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Articulate it!

All About Sounds

Minimal Pairs

Sunny Articulation & Phonology Test

Smarty Speech

Pocket SLP

Pocket SLP “R”

/r/ intensive

Tiga Talk

Talking Tails TicTacTalk


Phonological Awareness (17)

What Rhymes? (

Photo Touch ABC

ABC Phonics

Learn Phonics

iMotherGoose’s Phonics Flash Cards

Alphabet (

Letter Recognition

ABC free

Learn to Read

Pocket Phonics

Photo Touch Sight Words

iTouchiLearn Words

little matchups ABC Alphabet

Spelling Magic

Scramble PCS

Phonics Awareness

Phonics Vowels

Metalinguistics (5)

Analogies 4 Kids

Little Solver Figural Analogies

Figures of Speech

Idioms in Use



Grammar Fun

Grammar Up

Grammar Express Tenses

Grammar Express Nouns

Grammar Jammers

Grammar Dragon

Super Duper Plurals

Super Duper Using “I” and “Me”

Verbs (8)

Language Builder

Super Duper Regular Past Tense Verbs

Super Duper Irregular Verbs Actions

Speech with Milo Verbs

iPractice Verbs

Smart Baby Apps My First Words

My PlayHome
Sentences (3)

Sentences Builder

Picture the Sentences

Sentence Magic

Prepositions (5)

Preposition Builder

Preposition Remix

Speech with Milo Prepositions

Grammar Express Prepositions

The house of learning

Questions (6)

Question Builder

Talking Tails Kiddie Questions

Super Duper “WH” Questions at School

Super Duper “WH” Questions at Home

Question It – the answer to WH questions

What are They Asking?
Categories (20)

Super Duper Let’s Name Things

Super Duper Name that Category!

Fruit Rain

ABC 5 pumpkins


Flash2 English

Edu Kids Pictures Dictionary

Kid Genius

BLC Autism Sort and Categorize Game Zoo Animals Fruits & Nuts Things you Play With Vehicles Receptive by Class Vegetables Things you Eat Things you Wear Shapes

Toy Cleanup

Clean Up
Attributes (7) Receptive by Function Receptive by Feature Which Go Together? Which Does Not Belong?

Timmy’s Preschool Adventure

little matchups The Matching Game

Who Am I?

Antonyms/Synonym (5)

Opposites 3D


Baby Peekaboo Learn Opposites

Opposites Ocean

Same Meaning Magic

Receptive (8)


PhotoTouch Concepts

PhotoTouch Farm Animals

See. Touch. Learn.

Touch and Learn Emotions

Word Slapps

Flash English

Balloons: Tap and Learn

Vocabulary (8)

Learn to Talk

Baby Cortex Baby Flash Cards

Baby Cortex Baby Flash Cards 2

Jolly Giraffe At the Park

Show Me Stories

Vocab PCS symbols

Vocab Bingo PCS symbols

Guess Who?
AAC (10)


Dragon Dictation


ChoiceBoard Maker

Alexicom AAC


Pocket Picture Planner


iGreet You

Pragmatics (15)

Conversation Builder

Super Duper What would you do at school if…

Super Duper Practicing Pragmatics

Super Duper What are they thinking?

Stories 2 Learn

Super Duper All About You, All About Me

Conversation Starters

Model Me Going Places

Smart Baby Apps Around Town Flash Cards

Functional Skills System

iTake Turns

Toca Tea Party

Toca Tea Store

Toca House

Social Skill Builder

Emotions (6)

Face cards F

AutismXpress Emotions

ABA Flashcards Emotions

That’s how I feel

Moody Me
Ploblem Solving/Inference (5)

Buddy Bear Reasoning & Problem Solving

Super Duper Understanding Inferences

What if?

What am I?

Toca Doctor

Visuals (2)

Visual Working For lite

Visual Cue lite
Directions (2)

Fun with Directions

Clicky Sticky

Sequencing (12)

Making Sequences

Speech with Milo – Sequencing


My Sunny Day



Crazy Copy

Jirbo Says

A Seed Grows

Little Princess

My Unicorn

Princess Dress Up
Differences (4)

Kids Spot

Spot the Difference


Compare and Contrast
Matching (12)

Match Animals

Match & Learn

Fun Match

ABC Magic

Preschool EduPlay

Game Factory


Boggle Caps

PCS Symbols – Memory

Little sorter Alphabet

Spooky Lite

Ice Cream Matching Game
Story Makers (6)


Sock Puppets

Story Maker

Story Lines

Story Lines for Schools

Scribble Press
Books (9)

Bananas Sometimes

Thankful Turkey

Present for Milo

Felix and Lucy Go to Bed

I Like School

I Like Fall

I Love Mom

Save the Day

Scene Speak

Cooking (11)

More Grillin’

More Buffet!

Cookie Doodle

My Cookie

My Play Chef

Burger Builder

Pizza Maker

Making Pizza

Tiny Chef

Toca Monsters

Smurf Grabber

Puzzles (15)


Baby Shapes

Shape Puzzles for kids

Shape Builder

Bright Puzzles



Kids Puzzle

Little puzzles African Plains


PickUp Sticks

Doodle Fit

Vehicle Puzzle

This or That

Unblock Me

Sensory/Drawing (19)

Mood Pad

Pocket Pad


Bubble Popper

Hello Crayon


Doodle Kids


Doodle Buddy

Paint N Wash

Etch a Sketch

Cute Animals

Click Me Stick Me

Tap Fish 2

Neon Mania

Glow Draw

Pottery HD

Drawing Den

Toca Hair Cut




Who am I?


Touch and Learn

Talking Friends (6)

Talking Tom

Talking Roby

Furry Friend

Chippy Talk

Honey Cat

Voice Generator
Miscellaneous (3)


Make Dice

Cool Facts

Word Games (6)

Word Ball


Word Solitaire

Words with Friends

Word Search

Ryhmie Stymie
Websites saved as icons on main screen

Geek SLP

Common Core Standards



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