Author: Mary Ann Hoberman Illustrator: Betty Fraser

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This educational book describes more kinds of houses

than you can imagine! Houses for people, houses for

animals, even houses for non-living things, too!

Author: Mary Ann Hoberman

Illustrator: Betty Fraser

ISBN: 0-590-45306-8

--- Conversation Questions---

  1. Summarize the book, briefly, in your own words.

(Answer) It tells of many kinds of houses.

(Follow Up) Describe to your house.

  1. Suppose how the dog feels about having fleas.

(Answer) Itchy; any logical answer.

(Follow Up) Do you have a pet?

  1. Conclude why the sheep like to sleep together.

(Answer) Any logical answer; to keep warm; for safety.

(Follow Up) Remember what a group of sleeping sheep is called?

  1. If you were an Eskimo, how do you think you’d like to live in an igloo?

(Answer) Any logical answer.

(Follow Up) Do you like to play in the snow?

(5) Explain the purpose for a teepee.

(Answer) It’s a kind of house for a certain kind of Indian.

(Follow Up) Have you ever seen a teepee, perhaps in a museum?
(6) Name the house for Eskimos.

(Answer) An igloo.

(Follow Up) An igloo is made of what?
(7) Tell what kind of house is for a King?

(Answer) A castle.

(Follow Up) Recall someone else who lives in a castle.
(8) Can you remember what holds or houses an airplane?

(Answer) A hangar.

(Follow Up) Name another kind of hanger.
(9) Say where the flower’s house is.

(Answer) A garden.

(Follow Up) Do you have a favorite kind of flower?
(10) Recall what is a house for us all.

(Answer) The earth.

(Follow Up) Can you name some of the other eight planets?


  1. Draw a picture of your house.

  1. Design an imaginary house. Tell whom or what the house is for.

  1. List all the different kinds of the houses in the book.

  1. List 10 animals mentioned in the book. Also, tell two new things you learned


  1. Name as many different kinds of houses or animals homes you can. Today’s book is about dozens of kinds of houses. Let’s see if the ones you said are in it.

  1. What does ”shelter” mean to you? Just about everything in our world has some kind of shelter. I’ll bet you’ll learn a lot from today’s story.

  1. Imagine what you would do without you home-whether it’s a regular house or an apartment or something else. Today’s book tells us about all kinds of houses and shelters.

Book Title: A House is a House For Me

Author: Mary Ann Hoberman

Illustrator: Betty Fraser


# of Text Pages: 31 AR: 2.6 LEX: 560

Building Oral Vocabulary







Prediction Questions


Do you suppose the person will get fleas?


Does you bed have bedbugs?


What do you know about the person?

This resource is provided by KYREADS—Barren County Board of Education, an AmeriCorps project funded in part by the Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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