Ascended masters and their retreats


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About This Book

This book “Ascended Masters and Their Retreats” is written for sincere seekers of truth. Its contents are based, on the original teachings of the “Bridge to Freedom,” as given by the Ascended Host, through the “authorized messenger”, Geraldine Innocente.

Presented are the biographies of 107 Ascended Masters, including details of their last earthly embodiment and the tests and trials they had to undergo, to achieve their ascension. The knowledge gained from these personal experiences will be of great advantage to the students of today, helping them to gain their own freedom, as well.

Almost all of the Masters gave dictations to the students; some of these instructions are included herein. Also given are the particular fields in which these Ascended Beings specialize and how students can call upon them for their individual benefit.

Described in this book are events that affect the lives of everyone, including:

1. A new procedure, effective July 1959, for embodiment on this planet. It includes a warning, issued by the Karmic Board, that applies very much to students of this teaching.

2. Details of a dispensation that makes it easier for everyone to gain the ascension in the present embodiment.

3. The tests and initiations that one must pass to gain the ascension.

The section, “Ascended Master Retreats,” contains detailed descriptions of the sixteen major retreats that were used during the Transmission of the Flame Services of the original Bridge to Freedom, as well as details of other retreats and foci of the Ascended Host. Students desiring to participate in the Transmission Flame Services of the AMTF, at this time, will find the descriptions of these retreats useful in visualizing the ongoing activities.

Werner Schroeder, who compiled the books “Man, His Origin, History and Destiny,” “21 Essential Lessons,” “The Law of Precipitation,” and “Mother Mary’s Assistance Today, in Having Perfectly-Born Children,” studied the teachings of the “Bridge to Freedom” for 34 years. He traveled thousands of miles to research and verify the authenticity of the original teachings of this activity.

His search resulted in becoming acquainted with four of the members of the original Board of Directors of “The Bridge to Freedom.” All of them were twin flames of Ascended Masters, we know of today. Among them was Alice Schutz, twin flame of the Ascended Master Djwal Kul, who at one time served with Mr. Ballard, an authorized messenger of the Great White Brotherhood. At a later time, Miss Schutz was the secretary of Geraldine Innocente. This relationship enabled Werner to include, in this publication, details provided by Alice Schutz.

Werner also became friends with William Cassiere, a messenger appointed by Saint Germain, who, for nine years, had worked closely with Mr. Ballard.

To write this book, many hours of research of the original dictations, were required. This type of knowledge has never been published by anyone, in such detail, and presented in graded, chronological order.

Ascended Master Teaching Foundation

Ascended Masters


Their Retreats

Compiled from the Teachings of the

Bridge to Freedom



Ascended Master Teaching Foundation

Mount Shasta, California

Copyright 2005 by Ascended Master Teaching Foundation

ISBN 978-0-939051-51-6


This book is dedicated to Archangel Michael, the Maha Chohan, the beloved Ascended Masters Saint Germain, El Morya, and Mother Mary for their continuous support of unascended mankind, helping them to find the way back to the Heavenly Father.


This book is part of the ongoing effort of the AMTF to present the teachings of the Bridge to Freedom, both in its original format as well as in textbook form, on a subject by subject basis. Studying this material, and applying the lessons learned in the experiences of daily life, will help the reader gain the ascension in this embodiment. The information presented in this publication was compiled from various “Bridge To Freedom”-Publications.

The reader will appreciate the efforts of the Ascended Host who, for centuries, has worked tirelessly for the benefaction of mankind. Without this assistance there would be no hope for the human race.

I am grateful for the privilege and the opportunity to compile this information and present it to the reader. Our thanks go out to Annette Schroeder for editing this book and for offering further suggestions to enhance the message.

Mt. Shasta, January 2, 2005

Werner Schroeder

Part 1

Ascended Masters


Origin and Mission

To understand the Great White Brotherhood, let us first answer the question, “What is an Ascended Master?” An Ascended Master is an individual who once was embodied here on Earth and gained mastery of this plane. He passed certain initiations, became more God-like, and therefore, did not have to come back into embodiment. Then, after having ascended into his spiritual body, called the I AM Presence, the Master made the voluntary choice of remaining on Earth to help mankind.

