Attitude is everything ‘ Term 3 Week 9 Monday 19th September 2016

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Term 3 Week 9

Monday 19th September 2016

28 Surrey Street, PO Box 21, Mossburn, 9747; Phone/Fax 03 248 6288; Email:

C O M I N G u p…this term is…Thu 30th June Wheels Day with Constable Marty

Tue 20th Sep Book Bus – Carpark – 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Wed 21st Sep BoT Meeting – 7pm

Fri 23rd Sep Last Day of Term 3

Sunday 25th Sep Daylight Savings – Clocks go forward one hour

Mon Oct 10th Oct Term 4 Starts

Fri 14th Oct Dean O’Brian show – 1.30pm at MCC

Fri 21st Oct Pet Day

Mon 24th Oct Labour Day – NO SCHOOL

Tue 25th Oct Northern Tennis – Boys=Riversdale courts and girls=Balfour courts

Weds 26th Oct Northern Golf – Mossburn Golf Club 8:45am-2:30pm

Wed 9th Nov Keeping Ourselves Safe Parents Meeting with Constable Marty – 3pm

P R I N C I P A L’ S R E P O R T

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Have a lovely two-week break from school lunches, buses and signing Read Its! If possible, please find time to carry on reading / learning with your child. Daylight Saving starts this weekend on Sunday – clocks to go forward an hour.

If you’re in Invercargill this Sunday, there is a Motor Neurone Disease (MND) walk (Walk 2 D’Feet) on at Queens Park starting at 10am. This is a nationwide campaign/awareness day with 14 other towns getting onboard. I’ve been on the MND NZ council for seven years now and it gives me great pleasure giving my time to a good cause. Have an enjoyable week.

Principal’s Awards: Mekka for being an awesome help and role model around school. Grace for communicating well and winning the Southland Year 5 & 6 speech competition. Chase for working hard in class, being polite and having a positive attitude in and out of the classroom. Kate for being an awesome role model in the playground and helping others. Well done team!
Wheels Day: Thanks again for bringing in/picking up your child’s bike on Friday. A huge thanks to Megan Vande Sandt and Rachel PB for taking children along the trail – this was very much appreciated and the children did enjoy it.

Pet Day: We’re aiming for Friday 21st October. Information will go out early next term.

Soccer World Cup – Senior Final: This will be held this Thursday at 12.45pm.
Visiting Performer: Deon O’Brien will be performing for us on Friday the 14th of October. You can check him out on Books and albums can also be pre ordered (these will be signed and given out on the day of the show). See back page of this newsletter. Please send pre order forms and money back to school by Tuesday 11th October.
Trusler Trophy: Well done Brock for having an awesome attitude and working hard in writing.

Spirit of a Nation Award: Jess for playing well and being brave in soccer

School Uniform: Thanks again for your responses, via text, awhile back. There has been enough interest for the BoT and PLC to explore further the pros and cons of having a uniform. It’s now timely to get your (and others) responses down on paper. The Board would like to know exactly why you would or wouldn’t like a uniform to be introduced. A survey will go out early next term. We appreciate that this could become a contentious matter, hence why we want to get the process right.

As the principal, I’m interested to hear why one would want a uniform. In some cases, from what I’ve read, introducing a uniform has had positive outcomes, such as: classroom discipline; image in the community; school pride; student achievement; and better attendance. As a parent, from experience; it eliminates wardrobe battles, quicker in the mornings when getting ready; easier to shop and perhaps it does create a sense of belonging/identity/ increase school spirit for children?

Quite a few of you have asked me whether I’m in favour of it… To be upfront, I’m thinking no (status quo is working type attitude), however, I’m not really bothered either way. I am interested in learning about what the potential benefits could be and what your thoughts are. I guess the BoT would need to introduce a policy and as teachers we’d need to manage it accordingly. I wouldn’t want staff or myself to be spending time on handing out uniforms etc… We’d be looking for a local retailer where parents/you could deal with directly. Lots of things to ponder!.

Diligence Award: Excellent manners during assembly RJ!
Speech: Well done Grace – two trophies for speech. Overall winner of the Year 5&6 Southland Speech Competition.
Classroom Awards: Well done Jess, McKenzie, Matthew, Mekka, Evin, Yuhasa, Jake, Chase, Malakai, Datsyn, Riley and Sam. Keep up the awesome work!

Kind Regards

Andrew Pardoe-Burnett

Other school notices

Room 1 - we have Discovery Time every Friday between 11.30pm to 12.30pm. During this time children paint, construct, build etc.

We would love some more adult assistance during this hour as it can get really busy for one or two people.

If you would like to help out, Mrs Day and the Room 1 students would be very grateful.

Thanks Tanya

Room 1 – We are needing a few 440ml tin cans. If you have any you don’t want, please send them along to school.

Keeping Ourselves Safe – meeting with Constable Marty after school on Wednesday 9th November. This is a great opportunity for new parents to find out more about this programme, what is taught and why, Constable Marty will also be helping teachers by teaching some aspects of the programme on the 14th, 15th and 16th of November.

DAIRY WOMENS NETWORK - "How is your calving going" The end is nearly in sight! Kick your gumboots off and join us for a chat at our next informal catch up in Mossburn Wednesday 21st September, 12pm - 1.30pm at the Dome Cafe&Bar. RSVP/Enquiries to Rebecca Dawkins 021 138 9580 or Julz Orr 027 478 
DAIRY WOMENS NETWORK  - "Relax and Revive"  Health and Well being event. Introduction to Yoga Class followed by refuelling with nutritious food/cooking demonstration (no cost).  Lumsden Hall Supper Room Monday 10 October 2016 11.30am-2pm RSVP/Enquiries to Rebecca Dawkins 021 138 9580 or Julz Orr 027 478 0148  

One for the Boys - Bushcraft day

Date: Wednesday 5th October, 2016 Venue: Meet at Resource Centre at 9.00am return 4.00pm

This is day course is aimed at a basic introduction to Bush Survival, applications are open for boys between the ages of 9-12 years (some flexibility around this age but depends on applicant)as spaces are limited please apply by post or email. Simply write a short story about your favourite outdoor activity eg (fishing, tramping etc) include your name, Age, Address and phone number and send/deliver to NSCRCCT  Hero Street, Lumsden or Email: Applications close Tuesday 27th September, 2016. Accepted applicants will be notified by email/phone and paperwork will be required to be completed/Handed in before the Bushcraft Day.


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