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  1. Back to school ……By Eleni Anagnostou p.3

  2. News…..By Sotiris Patrikis pp.4-5

  3. Greek Championship….By Fanis Kokkalis p.5

  4. Teens and sports…..By Georgia Gatzima p.5

  5. School rules……By Despoina p.6

  6. Cyprus Excursion…..By Sofia Vagena p.7

  7. Horror Story…..By Jim Bratsos p.8

  8. Glee… By Marianthi Baltopoulou p.8

  9. Film Lovers….By Vagelis Maliaros p.9

  10. Game Preview….By Jim Koumanis p.9

  11. Strange and Funny Story….By Charalambos Koutsioumbas p.10

  12. Student Elections…. By Sofia Vagena p.10

  13. Cartoon Time….By Charalamos Koutsioumbas p.11

  14. Joke Time…..By Dimitris Nimas p.12

  15. Riddles….By Dimitris Nimas p.13

  16. History Quiz….By Stamatia Giourki & Georgia Gatzima p.13

  17. Quotes p.14

Editors:Theodora Pliatsika, Athanasia Giangkou
Cover Disigner:Efi Kothra

With the kind support of the companies:

Back to school again!! Exciting, isn’t it? And do not say no! Just think of all the things that await us this year, think of all the happy moments we are going to live, and the friends we are going to make and all those things that worth living for! And, yes, we do have a lot of studying ahead us, and sometimes this world seems to be too cruel for a teenager, but trust me dear, as long as we have friends, DREAM, HOPE and LIVE every single moment of our lives, we are capable of dealing with all the difficulties in the world!

Now, that school has started, it’s high time we started writing our newspaper. Our historical NEWSPAPER! After some years of, allow me to use that word, success, we’re here again. These year’s issues promise a lot more, with extremely interesting articles, that have to do with things that occupy us all, like social problems, opinions on vital issues, interesting facts, strange phenomena, teens’ problems, and of course amusement articles.

Reading our newspaper is going to be a unique experience, not only amusing but also educating. You will learn things that you haven’t even heard about, you will earn opinions that will make you a better, and a more responsible person, you will enjoy yourself with the healthiest way you could think about! And moreover, these are teen-made columns, so you’re not going to get bored.

Hope you do not forget us! In your free time, you can always visit our website. Give us a chance, to help you form your personality… Our goal is, after you have read, an article of our magazine, to be more sensitive, more open-minded and optimistic. We are all teens. We are thirsty for knowledge, for fun. These days we are in need of a getaway. By Eleni Anagnostou Γ1



  • 30.09.2013. Students of our school captured the building. Their purpose was to protest for various problems , concerning the function of our school. The hygiene of our school toilets, which is an existing problem, was one of their demands.

  • 01.10.2013. The five-member councils of our classes were elected.

  • 04.10.2013. The fifteen-member council of our school was elected.

  • ../10/2013. Our monthly school excursion was spent in the area of Trikki.

  • 25.10.2013. A great school day! The anniversary of 28th October was celebrated and the ‘’prizes’’ were given to the distinguished students.

  • During the previous school year (2012-2013) some students of our school participated in competitions, which were held by KPE Molaon. Three of them gained a distinction: Giourkis Basilis got the first photograph prize, Koutsioumba Georgia got the 3rd painting prize and Kothra Euthymia got a painting prize too.


  • 19.10.2013. The Panhellenic Maths competition ‘’ΘΑΛΗΣ’’ took place in the 7th Senior High School of Trikala. The students’ participation of our town was very satisfactory.
  • 28.10.2012. The anniversary of 28th October was celebrated in our town with impressive military and school parades.

  • 28.10.2012. The basketball match between our local team, ARIES TRIKALA, and the team of Panathinaikos, which is one of the best and most popular teams in Europe, was an important event for our town.


  • 09.09.2013. The expected law, which has to do with the reform in the Secondary Education, was finally passed.

  • 28.09.2013. The leader, members of parliament and other members of the political party ‘’Golden Dawn’ was arrested and accused of ‘’composition of a criminal organization’’.

  • 08.10.2013. Late in the night in the captured 1st Τechnical Secondary School evening classes of Lamia police arrested with the presence of an attorney 20 students. The teachers and the students protested intensely.

  • ../10/2013. A five-year-old girl was spotted to live with a strange family in a Roma’s camp in Larissa. The police are investigating the case and searching for the girl’s real parents. The drama of little Maria became first topic around the world and revealed the big issue of the missing children from all over the world.


  • 22.09.2013. A historical victory of Angela Merkel in the German elections. The Christian democrats got the highest percentages of the last 50 years!

