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Artist Name(Country)(Alias) Song Title Orig./Def. Original Label Australian Label


Ad Libs(Alias = Ad-Libs) He Ain’t No Angel Blue Cat

Marie Adams(USA) I’m Gonna Latch On Peacock

Aerosmith(USA) I’m Ready (Version 3)

Texas Alexander(USA) Crossroads Freedom

(Adrian Allen + Five Discs(USA) When Love Comes Knocking Yale

((Alias = Five Discs)

Annisteen Allen(USA) Don’t Nobody Move (OV) Decca

Annisteen Allen(USA) Fujiyama Mama (OV) Capitol

Gene Allison(USA) Reap What You Sow (OV/DV) Vee Jay

Gene Ammons(USA) My Foolish Heart (del.OV)

(Little Anthony & the Imperials(USA) Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko Bop (del.OV)

(Little Anthony & the Imperials(USA) That Lil’ Ole Lovemaker Me (OV/DV)

((add Alias = Duponts/Du Ponts)

Avantis(USA) Keep On Dancing (Version 2)(OV/DV) Argo

(Bea Baker with Maurice King & his Wolverines(USA) Good Daddy Columbia

((Alias = LaVern Baker/Delores Williams/Little Miss Sharecropper)

LaVern Baker(USA)(Alias = Bea Baker) How Long National

Long John Baldry(Britain) I’m Ready (Version 3)

Marcia Ball(USA) Hot Tamale Baby Rounder

Marcia Ball(USA) La Ti Da Rounder

Marcia Ball(USA) Red Beans Rounder

Hank Ballard + Midnighters(USA) Keep On Dancing (Version 3) (del.OV/DV)

(Richie Barrett(USA) Some Other Guy (OV/DV)

((Alias = Richard Barrett/Dickie Barrett)

Dave Bartholomew(USA) Ice Man, The Imperial

(Count Basie & his Orch. + Jimmy Rushing(USA) - Boogie Woogie (Version 2) - Decca

Archie Bell & the Drells(USA) Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys Glades

Mike Berry + Outlaws(Britain) I’m Ready (Version 3) Rollercoaster

(Wailin’ Bethea + Cap-Tans(USA) Rockin’ In The Jungle (del.OV)

((Alias = Masked Man & the Agents)

Dennis Binder(USA) Nobody Wants Me Crown

Scrapper Blackwell(USA) Rambling Blues Champion/Superior/Varsity

Blind Blake(USA) Southern Rag Paramount

Billy Bland(USA) Grandmaw Gave A Party (OV/DV)

Billy Bland(USA) Sweet Thing (OV/DV)

Bobby Bland(USA) Good Lovin’ (Version 4) Duke

Bobby “Blue” Bland(USA) Honey Bee (Version 2)

Blue Chips(USA) Come Back (OV)

Blues Band(Britain) I’m Ready (Version 3)

Blues Jumpers(USA) Baby I’m Gone Ridge

Blues Jumpers(USA) Chartreuse Ridge

Blues Jumpers(USA) Go Ahead And Burn (DV) Ridge

Blues Jumpers(USA) Good Morning Judge Ridge

Lucille Bogan(USA) Alley Boogie (OV/DV) American Record Corporation

Boogaloo + Gallant Crew(USA) Clothes Line (Wrap It Up) Crest

(Boogaloo + Gallant Crew(USA) Cops And Robbers (OV) Crest

(Alias = Boog Aloo/Kent Harris)

Charley Booker with Ike Turner(USA) Charley’s Boogie Woogie (transferred from Instrumentals)

(Priscilla Bowman(USA) A Spare Man Falcon

((Alias = Pricilla Bowman & the Spaniels/Priscilla & the Spaniels)

Priscilla Bowman(USA) Don’t Need Your Lovin’ Vee Jay

Priscilla Bowman(USA) I’ve Got News For You Vee Jay

Priscilla Bowman(USA) Sugar Daddy Falcon

(Pricilla Bowman & the Spaniels(USA) A Rockin’ Good Way (OV) Abner/Joy

((Alias = Priscilla & the Spaniels/Priscilla Bowman)

