Asac bulletin Contents -by James Gooding, September 2010 No. 1, September 1955


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ASAC Bulletin Contents -by James Gooding, September 2010

No. 1, September 1955

Smith, Sam. — Lindsay Pistol Exhibit at the Cincinnati Meeting May 21-22, 1955.” pp. 2.8

McHugh, Thomas J. — United States Patent Models. (B.C. Gough; Morris & Brown; G.W.B. — Gedney; D.B. Wesson; Brettell & Frisbie; C. A. King). pp. 9-27.
No. 2, November 1956

Patterson, C. Meade. — North Pistols and their Variations. pp. 316.

Smith, Samuel E. — A Unique Breech-loading U.S. Martial Pistol. .Pp. 17-18.

Holt, Thomas E. — Pennsylvania 1798 Contract Muskets. pp. 19-24

No. 3, Spring 1961

Kuhn, Lt. Co. R.C. — Unknown Martial Pistols, 1797-1816. pp. 3-13.

Panel: M. Aziz, J.B. Smith, F. N. Russell, H.M. Stewart. — A Round Table Discussion of American Revolving Long Arms. pp. 18-21.

Smith, James B. — Miller Revolving Rifle. pp. 22-25.

Russell, Frank N. — Warners Revolving Rifles. pp. 26-30.

Stewart, Henry M., Jr. — Revolving Rifles. pp. 31-35

No. 4. Fall, 1961

Neal, W. Keith. — Some Famous English Gunmakers. pp. 3-9.

Moldenhauer, Karl.—Remington Arms. Pp. 17-18.

Gerber, William E. — Remington Navy Revolvers. pp. 12-16.

Leonard, Harmon C. — Remington Single Shot Pistols. pp. 19-20.

Florence, William E. —Remington Casings. pp. 21-27.

Hoopes, Thomas T. — Some Unusual Firearms. pp. 31-40.

No. 5, Spring. 1962

Wilson, Larry. — Samuel Colt Presents” in the Making. pp. 3-7.

Lewis, Waverly P. — U.S. Military Headgear 1770-1880. pp. 10-14.

Fox, Gerald G. — The Gun that won the West. pp. 18-22.

Hammer, Betty. — The Distaff View, pp. 25-26.

Jackson, Leon.—The Hartford Meeting. Pp. 27-28.

No. 6, Fall, 1962.

Williams, Herman W. Jr., — Union Arms Company Revolvers. pp. 3-7.

Stewart, Henry M., Jr. — Union Arms Contemporary Revolvers. pp. 8-10

Peterson, Harold L. — Notes on Tomahawks, Hatchets and Boarding Axes used by Americans. pp. 11-16.

Bennet, Hugh, Jr. — The Palmetto Armory, Columbia, South Carolina. pp. 17-26.
No. 7. Spring 1963

Byrne, John E. — Guns and Their Makers of the Great Western Emporium. Pp.2-9.

Fall, Clarence B. — St. Louis Guns, the Mechanics of Manufacture and Points of Identification. pp. 10-14.

Frost, Henry Gordon. — Thirteen Days to Glory. pp. 20-27.

Knode, Harry C. — Organization of the American Society of Arms Collectors. pp. 30-32.

No. 8, Fall 1963

Jones, Charles B., — Evolution of the Bugle or Trumpet: Reminiscences of a Cavalry Bugler of Fifty Years .Ago. pp. 3-8.

Hubbell, Benjamin F. — The New England Combination Gun, 1730 to 1775. pp. 9-12.

Funderburg, W.R. — What Price Complacency. pp. 13-17

Knode, Harry C. — Henry Deringer, Jr. and his Imitators. pp. 22-28.

No. 9, Spring 1964

Shumaker, P.L. — Some of the Old Model Pocket Pistols Called 49ers. pp. 3-7

Pins, Robert. — Francis Bannerman Exodus, 1865-1959. pp. 15-19.

A Random Shot at the Military Inn.[Photographs] pp. 22-25

Heinrich, Leonard. — Development and Uses of Armor. pp. 26-30.
No. 10, Fall 1964.

Stewart, Henry M. Jr. — Automatic Priming of Flint and Percussion Firearms. pp. 2-11.

Lucie, James R. — Volcanic and Henry Firearms. pp. 15-19.

