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via Montebello 46/a 44121 Ferrara

tel. 0532.243279 - fax 0532.245689 -

c.f. 90500750154 – c.c. postale 11817442

IBAN: IT67S0335901600100000014127

Organizzazione non governativa di volontariato internazionale di ispirazione cristiana

Building Companions Compagnons Bâtisseurs Epitö Baràtok Bouworde Companheiros Constructores Soci Costruttori Compañeros Constructores Bauorden

Member of Co-ordination Committee for International Voluntary Service c/o UNESCO - Iscritta al registro Provinciale del Volontariato di Ferrara

TM Alliance

Piestany – Slovacchia

1-4 march 2013

Who we are

IBO Italia is a Non Governmental Organization of Christian inspiration operating in the field of national and international volunteer work. The network of which it is member began its operations in 1953 in northern Europe, with the first work camps serving to rebuild destroyed houses for World War II refugees. In fact, IBO is the Flemish acronym for Internationale Bouworde, which translates into "International Builder Society".

Located in Italy since 1957, IBO was officially established as an association in 1968 and was named suitable for work in in the field of international cooperation by the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in 1972 (IBO was the first NGO in Italy to officially carry out an international-cooperation project approved by the MFA). Member of CCIVS ( Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) since 1957 under the aegis of UNESCO, IBO has been registered in the Provincial Charity Registry since 2005 and united with Volontari nel mondo (Volunteers in the World) - FOCSIV since 1972.

Our history

IBO Italia was born in Italy in 1957, thanks to Father Angelo Marcandella, a young priest of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart, son of Italian emigrants in Belgium.

Father Angelo had followed the movement "International Bouworde" since its creation in 1953 in Europe by another priest, Father Werenfried van Straaten, better known as “Father Bacon." Father Bacon, who some years before founded the "Oostpriesterhulp" or " Church of the Silence" (today known as " Aid to the Church in Need"), acquired this nickname for his engagement with poor German refugees of the Second World War who, after having escaped from the blasted cities at the end of the war, crowded together on the borders with Belgium and Holland. In his collecting campaigns, Father Bacon took everything that Flemish housewives could spare; above all bacon (which earn him the lifelong nickname) that he then gave to the evacuee families.

One Sunday morning, during the Mass, he gave some small holy pictures to the children and told them to hang them on the wall of their houses. Whereupon he saw a little girl crying and he asked her why she was so sad. The little girl replied that hers was one of five families living in a warehouse. Her family was in the centre and so there were not any walls; these words left him bewildered and started off the movement of the "International Builder Memberships". Thus, Father Bacon decided to build houses for them, with the help of many young people who started to come from all over Europe to support us. Working teams of "white overalls", thanks the donation of thousands of white overalls from a German paint company, overran Europe up to Italy. Their aim was to build houses for who could not afford to buy one.

The first office of IBO Italia was in Cognola di Trento, then Pontenure (PC), Piacenza, Cesate (MI), Casalpusterlengo (LO), Cassana (FE) and now in in centre of Ferrara.
By the time, IBO Italia had become an official association (1968) and a Non-Governmental Organization (1972), when the first cooperation project in Zaire was carried out for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1974, IBO Italia was one of the founding NGOs of Volontari nel Mondo - FOCSIV (Federation of Christian Organizations for International Volunteer Service), at that time, still FOLM (Federation of Lay Missionary Organizations).
To this day, IBO Italia conducts many projects in Latin America, Africa, Asia and thousands of work camps throughout Europe with the participation of tens of thousands of volunteers.


Becoming volunteers ... together

A society in which everyone takes responsibility for the wellbeing of others and of the community at large. A world in which education is available to everyone, so every person is free to choose where and how to live, in his or her country of origin or elsewhere.

This is the dream of IBO Italia, which brings together those who commit to their own countries to raise young people's awareness of the value of volunteering, those who go to faraway countries to volunteers, those who support minors in difficulty. Those who commit to slums and those who work in organizations, those who rethink their own lifestyles, those who believe in an equitable, free trade economy and those who fight against poverty, those who pray, and those who hope believing that they can make a difference.

This is the dream that inspires our efforts for solidarity and international cooperation, that motivates our invitation to you to share our commitment and our enthusiasm to build together a fair, just, and sustainable world.