Jackie Brenston with Edna McRaney(USA) Hi Ho Baby Chess

Broadway Cast of “Grease” (1972)(USA) Born To Hand Jive (OV) Polydor

Lonnie Brooks(USA) Crosscut Saw (del.OV)

Lonnie Brooks(USA) Feel Good Doin’ Bad Hip-O

Lonnie Brooks(USA) I Want All My Money Back Alligator

(Lonnie Brooks, Long John Hunter & Phillip Walker(USA)

( - Alligators Around My Door Alligator

( as above Bon Ton Roulet Alligator

( as above Boogie Rambler (DV)

( as above Feel Good Doin’ Bad (OV/DV) Alligator

( as above I Can’t Stand It No More Alligator

( as above It’s Mighty Crazy Alligator

( as above Quit My Baby Alligator

( as above Roll, Roll, Roll Alligator

( as above Street Walking Woman Alligator

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) All By Myself add Okeh

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Baby I Done Got Wise Vocalion Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) I Feel So Good (OV/DV) Vocalion

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) I’m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town (del.OV)

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Just A Dream (Version 2) (OV) Vocalion Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) New Shake ‘Em On Down Vocalion Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Night Time Is The Right Time Vocalion Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Oh Yes Vocalion Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) Trouble And Lying Woman Vocalion Epic

Big Bill Broonzy(USA) You Do Me Any Old Way Melotone Epic

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown(USA) Midnite Hour (Version 2) Verve

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown(USA) Too Late Baby (Version 2) add Verve

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown(USA) Walk Right In (Version 2) Peacock

Cleo Brown(USA) Latch On (Version 2) Decca

Cleo Brown(USA) Lookie Lookie Lookie (Here Comes Cookie)(OV) Decca

Cleo Brown(USA) Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie Decca

Cleo Brown(USA) Stuff Is Here And It’s Mellow, The add Decca

James Brown(USA) Give It Up, Turn It Loose (OV/DV) Drive

James Brown(USA) I Got You (I Feel Good) (del.OV)

(Richard “Rabbit” Brown(USA) Never Let The Same Bee Sting You Twice Victor

((Alias = Blind Willie Harris)

Ruth Brown(USA) Mend Your Ways Atlantic

Ruth Brown(USA) Papa Daddy Atlantic

Ruth Brown(USA) Too Many Men Atlantic

Willie Brown(USA) Make Me A Pallet On The Floor Herwin

Roland Byrd(USA)(prev. shown as Professor Longhair) Hey Little Girl Atlantic

Roland Byrd(USA)(Alias = Roy Byrd/Professor Longhair) Willie Mae Atlantic

Roy Byrd(USA) Boogie Woogie (Version 7) Atlantic

(Anthony Callea, Kate Ceberano, Ricki-Lee Coulter, David Campbell, Jade MacRae, David Hobson, Ian Moss,

(& Adam Harvey(Australia) Born To Hand Jive (DV) N/A

(As performed on It Takes Two TV Show, 2008

Cab Calloway & his Orch.(USA) Boo-Wah Boo-Wah (OV) Okeh

(Cab Calloway(USA) Hi De Ho (OV/DV) add Columbia

Cab Calloway(USA) I Want To Rock (del.OV)

(Cab Calloway(USA) Minnie’s A Hep Cat Now Columbia

(Both selections from the 1947 Movie “Hi De Ho”.

Cab Calloway(USA) Smokey Joe Vocalion

Canned Heat(USA) Bullfrog Blues (del.OV)

(Carla & Rufus(USA) ‘Cause I Love You (OV/DV) Satellite/Atco

((Alias = Rufus & Carla/Rufus & Friend/Rufus Thomas/Carla Thomas)

Leroy Carr(USA) You Got To Reap What You Sow Vocalion

Yvonne Carroll(USA) How Long Must This Fool Pay Challenge

Clarence Carter(USA) Patches (del.OV)

Clarence Carter(USA) Tell Daddy (OV) Atlantic

Casanova(USA) Sally Mae Port Prestige

Casanova(USA) They Call Me Casanova Port Prestige

Casanovas(USA) Good Lookin’ Baby Apollo

Casanovas(USA) Sleepy Head Mama Apollo

Alvin Cash + Crawlers(USA) Keep On Dancing (OV/DV)

