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A list of websites for English (especially ESL) teachers and students

The order of the sections of this list:



BOOKS' FULL TEXT (downloadable)








SHAREWARE (downloadable)



AltaVista Advanced Search

Search engine for the WWW that enables searches that are more specific than those at other search engines

Google Advanced Search

Search engine for the WWW

Yahoo Advanced Search

Search engine for the WWW

Ask Jeeves

A WWW portal and search engine whose search text is a sentence (a question) typed by the user (rather than keywords and syntax)


Bare Bones 101: A Very Basic Web Search Tutorial

20 lessons in how to search the WWW, in­cluding Boolean syntax and tips on eight specific search engines

Beyond "Bare Bones"

Links to several Web-search tutorials that are more advanced than Bare Bones

Tutorial: Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet

Complete Planet's advanced tutorial in searching the WWW, including everything, divided into ten lessons that cover 48 topics, masterfully explained. On the homepage see the "Executive Summary: The Two-Minute Bottom Line" and the index of topics.

Tutorial: Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet: Topic 5: Sample Information Problem for this Tutorial

A tutorial in searching by keywords; this is how it starts:

"Jan is an office worker in downtown Minnea­polis. While on lunch break one fine Spring day, Jan's eye is caught by a flash in the sky above. Jan sees a bird about the size of a crow diving at high speed and catching in mid-air what appears to be a pigeon. The bird then swoops out of sight. Jan is captivated by the mostly gray and white bird, with the crooked black and yellow beak. Jan has never seen this bird before, and wonders what it is doing in the city. That night, Jan decides to find out more about this mystery bird on the Internet.

Where does Jan begin?"

After its introduction in Topic 5 (the quotation given immediately above), the sample prob­lem about the bird of prey is worked on in Topics 6-12, 19 and 20, in order to illustrate those topics' methods, which are:

Topic 6: Query Concepts: What, Where, When, How, Why

Topic 7: Breaking Down Your Query

Topic 8: Focus on Nouns and Objects

Topic 9: Word Stemming and Use of Wildcards

Topic 10: Finding the Right Level

Topic 11: Synonyms

Topic 12: Use of Phrases

Topic 19: Use of Parentheses

Topic 20: Combining Concepts for Power Searching

BOOKS' FULL TEXT (downloadable for free) Great Books Online

The digitized full text of thousands of books

Google Book Search

The scanned full text of thousands of books

Project Gutenberg

The digitized full text of thousands of books

University of Virginia Electronic Text Archive of English Language Resources

The digitized full text of thousands of books


The Idiom Dictionary

Look up definitions of idioms compiled from the Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms and the Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms.

English Dictionary

Look up definitions of words and phrases.

Hypertext Webster Gateway

Look up definitions of words and phrases.

Phrase Finder

A searchable dictionary of 3,000 phrases. Because it recognizes synonyms when it searches, it is also something like a thesau­rus.

An online dictionary, thesaurus and more

Merriam-Webster OnLine

An online dictionary, thesaurus and more

An online dictionary, thesaurus and more


Your Dictionary's lists of links to several categories of online dictionaries and related reference works; categories include English thesauri, monolingual dictionaries of several languages, bilingual and multi-lingual diction­aries of several languages, dictionaries that make audible the pronunciation of several languages' words, multi-lingual translators of sentences supplied by the user, corpora (large archives of samples of prose and transcripts of spoken language- collected for the purpose of linguistic research), and English dictionaries of synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, acronyms, phrases, quotations, cliches and rhymes; also a list of links to indexes of specialized dictionaries and glos­saries


This site makes each word on any webpage into a link, so you can look up the definition of any word there by clicking on it.

Dictionaries: Standard

AltaVista's links to 25 online dictionaries

Dictionaries: Subject

Yahoo's links to online dictionaries of specific fields of interest

Dictionaries: Slang

Yahoo's links to online slang dictionaries

Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus

A guided tour of the Visual Thesaurus, which is an animated layout of 50,000 English words and 40,000 English phrases collected into more than 70,000 sense meanings, displayed in charts that show how groups of words are related to each other semantically and syn­tactically. Clicking on any word or phrase makes it become the center of a new chart, changing the visual relationships throughout the chart. The Visual Thesaurus itself can no longer be used for free and is now available only by online subscription and CD-ROM.