A Cosmic Being (such as the Cosmic Being Victory) is an Ascended Master who embodies a particular virtue (such as victorious accomplishment and who has chosen to assist on one or more planets. Since the time of the First New Age Dispensation, in 1930, Ascended Masters have been working more closely with mankind, in an effort to save the planet.

The titles “God” and “Lord” are used as titles of respect. The word “God” and “Goddess” indicates a Being who has made the ascension and who has become ONE with God in action. The title “Lord” signifies an Ascended Being who is an authority on the knowledge and mastery of Cosmic Law. The term “Cosmic Being” refers to an Ascended Being who, in addition to performing certain functions here on Earth, has additional obligations on other planets, as well.

The Great White Brotherhood was founded millions of years ago by Sanat Kumara. It is comprised of a team of Ascended Beings, who are all specialists along some particular line of spiritual service and endeavor. They consist of representatives of the human, angelic and elemental kingdoms. Members of the Brotherhood live only to serve God. They have forsworn serving in the spheres of beauty and perfection, sometimes called “Nirvana,” or “Heavenly Bliss,” and have remained “prisoners of love” in order to assist the struggling mankind of Earth.

Some individuals, who are now Ascended Masters, came from other planets, as guardian spirits for the human race. Some of them were already ascended; some gained the ascension at a later time, while serving on this planet.

As an Ascended Being of pure light, the Master is free from the gravity pull of Earth. He may travel within this galaxy and move through space, at will, by his own intelligence, directed through his own thoughts and feelings. Just before Christmas, the Cosmic Highways are opened to them, enabling the Masters to travel beyond this galaxy.

Before 1930, the path leading to becoming an Ascended Master was much more difficult. Under the Occult Law there was not permitted the tremendous assistance which is now being given students. The students on the path had to hide in caves, or in some secluded place, and there try to draw forth the actions of the Sacred Fire, without the knowledge of their own I AM Presence, the Violet Flame, or the prompting of the Ascended Ones. They had to experiment with what they could draw forth, having to rely solely on the prompting of the flame in their own hearts, as to whether they were on the right track or had gotten into black magic. All through the ages, an individual seeking the teachings of the Ascended Masters could spend an entire lifetime just in pilgrimage to one focus of light, or to a Master somewhere on Earth. He might get there and he might not. The Maha Chohan confided to the students of the Bridge to Freedom, that in a former embodiment, before his ascension, he made a pilgrimage to Lord Himalaya, in the Himalayan Mountains, but was unsuccessful. Ascended Lady Master Nada, before her ascension, at one time was unable to pass the severe initiations in the Temple of Luxor and left the retreat.

After 1930, due to the dispensations granted to the Cosmic Being Victory, and to the Ascended Master Saint Germain, it is now much easier to gain the ascension and become an Ascended Master. Under the dispensation granted to the Cosmic Being Victory, the Ascended Host was able to present its teachings to mankind, in clear terms, for the first time in 80,000 years. Under the dispensation granted to the Ascended Master Saint Germain, the knowledge of the I AM Presence and the Transmuting Violet Flame could also be given for the first time, outside of an Ascended Master Retreat and the Ascended Host were able to present their teachings in clear terms, free from legends and parables. Now the Masters are coming to the students, instead, giving assistance and instruction through the dictations given through authorized messengers.

The Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings are the directing intelligence of the Godhead. They work together as a team. They are God's helpers. There is a great God-Being in charge of every department of life. Some work with individual mankind, others with groups, nations, the elemental kingdom and nature. Others work with the angelic host, but each is a specialist in his or her particular field of service.

The Ascended Masters are REAL AND TANGIBLE BEINGS, ready to assist mankind, PROVIDED THEY ARE ASKED TO DO SO. The Masters ask to be recognized as a potential force for the common good of mankind, but they do not demand obedience and do not ask to be worshipped. The Ascended Host is supporting mankind's prayers, invocations and decrees.