To us, 'building' is an important word. It recalls how we were born more than fifty years ago and the works that have brought IBO Italia to where it is today: a non-governmental organization recognized both nationally and internationally. The willingness to self-analyse and to adapt as necessary does not hold us back from continuing to create positive change all over the world, from Italy to Peru, from Romania to India.

For the future, we envision an even greater involvement of IBO in the world because our young volunteers are becoming responsible citizens and active protagonists in society. We also aim to reinforce our commitment in the countries in which we are already present, because there is much to do before needs become rights, before projects lead to real cooperation: a meeting between individuals of equal dignity.

This is our path, which we walk together with many friends, old and new, all young of spirit, because we believe in volunteerism as a socially responsible choice. A conscious commitment to create relationships, networks, and community involvment. An open, dynamic, and enthusiastic participation which values the resources of everyone, constantly working to make this dream an everyday reality for all people.


To promote personal growth as well as development within the community, with regard to human rights and social transformation, so that everyone can be a conscious and responsible member of an increasingly just and sustainable society.


International Cooperation

  • Projects for Social Development

  • Child sponsorships

  • Projects for a Better Understanding of Today's Globalised World

  • Responsible Tourism

Charity Work

  • Work Camps

  • European Voluntary Service

  • Civilian Service

  • Youth Exchanges

  • Training and Internships


con il sommissione declina ogni responsabilità sull'uso che potrà essere fatto delle informazinute. Risoluzione

Sabina Marchetti E-mail:
IBO Italia

via Montebello 46/a - 44121 Ferrara

Telefono: 0532.243279 - 247396
Fax: 0532.245689


Skype: ibo.italia
Twitter: @IBOItalia
General information about IBO Italia workcamps

Our workcamps are voluntary experiences of 1-2 weeks and take place from June to October. The number of international volunteers in the camp varies from 2 to 6. We try to avoid having more than 2-3 people of the same nationality in the camp. All camps have English as communication language. As a rule volunteers have to work 5-7-8 hours a day 5 days a week for the benefit of local community. Hosts provide food and accommodation as well as social and cultural activities in return.

Conditions for participation

Volunteers should be over 18 years old. There is no maximum age limit. Usually there are no special skills required from volunteers. Participants should be motivated to do voluntary work, be ready to meet realities of local life and have enough flexibility to accept it, be tolerant and open for the new experiences.


In our camps insurance is not provided for no italian volunteers, therefore volunteers have to bring their own insurance against illness, accident and third party risk.

Some practical matters

For the majority of camps volunteers have to bring sleeping bag, work clothes and gloves, summer clothes and swimming suit. Our volunteers can be accommodated in communities, schools or tents. It is vital to have a mosquito cream.

IBO Italia


Biancavilla CT MANUAL/IBOIT01 - 06/10-19/10 2IT+6INT

MANUAL/IBOIT02 - 17/11-30/11 2IT+6INT

MANUAL/IBOIT03 - 01/12-14/12 2IT+6INT

Burana FE MANUAL/IBOIT05 - 16/06-29/06 2IT+4INT
Catania ANIM/IBOIT12 - 30/06- 14/07 2IT+2INT

ANIM/IBOIT13 - 14/07- 27/07 2IT+2INT

Ferrara Buskers Festival CULT/IBOIT17 - 22/8-2/9 8IT+5INT
Linguaglossa CT MANUAL/IBOIT19 - 18/08-31/08 2IT+5INT
Macchiagodena IS MANUAL/IBOIT20 - 30/06-13/07 2IT+5INT MANUAL/IBOIT21 - 14/07-27/07 2IT+5INT

MANUAL/IBOIT22 - 28/07-10/08 2IT+5INT

MANUAL/IBOIT24 - 01/09-14/09 2IT+5INT

MANUAL/IBOIT25 - 15/09-28/09 2IT+5INT

MANUAL/IBOIT26 - 29/09-12/10 2IT+5INT
San Benedetto Belbo CN MANUAL/IBOIT30 - 05/08 – 17/08 2IT+4INT

MANUAL/IBOIT31 - 19/08 – 310/8 2IT+4INT

San Giovanni La Punta CT ANIM/IBOIT34 - 21/07 – 03/08 2IT+2INT
San Leonardo di Cutro KR MANUAL/IBOIT35 - 23/06-29/06 7IT+7INT

