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Monday 16th March 2015. Ashfield Sports Club

  1. Meeting open: 7.10pm

  1. Attendance and apologies: Lenny McLeod, Naomi Bannister, Dave Kelly, Graeme Haggart, Geoff Addison, David Ring, Christine Fisher, Bob Brown, Dave Love, Marta Berzins, Lucy Bromell, Marion Cahill, Emma Slavin, and Bill Busby.

  1. Confirmation of previous minutes: Dave Ring. Seconded Lucy Bromell

  1. Correspondence: Out-Letter to PTA regards re-routing Bus #55.

In: Gary Merritt Service Development Manager (PTA). Re-routing not possible.

Email: Stan Karasinski re Bushfire at Ashfield Flats-lack of communication (confusion, not up to date, calls for evacuation of dwellings when fire was almost out etc), no access or bolt cutters on FESA vehicles to cut off locks to open gate to gain access. DFES warnings also not current.

  1. Business arising: none

  1. Reports – President’s: attached

- Treasurer’s: no change in balance, insurance has been paid, photo frame has been re-imbursed.

Motion: To pay Austcover for insurance. Moved: Emma Slavin Seconded: Bob Brown

Motion: To re-imburse Christine Fisher for stationery. Moved: Marion Cahill Seconded: Lucy Bromell.

Thankyou Christine.

- Neighbourhood Watch- no report

  1. Gary Blanch Reserve: Lucy, Emma had meeting with Ben Moore and Jeremy from Town of Bassendean to discuss progress –everyone happy.

Proposals for 2015: Bush tucker garden, water (drinking) fountain-mains water available, and a locked tap for us to use. Also story of Gary Blanch -signage needed.

Working group to meet after events and do everlasting planting.

Mark Tusack Domas has subsidised plants- we report back on growth etc. They are trialling bush tucker plants-maybe Bass. Preservation Group interested?- plants might not be local.

  1. Ashfield Flats/Swan River Forum: Sub committee needed-Bob, Dave L, Marion and Naomi.

2 local issues-new section fenced and the Bush Forever site. DPI to remove rubbish from burnt out area as it has been exposed by the fire.

Sign at Garvey Park detailing the Ecoscape Project by the City of Belmont (CoB) proposing to redirect all boats to Ashfield side of Ron Courtney Island (Swan River Trust). Pontoons to be placed along bank to “block off” boat traffic. The only concern CoB mention was the possibility of erosion of tip of island-what about concerns about further undercutting of clay bank on Ashfield side !

Has SRT okayed this?? City of Belmont Master Plan at the coffee shop. Marion suggested letter from AshfieldCAN to ask for more info and request their presence at the Swan River Forum (SRF).

  1. Dog’s Breakfast: Helpers Geoff, Emma, Lucy, Lenny, Marion and Bob. SES to do cooking. Walk Trail to highlight issues relevant to A Flats.

Diabetic dogs, Alert dog and Dog Rescue info. Any other ideas?

Event/cooking in park as no response as yet from WAPC to have event on A Flats.

  1. Insurance- already dealt with

  1. Website: Rotary’s offer of help was not free-Lucy to complain after being offered free services. Lucy solved most problems herself.

Motion: to spend up to $200 to upgrade website and security issues. Moved Lucy Bromell Seconded Marion Cahill

  1. Newsletter: Lucy and Dave thanked everyone- Had good response-$500-$600 advertising and for great new content. Printers are under new management.

Forum is current big issue.

Also thanks to distributers-many hands make light work!

  1. General business: Lucy/Graeme to request that funding continue from ToB.

Geoff Addison-fencing at Claughton Res controlling access to Swan River to allow regeneration of riverbank.

Graeme- would the purchase of a Variable Message Board (electronic) be useful, cost $2800 ($600 to hire) to display upcoming events?-Yes!

Volunteers Week in May.

Bob- 1. To write letter to ToB regarding reticulation to be extended via laneway from GBR to Ashfield Parade to water groundcovers to hold loose sand together. Also some bushes etc to make laneway a green link from GBR to river. We are concerned there is no water on the grassed area of the Ashfield Pde reserve.

2. Ashfield Pde plan not adhered to. No views for many residents-undergrowth too thick. No signage to keep people out of fenced-off area. New signage should mention “unauthorised” to change meaning. Will bring it up at Forum.

Marion- Acacia will die after ~8yrs and give views back.

  1. Close: 8.45pm. Next meeting 20th April 2015.

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