Eva Cassidy & Chuck Brown(USA) Gee Baby, Ain’t I Been Good To You Hot Hot

Cats & The Fiddle(USA) Shorty’s Got To Go (OV/DV) Manor

Chairmen Of The Board(USA) Patches (OV) Invictus

Paul Chaplain(USA) Caldonia Pat

Paul Chaplain(USA) I Saw Her Standing On The Corner Pat

Bobby Charles(USA) Darlin’ You Know I Love You (del,OV/DV)

Ray Charles(USA) Big Bertha (DV) Strand

Ray Charles(USA) Here We Go Again (OV/DV)

Ray Charles(USA) I’m Lost Without You Strand

Ray Charles(USA) I’m Wonderin’ And Wonderin’ Rockin’/Strand

Ray Charles(USA) It’s Been So Long Strand

Ray Charles(USA) Sticks And Stones (DV)

Ray Charles(USA) Why Did You Go? Rockin’

Earl Chatman(USA) Take Two Steps Back Fortune/Savage Kick

Cherokees (Group 2)(USA) Drip, Drip (The Coffee Grinder) Peacock

Chips(USA) Mixed Up Shook Up Girl Philips

Eddie Clearwater(USA) All Your Love Blind Pig

Eddie Clearwater(USA) All Your Love (Version 3) Rooster Blues

Clovers(USA) Good Lovin’ (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Coasters(USA) Let’s Go Get Stoned (del.OV)

Coasters(USA) Snake And The Book Worm, The Atco

Coasters(USA) Stewball (OV/DV)

Coasters(USA) Wait A Minute (Version 6) (del.OV)

Ann Cole(USA) Don’t Stop The Wedding (OV/DV) Roulette

Albert Collins(USA) Caldonia Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) Get To Getting’ Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) Good Fool Is Hard To Find Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) Got A Mind To Travel Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) I Ain’t Drunk Alligator

Albert Collins(USA) If You Love Me Like You Say Alligator

Albert Collins(USA)(prev. shown as Instrumentals) T-Bone Shuffle

Thelma Cooper(USA)(Alias = Dolly Cooper) Cool Poppa Gotham

Thelma Cooper(USA) I Need A Man Gotham

Thelma Cooper(USA) Ooh Daddy Gotham

Little Miss Cornshucks(USA) Never Let You Go (Version 2) Chess

Ida Cox(USA) One Hour Mama (OV/DV) Paramount

Bobby Crawford(USA)(Alias = Crawford Bros.) That Little Old Lovemaker Me - Del-Fi

Bob Crosby + O.(Vocals = Eddie Miller)(USA) Louise Louise (del,OV/DV)

Crew Cuts(Canada) I Like It Like That (Version 5) Mercury

Crew Cuts(Canada) Tell Me Why (delete Version 3)

Johnny Cymbal(USA) (Alias = Derek) Mr. Bass Man

Larry Darnell(USA) Boogie Woogie (Version 3) Okeh

Larry Darnell(USA) I Love My Baby (OV/DV)

Darts(Britain) Honey Bee (Version 3)

Cow Cow Davenport(USA) Railroad Blues Vocalion

Dean & Jean(USA) Sticks And Stones Rust

Del Vikings(USA)(Alias = Gus Backus) Cool Shake Mercury

(Deuces (Duces) Of Rhythm + Tempo Toppers (with Little Richard)(USA) -

( - A Fool At The Wheel Peacock

( as above - Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens Peacock

Diamonds(Canada) High Sign Mercury

Diamonds(Canada)(prev. shown as Pop (Group)) Honey Bird Mercury Mercury

Diamonds(Canada) My Dog Likes Your Dog Mercury Mercury

Diamonds(Canada) One And Only Mercury Mercury

Bo Diddley(USA) Cops And Robbers (del.OV)