Phraseological Dictionaries

A bibliography of printed dictionaries of phrases, collocations, idioms or proverbs, including seventy dictionaries that are Eng­lish-English or English bilingual

The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs & Body Language Cues

With illustrations


Links on English as a Second Language

A list of links to lists of links for ESL

Internet Teaching ESL Journal: TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links

The Internet TESL Journal's 12,000 links, which are searchable by keyword and classified under 42 headings for students and 50 headings for teachers.

--Here are the headings for students:

Selected Links for Students (A short list of good places to start), Bilingual (Pages in 2 Languages), Culture, Daily Study, Dialogs, Dictionaries and Reference Materials, Games, Crossword Puzzles, Crossword Puzzles Requiring Frames, Games Requiring Flash or Shockwave, Games Requiring Java, Games Requiring JavaScript, Hangman, Grammar and English Usage, Help, Idioms and Slang, Internet, Listening, Downloadable MP3 Files, Podcasts, Online Textbooks, Penpals and Communicating with Others , Pronunciation, Tongue Twisters, Quizzes, Self-Study Quizzes, Javascript, CGI, Quizzes with Sound, Requiring Flash or Shockwave, Trivia, Hot Potatoes, Others, Reading, Speaking, Spelling, Student Projects, Tests, Travel, Treasure Hunts, Writing

--Here are the headings for teachers:

Selected Links for Teachers (A short list of good places to start), Articles, Associations, Bilingual Education, Book Reviews, Book Stores, Business English, CALL, Commercial Sites, Conference Presentations, Conferences, Discussion, Mailing Lists & Bulletin Boards, ESP, Education in General, English in General, Grammar, Handouts for Classroom Use, Humor, Internet (CGI, Dealing with Junk Mail, Free Email Accounts, Free Things for Your Web Page, Free Web Pages, Javascript, Making Your First Web Page, Teaching with the Web,Using the Internet, Web Authoring), Jobs, Journals on Paper, Journals on the Web, Lesson Preparation Tools, Lessons, Linguistics, Link Collections, Literacy, Newsletters, Personal Pages of ESL Teachers, Poetry, Pronunciation, Publishers, Raw Materials for Lessons, Reading, Schools for ESL, Schools Offering TESL Training, Services, Software, Songs, Lyrics, Teaching Techniques, Teaching Tips and Ideas, Testing, Vocabulary, Web Links, Weblogs of ESL Teachers, Websites Requiring Registration, Writing

ELT Web: English Language Teaching Resources on the Web

1,700 links, searchable and classified under 75 headings. Here are those headings and the number of links under each:

Articles 25, Audio archives 3, Bilingual Education 12, Bookstores 38, Business English 62, CALL 11, Cassettes and Videos 6, Clip-art 11, Conferences and Tradefairs 10, Dictionaries 22, Disabilities 10, Discussion Forums 21, Distributors 12, Drama 4, ELT Portals 17, ESP 5 , Elearning 18, Encyclopedias 4 , Financial Aid 6 , Flash Cards 5, Games 19 , Grammar 20, Holidays 1, Homestay 11, Idioms 5, Immigration 31, Jobs 95, Kids 13 , Language Labs 3 , Language Travel Agents 99, Lesson Plans and Exercises 24, Libraries 3, Linguistics 2, Listening and Speaking 5, Literacy 3, Literature 2, Localization services 13, Magazines 23, Meeting Teachers 2, Movies and Screenplays 5, Multicultural Issues 3, Music 7, News 5, Official Institutions 2, Online Books 2, Online Courses 26, Other languages 57, Personal Pages 21, Phonics 4, Poetry 6, Private Tutors 20, Pronunciation 3, Publishers 36, Quizzes 4, Quotations 1, Reading 4, Regional 61, School Accreditation 6, Schools 307, Short stories and fables 4, Slang 16, Software 49, Student Associations 2, Student Projects 12, Teacher Associations 21, Teacher Guides 11, Teacher Training 173, Tests 27, Tongue Twisters 1, Translation 58, Travel 1, VSO 2, Vocabulary 10, Word lists 3, Writing 9

Activities for ESL/EFL students

The Internet TESL Journal's links to online ESL lessons

The TESL/FL Gopher

gopher:// Specific Gophers/teslfl

A large archive of articles and materials for ESL teachers

From Macmillan Publishers Ltd, a searchable site for students and teachers with lessons, games, articles, a teachers' forum and other features

Alta Book Center

The catalog of one of the two largest dis­tributors of ESL products, searchable by about forty subject categories

Delta Systems Co.

