Atoms for Adam, a pop-Up Story


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Atoms for Adam, A Pop-Up Story






SC.MT.06.01.01: Describes and gives examples of atoms, elements, molecules, and compounds.

* Defines the following terms in own words: atom, element, molecule, compound
* Illustrates 5 examples of each of the terms
* Describes the relationship between the terms

* Defines the following terms: atom, element, molecule, compound
* Illustrates 3 examples of each of the terms

* Defines the terms

* Attempts to define terms

SC.MT.06.02.01: Identifies characteristics of the 3 states of matter

* Compares and contrasts 3 of the states of matter
* Explains at least 5 characteristics of each state
* Explains the 4th state of matter, plasma, using examples and contrasts with the other 3 states

* Identifies 3 of the states of matter (not plasma)

* Explains at least 4 characteristics of each state

* Identifies 3 of the states of matter

* Attempts to describe three of the states of matter

Your job is to create a pop-up book for elementary students to learn about atoms and the states of matter. The language used in the book should be appropriate for 5th grade students. The book needs to have a storyline and theme woven throughout each page. Additionally, your book should be entertaining and informational. The top two books will be chosen for a field trip to a local elementary school.

We will provide you with instruction and worksheets during this unit. We will also provide you with some time to create the physical book. However, you will need to allow yourself some time outside of class to work on this project.

  • Content in the book directly fulfills the requirements of the above rubric

  • Book contains 7 or more movable parts

  • Illustrations are neat, colorful, and accurate

  • Theme of the story is evident and flows through each page

  • Book is organized, colorful, and well crafted

If, at any point, you are confused or do not feel your partner is working adequately, it is your responsibility to see your teacher. Please feel free to ask for help.

Atoms for Adam

This year, the fifth grade class received a new student, Adam. Although very bright and fun-loving, Adam came from a school where science was not taught. Because he is bright, Adam wants to learn everything he can about this fascinating subject. His constant pursuit of knowledge has lead to numerous questions. Unfortunately, his teacher is feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to catch Adam up to speed while also teaching the rest of the class.

To help with this situation, we have volunteered to tackle the subjects of atoms and matter. Without much information about the best way Adam learns, we are going to create a book with visual representations of atoms and matter and the components of each. In case Adam prefers to learn by hearing, we are going to read the book to him once we are finished. Of course, there are other types of learning too. We may want to include something kinesthetic or musical in the book to promote learning in a greater variety of ways.

In building the book, we are going to learn more about these subjects as well. In order to teach someone about something, you must first learn about it yourself. We are excited to create this book for Adam, and hopefully for other students in the future.


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