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BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, but eating healthy all day is a good habit to have. The Federation of Element Nutrition Coalition In Kids is trying to market better eating habits to teenagers.
PROBLEM: Major Corporations as well as some prominent music stars are looking to develop new ways of reaching kids to educated them about the importance of healthy eating.
SOLUTION: Research and Design a concept promoting a message of healthy eating that will attract both children and parents.

  1. Design one of the following: cereal box, board game, comic strip/story, a song, commercial.

  2. The project must be designed keeping in mind your projected audience and advertising.

  3. The front of the project should be eye catching, contain the name, display what it is promoting and possibly display a “Mascot”.

  4. In addition, the product should be designed keeping in mind advertising techniques and your projected audience (kids like it, parents want to buy it)

The project should contain facts about healthy elements / minerals
MATERIALS: Use of a computer, materials needed to construct your project, and any other teacher approved device.


At the culmination of this project, you will have to possess the following things.

  1. A completed project. You may wish to use Photoshop, power point, movie maker or any other program.

ELEMENTS / MINERALS TO RESEARCH – Additional sheet will be given to you.


Scoring Rubric

40 pts – Front
______5 - A catchy name for the song

______5– Colorful / Eye catching cover that would appeal to fans

______5 – A band name that would appeal to parents

______5 – Displays what the cereal/game/character/band looks like

______5 – A creative character that is the “mascot”

______5 – Promotes a “prize inside / giveaway / download” concept

______5 – Specific details (Company name/age range/# players/etc)

______5Layout is neat and orderly

20 pts – Misc

______5 - Lists other songs on the album

______5 - Promotes other albums by the same artist

______10 – Story about how the band was formed

20 pts – Benefit Information inside CD case
______5 - Highlights the 5-7 elements from your song

______10 -Explains how they benefit a healthy lifestyle

______5 - Presentation of this information is clever and creative

20 pts – Other

_____ - 20 pts – Information on Vitamins and Minerals (Webquest)

______ / 100 Total Points

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