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Organization, Prompting and Memory

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Organization, Prompting and Memory

Audiotorium Notes – with Dropbox

($4.99) Dropbox & TextExpander integration. A way to record, organize, review and share your audio and text notes. You can define your own abbreviations and use audio bookmarks to mark and find important sections of audio later.

Awesome Note Lite (+ todo)

(Free) An innovative note taking application and to-do manager that allows you to combine notes with to-do flexibilities. You can customize its look with themes with different folder icons, colors, fonts, and paper backgrounds. It provides easy- to -use regular notes to notes with multiple photo attachments, To-Do Notes to organize your day, Post-It style quick notes, and the ability to send notes with photo attachments as emails.


($4.99) Helps you organize all the details of your busy life in one application. Manage contacts and club members, coordinate projects and parties. You can track vet bills and vehicle maintenance in this easy to use application. It is the portable version of the popular personal database from FileMaker. Bento for iPad comes with 25 ready to use database templates that can be easily customized to organize virtually any type of information you have.

Bread and Milk

($0.99) A grocery list app that’s fast, simple, elegant, and fun.

Bug Me

Allows you to jot notes with your figures, set alarms, and save Stickies to your home screen.

Child timer

($1.99) A stress-free way to teach children about time limits for common activities including: going to bed, cleaning up, turning off the TV, time to eat, time to go, bath time, time for school, and time out.


Store up to 2 GB of files can access from the web


Note keeping took, allows sync between devices and is searchable

First Then Visual Schedule

($9.99)Customizable Visual Schedule application that includes verbal feedback. You can add as many images as needed to create steps in tasks using different format.

Flipside HD

($1.99) A note card application that makes studying fun. You can create full-screen study cards quickly and easily. Flipside HD shuffles the cards to exercise your memory and allows you to mark the cards you don’t know so you can study them more.

iHomework (requires OS 10.5 on Mac for syncing)

($1.99) Keep up to date with school work, grades, to-do’s, teacher’s information and other information in this school organizer. Can set alarms for assignments/tests.

iStudiez Pro

($2.99) Sophisticated student’s planner that organizes your schedule and assignments


Can divide a photograph into any number of animated puzzle pieces. As the puzzle is completed, players earn rewards.

IEP Checklist

(free) Provides a checklist of everything that should be done at an EIP, includes specific language from IDEA and places to keep notes


A motivational chart

J’s Job Jar

($0.99) Enter jobs that need to get done. When you shake the job, the job jar will select the job most likely to lead to job satisfaction

iStudiez Pro (a lite version is available)

Built in planner that allows you to manage all types of schedule, section to keep track of homework & assignments with different ways of organizing them, with Push Notifications, summary or current classes & tasks automatically reflected in Today view.

Mental Note

($2.99) iPad, a note taking app that allows you to use multiple colors and widths, import pictures, add audio, organize your notes, include drawings and export into Mental Note as a PDS or picture with audio attached as an email.


(Free) Create mind maps that you can insert videos, pictures, audio, colored nodes and text. Email the maps to others.

Mind Jet

($7.99) Mind Maps

Mind Notes

($5.99) Way of collecting, organizing and outline your thoughts and ideas as mind maps.

NotifyMe 2

($2.99) To-do reminder application that lets users quickly create personal reminders and to-dos with alerts for quick daily and on the go use.


Track & record data, both single and dual item, gives percent correct, transfers to Google docs

PhotoGrocery List

($.99) Take photos of your items to create a grocery or other lists. Check off as they are completed or you get them.

Picture Scheduler

This app shows a visual reminder (photo or video) at a specified time as well as playing a voice note to cue the user.

Remember the Milk

(Free) Allows you to take your to-do list anywhere.


(Free) Remember what is important here and now. It gathers and manages all the tasks you need to do by date, time, locations and keywords, and alerts you at just the right time and place. Save your ideas, to-do lists and things to remember by voice or text.

Say It & Mail It Pro Recorder for the iPad

($3.99) The fastest way to email a voice memo from your iPad to yourself or to someone else. You have the option to include a photo, movie and Google map location. It has been designed with simplicity and speed and remembers your name and email address.