  • 01.10.2013. The function of the public sector of U.S.A discontinued due to the disagreement between Democrats and Republicans for the state budget. There is fear of a possible crisis spreading at a universal level.

  • 01.10.2013. Tragedy in South Italy. A boat, which carried about 500 emigrants from Africa, sunk and more than 150 people drowned in the sea, near the island of Labedougia. In this area the shipwrecks of boats with emigrants are frequent.

  • 19.10.2013. The discovery of a humanoid skull, which is aged 1,8 million years, in Dmanisi of South Georgia changes the human evolution theory!

Written by Sotiris Patrikis Γ 4

The Greeks in the IAAF World Championship in Moscow

Qualification of Dimitri Tsiami in triple jump final was the most noteworthy fact of the presence of Greek athletes in the seventh day of the World Atlhletics Championship place at the Louzinski Stadium of Moscow. The Greek Champion took to qualify for the final ,with a jump of 16.69 metres, occupied the 11th place among the athletes , who took part in the qualifying events.

Louis Tsatoumas achieved a low score on the final length, taking away the 10th position , with its unique valid jump of 7.98 metres, which he made in his third attempt , missing for only a few inches to get into the 8th position , and made other three attempts to claim his best place in the final!!
By Fanis Kokkalis


Today, it’s very important for our health to exercise. Every teen should do sports daily.

In this way, teenagers will be healthier. Also, they will be vigorous, because they won’t stay in the house in front of a screen playing computer games. A part of that, is being fit, so they will be pleased with themselves.

There are many sports that teens can do. There are collective sports and individual sports. If they want to be with their friends they can follow collective sports like football, basketball, volleyball or handball. If they like individual sports, they can follow athletics, swimming or tae know do.

But they must keep some rules of Physical Education in mind. First of all, they must do some medical exams to see if they can train in a sport. Also, they mustn’t exercise in a sport after a good meal or training without warming-up.

If teenagers start a sport which they like, they will have fun in their free time and they will be healthier!

By Georgia Gatzima Β1

In every school, there are certain rules!!!!! These rules help the regular function of the school. But let us introduce our rules……..

1. Every pupil must be punctual to school, at least , by 7.55 am.

2. Pupils must not arrive late for their lesson and mustn’t make noise during the lesson.

3. Pupils should respect their teachers and their schoolmates.

4. Pupils must not throw rubbish in or out of their classroom or school premises.

5. Pupils must not leave the area of their excursion or the school premises without any permission.

6. Pupils must not ride their bikes in the school yard.

7. Pupils must not use physical or psychological violence on their schoolmates in or out of the school premises.

8. Pupils must not take their bikes during excursions.

9. Most importantly, DO NOT SMOKE.

Written by Despoina Kambagianni Γ2

Our Unforgettable Trip to Cyprus

On Thursday 18th April, our environmental team, with the topic “ The Olive in Place and Time”, participated in a four day excursion to Cyprus, and especially in Aglatzia in Nicosia. The team travelled by bus to Thessaloniki and then by plane to Larnaka airport. As soon as we arrived there, a pleasant surprise was awaiting us. Our Cyprus mates welcomed us and that moving moment will be always in our hearts. On arriving in Aglatzia , the Cyprus mates, after some relaxation in their homes, showed us their town and we had a great conversation with their families. The next two days passed very pleasantly, we presented our theatrical performance and visited the European University, Lidra pavement, Liopetriou hayloft, the cultural centre of Derineia in Ammohostos, Saint napa, Foinikoudes beach, and the church of Saint Lazaros. But this excursion ended when, on Sunday 21st April, we had to return to Trikala. When the time came to say ‘goodbye’ to our mates we cried. It was a touching moment. The excursion was fantastic for everyone. It was a unique experience. We learnt many things from a country which fought for its survival and its progress. The aim of this programme wasn’t only to sensitize us, the students, but all the rest of society because we should learn that these environmental teams don’t aim only at a school excursion, but the main aim is to learn about cooperation, twinning with other people, love for the environment and to understand what being in a team means. And for this, let’s do something altogether for these programmes. Even the smallest help is important for us! So important was this excursion that , apart from the knowledge, we gained a lot of other things leaving from Cyprus, and this excursion will always be an unforgettable experience to each one of us!!!! Βy Sofia Vagena Γ1

