Attn: Please sign & fax back this order to confirm your purchase!

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ATTN:____________________________ Please sign & fax back this order to confirm your purchase!

Robinson Helicopter Shop Date: _______________________________________

215 W. Palm Ave. Ste., #101 Burbank, CA 91502 T2K Rep:__Mark

TEL 818-557-0903 FAX (866) 836-5725.

A Towards 2000 Inc Company

Order & Credit Card Authorization Form

Customer Name: ___________________

Description of Purchases:

Please Note!!! – International shipping is CHEAPEST by US POST usually by over 70% compared to UPS.Fedex. However US Post does not have good tracking and sometimes can take longer than they say. We ship by post unless you request otherwise, but we cannot be liable for delays or lost packages. However although some packages have taken a while – so far none have been lost!


Additional ship charges, residential delivery, liftgate, special handling etc will be charged to credit card Estimated Shipping:

Or Paypal – send to Taxes:

$0.00 if shipped out of CA

Credit Card 3% visa/MC/Amex/ Paypal Accounting Fee

(N/C for Cashier Ck or wire):

4% Outside U.S.


Visa Mastercard Discover Amex Check Wire Email Address: _____________________________

Card Number:_________________________________ Expiration Date:___________________ CV# _ _ _ _ *

*Important – we cannot process the card without the CV# (Credit Card Verification #) MC/Visa – last 3 #’s on back of card. Amex last 4 #’s on front of card

Name as on card:_____________________________Your Tel # ___________________Fax # ________________

Card Billing address:_________________________ Shipping Address:** ________________________See note Below!!

_____________________________ ___________________________

______________Zip ___________ _______________ Zip_______

**Please write the shipping address exactly as the label is to be written!!! Some foreign addresses are formatted different from ours!

* Must have Card Verification CodeBusiness orResidence Lift Gate Reqd
Additional charges authorized if address is determined to be a residential address or if shipper has to return for delivery or if a lift-gate is required.

I authorize the amount above to be charged to my credit card and I agree to pay the total amount according

to the card issuer agreement. If paying by other than Credit Card – I am confirming this order.

X________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________

FAX BACK TO (866) 836-5725 – Email Mark@T2K.Com

Shipping is estimated amount – actual cost may differ. Any additional ship charges will be charged to card separately.

If paying by check – please allow 7 days for funds to clear.

All orders to be paid prior to shipping.

Make checks payable to Towards 2000 - -

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