MANUAL/IBOIT36 - 30/06-06/07 7IT+7INT

Vicomero PR MANUAL/IBOIT38 - 24/08-07/09 2IT+5INT

MANUAL=manual work; ANIM=animation activity with children;

CULT= collaboration for a cultural project; ENV=enviromental work

Workcamp Information sheet

Biancavilla – Catania 2013

Place: Biancavilla (Catania)- Italy


MANUAL/IBOIT01 - 06/10-19/10

MANUAL/IBOIT02 - 17/11-30/11

MANUAL/IBOIT03 - 01/12-14/12

Number of volunteers per shift: 2IT + 6INT

The project comes from the experience of 15 years of the Carmela and Sergio family in the volontary sector that, after the work and the testimony in the community and the school, today wants to open to the reception of whom finds under conditions of social and economic disadvantage.

In 2009 they constituted the voluntary association "Maria's House" to the purpose to welcome under age orphans, single mothers, foreign people, people with handicap and to offer them a concrete help for a correct and useful integration in the society.

To reach this objective the association intends to develop laboratories of craftsmanship to teach a possible work and recreational activity for the realization of a specific run for the children.

Today the structure of Carmela and Sergio in Biancavilla it is also part of a project of rural Tourism financed by the Region Sicily that offers hospitality for 15 places bed. The project of rural tourism offers the possibility to deepen the knowledge of the surrounding environment with excursions and didactic walks on the Etna.
In these years of collaboration with IBO they have been made many building work of the allready active hosting house for people in difficulty and of the didactic classroom and laboratory of craftsmanship.

Also this year the association asks the help of the IBO volunteers for different manual work concerning in particular the maintenance of the external area and collaboration in manage the house.


maintenance and cleaning work of the external area, care and maintenance of the country, cut of the firewood, workmanship of the sansa used as fuel for the winter heating, collaboration in picking up the olives and grape.

Overseers: Sergio e Carmela Pennisi

In the house beds will be supplied. Collaboration with the cleaning and kitchen.

Things to bring: Flashlight, sleeping bag, work gloves, mask for dust. If you play an instrument you may bring it with you.
Documents: European health card, identification cards or passport

The volunteers will be welcome to the airport in Catania to the hours 19,00 in the established day of arrival. For the transport they required a contribute of 10,00€.

At least seven days before departure

Telephone us to tell us with what means you will come (train, car, airplane) and above all your time of arrival at the station indicated or at the camp; we will have a way to advise the overseers that can reach you and take you to camp. If at your arrival you do not find anyone, or if the train is late or other reasons, use the telephone number indicated on the infosheet and in case of emergency look at the website .
Hospital: Pronto Soccorso of Biancavilla


At the camp, people of all social, political, cultural, and relgious spheres participate without descrimination. It is demanded absolute reciprocal respect. Relations between men and women have to be those that do not damange the spirit and harmony of the reputation inside and outside the group. In the community there are minorities. To guarantee balance and harmony the use of drugs and alcohol is not permitted; it is requested also ethical behavior. The community will organize recreational and tourist activities in the nearby cities (Catania, Acireale...) and an excursion to Etna. For those who desire there is the possibility of participating in spiritual moments and meetings with the parrochial community.


Overseers of the project: Sergio e Carmela Pennisi
Address of the project: Le Vigne di Biancavilla Contrada Stella - Padre Vitale

Telephone number of the project: +39 (0)95 356790
Cell number of the project: +39 333 6822307 (Sergio)

+39 333 1113891 (Carmela)

IBO organizer: IBO-Italia

Emergency telephone of the IBO organizer: +39 320 6630598

Workcamp Information sheet

Burana – Ferrara 2013

Country: Burana – Ferrara - Italia


MANUAL/IBOIT05 - 16/06-29/06

Number of the volunteers per shift: 2IT + 4INT

The earthquake of May 2012 has strongly struck different provinces of the Emilia Region among which the province of Ferrara. One of the countries that has suffered damages to the structures is Burana (Bondeno), small inhabited center in the north of Ferrara.

One of these damaged structures was a former pigsty restructured through several workcamps with IBO volunteers in the pasts, turned into the kennel for the working insertion of disadvantaged people. Because of the earthquake, for the safety norms in force, the demolition of some structures is necessary and for such motive the help it is required.