The catalog of one of the two largest dis­tributors of ESL products, searchable by about twenty subject categories

Dave's ESL Cafe

For teachers and students of ESL

Language Fun Farm

For teachers and students of ESL

The Linguistic Funland TESL Page

For teachers and students of ESL


The online ESL resources of the University of Illinois

Virtual C.A.L.L. Library

Computer-Aided-Language-Learning software, downloadable here; not only English

TESOL Online!

The website of TESOL, Inc., the worldwide association of ESL teachers


The webpage of the TESOL-CALL interest section

TESOL C.A.L.L.-I.S. Software List

A very large bibliography of commercial and non-commercial ESL-teaching software


Free ESL software gathered by CALL-IS of TESOL, downloadable here

CELIA Mac Listings

Blurbs on (and links to, for downloading) the Macintosh section of the free software gath­ered by CALL-IS of TESOL

Free English

Lessons, tests, games, TOEFL and TOEIC prep and orderable products (for free and for sale) for ESL students and teachers. A user can choose any of 17 languages (including English) as the language used for instruction



A list of links to 45 sites that have audio for ESL.

Repeat after Us: Links

Annotated links to ESL websites, many with audio, and other websites of interest to English teachers

Chris Fry's Listening Links­fry/listen.htm

Annotated links to audio ESL websites

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Audio recordings of dialogs, stories and speeches with companion transcripts and self-scoring text exercises

Voice of America's "Special English" archive

Transcripts of broadcasts for an international audience (in sentences that are shorter than is normal), some accompanied by the transcript's audio or video (spoken at about two-thirds of the normal speed)

Voice of America's "American Stories"

Text and audio of (someone reading) a fictional story whose English has been simplified for an international audience

The English Listening Lounge

Audio recordings of monologs with companion transcripts, questions and answers

Focus English

Audio recordings of very short dialogs with companion questions, transcripts and ver­sions of the transcripts that call for text-completion

The video and audio of trailers from 60 popu­lar movies, with cloze slots in the transcript and multiple-choice questions for recall of key words.

Learn English (a website of the British Coun­cil)­rent_frame.html

Audio and text of poems that were selected for advanced ESL

In the left frame, select STORIES AND PO­EMS. Then, in the main frame, under the heading POEMS, select LOTS MORE POEMS. Under any poem's heading, select the arrow (on the left) that points to the right. Then select the icon of an audio speaker.

Learning English (a website of the BBC)­genglish/index.shtml

Includes these eight departments: News English, Business English, Watch and Listen, Grammar and Vocabulary, Communicate, Quizzes, Teachers, English by Radio

Learning English-- Watch and Listen (BBC)

Audio, video and interactive exercises.

Most of the audio is transcribed.

In the following list of webpages, the first one and the last three are about music and include audio of music.

In this list, the upper-case phrases and each one's note are the links at the "Watch and Listen" website.

TOP OF THE POPS >> Video clips and vocabulary from the UK pop music charts--Songs archive--Watch some recent hits

BEYOND THE POSTCARD >> Audio and video exercises from around Britain--Towns and cities-- Choose a place to visit

PRONUNCIATION TIPS >> Six tips on pro­nunciation problems

WELCOME TO LONDON >> Discover London through audio and interactive exercises

VIDEO NATION >> Video diaries by people living in Britain with interactive exercises

RETRO ENGLISH >> Pop music and news from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s

THE SINGER AND THE SONG >> Meet fa­mous singer-songwriters and learn their lyrics

MUSIC DIRECTORY >> A guide to musical styles and genres

Video Nation (BBC)­dex.shtml

Videos (lasting about two minutes) of ten unfamous British people talking about their life, with transcripts and ESL exercises. The current group of ten people stays online for some number of days or weeks before being replaced by the next group.

An archive of thousands of such videos, indexed by topic and theme, but without exercises or a transcript, is at the page .

Repeat after Us: Your Online Library and Language Lab

Audio and/or text of poems, stories, non-fiction prose, nursery rhymes, drama and memorable quotes.