The Ascended Masters, through the ages, have protected mankind in many ways. They helped mankind from destroying themselves through new inventions and the use of destructive power, machines and weapons. It may be likened to the protection of children by their parents or guardians, who keep them from a hot stove to avoid their burning themselves. Yet Ascended Masters have not been able to prevent wars, since mankind has the use of free will. When mankind is bent on destroying each other, a Master may not interfere.

Some Ascended Beings have served and worked for mankind's benefit, unknown to them, through centuries, and are only now being given any recognition. Ascended Masters strive to generate, in the students, the FEELING OF THE REALITY of their existence, which is more than having an abstract concept of it.

While the Masters of Wisdom are rendering service they are also developing spiritually, themselves. There is always a greater consciousness to achieve, and no matter how high a spiritual development a Being attains, there is always a teacher serving in a higher capacity.

The service of this spiritual order is to teach interested students Cosmic Law, whereby, with sufficient self-application, they may gain mastery and finally, the ascension.

As part of this goal, the Great White Brotherhood endeavors to train master teachers for the development of the human race, and to show each individual the road back to the Heavenly Father. In doing so, the Great White Brotherhood is limited by several factors:

1. The help to mankind must be warranted and consciously invited.

2. THE HELP IS SUBJECT TO THE COSMIC LAWS APPLYING TO THIS PLANET. These laws must be obeyed; any deviation therefrom must be approved by the Karmic Board. There must be a very good reason given in order to obtain a variance.

3. In order to accomplish its purpose, the Great White Brotherhood is given a cosmic stockpile of energy, on the average of once every 100 years. This stockpile is then used to contact an individual who will act as a messenger and will thus provide a bridge from the human realm to the divine. The messenger will convey, to mankind, the ongoing activities of the Brotherhood and will give out new explanations and additional details of Cosmic Law.

Most of the Ascended Beings listed in this book gave discourses to the students of the Bridge to Freedom, through the authorized messenger, Geraldine Innocente.


In 1951 the Ascended Master El Morya, assisted by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, was able to obtain a 20-year dispensation from the Karmic Board to bring new, vital information to mankind. El Morya used his unascended twin-flame, Geraldine Innocente, for contact with the physical realm. The activity through which the message was published and distributed was called the “Bridge to Freedom.” The core of the student body was formed from students, who had left the organization of Saint Germain’s original effort of the 1930’s. These messages were not received from the psychic realm, from which many channels receive their messages, but from the highest realm, the realm of the Ascended Masters.

For the first time since the sinking of Atlantis, great Ascended Beings, such as the Seven Archangels and the Seven Elohim gave addresses to the students. Never before was there so much detailed information given to students on how to make the ascension, in one embodiment, and how to mitigate or entirely prevent the cataclysms many have predicted.

When one compares this teaching to any other, one realizes that the message of the Bridge to Freedom Dispensation is unique, stands complete in itself and is unequaled.

Of this material, Archangel Uriel said, (Seven Archangels Speak, p.107) “It is a Bible made up of the energies of the Archangels and the Ascended Masters, that will stand for the rest of the civilizations being brought forth on this planet Earth.

When speaking on this subject, the beloved Lord Maha Chohan explained to the students (Thomas Printz’ Private Bulletin, June 17, 1956):

“Lord Maitreya and I were speaking recently about the Law and Lord Maitreya said he felt that perhaps we were giving you too much of the Law for your outer minds to digest, at one time. However, we both felt that, for the sake of those following after you—an entire evolution of people—who would perhaps benefit by the instruction, that you may never even need to use, we had better take advantage of the forcefields, of your faith, of your presence, as well as of THIS TEMPORARY CONTACT BETWEEN THE ASCENDED MASTERS' REALM AND THE HUMAN, and give as much of this law as possible to you. So, be not disturbed if you seem to be having too many activities to engage your blessed minds with at this time—because WE ARE WRITING A WHOLE BIBLE—A BIBLE THAT WILL LIVE AND BE READ BY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, LONG AFTER YOU HAVE COME HOME.

