Autumn Term September October 2016 Dear Families

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Autumn Term – September - October 2016

Dear Families,

I hope that all our families had a lovely Summer break  and I would like to give a very Big welcome to all our new families who have joined the Tiddlywinks Family  We look forward to getting to know you and your children over the next few weeks.

It is lovely to be back after a short maternity and I am looking forward to looking at all your tapestry photos 

I have some very exciting news – Holley and Sam would like to announce that they are having a baby at the end of January 2017  ( I think Holley spent too much time sitting in my chair!!!)
This term is going to be full of lots of fun and mess, which I hope all the children will enjoy!!!!

From Helen and the Team


This is a reminder that the use of mobile phones within the preschool is prohibited. You will be asked to turn them off or leave the building if you are using one.


Due to the rise in cost of fruit and vegetable we are asking if ALL families could contribute to the snack bar.

Any Dried/tinned fruit. Fresh fruit and vegetables would be gratefully received.

There is a snack pot on the desk for any monetary contributions.


Please can we ask that you add photos from home about what you and your child have been doing during the holidays and at weekends?

If you would like some support in using tapestry please speak to Mel or Julia and we can arrange a tutorial to show you around the Tapestry app.


Can you please send your child with appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather? Now the weather is changing please provide sun hats and suitable clothing for your child to wear when it’s hot. – No strappy tops and no flip-flops please and also waterproofs and boots for when it is raining.

 X

Please make sure you apply sun cream to your child before preschool; we will ‘top-up’ at lunchtime if they are with us all day.

Messy Play
The children have access to messy play every session. This includes, the mud kitchen, paint, gloop, water, flour among many other items. Please send your child into preschool in clothes that you do not mind getting messy and send a change of clothes including socks in case they need to be changed after participating in a messy play activity.


Please make sure that you name your child’s clothes and use the bag labels for your child’s bag and lunch box.
Website and Facebook

Please check our website for any updates or our Facebook page for information. You can also access the website in different languages too.

This is just to let you know that Staff are not allowed to be friends with Parents on Facebook until your child leaves.

No Smoking

There is a strict no smoking policy in place, so can I please ask that you do not smoke on the preschool site. If you require a cigarette please stand by the road side.

Busy Boxes
Please bring your child’s busy box in every session and then take it home again. So that we can put in their fantastic pieces of art work for you to share.
Library and Story Sacks
Please encourage your child to choose a library book to share with you at home.

We also have a small selection of Story Sacks – These can also be borrowed, but at a cost of £1 per sack. This is so that we can put this money towards buying more Story Sacks

When entering and leaving through the security gate please be careful not to let children out that are not your responsibility as we are on a busy road. ALSO please do NOT let yourself out of the preschool building OR let anyone else in. You must wait for a member of staff to do this.
If your child is poorly and will not be attending preschool, can you please phone on the day to let us know. Also if your child is due a hot meal that day it means we will be able to cancel it and not charge you for it.

There is a 48 hr exclusion policy if your child has been sick or had diarrhoea.


Please think of other drivers and our neighbours when parking outside our building or in neighbouring roads please. Your help would be very much appreciated.

If you have not done so already can you please supply a photo of the regular people who will be picking up your child with their

name and a password.

Lunch Boxes

If you are struggling for ideas to put in your child’s lunch box please visit the Change for Life website as they have lots of healthy ideas.

Food that will not melt is ideal at this time of the year. Fruit, cereal bars, yoghurts (but please provide an ice pack to keep it cold).

Can we please ask that if you give your children grapes in their lunch box that you cut them in half please - as this can be a potential choking hazard.

The Book People and Books Plus

They will be coming out every 4 weeks to leave a selection of books/gifts for you to look at and buy. The books/gifts will be left in the entrance hall/on the desk for a week, so please feel free to look and place your order and money.

Oil Deliveries

If you order oil from Boiler Juice and quote the following Number 35062 the preschool will get 25p for every 100litres delivered.


Due to the increase in cost of ink and printing we are emailing information to parents. Please could you fill in the following and give back to Mel or Helen.

I would/would not be interested in receiving information from the preschool via email.

My email address is ………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Childs Name ……………………….. Signed………………………………………….. Date…………………….

We will be teaching your child Give Me five during their time with us. This is to help them to stop and listen. Give me five means

  1. Eyes Looking

  2. Ears Listening

  3. Mouths are quiet

  4. Hands are still

  5. We are ready

Week No

Sign of the Week

Golden Rule of the Week


Milk and Water

We use kind hands



We use walking leg inside



We have listening ears



We use our indoor voices



We share our toys



We use our kind words.



Week Commencing


19th September


3rd October


17th October


7th November


21st November


5th December


We will have a colour tray in preschool where every two weeks items will be placed on the tray relating to the colour indicated above.

Please support this by encouraging your child to bring in something of that colour on the appropriate weeks.
( please make sure that whatever your child brings in you name so that it can be returned to you)

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