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Episode 21

9th August 2016

uestions for discussion

Census Stats

  1. Discuss the BtN Census Stats story as a class and record the main points of the discussion.

  2. How often is the census held?

  3. Every ________________gets a census form.

  4. The census is not compulsory. True or false?

  5. What sort of information does the census collect?

  6. What is the census data used for?

  7. How was the information collected at the last census used?

  8. Why is it important to fill out the census properly?

  9. What are some of the privacy concerns people have?

  10. What do you understand more clearly since watching the Census Stats story?

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Olympic History

  1. Before you watch the BtN story, record what you know about the Olympic Games.

  2. When were the first Olympic Games held?

  3. Which god were the Olympic Games dedicated to?

  4. The only people who could compete were...

  5. Give an example of a sport included in the ancient Olympics.

  6. There was only one winner of the ancient Olympics. True or false?

  7. What did the winner receive?

  8. In which year was the first modern Olympic Games held?

  9. How are the ancient and modern Olympics similar?
  10. Name three facts you learnt watching the BtN Olympic History story.

Check out the Olympic History resource on the Teachers page

Coordinate Changes

  1. Discuss the BtN Coordinate Changes story in pairs and record the main points of your discussion.

  2. About how many centimetres a year is Australia moving?

  3. What is the top layer of the earth called?

  4. What are tectonic plates?

  5. Tectonic plates float on top of a layer of hot molten rock called the _________________.

  6. Maps and GPS use sets of coordinates called...

  7. How much are Australia’s latitude and longitude coordinates out by?

  8. Why do scientists say it’s a problem?

  9. Give an example of something that relies on GPS.

  10. What did you learn watching the BtN story?

Check out the Coordinate Changes resource on the Teachers page

  1. Briefly summarise the BtN Left-handed story.

  2. Around one in every ______ people is left-handed.

  3. No one really knows why left-handed people are actually left-handed. True or false?

  4. Almost all of which animals are left-handed?

  5. What is another name for a left-handed person?

  6. In the old days, left-handed people were considered to be what?

  7. In the past, what were left-handed people forced to do?

  8. What are the disadvantages of being left-handed?

  9. An advantage of being left-handed is...

  10. What was surprising about this story?

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App Creator

  1. What was the main point of the story?

  2. Hamish creates apps about...

  3. What condition does Hamish have?

  4. Who is the main character in Hamish’s apps?

  5. Triple T has ASD. What is that?

  6. What does his environmental app focus on?

  7. Where was Hamish invited to recently?

  8. What did Hamish do on his trip to the United States?

  9. What question would you like to ask Hamish?

  10. What did you like about the App Creator story?

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