A night at Mount Hope Asylum

Many of them have said it is a myth. I say it is a truth. Mount Hope Asylum or Mount Massive Asylum exists. Well, if you don’t know what this is, it is a hospital for mentally ill people. When I learned it, I knew it was going to be the best topic for the greatest article of the week. So, I went there. I got my car and followed my GPS directions. Strangely, when I got close to the abandoned hospital, all my electrical devices went out. Also, another strange fact was that my camera was the only device that was working. I was confused. With all these paranormal things that happened, i was afraid of staying. But I thought that by leaving, i would probably lose my job. And because i loved it, i didn’t leave. When i got inside, there was nothing but darkness in the building. And then it was when i heard a scream at the abandoned building. Someone was in the building that day. But i didn’t have the courage to investigate it. However,I found something to help me learn more about that place. Doctor Murkoff. He was the main doctor of the hospital .He also told me that this place was haunted by one very crazy patient called Desdemona. She died from an illness and before her death, she said that she was going to haunt the hospital. I heard that and left. Then i immediately went to the Mount Massive Asylum so that i can see her for myself. I stayed there for a night. I didn’t see her. And also when i woke up , there was nothing there, like it never existed. Also, when i asked about doctor Murkoff, i didn’t get any information about him. He was not real. Was this all my imagination after all? Or not?

By Jim Bratsos


Glee is an American musical TV show which broadcasted on 9 May 2009 on the Fox (an American channel). The plot is about a Spanish teacher, Will Schuester, who becomes the director of school’s glee club. Through the glee club Will try to fulfil his dream and the dreams of glee club members. The show has become renowned in many countries all over the world , including our country. On 23 September 2013 the 5th season showed in America. Every gleek has to see the episodes of the season 5. They have suspense, exciting songs and unpredictable events, including the death of Finn Hudson…

By Marianthi Mpaltopoulou B3


  1. Van Helsing” is an adventurous , English film. Van Helsing is a man who kills monsters on behalf of the church. The subject of this film is the effort of Van Helsing to help a woman from Transylvania to kill the Dracula and complete the promise of her family to God. Is a good film and I suggest to everyone to see it.

  2. I-4 is a Greek comedy film .The subject of this film is about 5 men who attend a Greek army and they compete one team of marines . Is a very good film and I recommend everyone to watch it .

  3. Shark Jaws” is an American Horror and adventurous film. The subject of this film is about a shark in the sea of America which eats people and the efforts of a special team to exterminate it. I warn you that is a very SCARY film.

  4. Transformers” is an American science fiction film. The subject of this film is about two teams of robots, Otobots who are good and they want to protect the earth from Disepticons, who are evil. I suggest you all see this fantastic film!!

Vagelis Maliaros B3


1. DEADPOOL: That’s the most hilarious game ever. In this game a guy named Deadpool tries to become a famous super hero. So he helps X-men (a team of heroes) to stop Sinister (a villain).You can be Deadpool and kill bad guys, upgrade your weapons and unlock new costumes.

2. WWE-2K14: This game is about wrestling entertainment. You can choose any type of match, any superstar and arena you want to play. You can also create your own superstar, arena, entrance and special moves. The best mode of this game is the “30 Years of Wrestlemania”. In this mode you can play the greatest matches of Wrestlemanias (the big finals).

3. GARRY’S MOD: This is an online game which you can play with your friends and has a lot of modes. One mode is Prop hunt. In this mode you and your friends divide in two teams. The one team is the props who try to hide themselves by turning into different objects. The other team is the hunters who try to find and kill the props. Another mode “Stop it Slender” in which you or one of your friends is Slender (a ghost). He must find and kill the other players while they are trying to collect 8 pages to win the game.

4. OUTLAST: This is a horror game. The story of this game is about a reporter who went into an old mansion to shut it down. But he didn’t know what was in there. You are the reporter and you try to collect information and avoid the monsters.



This year the elections of the fifteen-member council of our school were very competitive. The number of the students who participated was fifty two. Most of the candidates gave a small speech in order to inform all the other students of the school about their concerns.

It is worth remarking that the 3rd year students were more than the students of the other grades.

When the elections ended, we saw the results. Sakelaris Ilias received the most votes, something we all expected, and so, he became president of our school student council for this year.

Moreover, the names of the members of our council are the following:

  1. Sakelarios Ilias 8. Vrakas John

2. Dimoulas Filippos 9. Kalaitzaki Dimitra

3. Kostopoulos Markos 10. Vasilopoulos Thomas

4. Tsingas George 11. Angelis Thodoris

5. Margaris Bill 12. Georgoulas Nikos

6. Strapatsas Sotiris 13. Vranisti Stavros

7. Siakavaras Konstandinos 14. Georgiou Maria

15. Mantzari Georgia Anna

Written by Sophia Vagena Γ4

A strange and funny story

The most famous house in the Nigerian city of Abuja is the aeroplane house. When the owners were first married, the wife loved travelling. She wished that she had a house like an aeroplane, so her husband , who was very rich, built her one. The aeroplane house in Abuja is a model of an aeroplane, but a woman in California actually has a house built out of the parts of a real Boeing 747 airliner!!!!