Jackson, Leon C. — The Future of Gun Collecting. pp. 24-26.

No. 11, Spring 1965.

Wolff, Eldon. — The Nunemacher Collection. pp. 2-9.

Dean, Herman. — The Philosophy of Collecting. pp. 10-16.

Patterson, C. Meade. — Harpers Ferry and its Firearms. pp. 21-31

Horner, Frank R. — Pepperboxes. pp. 34-42
No. 12, Fall 1965.

Hoopes, Thomas T. — Some Arms Museums of Great Britain. pp. 4-18.

Hammer, John D. — The American Cutlass. pp. 19-22.

Millman, Crosby. — Early American Engraved Powder Horns. pp. 24-29.

Miller, Eugene E. — Benedict Arnold, Both Hero and Traitor. pp. 30-36.

Leonard, Harmon C. — The Kentucky Rifle. pp. 38-44.

Leonard, Harmon C.—“An Ode to Knode.” P. 45

No. 13, Spring 1066

Frost, H. Gordon. — Wild and Wackie Woolie Weapons. pp. 6-12.

Smith, Samuel E. — Probing the Questionable. pp. 15-18

Abels, Robert. — The Royal Castle of Nuremberg Collection Torture and Instruments of Punishment. pp. 21-27.

Logan, Herschel C. — Courage, Bullets and Beans...a Panorman of the Civil War. pp. 28-34.

No. 14, Fall 1966.

Smith, Samuel E. Chicago Meeting Highlights. Pp. 3-5.

Serven, James E. — Early Guns and Gunmakers West of the Mississippi. pp. 6-14.

Hanson, Charles E. Jr. — Indian Trade Guns. pp. 18-23.

TO BE IDENTIFIEDMuzzle Loading Ordnance Models. pp. 24-27.

Hendricks, Charles S. — Hand Operated Projectile Weapons. pp. 30-35.

McIntosh, Alan. “I am a Tired American.” p. 37
No. 15, Spring 1967

Bonner, James C. — Problems of Logistics in the Confederacy. pp. 2-8.

DuBose, Beverly M., Jr., III. — The Manufacture of Confederate Ordnance in Georgia. pp. 10-15

Pugsley, Edwin. — Recollections of the Forming of the Pugsley and Winchester Gun Collections. pp. 31-33. (Talk at Sept. 1955 ASAC Meeting)

Hoopes, Tom.—Tom Hoopes to Russia. p. 20.

Russell, Frank.—Frank Russell to Denmark. p. 20

Smith, Sam.—Sam Smith to the British Isles. p.21

No. 16, Fall 1967

Jackson, Leon C. — Statement at Hearings on H.R. 5384 April 10, 1967. pp. 4-7.

Pins, Robert G. — U.S. Military 45-70 Springfield Breechloading Rifles. pp. 9-17.

Milliman, Crosby. — Evolution of the Pennsylvania Rifle. 20-28.

DuBose, Beverly M., Jr. — Experiences of a Civil War Collection. pp. 30-34.

Johnson, William A. “Billy” — Japanese Edged Weapons Collecting Frontier. pp. 36-40.

Jackson, Archer L. — Rare Trapdoor Springfields, Part 1. pp. 42-51.

No. 17, Spring 1968.

Hoopes, Thomas T — A Visit to Russia. pp. 3-5.

McMurray, John C. — U.S. Flintlock Rifles. pp. 8-14.

Leonard, Harmon C. — The British Invasion of New Haven. pp. 18-22

Pugsley, Edwin. — Winchesters of the Past. pp. 26-29.

Jackson, Archer L. — Rare Trapdoor Springfields, Part 2. pp. 32-39.

No. 18, Fall 1968.

Natta-Soleri, Raffael. — Museums of Arms and Military History in Torino – The Role of Accademia de San Marciano. pp. 3-15.

Lindsay, Merrill. — Six Shooters Since Sixteen Hundred. pp. 18-27.

Milliman, Crosby. — Boston in the American Revolution. pp. 32-38.

No. 19, Spring 1969.

Bedford, Clay P. — The Forsyth Percussion System. pp. 4-13.

Dunlap, H.J., (Jack) — The Mauser Self-loading Military Pistol. pp. 21-26.

