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Astro Boy

Movie Summery
This movie takes place in a floating, futuristic city. A very smart boy named Toby is excited about spending some time with his dad, who is a famous scientist. When Toby goes to his dad’s lab after school, though, he finds out that his dad is too busy to go to the museum with him. His dad, whose name is Professor Tenma, is showing the military commander of the city his latest experiment. The invention is a glowing blue energy
Genre Explanation
The main genre of Astro Boy is Science Fiction. This film is strongly Science Fiction because of many characteristics, the first being that the main character, Astro Boy, is a robot. Also, the story takes place in the future, and everything is very advanced. For instance, robots are used almost by everyone for almost everything in the city, from personal servants to window cleaners. Some other advanced things are vehicles, buildings, and medicine(?).
Crossover Appeal


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