Background information Reading through the story with the pupils

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Background information

Reading through the story with the pupils


This activity would be best done with small groups of pupils. Most nursery pupils will be unable to read the text. Allow them to discuss what they can see on each screen, then read the text to the pupils, allowing them to click the interactive parts (this may have to be modelled the first time).


Reception pupils should be able to join in the reading with the teacher, as the text is simple and repetitive. They should click interactive parts of the screen themselves, with initial adult support.


Working with pairs of pupils, or 1:1 where possible, help them sequence the story by asking questions and reminding them of events in the story, eg did Cerys the cat have a coat at the beginning of the story? Where did she get her hat from? What colour hats did Cerys try on? What colour hat did Cerys buy? What happened at the end of the story?


Small groups of pupils should be able to complete the activity with adult support. Similar questions to those above should help the pupils to sequence the pictures. Key words – “beginning”, “middle” and “end” of the story.


Worksheet 1 – coats and hats. Pupils should be able to colour in independently, once told that hats and coats need to match, ie need to be the right colour.

Worksheet 2 – Welsh colour names. Pupils may need to be guided towards classroom displays showing Welsh colour names to remind them of the Welsh colour names.

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