Assignment 2 2d game Write-up

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Assignment 2

2D Game Write-up

Eric Sidwell & Nicholas Mullins

Table Of Contents

1 Executive Summary 3

1.1 Abstract of game story 3

2 Game Play Look and Feel 4

2.1 Appearance 5

2.2 Player roles and actions 8

2.3 Strategies and motivations 9

2.4 Level summary/story progression 10

3 Development Specification 12

3.1 Hardware 12

3.2 Software 12

3.3 Algorithm Style 12

1Executive Summary

1.1Abstract of game story

Our game is inspired by the games Block Breaker and Angry Birds. The main character is a average guys that has gotten in a unfortunate intergalactic incident. As the story goes, our hero is driving home after a hard day of work. He has just left the corner store, where he grabbed a six pack to enjoy for the evening, when he gets abducted by an alien race. This race is intent on destroying the Earth and abducted our hero in an attempt to do insidious experiments on him. Through a series of events, that go undisclosed, our hero steals a spaceship that can destroy anything in its path. With this new weapon at hand our hero sets out on a crusade to destroy the alien race, so he can get back home and finish that six pack he left in his truck.

2Game Play Look and Feel


  • Gameplay Field -

  • Blocks - each of the different block types have varying strengths

    • Wood - weakest

    • Stone - strong

    • Ice - stronger, but susceptible to special attacks

    • Metal - unbreakable

  • Spaceship - this is the aliens devastating weapon that our hero has "borrowed"

  • Balls

    • Blue - Slow ball - less damage but easier to hit

    • Green - Regular ball - normal damage and speed

    • Red - Fast ball - more damage but harder to hit

    • Yellow - Build-a-ball - allows the player to distribute a set of point to make the ball match the capabilities they would like

  • Aliens
    • Small -

    • Medium -

    • Large -

2.2Player roles and actions

  • User Controls - The user will have the option of using the mouse or keyboard for left and right movement. On the keyboard, the user will be able to use the left and right keys to move and the space bar to launch the ball. With the mouse, left and right movement of the mouse will move the paddle respectively and the left mouse button will release the ball.

  • Power-ups

    • Multi-ball - - two to three ball are generated from one ball

    • Ghost ball - - allows the ball to go through all objects for a short period of time

    • Speed ball up - - increases ball speed

    • Slow ball down - -decreases ball speed

    • Enlarge paddle size - - increases/decreases paddle size

    • Shrink paddle size- decreases paddle size
    • Kiumi - - creates a random effect that is bad two thirds of the time

    • Invert controls - - changes left movement to right and vice versa

2.3Strategies and motivations

  • Scoring - Players will gain points from breaking blocks, collecting power-ups, killing aliens and completing levels

  • Beers Cans- based on the score the player get upon completion of the level, they will be given a rating out of 3 cans. High enough score will garner the most cans, this adds a level a replay-ability to attempt to get all the cans of any level.

  • Combos - For each block destroyed without bouncing off the paddle, players will get a multiplier on the points they gain. High combos will give greater point scores and rewards.

  • Tubes - can be used to teleport the ball from one location to another. This will allow the player to get the ball to place they may not have immediate access to and adds another layer of strategy to the game

2.4Level summary/story progression

  • Level Completion - players move on to the next level by killing all of the aliens on the screen. The blocks, which exist purely to protect the aliens, are not the main focus and destroying all of them will gain only points. If the user destroys all of the aliens before all of the blocks, the last alien will explode destroying the blocks.

  • Story Progression - As the story plays out, we will find that the aliens are actually not out to destroy humanity or assault our hero, they simply wanted his beer. When our hero finds this out, the story takes a twist as he now must save his brew from the aliens intent on stealing it from him. Which leads to the climax where the hero destroys the final boss only to find that his beer is simply in his spaceship and he has been running around committing genocide against this unsuspecting race of aliens. The game ends with our hero getting thrown in jail by the intergalactic police.

3Development Specification


  • This game will require the use of a personal computer running windows. The computer needs to be equipped with mouse and keyboard to play the game.


  • No special software is required beyond the executable of this game

3.3Algorithm Style

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