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Episode 23

23rd August 2016

eacher Resource

Writing Club

Students will explore the Book Week 2016 theme and respond to a book of their choice.

English – Year 4

Discuss how authors and illustrators make stories exciting, moving and absorbing and hold readers’ interest by using various techniques, for example character development and plot tension (ACELT1605)
English – Year 5

Create literary texts that experiment with structures, ideas and features of selected authors (ACELT1798)

English – Year 6

Identify, describe, and discuss similarities and differences between texts, including those by the same author or illustrator, and evaluate characteristics that define an author’s individual style (ACELT1616)

Analyse strategies authors use to influence readers (ACELY1801)
English – Year 7

Create literary texts that adapt features encountered in other texts, for example, narrative viewpoint, structure of stanzas, contrast and juxtaposition (ACELT1625)
Experiment with text structures and language features and their effects in creating literary texts, for example, using rhythm, sound effects, monologue, layout, navigation and colour (ACELT1805)

  1. Briefly explain what the students in the BtN story are doing.

  2. Why was the writing club started at the school?

  3. What sorts of stories do the students write?

  4. Why do the students like writing?

  5. How has being a part of a writing club helped some students?

  6. Every year the writing group go on a camp. What was the theme of the camp this year?

  7. The students’ work has been published. True or false?

  8. What are the benefits of having a writing club at school?

  9. What did you learn watching this story?

  10. What sorts of stories do you like to read or write?

Negotiate with students how many activities they complete from each section.

Remember and understand

  • Discuss the BtN Writing Club story with another student and record the main points. Discuss the idea of starting a writing club at your school.

  • The Book Week 2016 theme is Australia: Story Country. What do you think that means?

    • Why do we celebrate Book Week?

    • Do you think stories are important? Give reasons for your answer.

  • Do you like listening to stories or are you a storyteller? Brainstorm a list of skills storytellers and listeners need.

  • Brainstorm a list of Australian stories you know. What makes a story Australian?

Apply and analyse

  • Choose a book that you have read this year or a book that has been shortlisted for this year’s Book of the Year awards then write your own book review.

    • Write a concise description of the plot.

    • Who are the main characters in the book?

    • What are the themes in the book?

    • What did you like or dislike about the book?

    • Would you recommend the book to other kids your age? Why or why not?

    • Include an illustration with your review. It could be a sketch of the front cover or one of the characters from the story.
    • Write a letter to the author of the book explaining your views on the book and asking any questions you have about the book.

  • Choose and explore two stories written by the same author. Compare these stories and find similarities and differences.

  • Choose an Australian story to retell. Think of different ways to retell the story. Here are some suggestions:

    • Create a cartoon or comic strip telling the story.

    • Retell the story or part of the story using props.

    • Re-enact part of the story with a group of friends.

    • Create an artwork that represents an important part of the story.

Evaluate and create

  • Write a story! Encourage students to use their imagination and use one of the story starters to write a creative short story.

    • Visit the Scholastic Story Starter website to help with this activity. Explore the themes of Adventure, Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Or choose Scrambler, for random word combinations. The story starters give ideas for character, plot and setting. Choose to use the notebook, letter, newspaper or postcard templates for your writing. Write the story on your own or with other students taking turns to each write a part of the story.

  • The students from Newtown Public School, along with their student film crew, created a video based on the Book Week 2016 theme – Australia: Story Country. Watch their video and answer the following questions:
    • How does the video reflect the theme of Book Week 2016?

    • What techniques did they use to tell their stories?

    • Create your own video based on the Book Week theme and share it with other students in your school.

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