Assassins Creed Revelations

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Assassins Creed Revelations

Ezio Auditore da Firenze an assassin from Italy is out to find the Assassins Tomb hidden by his ancestor Altair deep in the cold snowy mountains. Well stricken in years, Ezio, while in search of the Assassins Tomb, is attacked and overthrown by the Templars that have taken over the area trying to find what Altair had hidden from them.

The game trailer “Assassins Creed Revelations” begins in the time of the Roman Empire, telling the story of an Italian assassin named Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Descending from a long line of assassins, Ezio is searching to find answers to where the hidden Assassins Tomb, hidden by his ancestor, Altair. Altair had originally covered up his secrets to keep them from the Templars, who were going to use them for control if they got hold of them.

At the beginning of the trailer Ezio is laying on the ground, picked up by two soldiers, obviously weak, among other things. He is dragged by the Templars, being heavily guarded, and lead to his execution. It then scene switches to him on a boat sailing toward the mountains, followed by climbing the mountains, in pursuit of finding the Assassins Tomb. While searching he stumbles upon a structure made by the Templars, who had taken over the area. Ezio, out in the open, is shot with an arrow in the shoulder. He spots his enemies, snaps the arrow off, and charges into battle. Killing soldier after soldier, Ezio then sees his ancestor, Altair in the crowd watching him. He is caught off guard, and is struck bluntly by a soldier breaking his blade, being surrounded.

The scene flashes back to Ezio being dragged to his execution. He is dropped in front of the captain, taken to the ledge, and pushed out there. While walking out, he notices Altair to his right again standing on the other plank. Ezio, then spots an eagle fly in front of him, which is letting him know that his brotherhood of assassins are near by. His hood is pulled down, and the noose is tightened around his neck. He pauses a moment, then turns and elbows the guy in the face. The trailer then ends.

The music in this trailer was specifically made for this video, Artist being “Woodkid”, song being “Iron”. In the lyrics it talks about “a soldier on his own, not knowing the way. A million miles from home, frozen to the bone. Riding up the heights of shame. ready for the fight, and fate.” I feel it is clearly written about Ezio on his quest to find the answers he seeks, adding emotion and emphasis to the trailer, giving it Pathos.

Besides the fact the trailer is well made, I think some people would enjoy it more than others. Directing there audience toward the people that enjoy violence, action games, or even the plot of the story. They make a very persuasive video, urging people to buy the game. You could say the even use Ethos, “appealing to the gut” to the people that already are tempted to buy the game, by putting out videos such as this one.

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