Audio for 1,569 of the 7,128 texts.

Audio of L. Frank Baum's novel THE WIZARD OF OZ and 58 of Aesop's fables.

779 authors and 142 audio readers.

Lists of the audio recordings (by author and title, which are links), classified by genre, are at the page . Near the top of that page, see the pull-down menu whose default display is "poetry."

The list of authors is at the page .

Shaggy Dog Stories and Other mp3 Record­ings for English Learners

Audio of ten humorous stories between 1 & 2 minutes long, without exercises or text; from the magazine English Teaching Forum

Listening Activities­ing.html

Audio ESL exercises

ESL audio dialogs

Ten hours of ESL lesson dialogs, produced by me (David Maisel, compiler of this list of websites). Most of the dialogs are about one or two minutes long. The companion text exercises are available from me on paper but not yet online.



American Rhetoric

Transcripts of thousands of speeches by politicians, activists, preachers, lawyers, celebrities and actors, about half of them accompanied by their audio.

The speeches by actors are dramatic scenes from movies. The video of about a third of those scenes (one out of three of those movie scenes) is included.

--Among the movie actors: Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Orson Welles, Robert Duvall, Cate Blanchett, Anthony Hopkins, James Earl Jones, John Travolta, Russel Crowe, Oliver Reed, Kenneth Branagh, Spencer Tracy, Kathryn Hepburn, Morgan Freeman, Joseph Fiennes, Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, Pat O’Brien, Michael Douglas, George C. Scott, Gene Hackman, Robin Williams.

--Among the speakers: Babe Ruth, Billy Graham, Aldous Huxley, Bono, Douglas MacArthur, Condoleezza Rice, Billy Sunday, William Faulkner, C.S. Lewis, T.D. Jakes, Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Noam Chomsky, Malcolm X, Ralph Nader, Rush Limbaugh, Umberto Eco, Huey Long, William Jennings Bryan.

In order to view the videos of speeches by movie actors, you need either Windows Media Player (whose versions for a Macintosh or a Windows computer can be downloaded for free) or a program that enables a Macintosh to open the files of Windows Media Player (.wmv files). Two such programs that can be downloaded for free are Mplayer and VLC. Any of those programs can be downloaded from and .

Ask the Dream Doctor

It's a radio call-in show not intended for ESL. Callers narrate a dream they recently had. The audio clip of each of 220 dreams lasts 3 or 4 minutes: first, the caller's narration and then the dialog (interpreting the dream) between the caller and the radio show's host. The word "doctor" in the show's name is used loosely.

There are two sources of dreams:

--In the upper right corner, there is a list of eight categories of dreams, each one a different color. Most of the stories and interpretations that can be found there are text (not audio).

--At the stories and interpretations are only audio.

Audio Bible Online

The King James Version, read by Alexander Scourby in 72 hours. Each link delivers the audio and text of another chapter of the Bible. The English isn't contemporary, but many ESL students are intimately familiar with the material in their native language.


Pronunciation Power

(The extra E in that URL isn’t a mistake.)

Demo versions of (and a downloadable subscription to) software products that teach an American English accent.

The full version of Pronunciation Power (which has about 200 hours of exercises, most of them with audio) is installed in one computer in the technology lab of the Professional Education Division, which is on the fourth floor of the 22 Building. That computer is the one that is closest to the door. The path is as follows.

the desktop: F44 Faculty Drop Boxes folder: General Education Applications folder: Pronunciation Power.

Sounds English: Macintosh Software for English Language Learners/Teachers: Pronunciation

Macintosh shareware and freeware programs for ESL pronunciation, downloadable here

English Pronunciation

Interactive exercises, drills and quizzes that teach production of English consonant sounds and two vowel sounds; has audio

American English Pronunciation

A web-page of exercises, drills, stories and quizzes that teach production of English vowel sounds, the sounds of past and plural suffixes and reduced forms; has audio

Sounds of English

A webpage that shows diagrams of the shape that the mouth and throat become as they pronounce each English consonant and vowel sound; has audio

Common Pronunciation Problems for Cantonese Speakers

A web-page for speakers of Cantonese Chinese that teaches production of English consonant and vowel sounds; only readable (no interactive exercises and no audio)