Varetta Dillard(USA) Camel Walk (OV) Savoy

Varetta Dillard(USA) Easy Easy Baby (OV/DV) Savoy

Varetta Dillard(USA) Good Gravy Baby Savoy/Triumph

Varetta Dillard(USA) Lovin’ Wine add Savoy

Varetta Dillard(USA) Mercy Mr. Percy Savoy

Varetta Dillard(USA) No Kinda Good, No How add Savoy

Varetta Dillard(USA) Scorched add Savoy/Triumph

Varetta Dillard with H-Bomb Ferguson(USA) Double Crossin’ Daddy Savoy

Willie Dixon(USA) I’m Ready (Version 3) Blues Boulevard

Willie Dixon(USA) Jungle Song CJ Productions

Willie Dixon(USA) Wang Dang Doodle (OV) add Chess

Fats Domino(USA) Yes, My Darling (OV/DV) Imperial

Don & Bob(USA) Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Argo/Chess

Don & Dewey(USA) Bim Bam Specialty

Craig Douglas(Britain) 100 Pounds Of Clay add Top Rank

Drifters(USA) Dance With Me (Version 6)(OV/DV) Atlantic London

Drifters(USA) Honey Bee (Version 8) Atlantic

Bo Dudley(USA) Shotgun Rider add Ghana

Roy Dunn(USA) Further On Down The Line Trix

Roy Dunn(USA) I Changed The Lock Trix

Roy Dunn(USA) Move To Kansas City Trix

Roy Dunn(USA) Red Cross Store Trix

Roy Dunn(USA) You’re Worryin’ Me Trix

Duponts (+ Little Anthony)(USA) A Screamin’ Ball (At Dracula Hall) Roulette

Ebb-Tones (Group 2)(USA) That’s All (Version 3) (DV) Crest

Dave Edmunds(Britain) I’m Ready Essential/Sanctuary

(El Capris(USA)(Alias=El-Capris) (Shimmy Shimmy) Ko Ko Wop(OV) Bullseye

El Capris(USA) Oh But She Did Bullseye

El Dorados(USA) Baby I Need You (OV)

Elgins(USA) Camel Walk Tamla/V.I.P.

Sleepy John Estes(USA) Special Agent (Railroad Police Blues) Decca

Little Esther with the Blue Notes(USA) Lover’s Lane Boogie Savoy

Eternals(USA) Blind Date Warwick

Eternals(USA) Rock ‘N’ Roll Cha Cha (OV/DV) Musicnote/Hollywood

Fascinators (Group 3)(USA) Shivers And Shakes Dooto

Fascinators (Group 3)(USA) Tee Vee King

H-Bomb Ferguson(USA) Good Lovin’ (Version 3)

H-Bomb Ferguson(USA) I Love My Baby (Version 3)

Fiestas(USA) Broken Heart Old Town

Fiestas(USA) Come On Everybody Strand

Fiestas(USA) Dollar Bill Old Town

Fiestas(USA) Grandma Gave A Party Old Town

Fiestas(USA) Gypsy Said, The Old Town

Fiestas(USA) It Don’t Make Sense Old Town

Fiestas(USA) Mama Put The Law Down Old Town

Fiestas(USA) Mr. Dillon, Mr. Dillon Old Town

Fiestas(USA) She’s Mine Old Town

Fiestas(USA) So Nice (Version 2) Old Town

Fiestas(USA) That Was Me Old Town

Five Red Caps (+ Steve Gibson)(USA) Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night (OV/DV)

Five Royales(USA) I Like It Like That (Version 6) (OV/DV) Apollo

Flaming Stars(Australia) I’m Ready

Flamingos(USA) Get With It (Version 2)

Four Barons(USA)(Alias=Larks/Tarheel Slim) Lemon Squeezer Regal/Regent

Four Deuces(USA)(Alias=Luther McDaniels/Lord Luther)Down It Went Music City

Four Mints(USA) (Alias = Mints) Night Air Lin

Bobby Freeman(USA)(Alias=Romancers) Little Ole Heartbreaker Me Autumn

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Meat Shakin’ Woman Yazoo/Document

Blind Boy Fuller(USA) Step It Up And Go (OV/DV)

Lowell Fulson(USA) Going To Chicago Kent

Lowell Fulson(USA) I’m Prison Bound (OV/DV)

Bob Gaddy(USA) I Love My Baby (Version 4)

