Assignment: Instead of an essay, you will be writing a short story for your major assessment. You will be using a painting of your choice as a window into a world. You must create a storyline based on what is happing in the painting

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English 10


Short Stories – Creative Writing Assignment

Instead of an essay, you will be writing a short story for your major assessment. You will be using a painting of your choice as a window into a world. You must create a storyline based on what is happing in the painting; it is your choice whether the actual painting or “snapshot” takes place at the beginning, middle, or end of your story.


The goal of this assignment is to prove your knowledge of terms and tools that authors utilize to create a successful short story. You will also be assessed on your ability to optimize clues from a painting and creatively weave them into your story.

* I would like you to choose a painting that includes people although the story does not necessarily need to be from the perspective of a person.
Here are some things to consider:

  1. Make sure you review the short stories terms handout. Your story should include a large number of those elements.

  1. Use your 5 senses in describing scenes and people. Paintings are obviously visual but think about what you might hear if you were actually in your painting. What would you smell? Is their food that you could taste? Sea breezes you could feel? Using the five senses is a great way to create a vivid short story.

  1. Since this will be a short, short story make sure you write what you need. Choose your words carefully and try to stay away from unnecessary information.


- Length of story: 2 pages minimum, 3 pages maximum. Do NOT go over or under page requirement or points will be deducted.

- Format: Short story should be double spaced. Size 12, Times New Roman font. Proper header. Make sure you have a great title!
- Terms Worksheet. Utilizing the short story terms handout, identify each of the elements in your story. This worksheet needs to be stapled to the back of your essay.
- On top of your essay must be a picture of the painting. I would really like the picture to be large and in color. You will not lose points if it is not, but it would make me happy.
Automatic Deductions:

-10 Incorrect Formatting

-10 1 day late

-20 2 days late

Short stories will not be accepted after two days and will be marked a zero.

4 - Exceptional

3 - Strong

2 - Capable

1 - Developing

Details - story

Utilizes many details from the painting

Utilizes a good amount of details from the painting

Needs more details from the painting

Barely uses details from the painting

Short Story Elements - story

Understands and utilizes many elements of a short story

Understands and utilizes elements of a short story

Needs more elements of a short story

Barely uses elements of a short story

Style - story

Vivid, descriptive language. Creates a pleasing whole with varied sentences

Uses a variety of sentence types but need for delights for the reader

Uses simple sentences and elementary language

Uses no sentence variety and little descriptive language.

Terms Worksheet

Thoughtfully completed with attention to detail

Completed; meets expectation

Mostly complete; could add more

Incomplete; components missing

English 10

Creative Writing Rubric

English CP


Short Stories Terms – Worksheet for Stories
Use the Short Stories handout to fill out the information below based on your story. You do not need to write in complete sentences, but make sure you are clear and use details. If one of the terms does not apply to the story put N/A (not applicable) on the line provided.
Title of story: “________________________________________________________”__
Author: ______________________________________________

PLOT – Fill in each specific element of your story.

  1. Exposition – ______________________________________________

  1. Conflict – _____________________________________________

    • Internal – ______________________________________________

    • External - ______________________________________________

  1. Rising Action – ______________________________________________

  1. Climax – _______________________________________________

  1. Falling Action – ______________________________________________

  1. Resolution – ______________________________________________

CHARACTERIZATION – List what characters are developed either directly or indirectly and give an example for each.

  1. Direct- ______________________________________________

  1. Indirect – ______________________________________________

For the terms below, please write one complete sentence providing detailed information from your story. Include reasons for your creative decisions.

SETTING – Describe the time and location of the action.

POINT OF VIEW – Identify the vantage point from which your story is told and explain why you chose that point of view.

TONE – Describe the writer’s attitude toward her/his audience and subject.

MOOD – Describe the feeling created in the reader by the literary work or passage.

SUSPENSE – Identify when there is a feeling of tension or nervous uncertainty.

SYMBOL – Identify one object from your story that symbolizes something else. Explain.

THEME – Identify the lesson of your story.

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