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Sign Language Apps

ABC Sign

($0.99) Designed to learn the American Sign Language alphabet. Each signs is illustrated in a colored photograph. A letter is spoken aloud and the user is presented with three choices for the correct sign. You can choose until the correct sign is found.

ASL Idioms & Phrases

($1.99 to $3.99) It includes ASL phrases with high resolution videos. It contains quizzes.

ASL Signs

Can arrange alphabetically or by categories. An avitar shows and says the sign.

American Sign Language

Over 11,000 vocabulary items in an interactive sign dictionary


($1.99 to $7.99) The only American Sign Language (ASL) dictionary, tutorial, reference, and English to ASL translator tool.

Idioms 1 by Everyday ASL

Contains a variety of idioms arranged alphabetically that are displayed several times in a short video and also shown in a sentence. It also has a quiz component. No audio.

iSign (3D and lite version available)

($4.99) Many vocabulary items arranged alphabetically with simple animation to display the sign

iSpeech Toddler Sign

2 animated children show 30 signs each with accompanying explanations

Jolly Holiday

Learn prepositions while decorating the tree, then learn the signs to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

Sign 4 Me

($12.99) With more than 11,500 words in the library, you can learn signed English from a 3D avatar.

Sign Smith ASL

More than 1200 signs you can learn American Sign Language from a 3D avatar. Can customize on how often the sign is shown. A free lite version is available.

Signing Time (Lite version also)

Contains videos with audio of various signs, arranged alphabetically. Also contains flash cards and challenges.

Toddler Sign

Volume 1 contains at least 100 signs arranged alphabetically that contain a description and animation on how to make the sign.


100 Words to Make you Sound Smart

($2.99) The entire text of the book is included. The words were chosen by the editors of the American Heritage Dictionary.

ABC Animals

($1.99) Letters, phonics and handwriting for preschoolers

ABC Dinosaurs (Ipad)

Trace various letters, numbers, concept words and dinosaur names.

ABC Tracer

Alphabet flashcards (a lite version available)

ACT & SAT Vocabulary Builder

($2.99) Presents a variety of words for you to learn and customizes your experience automatically.

ACT Spell

($2.99) Allows you to add in your own spelling words, auditory feedback provided. Can adjust number of buttons, button size and background colors.


Tracing letters, word flashcards and easy puzzles

Big Quotes

($1.99) Over 1200 quotes from over 600 authors with searchable features.

Build a Word (lite version available)

Make the letters into a word by putting them in the outline and having the word morph into the word friend.


Using the timed or untimed mode, use letters to create words and get the word definitions


A word prediction program based on letter possibilities controlled by moving a line connecting the letters


Write in a diary that you can add voice notes or photos, change the font and size and email to others.


Using predictive text search for a word and its definition or synonym in context from dictionary. Com or


A quick, easy to use and comprehensive dictionary that lets you look up words and find their definitions or synonyms and navigate between words


Easy to use, no fluff dictionary

Dragon Dictation

Voice recognition that you can then see and edit your text to share on clipboard, SMS and email

Dragon Search

Voice recognition to use to search on Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, iTunes & Twitter


(free) Write letters by using a set of gestures made by stroking your finger between 4 points. Basic word prediction built in.

First Words: Deluxe

($4.99) The game includes over 147 words including animals, vehicles, colors, shapes and items from around the home. The user touches a letter to hear it and drag it to the correct position.

FirstWords: At Home

With pictures of over 30 items around the house, touch a letter to hear it and drag it to the correct word position

Letter Tracer

Tracing lower or upper case letters and numbers. Allows for some customization. You can shake the screen to clear your tracing.

iLive Grammer Botany

($4.99) Interactive multimedia with 4 lessons in nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, articles, nouns, conjunctions and review. Sentence are associated with pictures where a specific word or words are highlighted. The sentence and answers are tracked for record keeping.


Can import from and export to MindManager as well as other desktop graphic organizers

iWriteWords (a lite version available)

In easy or regular mode, trace numbers, lower and upper case letters using numbered prompts

Magnetic Poetry: Build a Poem

Has a wide variety of words and word fragments that allow you to create an endless number of poems


Works with iThoughts or MindManager for Mac and Windows


Create, view, and edit mind maps, then share them to a website to view and edit further


Provides a quick and easy way to write in a private journal, can connect with popular social web services.

My Writing Nook

Write in portrait or landscape, autosave, word count, dictionary/thesaurus lookup, email documents

Pocket Whiteboard

Works as a whiteboard on the phone or iPad. Can take pictures of your creations, thoughts using the “home” and “sleep” buttons (can do this for all apps for a screen shots)

Pocket Phonics

Tracing letters paired with the letter sounds


($159) Primary use for communication but contains word prediction.

Puppet Pals

Allows you to use set scenes and characters recording your own messages to create stories or shows that can be saved. Additional sets and characters can be purchased.


Connect 3 or more letters to create words in various player modes, after the time is up a list of possible words is displayed

Sentence Builder

($3.99) Use spin wheels to make grammatically correct sentences with attention paid to the connector words, interactive with picture support


Rather than hunting and pecking, a single stroke through the letters in a word can write the word. Also includes word prediction on top of the keyboard.

Sound Paper (iPad only)

Tracks what you draw and write while recording audio. During playback tap a word and it will playback what was recorded at that time. Share your text, drawings or audio notes via email or import directly to your Mac or PC.


Talking dictionary

Spel It Rite Pro

From two choices, select the correctly spelled word as quickly as possible


($4.99) Allows you to create spelling quizzes in any language. Enter word, the grade level and the spoken word and you can add the written word and/or spoken phrase. You can share quiz with other SpellBoard users, tracks performance

Story Patch

($4.99) Comes with over 800 illustrations (that can be customized) or you can add your own photos, to your writings or use one of the built in themes.


