time of the 6 instruments


($.99) Blow into the iPhone as you would a recorder. It also has an auto blow feature for those who can’t sustain their breath.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Interactive song where the spider navigates from screen to screen


Great app, includes Guitar, Drum, different keyboards, tempo changers and other features that respond to your touch.

Kid Songs Kwiz Game

As a popular kid song plays, touch the corresponding picture from a field of 4


6 songs in a sing to me or sing by myself mode, with simple animation.

Magic Piano - iPad

($0.99) Great sound on a circular piano, blank screen or following the noted for a variety of songs.

Melody Bells

($.99) Play one hand bell by shaking or multiple ones by touch.

Melody Cat

Each cat makes a different sound when touched and the cats on the top of the roof make an instrument sound.


4 interactive activities where music is provided by tapping on different areas of the screen

Old MacDonald

Musical book with 12 interactive pages that play the song in varied languages or instruments or record your own voice

Piano Pals

A lite version available, $2.99 for all 5 scenes. The piano on the bottom can play animal sounds or musical notes for each scene or reinforce numbers or colors.

Pocket Guitar

($0.99) turns your device into a pocket guitar that you can press and strum the strings just like a real guitar. It includes several different guitar sounds.

Pocket Piano

($0.99) Exactly like a real piano. The notes range from c3 to c5 including sharps and flats giving the user two full octaves to play your favorite tunes. Hold the keys for longer notes or tap for shorter ones. It has a built in recording feature.

Pocket Shaker

(Free) Turns your device into any percussion instrument you can imagine. Just shake the device to hear the sound.

Puff the Magic Dragon

An animated video plays as the classic song is sung.

Singing Pumpkins

Each plays a different sound or word.


(free) A simple game where you draw lines to trap balls that make music as they hit the lines.

Thumb Pad

Plays over 30 instruments, you can create your own instrument, download samples, loop what you create and record it. Requires very little physical movements to use.

Toddler Jukebox

Listen to 5 classic songs and one original song by a children’s artist.

Virtuoso Piano Free 2HD

(Free) virtual piano

Wheels on the Bus

Musical book with 8 interactive pages that plays the song in varied languages or instruments or records your voice

World of Lullabies

Audio and lyrics provided for 10 lullabies

Xmas Count

Counts the days towards Christmas while playing a Christmas song with simple animations

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