Frost, H. Gordon. — Saddles, Spurs, and Boots. pp. 33-36.

No. 20, Fall; 1969

Sullivan, Albert M. — Kentucky Rifle Silhouettes. pp. 2-10.

Peterson, Mendel L — Magnetic Search for Bermuda Wrecks. pp. 16-20.

Westergard, Paul J. — Non-Map Powder Horns. pp. 22-25.

Logan, Herschel C. — The Story of Our ASAC Emblem. pp. 26-27.

Berg, Paul. — Hopkins & Allen Guns. pp. 32-44.

No. 21, Fall 1970

Jackson, Leon C. — A Collector’s Wife Should Take a Hard Look at Firearms Legislation. pp. 3-5

Hammer, Betty B. — The Distaff View. pp. 5.

Holt, Thomas E. — U.S. 1798 Contract Muskets. pp. 8-14.

Marvin, Stephen D. — A Springfield Model 1795 Musket with Permanently Attached Bayonet. pp. 17-18.

Kyser, Cecil C. — Story of the Stevens Pistol. pp. 21-25.

Russell, Frank N. — U.S. Military Signal Pistols. pp. 28-33.

Upchurch, Donald E. — The Use of the Eagle in Sword Decoration. pp. 38-42.

No. 22, Fall 1970.

Terenzi, Marcello. — The Italian “Venditti” Pistol. pp.. 3-8.

Hoff, Arne. — What do we Really Know About the Snaphaunce. pp. 11-18.

Williamson, William R. — The Real Ripper. pp. 21-28.

Simmons, Edward N. — Dr. Jean Alexander Francoise le Mat and the New Orleans Affair. pp. 33-41.
No. 23, Spring 1971.

Hale, Robin C. — Tennessee Rifles. pp. 6-23.

Swayze, Nathan L. — The Model 1851 Colt Navy. pp. 31-41.
No. 24, Fall 1971

Neal, Keith. — The Ferguson Rifle and its Origins. pp. 2-9.

Bedford, C.P. — Collier and His Revolvers. pp. 10-21.

Serven, James E. — Adventures in Pursuit of Old Guns. pp. 28-34.

Hendricks, Charles S. — Progress of firearms From Inseption through Flintlock. pp. 35-38.

Garcelon, Alonzo. — Target Rifles. pp. 39-42

No. 25, Spring 1972.

Lavin, James D. — Ripoll Pistols. pp. 2-12.

Blackmore, Howard L. — British Military Firearms in Colonial America. pp. 13-24

Dyke, Sam & Earl Heffner Jr. — The Moll Family of Gunsmiths. pp. 25-29

Howell, Edgar V., Jr. — The U.S. Flintlock Musket as it is Converted for Use of the Percussion System.. pp. 30-33.

Suydam, C.R. — The Millennium Arrived at Williamsburg. pp. 34-35.

Stewart, H.M. — Exhibits: Revolving Long Arms. pp. 35-39.

Bo. 26, Fall 1972.

Mouillesseaux, Harold R. — Early Allen Firearms. pp. 2-15.

Reilly, Robert M. — Harpers Ferry and John Hall. pp. 16-29

Ottati, Michael. — Rapiers. pp. 30-38

Nutter, Waldo E. — Manhattan Firearms Manufacturing Co. pp. 39-61.
No. 27, Spring 1973.

Weatherhead, Albert J., III. — John Parker Lindsay a Study in Firepower. pp. 2-9

Berg, Paul. — Remington Conversions. pp. 10-18.

O’Neal, William B. — Artillery Models: Design and Construction. pp. 19-28.

Eberhart, L.D. — The Perry and Goddard “Double Header” or “Perpetual Revolver.” pp. 29-32.
No. 28, Fall 1973.

Wilson, R.L. — Firearms Engraving in Nineteenth Century America. pp. 2-20.

Diefenthal, Stanley M. — Typical Firearms Forgeries and Fakes and Methods for Detecting Them. pp. 21-40

Gamber, Ortwin. — The Firearms of the Waffensammlung in Vienna. pp. 41-53.

Chalapis, John — Queen Anne Pistols 1650-1750. pp. 54-65.
No. 29, Spring 1974.