Beloved Ascended Master El Morya explained the building of the mythical “Bridge to Freedom” this way:

We are engaged, the other Ascended Masters and myself, in the building of a bridge—A BRIDGE WHICH WILL ENDURE UNTIL EVERY MAN AND WOMAN AND CHILD, BELONGING TO THIS EVOLUTION, HAS PASSED FROM THE REALM OF IMPERFECTION AND LIMITATION, OVER IT, INTO GOD'S FREEDOM. Into and under that bridge, we are building a foundation made of strong and valiant hand-picked, hand-chosen lifestreams, who can bear the weight and strength of the energies of the masses, when they begin to cross from shadow into sunshine, from darkness into light, from limitation into freedom, from disease into health and perfection.

Some of you have builded bridges through the ages. Some of you know how very important it is to have a strong foundation, lest the weight of the individuals who use it, in the future, might be more than it could carry.

We are the engineers who are endeavoring to find out the strength of the various lifestreams whom we have called to the colors. Those who choose to remain with us, shall have the great privilege and honor of becoming the living foundation of this bridge of living light!

Do you know that previous to the coming of Sanat Kumara, there were ages when only one lifestream held that bridge—only one lifestream kept it from being severed eternally, and the entire evolution swept into the second death?

Now again we come, rallying to the banners of Saint Germain, to build a bridge over which every member of this race shall pass, not only the billions that are presently embodied, enjoying themselves in the sleep of the senses, but also the billions that are awaiting the opportunity for re-embodiment, some whose creation is so heavy, that they would move the very Earth from its axis, were they to be admitted until places were made for them, by the removal of another presently incarnate soul!

For one year, we have coaxed and pled and loved you, but NOW WE MOVE FORWARD with those who choose to come!

There is blood, and sweat, and tears in the service of those who choose to respond to the “Ho!” of the Spiritual Caravan! For those who choose to wait, there will be a beautiful white span made up of the electronic light of those lifestreams who have lived and died in service. It will be soft to your feet, it will be safe. And the raging torrent beneath will have no danger for you! Someone who has gone before, will have stood to his neck in that water, and perhaps been washed away in the raging flow of the tides. These latter are the men and women who ARE THE BUILDERS OF THIS AGE! Those of you who are ready have been given my individual and collective counsel and opportunity, avail yourselves of it, if you choose. . . WE MARCH ! ! !



After the ascension of Geraldine Innocente, in June of 1961, only 5% of the original dictations were published. There was a clear and present danger that this valuable and unique material would be lost permanently.

The Ascended Master Teaching Foundation (AMTF) was founded in 1980, with the exclusive goal of continuing the work of the original “Bridge to Freedom,” keeping the teaching in its purity, and carrying it from generation to generation. Prior to this, for many years, the foundation had researched these teachings and found them to be authentic and applicable to today’s conditions, as well as the those of the future.

Through the effort of two volunteers, who functioned as an unpaid staff, using their own funds, this goal has been successfully achieved. These volunteers never considered themselves as channels. They considered the original dictations, as given by the Ascended Host through Geraldine Innocente, as unique and the best material available for each student wanting to gain the ascension in his lifetime. All they wanted to do is to give everyone a choice between these dictations and the various messages of today’s numerous channels. Without this effort, the original teachings of the Bridge to Freedom would have fallen into oblivion.

It was decided that the plan of the Ascended Host, as received by Geraldine Innocente, could best be realized by proceeding as follows:

1) Gathering of the original dictations. In 1979 it was estimated that only five individuals had a complete set of the original material channeled through Geraldine and these individuals refused to share their material. It took about 25,000 miles of travel and 10 years of time, to complete this task. At one time, a trip from Mt. Shasta to Switzerland was necessary, to obtain access to photocopy the book “Memoirs of Mother Mary.”

2) Preparation of new book manuscripts, followed by the printing and publishing of all of the original texts. The goal of re-publishing the original “Bridge to Freedom” material was reached in 1990.

