Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation (aipd) Delivery Strategy 2010 2015 Contents

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Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation (AIPD)

Delivery Strategy
2010 - 2015


Acronyms and glossary i

Map of Eastern Indonesia and basic data iii

Executive summary iv

1 Introduction 1

1.1 Background 1

1.2 AIPD preparation steps 1

2 Situation analysis 3

2.1 Decentralisation policy and democratisation 3

2.2 Decentralisation and improved service delivery 4

2.2.1 Overview 4

2.2.2 Supply side issues and challenges 6

2.2.3 Demand side issues and challenges 9

2.2.4 Knowledge management 11

2.2.5 ‘Other’ factors 12

2.3 Decentralisation and improved Public Financial Management 14

2.4 Key stakeholders 17

2.5 Scope and coherence of donor support 19

2.5.1 GOA policy and programs 19

2.5.2 Other agencies/donors 20

2.6 Summary of lessons learned 20

2.6.1 ANTARA 21

2.6.2 Technical Assistance 22

3 Scope of AIPD support 23

3.1 Guiding principles 23

3.2 Duration, geographic coverage and phasing 23

3.3 Overview of strategy objectives and structure 25

3.4 Vision of success 27

3.5 Differentiating the scope of support at different levels of government 27

3.6 Description of outputs and indicative activities 28

3.7 Addressing gender equality 40

4 Implementation arrangements 42

4.1 Overall governance and coordination 42

4.2 Management of implementation 43

4.3 Financing arrangements 43

4.4 Performance monitoring and evaluation 44

5 Risks and sustainability 48

5.1 Risks and risk management 48

5.2 Sustainability 50

Annexes 52

A1 – Design team scope of services 53

A2 – Working paper on decentralisation and PFM 55

A3 – Working paper on knowledge management and communication 82

A4 – Working paper on monitoring and evaluation 99

Acronyms and glossary

ADB Asian Development Bank

ACCESS Australian Community Development and Civil Society Strengthening Scheme

ADS Australian Development Scholarships

AG Advisory Group

AIBEP Australia Indonesia Basic Education Program

AIPEG Australia Indonesia Partnership for Economic Governance

AIPD Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation

AIPMNH Australia Indonesia Partnership for Maternal and Neonatal Health

AJI Association of Indonesian Journalists – Asosiasi Jurnalis Indonesia

ALA Australian Leadership Awards

ANTARA Australia Nusa Tenggara Assistance for Regional Autonomy

APBN GOI National Budget – Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara

Askeskin Insurance scheme for the poor – Asuransi Kesehatan Miskin

BaKTI Eastern Indonesia Knowledge Exchange – Bursa Pengetahuan Kawasan Indonesia Timur

Bappeda Provincial Development and Planning Agency – Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Daerah

Bappenas National Development Planning Agency – Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional

BPK State Audit Agency – Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan

National Statistics Bureau –Biro Pusat Statistik

Bupati Head of District

CDD Community Driven Development

CIDA Canadian International Development Agency

CRC Citizen Report Cards

CSO Civil Society Organisation

DAK Special Allocation Funds – Dana Alokasi Khusus

DAU General Allocation Funds – Dana Alokasi Umum

DfID Department for International Development

DGFB Directorate General for Fiscal Balance – Direktorat Jendral Perimbangan Keuangan

DIALOG Delivery Improvement and Local Governance project

DPRD Provincial / District Parliament – Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah

DSF Decentralisation Support Facility

EA Evaluability Assessment

GOA Government of Australia

GOI Government of Indonesia

GR Government Regulation

IDR Indonesian Rupiah

KKD Financial Training Courses – Kursus Keuangan Daerah

KEQ Key Evaluation Questions

LG Local Government

LKD Regional Financial Training – Latihan Keuangan Daerah

LOGICA Local Government and Community Infrastructure in Aceh

M&E Monitoring and Evaluation

MEF Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

MKPP Consolidated Planning and Budgeting Matrix – Matriks Konsolidasi Perencanaan dan Penganggaran

MNCH Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health

MOF Ministry of Finance

MOHA Ministry of Home Affairs

MST Management Support Team

MTR Mid-Term Review

NGO Non-Government Organisation

NTB Nusa Tenggara Barat – West Nusa Tenggara

NTT Nusa Tenggara Timur – East Nusa Tenggara

ODE Office of Development Effectiveness

PEA Public Expenditure Analysis

PFM Public Financial Management

PG Provincial Government

P/LG Provincial and Local Government

PNPM National Community Empowerment Program – Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Mandiri

PKK Family Welfare Program – Pemberdayaan dan Kesejahteraan Keluarga

PCC Program Coordination Committee

Papua Barat West Papua

Renstra Strategic Plan – Rencana Strategis

RESPEK Strategic Plan for Village Development Program – Rencana Strategis Pembangunan Kampung

RIA Regulatory Impact Assessment

RPJMD Medium term plan – Rencana Pembangunan Jangka Menengah Daerah

SA Subsidiary Arrangement

SADI Smallholder Agribusiness Development Initiative

Sekber Joint secretariat – Sekretariat Bersama

Sekda The most senior civil servant at provincial/district level – Sekretaris Daerah

SKPD Regional/Local Government Work Unit – Satuan Kerja Pemerintah Daerah

TA Technical Assistance

TAF The Asia Foundation

TOR Terms of Reference

TP Co-management fund – Tugas Perbantuan

UBS User based surveys

UNDP United Nation Development Bank

Walikota Municipal head

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