Let's Study Pronunciation

A web-page of interactive drills and quizzes that teach production of English consonant and vowel sounds to Japanese people; has audio

This page ("Let's Study Pronunciation") isn't accessible today (March 23, 2001), but it was accessible two months ago. It was created by Yasuko Fukuda, Shizuoka University, Japan, who might be findable through


A web-page of quizzes that teach Korean people the production of English consonant sounds, vowel sounds and sentence stress; has audio

Fonetica del Ingles

A web-page for speakers of Spanish that teaches production of English consonant sounds; only readable (no interactive exercises and no audio)


The OWL at Purdue

Tutorials for college writing

Writing Resources

Links to grammar and style guides

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Includes self-quizzes

Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies

Definitions and examples of 52 types of logical fallacies grouped into 13 categories

Writing Prompts/Journal Topics

300 questions, categorized, that can each elicit an essay from young students; many useable also with college students


The Human-Languages Page

This site has 2,000 links, which are searchable by keyword. They include research, online language lessons, translating dictionaries, native literature, translation services, software, language schools, products and jobs.

Languages and Linguistics

This site has 70 links, including a Shakespeare glossary.



An index of newslists for linguists

Corpus Linguistics

Links to archives of samples of English (millions of words of prose and transcribed speech) and information on how these corpora are used for research

Linguistics Glossary

A definition of each of 989 linguistics terms, half of them not listed in unabridged dictionaries, is given with contextual examples, references to related terms that are other entries in the glossary and bibliographic citations. The glossary's section of English conventional metaphor types (135 types) opens the doors to 135 ways of thinking that we aren't usually aware are at work within us.

Compiled by the Summer Institute of Linguistics.


AMG All Music Guide

Useful for finding out about CDs and musicians


Whistle, hum or play one line of a tune to find its title and music. The website's instructions can be displayed in Chinese, English, French or German.

Music You Should Hear

Look up a musician to see a list of albums (by different musicians) that s/he recommends and his/her description of each one.

Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music

Look up a musician or album to see comments by fans. Look up fans of musicians whom you like to see what other musicians (whom you haven't yet discovered) they like.

Lyrics sites

Links to lyrics sites

Lyrics sites

Yahoo's links to lyrics sites

Lyrics sites

The Internet TESL Journal's links to lyrics sites

Digital Tradition Folksong Database

Lyrics of 8,000 English-language folksongs, audible tunes of half of them

The Folk File

A dictionary or small encyclopedia of folk music

Ceolas Celtic music archive

Album reviews, radio shows, audible tunes, instruments, musicians, concerts, dance, etc.

Music For Robin

Folk and Celtic music resources and concerts in Greater Boston

F.J. Child Ballads

Audio (midi files) and lyrics text of 82 of the 305 old English ballads collected and published by Prof. Francis James Child of Harvard during the 19th century

Southern Mosaic: The Lomax Collection of the Library of Congress

Audio of ballads, blues, children's songs, cowboy songs, fiddle tunes, field hollers, lullabies, play-party songs, religious dramas, spirituals and work songs.

The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip Collection is at the American Memory website of the Library of Congress. The collection includes audio of 686 folksongs recorded in the field (about 100 of them in Spanish), hundreds of pages of fieldnotes and commentary on the songs and the singers and hundreds of photographs. The music scores aren’t given. A carefully transcribed lyrics text is given for 37 of the songs, and approximate transcripts of the lyrics of hundreds of other songs are given in the fieldnotes. (The link to the fieldnotes is near the lower left corner of the home page). During their 6,502-mile expedition through eight Southern states, Mr. and Mrs. Lomax recorded more than 300 white and black singers in schools, churches, prisons and homes. Many of the singers are talented and some accompany themselves on guitar, fiddle, banjo, piano or harmonica.

The Max Hunter Folk Song Collection

Audio recording and lyrics text of 1,600 folksongs sung by amateur singers; music score of about half those songs.

The recordings were made in the field, in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and Arkansas, 1956-1976. The singing is solo and without instrumental accompaniment, except for some of the songs. Of the 294 singers, all of the ones I’ve heard sound white and most of them sound elderly.