Cecil Gant(USA) Don’t You Worry Decca

Gardenias(USA) My Baby’s Tops Federal

Al Garris(USA) That’s All (Version 4) (DV) add Glodis

Gene & Debbe(USA)(Alias=Gene & Debbie) I’ll Come Running TRX Hickory

Gamma Goochee Himself(USA) I’m Gonna Buy Me A Dog (OV/DV)

Babs Gonzales(USA) House Rent Party (OV/DV)

Rosco Gordon(USA) I Found A New Love (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Trevor Gordon(Australia) Little Miss Rhythm ‘n’ Blues add Spin

Richard Gray + Four Bros.(Australia) Ain’t That A Shame Philips

Richard Gray + Four Bros.(Australia) Gum Drop Philips

Buddy Guy(USA) I’m Ready (Version 3) Vanguard

Buddy Guy(USA) She Suits Me To A Tee (OV/DV) Chess

Buddy Guy + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(USA) She Suits Me To A Tee WEA

Larry Hanna(USA) Good Lovin’ (Version 5)

(Peppermint Harris(USA) I Got Loaded Aladdin

((Alias = Peppermint Nelson/Harrison Nelson)

Peppermint Harris(USA) Raining In My Heart (OV) Sittin’ In With

Wynonie Harris(USA) Good Morning Mr. Judge (OV/DV)

Wynonie Harris(USA) Mister Blues Is Coming To Town King

Wynonie Harris(USA) Somebody Changed The Lock On My Door (del.OV/DV)

Chuck Higgins + Mellotones (V=John Watson) Motor Head Baby Combo

Donna Hightower(USA) Cool Daddy Cool Modern

Little Donna Hightower(USA) I Found A New Love (Version 2) Decca

Little Donna Hightower(USA) You Had Better Change Your Ways Decca

Dave Hole)Australia) Bullfrog Blues Alligator (in USA)/Provogue

Dave Hole(Australia) Going Down Alligator (in USA)/Provogue

(Dave Hole(Australia) Short Fuse Blues Alligator (in USA)/Provogue

John Lee Hooker(USA) Boogie Rambler (Version 2) JVB

John Lee Hooker(USA) Boogie Woogie All Night Long (OV/DV)

John Lee Hooker(USA) I’m Ready (Version 5) Modern

John Lee Hooker(USA) Sally Mae (OV/DV) Sun

John Lee Hooker(USA) Think Twice Before You Go (OV/DV) ABC Bluesway

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Come On Baby (Version 4) (del.OV/DV)

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Happy New Year Decca

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Merry Christmas (OV/DV) Decca

Lightnin’ Hopkins(USA) Rolling And Rolling Aladdin

Poppa Hops & his Orch.(USA) Merry Christmas Darling Ivory

Fluffy Hunter with Jesse Powell(USA) Walking Blues, The (OV/DV) Federal

Mississippi Hohn Hurt(USA) Make Me A Pallet On The Floor (del.OV)

Ikettes(USA) Prisoner In Love Teena

Benny Ingram(USA) Jello Sal Bandera/Todd

Papa Charlie Jackson(USA) All I Want Is A Spoonful Paramount

Jim Jackson(USA) Kansas City Blues(V2)(Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4) (OV/DV) Vocalion/RCA

Jump Jackson(USA) Sweet Thing (Version 4) (del.OV)

Roddy Jackson(USA) Juke Box Baby Specialty

Frankie “Half Pint” Jaxon(USA) Come On Mama, Do That Dance Document

Etta James(USA) Stop The Wedding (OV/DV)

Etta James(USA) Tell Mama (del.OV)

Etta James(USA) That’s All (Version 4)

Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto(USA) In The Basement Chess

Little Miss Jessie(USA) My Baby Has Gone Rev-Ola

Dr. John(USA) Goin’ Back To New Orleans Atlantic

(Buddy Johnson + O. (V=Ella Johnson) Fine Brown Frame (OV/DV) Decca

((Alias = Buddy & Ella Johnson)

( As above Please Mr. Johnson (OV) Decca

( As above That’s The Stuff You Gotta Watch (OV) Decca

Lonnie Johnson(USA) Mr. Johnson’s Blues Columbia

Robert Johnson(USA) Walking Blues (Version 3) (OV/DV)

