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Sport doping
Episode 21

7th august 2012

Learning Area

Health and Physical Education

Key learning

Students will learn about what performance enhancing drugs are and why some athletes take them.

ocus Questions

  1. Describe the controversy around Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwan’s performance at the London Olympics.

  2. Have any Chinese athletes tested positive to performance enhancing drugs at these Olympics?

  3. What do steroids do?

  4. Has drug use in sport always been banned? Explain your answer.

  5. What did the winner of the 1904 marathon use?

  6. In which decade did they start testing for performance enhancing drugs?
  7. Who will be tested at the London Olympics?

  8. Why do athletes need to be careful about what they consume in the lead up to the Games?

  9. What did the Chinese Olympic team avoid eating and why?

  10. Why do some athletes take drugs to improve their performance?

Sport doping

What’s your opinion about drug use in sport?
Hold a class discussion to find out what students thoughts and opinions are about athletes and sportspeople using performance enhancing drugs. Record their responses.

Ask students to find the answers to the following questions:

  • What is a performance enhancing drug?

  • Why do some athletes take performance enhancing drugs?

  • Find two examples of a banned substance. How does the drug help the athlete’s performance?

  • How are athletes and sportspeople drug tested?

  • What are the consequences for taking drugs?

  • What do you think the consequences should be?

  • What other ways do athletes and sportspeople improve or enhance their performance (equipment, diet, special training - eg altitude training).

  • Do you think it’s possible to stop athletes taking performance enhancing drugs?

Students can present their responses to the questions in one of the following ways:

Brochure using Publisher

Speech/oral presentation

Short film using Movie Maker or Photo Story

Or create an online poster promoting drug free sport using Glogster
Hold another class discussion to find out whether students have changed their opinion about athletes using performance enhancing drugs.

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