By Charalambos Koutsioumbas B3

There are a lot of cartoons on tv, but Tom and Jerry is different from most of them . It is a brilliant animation cartoon , which has been on tv since 1989!!

The main characters in this cartoon are Tom and Jerry. In a typical episode, Tom chases Jerry to eat him, but he can’t do it. This cartoon is very similar to the cartoon which is called ‘The Coyote and the Road Runner’, where the Coyote chases the Road Runner, but he never manages to catch it. When Tom chases Jerry, he makes a lot of mistakes, and he falls in his own traps. When he does this, the cartoon becomes hilarious!!!

Tom is not a very nice character. He is an ugly , silly, strange, brainless and bat cat, which always hungry! On the other hand, Jerry is a smart and kind mouse which always gets what he wants.

This cartoon appeals to a lot of people, because of its humour. If you like humour, action and cartoons, this one would be a brilliant idea for you!!!

By Charalambos Koutsioumbas B3


1. There are 5 birds in the sky. A hunter killed two of them. How many birds are left???

No birds, because the other 3 birds escaped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. A teacher wrote on the board: ‘ A woman without her man is nothing!!!!’ and then asked the students to put the words in the correct order with punctuation marks.

The boys wrote: ‘ Women, without her man is nothing.’ The girls wrote: ‘ Women! Without her, man is nothing!!!!!’

3. Greg was getting angry and impatient and shouted to his wife: ‘ Hurry up!’

And the wife: ‘ Haven’t I been telling you for the last hour that I will be ready in a minute!!!’

4. The patient says: ‘ Doctor, you’ve got to help me !!!. Nobody listens to me. No one pays any attention to what I say.’ Doctor: ‘ Next please!!’

5. John’s father went to school to ask about his child’s performance. The maths teacher said that he is stupid, he doesn’t know how much 1+1 is. The geography teacher said that he doesn’t know which is the capital city of Greece. When John’s father went home he asked his son : ‘ What is 1+1?’ and John said that it is 3. When he asked him what the capital of Greece is, he answered that it is Larissa.

Then the father said: ‘ Well, if you know the answers to the questions, why don’t you tell them to your teachers!!!!’

6. Teacher: ‘How old were you on your last birthday?’ Student: ‘Seven’ Teacher: ‘ How old will you be on your next birthday? Student: ‘Nine’ Teacher: ‘ That’s impossible!!!! ‘ Student: ‘ No, it isn’t. I’m eight today!!!’

7. Sam is a nine year old boy. Teacher: ‘ Name an important thing we have now , which we didn’t have 10 years ago. Sam answered: ‘ ME’.

8. A man was driving a truck. His lights were not on. The moon was not out. A lady was crossing the street. How did the man see her? It was a sunny day!!!

 By Dimitris Nimas B4

What asks no questions , but demands an answer? A doorbell.

What goes up and down , but doesn’t move? A staircase.

What belongs to you , but is used by others? Your name.

What did the big chimney say to the little chimney? You are too young to smoke

What do people make that you can’t see? Noise.

What has four legs and a back , but no body? A chair.

What can you break without touching it? Your promise.

What is the difference between ‘here’ and ‘there’ The letter ‘T’ Where can you always find money? In the dictionary What can run, but can’t walk. Water

By Dimitris Nimas B4



True or False?

  1. The Mycenaeans built large temples.

  2. Solon divided citizens into four social classes, reinforcing the aristocratic system of government.

3.In the ancient Olympic Games , non Greeks were entitled to participate.

4.The Persians won the battle of Thermopyles.

5 . The Greeks were not defeated in the naval battle of Salamina. 6. The Olympic Games were conducted every four years.

7. Sparta and Troy participated in the battle of Marathon in ancient Greece.

8. Greek people had the same language , but they believed in different gods.

9. The greek commander in the battle of Thermopyles was Leonidas.

10 .The Mycenaean civilization flourished in ancient Crete.

11 .The Olympic games started in 776 B.C

Answers: 1. F, 2.F, 3.F, 4.T, 5.T, 6.T, 7. F, 8. F, 9.T, 10.F, 11. T

By Georgia Gatzima and Stamatia Giourki B1

Friendship is not something you learn at school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.

Education is what remains after you have forgotten what you have learned at school.

A child educated only at school, is an uneducated child.

In school, you are taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you are given a test that teaches you a lesson.

I never learned hate at home, or shame . I had to go to school for that.



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