Hayward, J.F. — The Decoration of Firearms in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. pp. 2-9

Lindsay, Merrill. Restoration of Arms and Armor Being Done at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum. pp. 10-17.

Smith, Samuel E. — Twenty Years of the American Society. pp. 18-21.

No. 30, Fall 1974.

Eberhart, L.D. — W.W. Marston and His Guns. pp. 2-43.

Waite, M.D. — Some Firearm Accessories and Modifications of Interest to the Arms Student and Collector. pp. 45-79.

Spring, Robert E. — Scrimshaw Art of the American Whalemen. pp. 80-89.

Tarassuk, Leonid. — American and European Firearms in the Hermitage Museum. pp. 90-97.

Brooker, R.E. — Variations of the French Model AnXIII Produced by Other Countries. pp. 98-116

No. 31, Spring 1975.

Suydam, C.R. — Some Variations of the British Coaching Blunderbuss. pp. 2-23.

Swayze, Nathan L. — The London-Made ’51 Colt Navy with a Comparison to its Hartford-Made Counterpart. P. 24-40.

Kennedy, R.N., Jr. — Notes on the Model 1816 U.S. Flintlock Musket. pp. 41-49.

Tarassuk, L. — Selected Illustrations From His Talk on Arms at the Hermitage Museum. pp. 50-60.

Blair, Claude. — Scottish Firearms, pp. 61-101.

Brooker, R.E. & H. Lehner. — The Military Pistols of Saxony. (in English and German) pp. 102-129.
No. 32, Fall 1975.

Murphy, John M. — The Story of Confederate Carbines. pp. 2-36.

Lindsay, Merrill. — A Review of all of the known Surviving Swords of Gen. George Washington; How many Swords did George Washington Wear at His Inauguration? pp. 37-49.

Fink, David H. — The “Collector” License: A Help or Hindrance. pp. 50-54.

Davis, Edward M. — Address by Los Angeles Police Chief Edward M. Davis to the ASAC. pp. 55-60.

Hoff, Arne. — Treasures of the Tøjus Museum. pp. 61-69

No. 33, Spring 1976.

Swayze, Nathan L. — The Rappahannock Forge. pp. 2-34.

Reid, William. — British Military Weapons; The Problem of Telling Their Story in a New Museum. pp. 35-52.

Altemus, James C. — The Hewes and Phillips Story. pp. 53-64.

Michel, Benjamin P. — The Richmond Armory. pp. 65-74.

Hendricks, Charles S. — Guns of the Munich Court Workshop and Other German Wheellock Guns of the Period. pp. 75-80.

Repman, Harry J. — U.S. Buckles and Plates 1830-1860. pp. 81-88.

Mitchell, Paul C. — In Pursuit of Colts. pp. 89-91.

No. 34, Fall 1976.

Flanagan, Edward R. — Virginia Militia Long Arms. pp. 2-17.

Hill, Erwin J., Jr. — Early American 22-Caliber Handguns. pp. 18-30.

Horner, Frank R. — The Romance of Duelling. pp. 31-35.

No. 35, 1976.

Leonard, Harmon C. — The Militia and Munitions of the Revolution. pp. 3-10.

Guthman, Bill. — Arms and Accoutrements of the Revolutionary Period. pp. 11-20.

Gabel, Ronald — .A Closer Look at Lehigh County Kentuckies. pp. 21-28.

Owens, Eldon J. — Guns Made in Windsor, Vermont. pp. 29-32.

Stewart, H.M. — The American Air Gun School of 1800-1830. pp. 33-38.

Floyd, William B. — The Rebel Sharps. pp. 39-44.

Milliman, Crosby. — What do you Wear to a Revolution? pp. 45-50.

Hayward, John. — The Keinbusch Collection. pp. 51-56.

No. 36, 1977.

Katzowitz, A. Lewis. — Thoughts of Joe Kindig, Jr. pp. 3-8.

Marvin, Stephen D. — Strange Ports and Fine Guns. pp. 9-18.

McCauley, Robert H, Jr. — Some American Descendants of the Small Sword. pp. 19-28.

Tarassuk, Leonid. — Parrying Daggers and Poniards. pp. 29-42.

Miller, Gene E. — The Art of Gun Collecting. pp. 43-45.