World's Largest Catalog of Music

A marketplace where thousands of stores and dealers around the world offer their new and used CDs, LPs and other music merchandise

Learning English through music

Tips for ESL teachers about using songs in general and what language lessons can be taught from some specific songs

Songs Page

Global English Teaching's tips for using songs in ESL

Adams' New Musical Dictionary [from the year 1865]

Google's scan of the full text of this 271-page book, whose subtitle is "Fifteen thousand technical words, phrases, abbreviations, initials, and signs employed in musical and rhythmical art and science in nearly fifty ancient and modern languages"

CHOL-- Dacom Multimedia Internet (Korea)

Lyrics of several hundred English pop songs with Korean translations of about half of them


Version Tracker

Free Macintosh and Windows software, downloadable here


Free Macintosh and Windows software, downloadable here

Shareware, Mac

Free Macintosh software, downloadable here



Instructions for about 50,000 processes which are neatly categorized and sub-categorized for easy finding, including how to: reheat pasta, improve your memory, organize research notes, train your dog, treat bad breath, use Windows files and disks on a Macintosh, gain the respect of your professors, establish a writing schedule for your romance novel, return merchandise after the store's return date, reduce your chances of a heart attack, change your oil, ask someone to forgive you, decide what to highlight while reading, meet more women, cite sources in a research paper, know if someone is lying, avoid plagiarism in a research paper, stop a snowboard with your toes, get rid of a housemate you don't like, read a poem, be considered for a Nobel prize, write a villanelle, get along nicely with your relatives at holiday times


This is a machine that plays the 20 Questions game and wins.

First, you think of any item (e.g., a stapler, the moon, homework, a lawyer). It can be any item from your own imagination-- not from a list that you are shown by the machine. Then you click the answer to about 20 or 25 yes-or-no questions that the machine asks you about that item. Then the machine guesses what item you imagined. It usually guesses correctly.

One example: When I played, the machine correctly guessed "a drum kit" without having asked any questions that mentioned music, entertainment, sound, noise, vibration, hitting or any other wording of those concepts. The questions that it asked were about shapes, sizes, colors, weights, source materials, locations and times. The machine's ability to read your mind can scare you.

On most days, two extra editions of the game appear at the website's homepage: one for the world of SPORTS and one for the world of MUSIC.

The game can be played in twelve European languages and Chinese.

The Internet Movie Database

The results of your search here are a list of movies, found among the more than 100,000 movies that are in the database. Clicking on the title of a movie then displays a page that has links to everything that you could want to know about that movie, including many published reviews of the movie.

To see a list of movies that would interest you, you can type a word or name and select for it the appropriate search criterion, e.g., title of movie, name of character (in the story of a movie), name of person (actor, director, filmscorer, any technician who was listed in the credits at the end of a film) or some other search criterion.

Selecting "Browse" in the second row of menus at the top of the page and then selecting "Films and More" (in the "Browse" page) lets you find movies according to their genre, what song was heard in a movie, what award was won by a movie (e.g., an Academy Award or a film festival's award), what country a movie came from, what language is spoken in a movie, etc. etc.

The most useful feature of the website is its "Plot" search criterion, which lets you find movies that you never heard about that fit your interests, i.e., the interests that are identified by any keywords that you type in the Search box. When you search according to "Plot," the word that you type is searched for in the summaries of the plots (i.e., the stories) of all the movies. Because the summaries are short (about a hundred words), the "Plot" keyword that you type will probably be relevant to the story of the movie. For example, if you type "drummer," the search's list of results (i.e., movie titles) probably won't include a movie in which a character went to a band's performance and happened to enjoy hearing a drummer playing for 25 seconds-- because this incidental detail (and the word: "drummer") wouldn't be included in a 100-word summary of the plot. This drumming scene (and the word: "drummer") might be included in a 700-word version of the plot, but the website's plot summaries aren't that long; so, the list of results that the search delivers to you won't include such a ("non-drummer") movie. If you type a word such as "drummer," "baseball," "Venice," "heartbreak," "suicide," "injustice," "grammar," "Arab," "Shakespeare" or "fishing," this topic will probably be one of the movie's topics.

The "Plot" search criterion is located in the main list of search criteria that I mentioned above: title of movie, name of character, name of person, etc.

Writers' Resources

Links to diverse websites, such as ones for freelancing, genres, tips on writing better, software for writing fiction, copyright, literary agents, workshops, writers chat groups


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