In the future in the same area it will be built a village to host disadvantaged people as children with mothers.

demolition work and cleaning of bricks.

Overseer: Don Giorgio Lazzarato

to the hosting Comunity of Salvatonica, far away about 15 km from the project. The trasports will be by minibus.

Things to bring: Flashlight, sleeping bag or bed sheets, work gloves, work shoes, personal medicines, product against mosquitos. If you play an instrument you may bring it with you.
Documents: Identity card, European health card.


Itinerary by train:

Ferrara's railway station, Bologna to Venice line. As soon as you get to the station phone the indicated number.

Itinerary by car:

Motor-way A13 Bologna – Venice, Ferrara – north exit, towards Casaglia-Ravalle-Salvatonica.

At least seven days before departure

Telephone us to tell us with what means you will come (train, car, airplane) and above all your time of arrival at the station indicated or at the camp; we will have a way to advise the overseers that can reach you and take you to camp. If at your arrival you do not find anyone, or if the train is late or other reasons, use the telephone number indicated on the infosheet and in case of emergency look at the website .
Place where the volunteers will be picked up: Railstation of Ferrara
Name project co-ordinator: Don Giorgio Lazzarato

Project address: Comunità di Salvatonica

Via Provinciale, 1

44012 Salvatonica – Ferrara

Telehone number: +39 (0)532 882771

Organizing IBO-office: IBO Italy

Emergency number organizing IBO-office: +39 320 6630598

Workcamp Information sheet

Catania 2013


Place: Catania - Sicily

Shifts: ANIM/IBOIT12 - 30/06- 14/07

ANIM/IBOIT13 - 14/07- 27/07

Number of volunteers per shift: 2IT + 2INT

The project is in collaboration with the religious congregation: Sisters Servants of Divine Providence founded in Catania in the 1921 by Maria Marletta.

Along nearly a century the service carried out by even a small religious family has seen many results, of healthy growth for many children and young people who have not chosen to live on the edge and that only by difficulties related to the family of origin, have the bitter experience of not belonging to anyone.
The objective of the workcamp : is to accompany children and young people and mothers in a educational run through days of relaxation and search of the beauty and good for an integral growth.

The whole project will be lived in mountain and on the beach.

The presence of the volunteers will allow to concretely experiment as in the gift of itself the secret of a life rich in sense and joy. Volunteers and operators of the community through personalized runs, in a natural climate, will help the children and youngs to find motives to live and to hope in a best future.

WORK : animation activities for about 30 children and young people (0-18 age) inside an educational run for a relaxation and a discovery of the gifts of our mother earth, the all in a climate of relaxation and joy.
Overseers: : Sr. Caserta Suor Rosalia

In the house “Oasi della Provvidenza” in Milo (CT). The transports will be guaranteed (about 30 minutes) to reach the Pozzillo beach .

The volunteers will be involved in preparing the meals.
Things to bring: Flashlight, sleeping bag or sheets and pillocase, sea towel, sea custom, solar cream, personal medicines, products against the mosquitos. If you play an instrument you may bring it with you.
Documents: European health card, identification cards or passport.
Itinerary in train: Arrival at the airport of Catania -Fontanarossa.

At least seven days before departure

Telephone us to tell us with what means you will come (train, car, airplane) and above all your time of arrival at the station indicated or at the camp; we will have a way to advise the overseers that can reach you and take you to camp. If at your arrival you do not find anyone, or if the train is late or other reasons, use the telephone number indicated on the infosheet and in case of emergency look at the website .

Place where volunteers will be expected: airport of Fontanarossa - Catania


Overseers of the project: Sr. Caserta Suor Rosalia

Address of the Association: Via Monreale, 15 – 95123 Catania

Address of the project: Oasi della Divina Provvidenza

Via Martiri d’Ungheria, 19

95010 Milo (CT)

Telephone number of the project: +39 095 955203

Fax +39 095 350788

Overseers telephone number : +39 3403257161

IBO organizer: IBO Italia

Emergency telephone of the IBO organizer: +39 320 6630598

Workcamp Information sheet

Ferrara Buskers Festival 2013


Place: Ferrara – Italy

Shifts: CULT/IBOIT17 - 22/8-2/9

Number of volunteers per shift: 8IT + 5INT

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