Allows you to create schedules with pictures, text and audio. Alerts are sent to the user at the scheduled times for each activity and will display the programmed prompt.

Stacks Pro

($4.99) Make your own study note cards, import flashcards from other websites and applications and copy and paste flashcards from Excel, Word and Text Files


(Free to $0.99) A sticky note reminder application.


($1.99) Allows you to schedule SMS text reminders to be sent to you at the times you specify, repeating as often as you choose.

Things and Things for iPad

($9.99 and $19.99)A task manager application that offers a balance of use and powerful features. It manages to-do notes, due dates and projects.

Time Timer

($4.99) Red bar disappears as time goes down, includes auditory reminders when time is finished

To Do

($4.99) Allows you to create your own to do lists, that can be tagged, with push notifications.

Visual Scheduler

(Free) Manage your schedule with simple interface and operation. You can easily manage your schedules with selecting tables and buttons on a screen


($3.99) A Voice Calendar Reminder app that offers repeats, choice of alert tones and voice reminders. Instead of having to type into your device when you need a quick reminder, record a voice message to yourself and have it alert you at the right time.


Art Camera

With 33 filters, your photos can mimic art styles and be shared to email, Facebook or Twitter

Camera Zoom 2

Zoom in/out with iPhone camera, take pictures by pressing volume and use the timer


For dramatic effect, convert your photos to black and white while maintaining the details in color


Photo and video content displayed on an endless wall and search across multiple websites


Search and capture photos and videos, tag, do batch uploads and share to the Flickr community.


Take photos by pressing anywhere on the screen or use features such as a self-timer, time lapse and rapid fire.

Photo Booth Classic

Take 4 photos to recreate black and white photo strips, then share to your camera roll, Facebook or Twitter.

Photo Sketch

Use one of your photos to create a high quality, hand drawn rendering of that image.


Upload photos to your Photobucket albums, search and download photos and share image URL and html code.

Photoshop Mobile

Edit photos for cropping, colors, filters like soft focus and effects like warm vintage, then share the final products.

Pic Pop

Use the Pic Pop box to cycle through your photo library and double tap a photo to spin to the next one


Mix two or more photos in a montage, then edit the detail and add backgrounds.


($4.99) Photo search and download from Flickr

Productivity Tools


Allows you to work with PDF’s, has a highlighting feature and you can do annotations (

Print Central

An application that allows you to print from your iPad


300+ Sight Words

Sight words for Level 1 to 5 and Nouns 1 & 2 with text only that can be read to you.

ABC Animals

Interactive animal flashcards with audio that provide the letter name, associated animal name and the phonetics

ABC Learning Pad (iPad)

($1.99) Includes 4 games to teach alphabet, animals, numbers and colors in 2 learning modes: training at your own pace and Quiz interactive challenge. Audio Baby Talking Learning Pad is the iPhone/iTouch version for $1.99).

abc Pocket Phonics

Combines 3 apps with letter sounds, letter writing practice and 170 first words

Alphabet Animals

All 26 letters in interactive flashcards that make sounds and animations when touched


Includes audio books that are free and others that are not.

Audio Study Notes by RocketBook

($1.99) Audio study notes for a variety of the classics. There are iPad and iPhone version. Some have accompanying video components.


Will allow any books to be read to you, free app soon to be available

Build a Word (a lite version is available)

Place letters in the outline provided one at a time to build a word and the word morphs into word friends.


($.99) Watch and listen to Baldi, a 3D animated character who can read you imported text with accurate mouth and face movements and convincing emotions.

i Can Read

Flash cards where 1 side contains the picture and the other the text only.


Flash cards by word ending families. Pick a word ending and each time you touch the screen the initial letter changes. No audio.


Use a roller bar to line up words to create the sentence that makes sense (could use as a sentence writing activity also).

iWord (lite version available)

Flash cards (no audio) for words that can be letter by letter length

K-3 Sight Words

($0.99) Sight or dolch words on flash cards. – 24 titles

Most of the titles present one photograph at a time with the text above it being read when you touch the page.