Use a Textfree email account, send and receive unlimited texts free for a whole ear

TipTap Speech

($4.99) A unique text input method providing an alternative to the QWERTY keyboard, called chording or chorded text input. It allows you to type using five binary chords rather than keys. It’s great for people with limited mobility, but a new system of typing must be learned. It lets you type without having to look at the screen, which is an excellent feature for low vision. It also comes with a text-to-speech function.


Do various activities tracing your finger on the screen

Typing Class

Practice and timed format for using the onscreen keyboard


As you type possible words show up in a list. To hear the words you touch them, and to select, you touch them again.

Vocab Rootology

($.99) Over 5,000 combine flash cards and multiple choise questions for vocabulary etymology.

Word Magic

With a picture shown and a letter missing in a word, select the correct choice for reinforcers and rewards

Word Scramble 2

Among scrambled letters, tap three or more to create words in a single player, multi-player or live game online

Write Now – a lite version available

Allows you to write notes using your handwriting, each page is automatically saved when you go to a new page.


Full screen editing, sync to simple text, text expander support, search your documents


Word prediction with choices displayed on top of the alphabet screen

Apps & Iphone/iTouch website and/or article resources

100 Best Free iPhone Apps for College Students

100 Ways to use your iPod to Learn and Study Better

Accesibility Features

Apple getting started guide

Apple iPhone accessibility

App Store Volume Purchasing Program Explained

Babies with iPads

The Bests Apps for Kids – Personal Tech

The Best Apps for Kids

Book Room Reviews – scroll down to links to Product Reviews to articles about apps for children

Comparison of iPad vs netbooks – view downloads by platforms

ebooks lost on Kindle, found on iPod Touch

From toy to tool: Cell Phones in Learning

Helping Children with iOS Devices

How to Build a Theft Proof iPhone

I – I Education Apps Review – extensive resources listed by various categories from toddlers to college level

iHelp for Autism – article from San Francisco Weekly

(The) iPad: A Near Miracle for my Son with Autism

iPad Apps that Help Autistic Children’s Development (video)

The iPad: A Disability Friendly Device? Written by a user with muscular weakness.

iPad User’s Guides

iPad with Neo as keyboard

iPad - video using VoiceOver

iPodject Wiki – an collaborative online community exploring iPods in education.

iPods in School – Kathy Cothran presents a wealth of ideas on using iPods in schools.

iPod Therefore I Can: Enhancing the Learning of Children with Intellectual Disabilities Through Emerging Technologies – PDF download on a research study on iPod

iPod Touch for Special Needs Classroom – Mobile Learning for All

iPod Touch – Touching Students lives in the Classroom

iPods for Special Education

iPod/iPhone survey of use in education

iPodsibilities – a teacher’s thoughts on using iPods & iPads in the classroom. Includes extensive links to apps, resources, lesson plans and app reviews. A wealth of information.

iPod Users Group Wiki

iPrepPress – video and audio ebooks for smart phones, eReaders, MP3 & game consoles

iTunesU – free, K-12 schools and colleges are providing students with learning opportunities

Available through iTunes as a free download

Learning in Hand – iPods in educations – information on apps, quick tips to get you started with iTouch & iPad etc.

Magic Mouse – how to get a mouse to work on an iPad (involves jailbreaking the iPad)

North Point iBand, A link band playing with different apps on the iPad and iTouch. A blog with links to the different apps is at

Only the iPad - resources about iPads in the classroom

Portable speakers

The School that gives Kids their own iPad (article)

Speech/Language Pathology Sharing Apps for Special Education

Speirs’ (Fraser) blog – contains information and links on the iPad

Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod with Multiple Computers

Syncing photos to iPod

Teaching Learners with multiple needs blog

The Ten Building Blocks for Learning with Cell Phones

Text Accessibility plan for iPhone from AT&T

Using the iPad to Connect (article in the Wall Street Journal)

iPad/iPhone/iTouch related Products

Adapted Headstick Pointer – YouTube video

BubCap (caps to put over the home buttons making it difficult to press) $5.00/4 pk

Camera Connecting Kit - connect your digital camera or iPhone via USB cable or insert your SD memory card directly to the iPad ($29)

Echo touch glove


iAdapter iPad protective case with built in speakers and slider cover over the home button, with additional accessories available from AMDI

iGear – accessories

iHome Speaker

In Your Face – viewbase flexible holder for iPhone

iPad Case

iPad Should Leather Case with strap

iPad Sound Sleeve (coming in June) review

iPad Stabile Stand

iPad Stand

iPad Speaker

iPhone speaker

Keyguards TapSpeak, Proloquo2Go, Tap to Talk ($19.95)

Mini Mic

3.5mm Microphone from

Otterbox iPad cases – heavy duty cases

PED3-Auto mount for phone

Pogo Stylus

Speaker Resources

ThinkGeek - (They have a variety of stands and cases, including a flex stand, hard case and hip case for the iPad. Go under gadgets)

Thumb Tack Mic

3.5mm Mini Microsphone from


AT Tips

AT Tools in public schools, exploring and investigating different implementation of AT in schools (not app related specifically).

iEAR Podcast

Podcast, many include videos, about different apps to use in education.

iPad Live

Weekly podcast on various aspects of the iPad

iPad Screencasts

Video Demonstrations for the iPad

iPhone Podcast

Includes information on the iPhone and iPad.

Compiled from information obtained from research, iTunes information, references on the QIAT listserve, from information in “iPhone and iPod toch Apps for (Special) Education” written by Eric Sailers and the ATIA Webinar “There is an App for That” presented by Dr. Therese Willkomm, Ph.D., OT. or, 3/7/11

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