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ATLAS Communication Plan


ATLAS External Communication Plan (ACP)




For internal ATLAS planning purposes, only


Executive Summary 4

1. Communications Objectives 6

1.1 Mission 6

1.2 Objectives 7

2. Overall Context 9

2.1 Boundary conditions and limitations 9

2.2 Summary of CERN Communication Plan (update 28 April 2006) 9

2.2.1 CERN Press Office (DSU/CO) media guidelines to ACP 11

2.2.2 CERN VIP Office (DSU/VIP) guidelines to ACP 12

2.2.3 CERN DSU-ED guidelines to ACP 12

2.3 Available communication material 14

3. Description of Target Audiences 15

3.1 The target audiences 15

3.2 Key messages for the ATLAS Experiment 15

3.2.1 VIP guest profile 17

3.2.2 Related industry 17

3.2.3 Schools (9-15 years) 18

3.2.4 General public 18

3.3 Current level of awareness 19

4. Strategy 20

5. Activities 22

5.1 Web based activities (addressing all target audiences) 22

5.1.1 ATLAS public web site 22

5.1.2 Press information pool on the ATLAS web site 24

5.1.3 Additional web based activities 28

Wikipedia statistics: Wikipedia currently has 1,175,580 articles. 28

User statistics: We have 1,565,977 registered user accounts, of which 927 (or 0.06%) belong to administrators. 28

5.1.4 Contingency plans 29

5.2 CERN event-related activities 30

5.2.1 Recurring events 30 VIP Visits 30 School visits to CERN 31 Exhibitions (Microcosm, the Globe of Innovation & 32

ATLAS Control Room Exhibition Area (SCX1)) 32

5.2.2 Major non-recurrent events at CERN 33 LHC machine Start-up Event (late 2007) 34 CERN Open Day (summer 2008, on-site CERN) 38 LHC Inauguration Ceremony (late 2008?) 40 Discovery Announcement (at the earliest, from summer 2008 onwards) 42

6. Evaluation of the impact of the ACP plan 45

7. Overview Tables 47

7.1 Budget plan 47

7.2 Action plan Overview (July 2006) 48

7.3 CERN working groups for Milestone Event preparations 50

8. General Guidelines 51

8.1 Contents of new Communication Materials 51

9.2 Start-up of the ATLAS Experiment 51

8.3 Use of Wikipedia 51

9. Stakeholders of the ACP 52

9.1 ATLAS Communication Team 52

9.2 ATLAS Education and Outreach (E&O) Group 53

9.3 Communication (DSU-CO) 54

9.4 Education (DSU-ED) 55

9.5 CERN VIP Office (DSU-VIP) 56

10. The sharing of responsibilities and resources between ATLAS and CERN 57

10.1 LHC Start-up Event (November 2007) 57

10.2 CERN Open Day (summer 2008 on-site CERN) 57

10.3 LHC Inauguration Ceremony (late 2008) 58

11. Other issues to be discussed… 59

Executive Summary

The CERN Press Office has drafted a global LHC communication plan which aims at gaining maximum visibility in terms of public image for CERN and particle physics world-wide through special events such as the LHC start-up in late 2007 and first physics results hopefully following a year later. The emphasis of the CERN plan will be on the LHC experiments and the physics results.

The aim of the following ATLAS plan is to identify and address ATLAS related communication opportunities towards the external public within the above-mentioned global LHC communication plan of CERN. Although ATLAS is driven by scientific interests - not by the media nor the public - it nevertheless recognizes the importance of the public interest and will address it, especially for the most favoured case of making major physics discoveries at ATLAS.
The underlying strategy behind the ATLAS External Communication Plan (ACP) is to complement the CERN plan and to target the limited ATLAS resources in areas and activities where most effective results can be expected.
The selected communication channels include the general public, as well as more specific interest groups such as schools, VIP decision markers and industries. The emphasis will be on the use of web-based tools. A dedicated web site for the media allows the direct information exchange towards journalists and facilitates the spreading of physic results coming from the ATLAS experiment.

The following document provides an overview of the different activities planned to promote the ATLAS experiment, and in a later phase, how to handle the upcoming information flow towards the external world once ATLAS enters the era of new physics discoveries.


1. Communications Objectives

1.1 Mission

ATLAS aims at exploiting the full physics discovery potential offered by the LHC machine, attempting being the best and first.
The mission and priorities set for ATLAS are clear: to operate ATLAS as efficiently as possible, making the best use of the 536 MCHF initial investment in terms of physics publications and PhD thesis.
Several external bodies and individuals such as Funding Authorities, science policy makers, industries have an interest in the ATLAS project and will be influenced by the ongoing developments. It is important to keep them fully informed and to ensure they gain the maximum benefit from their affiliation to ATLAS. To achieve this, a communication plan is needed.
ATLAS needs also to face and address the media and public attention should it arise, if not only to justify the large investment of public funds and to secure the healthy continuation of the research field itself.

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