Phillips, John R. — No Visible Means of Support. pp. 47-49.

Wood, Tom. — From Fakes to Folk Art. pp. 50-54.

No. 37, 1977.

Daehnhardt, Rainer. — First Steps Towards an Introduction Into the Study of Early Gunmaking in the Portuguese World,1450-1650. pp. 1-8.

McNellis, Bob. — El Paso Gunmen and the Tools of Their Trade. pp. 9-12.

Jones, L.W. — Handguns of the Massachusetts Arms Co. pp. 13-19.

McCraken, Joseph III. — Trailblazing Drovers of Texas and The Odyssey of Oliver Loving. pp. 20-25.

Whittington, George R. — A Tale of Ben Lilley and His Knife.. pp.. 26.

Foote, Frank O. — The N.R.A. Whittington Center: A Progress Report. pp. 27-30.

LaRue, J. William. — Variations of the “Remington Navy Rifle, Model 1870.” pp. 31-36.

Sellers, Frank M. — Christian Sharps was Born in Washington, New Jersey. pp. 37-42.

Lundeberg, Philip K. — Microcosm of Revolution (The Gondola “Philadelphia”). pp. 43-51.

No. 38, Spring 1978.

Moore, Bill, Jr. — Civil War Cavalry: Arms, Accoutrements and Relics. pp. 3-12.

Neville, R.E., Jr. — James Conning, Confederate Sword Maker. pp. 13-16.

Gerber, William E. — Harpers Ferry Rifles: Comparing the Models 1803-1814. pp. 17-21.

Hartley, Dean S., Jr. — Japanese Armor and Weapons. pp. 23-32.

Appel, Jack. Remingtons – the Long, Not the Short of it. (Part 1& 2) pp. 33-44.

Bearss. Edwin C. — Big Plans for Gunboat Cairo. pp. 45-48.

Bearss, Margie Riddle. — Small Arms of the Cairo. pp. 68-71.

No. 39, Fall 1978.

Reisner, William H. Jr. — The Artistry of the Hawken Family. pp. 2-11.

Seller, Frank M. — The Feuding Gunsmiths of Denver. pp. 13-21.

Lewis, W.T. — C.M. Spencer: The Man and His Inventions. pp. 23-28

Dyke, Samuel E — Some Thoughts on the American Flintlock Pistol. pp. 29-33.

Peck, Jonathan M. — The 45-70 Trapdoor Springfield; A Personal Tribute . p. 34.

Neville, R.E., Jr. — James Conning, Confederate Sword Maker. pp. 35-38

Eberhart, Lloyd D. Leftovers & Additions About W.W. Harston. pp. 30-42.

Hayward, John. — Bernard Piraube – Gunmaker to Louis XIV. pp. 43-51.

McCracken, Joe H., III. — Z.M. Pike, Capt. U.S.I. Near Colorado Springs Winter, 1806. p. 58.

Smith, Sam. Recollections after 25 Years. p. 54.

No. 40, Spring 1979.

D’Arrigo, Stephen, Jr. — The Origin and Myths of the Second Amendment. pp. 2-7.

Dale, Peter — Swords of Honour and Glory. pp. 8-15.

Taylor, Dean. — The Manufacture d’Armes de Versailles. pp. 17-24.

Goodson, Joe. — Gambling in the Early West. pp. 25-28.

Suydam, C.R. — Pre-Metallic Cartridges for Pistols and Revolvers. pp. 29-33.

Denning, Gerald. — Rare Paris: “Gentlemen of Invention we Salute You”. pp. 34-44.

Castro, John — From the Beginning: Patent Arms Manufacturing Co., “Colts Patent.” pp. 45-48.

No. 41, Fall 1979.

McCracken, Jopseph H., III. — Victory at New Orleans, 1815. pp. 2-17.

Warner, Robert. — In Defense of a Queen, 1800-1870. pp. 8-12.

Bitter, Ed. — The McCormick Pistol Mystery - An Update. pp. 13-22.

Cromwell, Giles. Discoveries Relating to the Virginia Manufactory of Arms. pp. 23-24.

Repman, Harry A. — A Symposium on Union Cartridge Boxes of the Civil War. pp. 33-34.

Van Eman, Glenn. — Terry’s Texas Rangers. pp. 35-49.

