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Audio Story


Activity Preparation and Assignment

Determine the musical clips from your favorite songs and other sounds needed to create a CD audio story. The production should be at least 60 seconds long but not longer than 90 seconds. Create a project folder entitled [insert your name] music video to hold project and audio files.

Produce a favorite music clips CD using the following directions:

  1. Key the ideas for an audio story and have it approved by the instructor. (See Instructor’s Approval Form.)

  1. Determine 4 or 5 of your favorite audio tracks and other audio sounds to be used to portray the story. Do not use more than 15 continuous seconds from any sound track.

  1. Key in alphabetical order the reference information for music and sounds used in the audio story.

  1. Load only those 15-second clips from the songs of your favorite music and other sounds into the computer.

  1. Create an audio layer with short segments from your favorite CD tracks and other sounds.

  1. Use appropriate fade techniques to transition between tracks.

  1. Save as an audio file and export the file to the project folder.

  1. Copy the audio file to a CD (or other medium as directed by instructor).

  1. Submit a print screen of your timeline from the audio software.

  1. Submit reference information of all music and sounds used in the audio story.


Web sites (and/or key words to use for search):

Webmonkey Web sites

Converting and copying files

Key words: audio, video, CD burning, multimedia creation

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