Learn to Talk

Contains text and audio on flash cards for high impact words, objects and labels and other categories. Settings for: say cards; shuffle; spelling and first letters.

Martha Speaks Dog Party

Presented by PBS and based on the television series, it is about a dog that eats a bowl of alphabet soup and gain the power of human speech, contains 4 different games. A study based on use of this app showed a 31% gain in vocabulary after using it for 5 hours over 2 weeks.

See Read Say

Includes all 220 Dolch Words spoken at the push of a button with individual tracked progress.


A shell to build your own social stories or other types of stories, can include pictures and audio. Comes with 1 story.


Comes preloaded with a few stories. Easy to import pictures and create your own stories, schedules, social stories or sequences for activities. Can add voice recordings and text.

Super Why!

From PBS Kids – contains 4 interactive literacy games

Voice Cards

Pictures and text for various category cards in English and Spanish.

Web Reader

Reads text on the web

weesay ABC

Preloaded or create your own album of alphabetical sounds and images using the camera and microphone.

Science & Social Studies

3D Brain

(Free) Rotate and zoom in on 29 interactive structures. Each

structure comes with information on functions, disorders, brain

damage, case studies and links to research

All Countries

Basic information and a picture of the flag is presented for each

country with links to Google, Flikr and Google maps.

Brain Tutor 3D

(Free) 3D images created by MRI. Allows you to interact with

the rotatable 3D images

EleMints (Mild EleMints 2 is


A periodic Table, a Plot Graph, Element listing, Electron

Diagram and information on each element.


(Free) A daily updated database of all discovered extrasolar

planets with interactive 3D plot of all exoplanets in the Milky

Way and background information.

Frog Dissection

($2.99) Virtual dissection including different types of frogs, comes with dissection tools and instructions. Once dissected, the organs can be studied further.

Google Earth

(Free) Type in a destination and see the photo narrow in and

show you what it looks like from above

GoSkyWatch Planetarium

(free) iPad, easily and quickly identify and locate stars, planets

and constellations with a touch or by pointing to the sky.

HD History of the United States

($.99) Covers a variety of topics including Native Americans,

Colonial history, the American Revolution, Bill of Rights,

foreign policy, cultural & economic history

History: Maps of World

(free) A collection of high resolution historical maps

Life Cycle

($.99) Includes interactive and narrated information on 10 life



Can get directions or maps, includes information on various

points of interests.


(free) Application that comes pre-installed. It can now be done

in the classic, satellite, hybrid (satellite and maps together) and

terrain view.


(Free) thousands of images with on demand NASA videos and

live streaming, current mission information

Periodic Table of the Elements

(Free) the standard periodic table of the elements where you can

select a chemical attribute and have the entire chart color coded

to show how the different elements vary with regard to the

selected trait.


(Free) Can touch the planets to learn more about them, spin

them and zoom in. Also a popular fidgit tool.

Science Friday

(Free) iPad, A weekly science talk show broadcast on NPR.

Science Quiz

Quizzes your knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology,

zoology, earth science and inventions.

Science Glossary

(Free) A glossary of scientific terms and short biographies that

support the science education website


(Free) A collection of 6 tools including a 3D star map, 3D

planetarium, ephemeris, search engine, sun clock and more.

Solar Walk 3D

($2.99) A 3D solar system model that lets you navigate through

space and time, learning trajectories, structures etc.

Stack the States

($.99) The states come to life as you learn about them. You

learn about the capitals, geography and more as you earn states

for your own map.

United States Map Game

(Free) Learn the names and locations of the 50 states with this

interactive map quiz.

US Geography by Discover

($6.99) Can learn about the states using multimedia content

aligned to national standards.


(Free) videos that are 2 to 3 minutes in length and demonstrate

the steps of simple science experiments, with little setup time

and using only low cost materials. Features science teacher Dan

Menelly (winner of the Einstein Fellowship).

Westward Expansion

(Free) US History Unit: westward Expansion of the United

States in the 1800’s.

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