Author: Jacqueline Woodson Illustrator: James Ransome Age Range

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Small Group Read Aloud Program: Integrative Strategy Guide

Title: This is the Rope

Author: Jacqueline Woodson

Illustrator: James Ransome

Age Range: 6-9
Migration, History

See video of this book read aloud here: This is the Rope

  1. Introduction (Prep Questions)

    • Model a think-aloud strategy with the students: “Who is this little girl on the cover? Why is she jumping rope? I wonder why a rope is so important for a book to have a title about it? What does this rope have to do with migration? What is migration?”

  1. Integrative Strategies

    • Post Reading:

      • Do you think that the rope could have lived and be used for such a long time as this book suggests? Why or why not?

      • Refer to the dedication page and read who the author dedicated her book to. Knowing this information, what do you think her message was? Why do you think that it was so important for the author to write this book?

      • Refer to the above questions about the dedication page. Does knowing who the book was dedicated to make a deeper impact of the story? Why or why not?

      • Explain to the children that symbolism is when an object represents an idea or quality. Refer to p. 1 and 26. Think about what the history of the rope, what do you think the rope symbolizes in this story? Why?

      • Read the Author’s Note on the inside of the cover page of the book. Take a look at the map to see where many African Americans migrated.
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