Sellers, Frank M. — The Gunsmiths of New Orleans. p. 50.

No. 42, Spring 1980.

Routh, James E., Jr. — American Engraved Powder Horns. pp. 2-19.

Edmunds, William W. — Auctions. pp. 20-23

Demerritt, Dwight B., Jr. — John H. Hall and the Origin of the Breechloader. pp. 24-29.

Herr, Eugene. — The Swiss Institute of Arms and Armour. pp. 30-34.

Garb, Maurice. — The U.S. Model 1847 Musketoon. pp. 35-42.

Van Eman, Glenn. — Terry’s Texas Rangers (Conclusion). pp. 43-46.

No. 43, October 1980.

Uphoff, Herb. — James Lee, Wisconsin Arms Inventor, 1860-1874. pp. 2-16.

Baehr, Fritz. — Diminutive Descendent: Remington’s New Model Pocket Revolver. pp. 17-22.

Wertenberger, Jim. — Henry Deringer and J. Joseph Henry Martial Pistols. pp. 23-29.

Schmidt, Peter A. — The Percussioning of U.S. Martial Longarms. pp. 31-37.

Hayward, John. — Filippo Orso, Designer, and Caremolo Modrone, Armourer of Mantua. pp. 39-48.

No. 44, March 1981.

McCracken, Joseph H., III. — Near Williamsburg, 1781. Pp.2-5.

Katsainos, Charles. — 1690-1790: 100 Years of French Naval Pistols. pp. 7-14.

Thompson, F. Allen. — Worcester County Gunsmiths 1760-1830. pp. 15-20.

Floyd, William B. — The Ashville Armory and Rifle. pp. 21-26.

Mesnard, Howard. — Early Scottish Edged Weapons anmd Related Militaria. pp. 27-34.

Guthman, William H. — Carved Powder Horns. pp. 35-50.
No. 45, October 1981.

Forgett, Valmore, Jr. — Light Artillery of the Civil War. pp. 2-7.

Foote, Frank O. — The Guns of Fort Kearny 1848-1871. pp. 8-15.

Johnson, Richard. — U.S. Army Accoutrements 1840-1860. pp. 17-23.

Howard, Robert. — The Warner Carbine. pp. 24-30.

Longfield, G. Maxwell. — Ancient Firearms of Scotland. pp. 31-37.

No. 46, March 1982.

Cali, Al. — The California Powder Works. pp. 2-5.

Johnson, Richard. — U.S. Cavalry Sabers. pp. 6-17.

Runtsch, Clarence Frederick. — The Spice of Kentucky Rifle Collecting. pp. 18-26.

Brundage, W.E. — The Peabody Patent Action – A World Favorite. pp. 27-32.

Sellers, Frank M. — How to Research a Gunmaker. pp. 33-36.

No. 47, October 1982.

McCracken, Joseph H., III. — The Valley Forge Cattle Drive and the Pilfered Barrel of Booze. pp. 2-6.

Holt, Richard A. — Pre-1814 U.S. Martial Contract Rifles. pp. 7-19.

Crain, J. Larry. — Port Hudson: For Louisiana, A Battle Lost, A Battlefield Won. pp. 20-32.

Gabel, Ronald G. — Lehigh County Gunsmithing Families. pp. 33-44.

Tarassuk, Leonid. — The Kremlin Armory Workshops. pp. 45-56.

Wagner, Lowell J. — Thomas K. Bacon – The Arms and the Man. Pp.57-64.

No. 48, April 1983.

Hughes, Nicky, — The Role of Kentucky in America’s Military Heritage. pp. 2-5.

Leonard, Harmon C. — The Art of the Kentucky Rifle. Pp.; 7-10.

Bates, Ernest L. — An Update on the J. & J. Miller (Millar) Revolving Cylinder Guns. pp. 11-20.

Wagner, Lowell J. — Thomas Bacon – The Arms and the Man. pp. 21-34.
No. 49, October 1983.

Darling, Anthony D. — Mid-18th Century British Military Swords With Open “S” Paneled Guards. pp. 3-8.

Bassinger, Les. — Ethan Allen’s Dragoon Pepperboxes. Pp.9-23.

Van Horn, Thurston. — The Henry – My Favorite Rifle. pp. 24-30.