3) Translation of the original text into other major languages. So far (in 2011) 23 AMTF-books have been translated into German.

4) Establishing Ascended Master Teaching Groups. These groups have the dual task of enriching the knowledge of the student about God’s laws and returning the energy which the Ascended Masters spent, in their dictations, in the form of decrees, visualizations and songs.

The Lamp of Truth was chosen as the emblem of the AMTF, to signify the relentless search for truth, which is the vow and pledge taken by all members of the Brotherhood of Truth at Crete. Geraldine Innocente and A.D.K. Luk, the individual who introduced and guided the founding members of the AMTF to this teaching, were embodied, several times, as oracles at Delphi. The AMTF believes that a quest for truth should be the cornerstone of all religious teachings. Thus, the Lamp of Truth appears on all its publications.

The founders of the AMTF traveled thousands of miles to interview several individuals, who were members of the original Board of Directors of the Bridge to Freedom. Also interviews with Alice Schutz, who, at one time, was the Secretary of Miss Innocente and William Cassiere, a messenger appointed by Saint Germain, to work with Mr. Ballard, were helpful. Mr. Cassiere had, for a time, lived in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ballard. Thus, the original vision and the plan of the Masters for the “Bridge to Freedom” was rediscovered, and preserved by incorporating it in the goals of the AMTF.

From 1979 to 2010, the AMTF was contacted by 76 individuals, all of whom considered themselves to be a channel of the Great White Brotherhood. All of these individuals desired to become the channel of the AMTF. None of them offered, in any way, to assist in the project of saving the original Bridge to Freedom Teachings, nor to re-publish them. Their main interest was in impressing upon the teachings, their own personal imprint. Therefore, they were rejected. Action speaks louder than words.

The members of the AMTF are working together as a team, acting as Guardians of Truth. They are committed to preserve the original teachings of the Bridge to Freedom in their original pure form, and they are determined that this teaching be carried from generation to generation.

If given loving attention, and guarded well, the efforts of the Great White Brotherhood will prosper. The plan is to bring people together who are ready to study and apply the original teachings of the “Bridge to Freedom,” without mixing them with other teachings, and who wish to actively participate in this holy mission.

Individuals totally committed to the study and practice of the teachings of the Bridge to Freedom, who do not have any affiliation with any other religious or metaphysical group, are cordially invited to apply for membership in the AMTF.

It is an honor and a privilege to present the original teachings of the “Bridge to Freedom” to the students of today.


The Great White Brotherhood is not an organization that functions on the physical plane. Only by living and expressing the perfection of the heavenly realms, on the physical plane, through self-correction of human weaknesses, by full adoration of the Divine Self, within, and by performing much impersonal service, can an individual draw himself into association with the Brotherhood. The Ascended Host directs the attention of the chela, but it is up to the student to make the right choices. No individual has ever made the ascension without the assistance of an Ascended Master.

The New Age is to be the ERA OF FREEDOM. What does freedom mean to mankind? It means removing oneself from human tendencies and discord. Real freedom comes through APPLYING THE TEACHINGS and supporting the plan of the Ascended Host, in its PURE ORIGINAL FORM.

The Ascended Masters stated that anyone who STUDIES AND APPLIES their teaching, on a daily basis, using a MAXIMUM OF SELF-EFFORT, may gain the ascension in this embodiment. Applying the teachings means giving decrees, studying the teachings of the Ascended Host, including using the Violet Flame, all on a daily basis. (See “21 ESSENTIAL LESSONS” and “AMTF SONGS AND DECREES.”) In addition, the student seeking the ascension should contribute some impersonal service, such as joining a decree group or establishing such a group.

All this may sound rather difficult to accomplish, but we should remember that, in many previous embodiments, we have accumulated much karma. Therefore, it will take a maximum effort to redeem this karma. The Ascended Host promised us that every sincere student, making the necessary SELF-EFFORT and applying the teachings on a daily basis, will gain the ascension IN THIS EMBODIMENT.

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