Austin Chamber of Commerce P. O. Box 212

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Austin Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 212

Austin NV 89310

E-mail :


March 6 , 2017


Board Members present

Frank Whitman, Ray Williams Jr, Dee Helming, Kara Lenox, Philip Williams Charlie Vaughn

Board Members absent: Roxie Miller,
Members present

Patsy Waits

Guests: none
Open Meeting: 10:00 am
Pledge of Allegiance: Led by Charlie Vaughn.
Public comment for items not covered on the agenda:

The American Pickers are looking into coming to central Nevada. Anyone interested please contact Paula Tomera in Battle Mountain.

Approval of the Agenda

Moved by Frank Whitman, 2nd by Ray Williams motion carried.

Approval of Jan & Feb Minutes

Tabled until next meeting due to missing items and not complete.

Present Financial report for Feb/mar, 2017approval

Moved by Ray Williams , seconded by Kara Lenox , motion carried

New Bills Payment/Approval:

Pre approval for Band for Car show, Ray Williams 2nd by Kara Lenox, motion carried.

Office Report:

Corrie tendered her resignation letter effective today, Monday March 6. Moved by Ray Williams, seconded by Philip Williams to accept her letter, motion carried.

Corrie reported that she went ot the Elko expo with Paula Tomera nd handed out Austin info. There were 7 info requests, 9 phone calls and 3 packets sent out.

Travelers insurance did a yearly online audit.

Overview of Correspondence:

Good Sam club sent a request for update on listings for Austin.

There was a nice story in Nevada Mag about Larry Freidman and he referred to Jan Morrison as a noteable Nevadan for her work on the Catholic Church.
Scoping letters from USFS & BLM:

BLM working on grazing allotments in the Argenta.

The EA came out on 3 bars Gold by Eureka.
Committee reports:

Website down temporarily, Bruce is looking into finding the issues, but it back up.


Next meeting at Rural roundup in April, in Elko.

Austin Planning:.

Need to keep their feet to the fire, call Keith and keep pushing. Moved by Ray Williams, seconded by Kara Lenox, for Charlie will write a letter to the County about this, motion carried.

Broadband Committee:

This can be removed from the agenda, not much else to report.

Food Bank:

21 families and 52 people helped out this month.

Geothermal updates:

First phase of construction is done at Tungsten. Antelope plant is a go. McGuiness 3 is the next in line for Construction.

New Marketing ideas: none
Vets Memorial:

Ray Williams showed several ideas for the Memorial Statue, and it was suggested to put it down at the Visitors Center. Motion to be in support of the kneeling Soldier and placing it on the bank at the Visitors Center, moved by Frank Whitman, seconded by Kara Lenox, motion carried.


Billboard at Middlegate: Corrie had mentioned that she was putting in for a grant with Lander County C & T$2700.00.

Executive meeting:

Dee Helming made up a list of Chamber office Duties, and it was reviewed by the Board. Since Corrie tendered her resignation, this is no longer under discussion for now. The list will be given to the next employee.


Car Show: letters are out, working on insurance and permits, things are moving along.
Gridley Days

The Son’s of the Cvivil War are already booked for this year on the 4th, this is tabled for now.

Trappers Association

Frank Whitman will hear from them after the fur sale

Bike Trail Maintenance

No go this year due to government hiring freeze, but still on the three year plan.

Tent Repairs:

Dee Helming volunteered to take it to town with her to see about getting the corners stitched….this is still the plan.


All grants are turned in;

Lander County 14000.00

Lander County C & T.Grants applied for :

Gridley Days-$1500.00

Wine Walk-2500.

Car Show- 2500.


Travel Nevada Grants due buy April 21, 2017.
Audit: Still looking, suggested Julie Mills or Grace Kemp.
Street Banners: Still working with Kitty Nash on this one.

Austin Beautification fund/Community signs:

Corrie is still working on painting signs for Charlie Vaughn and Frank Whitman and will move the sign to Reese River as soon as the ground thaws.

For the Good of the Community and area:
Need to put out an ad for a new employee and post it immediately in the Post Office.
Public Comment for any item not covered on the agenda:
Ray Williams reports that Nevada Mag did an interview with Jenni on Rural restaurants on Highway 50

The owner of the Calico Club has left Battle Mountain and the new owners has opened it up illegally, they didn’t get the

Proper permit from the County.

The owner of the Calico Club has left Battle Mountain and the new owners has opened it up illegally, they didn’t get the

Proper permit from the County.

Next agenda:

Hiring new employee
Adjournment of Meeting: @ 11:47 pm motioned by Frank Whitman and 2nd by Kara Lenox motion carried
Signed ____________________

Dee Helming

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