Stella Johnson(USA) Trial Of Stagger Lee (Answer song to Stagger Lee) Night Train

Floyd Jones(USA) Keep What You Got Marvel

Stompy Jones(USA) That Wig A Gotta Go Jewel

(Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) -

( - Good Morning Blues/One O’Clock Jump Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) Linda Lu Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) Mess Of Blues Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) My Babe Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) Odd Man Out Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) Roberta Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) Sally Suzas Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) Think (Version 3) Warner

Tom Jones + Jools Holland’s R & B Orch.(Britain) 200 lbs Of Heavenly Joy - Warner

Louis Jordan(USA) Santa Claus, Santa Claus Pzazz

Louis Jordan + Tympany 5(USA) (You Dyed Your Hair) Chartreuse(OV/DV) - Decca

Luke Jordan(USA) Pick Poor Robin Clean Victor

Detroit Junior(USA) Christmas Day (Version 2) Foxy

Detroit Junior(USA) Money Tree Bea & Baby

Sax Kari & his Orch.(USA) Signifying Monkey Apollo

(Swinging Sax Kari + O.(V=Gloria Loring)(USA) Daughter (That’s Your Red Wagon) - States

Albert King(USA) I’m Ready (Version 3) Tomato/Utopia

B.B. King(USA) Darlin’ You Know I Love You (OV/DV) RPM/Geffen

B.B. King(USA) Jump With You Baby Flair/Crown Astor

B.B. King(USA) Just A Dream (Version 2) (del.OV)

Freddie King(USA) Going Down (OV/DV)

Freddie King(USA) I’m Ready (Version 3) Shelter

Eddie “Bluesman” Kirkland(USA) I Tried Lu Pine/Tru-Sound

Eddie “Bluesman” Kirkland(USA) Man Of Stone Tru-Sound

Eddie “Bluesman” Kirkland(USA) Train Done Gone (Version 2) Lu Pine/Tru-Sound

Christine Kittrell(USA) I’m A Woman (OV) Vee Jay

Christine Kittrell(USA) Sittin’ And Drinkin’ (OV/DV) Vee Jay

Christine Kittrell(USA) Sittin’ Here Drinkin’ Again States

Marie Knight(USA) Tell Me Why (Version 2) (del.DV)

Billy J. Kramer + Dakotas(Britain) Dance With Me (Version 6)

Larks(USA) (add Alias = Four Barons/Tarheel Slim)

Larks (Group 2)(USA) (add Alias = Don Julian & the Meadowlarks/Meadowlarks)

Miss La-Vell(USA)(Alias = Lavelle White) If (I Could Be With You) Duke

Leake County Revelers(USA) Make Me A Pallet On The Floor (OV) Columbia

Peggy Lee(USA) I’m A Woman (del.OV)

J.B. Lenoir(USA) I Feel So Good USA

J.B. Lenoir(USA) Voodoo Music (OV/DV) Polydor

Cousin Leroy(USA)(Alias=Leroy Rozier) Catfish Groove

Cousin Leroy(USA) Will A Matchbox Hold My Clothes Ember

Bobby Lewis(USA) Fire Of Love (Version 2) Roulette

Bobby Lewis(USA) You Better Stop Roulette

Furry Lewis(USA) Walking Blues (Version 3)

Jimmy Liggins & his Drops Of Joy(USA) Cadillac Boogie Specialty

Jimmy Liggins & his Drops Of Joy(USA) I Want My Baby For Christmas - Specialty

Jimmy Liggins & his Drops Of Joy(USA) I’ll Never Let You Go Specialty

(Professor Longhair & his Blues Scholars(USA) In The Night Atlantic

((Alias = Roy Byrd/Roland Byrd)

Professor Longhair & his Blues Scholars(USA) Walk Your Blues Away Atlantic

Joe Hill Louis(USA) Big Leg Woman (del.OV)

Redd Lyte(USA) (Alias = Floyd Hollis) Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’ (Version 2) - Savoy/JSP