Gary, Bill. — Identification and Authentication of Confederate Handguns. pp. 31-39.

Berg, Paul. — Remington Can Guns. pp. 40-50.

No. 50, May 1984.

Edge, D.A. — An Introduction to the History of the Wallace Collection. pp. 2-21.

Blackmore, Howard L. American Arms in the Tower. pp. 22-38.

Blair, Claude. — Arms and Armour Collections in and Around London. pp. 40-55.

Stewart, Henry M., Jr. — The Presentation of the Owen Jones-Deringer Revolvers to the Sealed Pattern Room at Enfield Lock.. pp. 56-59.

No. 51, October 1984.

Nehrbass, Arthur F. — A Pattern To Work By. pp. 2-11.

Hanson, Charles E., Jr. — Henry E. Leman, Riflemaker. pp. 12-20.

Bassinger, Les. — Allen and Wheelock Percussion and Lip Fire Revolvers. pp. 21-33.

Hoffman, Clark R. — The British East India Company: Its Naval Operations. pp. 34-44.

Thomas, H.H. — Antonin Vinzenc Lebada, Master Gunmaker. pp. 45-52.

No. 52, April 1985.

Harris, James C. — The Obscure Confederate Sword Maker Jacob Faser. pp. 2-7.

Edmunds, Fred. — Collecting Confederate Swords... The Mystique. pp. 9-23.

Cromwell, Giles. — The Alteration of Virginia Manufactory Weapons 1813-1863. pp. 24-45.

Moore, Robert L. — Fort Griffin and the Buffalo Sharps. pp. 46-65.

Madaus, Howard Michael. — The Maynard Rifle and Carbine in the Confederate Service,. pp. 66-79.

Sewell, J. Logan. — Natchez Its Glory and Its Guns. pp. 80-93.
No. 53, October 1985.

Visser, Henk L. — Dutch Ivory-Stocked Pistols. pp. 2-43.

Jinks, Roy G. — A Picture Story.. [Smith & Wesson]. pp. 44-58.

Lewis, George S. — Colt “Deringers.” pp. 59-76.

No. 54, May 1986.

Chenault, Lynn. New Orleans, 1815: The End and a New Beginning. pp. 2-10.

Edmunds, Frederick R. — The Edged Weapons of Kenansville, North Carolina, or How to Succeed in Business by Disposing of a Rascal Partner. pp. 11-24.

Schmidt, Peter A. — The Model 1833 North/Hall Carbine,- Type III. pp. 25-31.

Peery, Charles V. — Blockade Running During The Civil War. pp. 32-40.

Visser, Henk — A Postscript to Henk Visser’s Article in Bulletin 53. pp. 41-45.

Madaus, H. Michael. — North Carolina Rifle Contracts of the Civil War. pp. 46-53.

No. 55, October 1986.

Marohn, Richard C., — Colt’s Efforts at Double Action. pp. 2-20.

Stewart, Richard W. — The London Gunmakers and the Ordnance Office, 1590-1637. pp. 21-27.

Gary, William A. Texas Pistol Makers of the Confederacy. pp. 29-39.

Brophy, William S. — The Marlin Firearms Co. pp. 40-47..

No. 56, April 1987.

Armstrong, Don. — The U.S. Dragoons and Their Sabers. pp. 2-8.

Burghoff, David R. — Smith & Wesson Rarities, 1854-1900. pp. 9-23.

Eklund, Vern. — “Gutta Percha” Pistol Cases. pp. 24-34.

Fink, David H. — Disguised Guns. pp. 3550.
No. 57, October 1987.

Hamilton, John D. — A Roland for an Oliver. pp. 2-11.

Schneller, Robert J., Jr. — The Last Smoothbores; The Development of John A. Dahlgren’s Heavy Cast-Iron Ordnance for the U.S. Navy in an Era of Transititon, 1848-1965. pp. 12-36.

Watson, John K. — Federal Taxation and the Arms Collector. pp. 37-41.

Jones, Lawrence W. — Variations of the Model 1885 Winchester. pp. 42-52.

Marcot, Roy M, R.C. Marohn, G.D. Moller. — Firearms Research: A Professional Approach; A Roundtable Discussion. pp. 53-60.

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