Daisy Mae & her Hep Cats(USA) Stuff You Gotta Watch Gotham

Daisy Mae & her Hep Cats(USA) Want Me A Man Gotham

Magic Tones(USA) Cool Cool Baby (OV/DV)

Manfred Mann(Britain) Sticks And Stones HMV

Marvin & Johnny(USA) Tick Tock Modern/Crown Astor

(Masked Man & the Agents(USA) One Eye Open Dynamo

((Alias = Wailin’ Bethea & the Cap-Tans)

Will Mastin Trio (feat. Sammy Davis Jr.)(USA) Boogie Woogie Piggy N/A

Big Maybelle(USA) Jinny Mule Okeh

Big Maybelle(USA) My Country Man Okeh

Tommy McClennan(USA) Bottle It Up And Go (Version 2) Bluebird

Tommy McClennan(USA) Brown Skin Girl (Version 2) Bluebird

Tommy McClennan(USA) Shake It Up And Go (Version 2) Bluebird

Robert McCoy(USA) Bye Bye Baby Vulcan

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Get Tough Checker/Chess

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Think (Version 3) (OV/DV) Imperial

Jimmy McCracklin(USA) Wobble, The (OV/DV) Mercury

(Memphis Jug Band (with Will Shade)(USA) Kansas City Blues (V2) Victor

(Will Shade wrote Kansas City Blues, but his friend Jim Jackson was first to record the song.

Amos Milburn(USA) Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’ (Version 2) (OV/DV)

Amos Milburn(USA) Boogie Woogie (Version 5) Aladdin

Amos Milburn(USA) Please Mr. Johnson (delete OV = y)

Amos Milburn(USA) Walking Blues (Version 8) Aladdin

Little Milton(USA) Hold Me Tight (Version 4) Bobbin

Little Milton(USA) Somebody Told Me Sun

Roy Milton(USA) Baby I’m Gone (OV/DV)

(Mississippi Sheiks (with Sam Chatmon)(USA) -

( - Sittin’ On Top Of The World (Version 2) (OV) Okeh

Bobby Moore + Rhythm Aces(USA) Go Ahead And Burn (OV) Checker

Bobby Moore + Rhythm Aces(USA) Hamburger Song, The Checker

Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers(USA) Walkin’ Blues (Version 10)

(Rudy) Ray Moore & the Raytones(USA) Ready, Willing And Able (V2) Cash

Rudy Ray Moore(USA) Buggy Ride, The Federal

Rudy Ray Moore(USA) Don’t Go No Farther Ball

Rudy (Ray) Moore(USA) Step It Up And Go (Version 2) Federal

Rudy Ray Moore + Raytones(USA) Easy Easy Baby World Pacific/Ball/Kent

Rudy Ray Moore + Raytones(USA) Hully Gully Fever (And The Flu Bug Too) - Kent

Van Morrison & Linda Gail Lewis(Ireland) Real Gone Lover Virgin Records Us

Van Morrison & Linda Gail Lewis(Ireland) Think Twice Before You Go - Virgin Records Us

Jelly Roll Morton(USA) Make Me A Pallet On The Floor (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4) - Library Of Congress

Billy Myles(USA) Honey Bee (Version 4)

(Peppermint Nelson(USA) Peppermint Boogie Gold Star

((Alias = Peppermint Harris/Harrison Nelson)

Robert Nighthawk(USA) Kansas City Blues (DV)

Opals(USA) Oh But She Did (OV/DV) Apollo

Orlie & the Saints(USA) King Kong (OV) Band Box

Kellee Patterson(USA) If It Don’t Fit Don’t Force It (DV)

(Dan Penn(USA) I’m Your Puppet Sire/London

((Although Dan Penn wrote this song he did not record it until 1994)

Pinetop Perkins(USA) Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie (del,OV/DV)

Lucky Peterson(USA) I’m Ready (Version 3)

Phaetons(USA) I Love My Baby (Version 7)

Little Esther Phillips(USA) Oo Poppa Do (OV/DV) Savoy

Wilson Pickett(USA) I’m Gonna Love You (Version 3) add Wand

Wilson Pickett(USA) Mustang Sally (del,OV)

Pleasers(New Zealand) Bo Diddley Red Rooster

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