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Background notes

Exhibition open daily from 10am to 5pm

14 December 2013 – 9 June 2014
Our Dreaming showcases Queensland’s vibrant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories, retold through animation. Through exhibitions, workshops and events, explore how new mediums have contemporised traditional storytelling, preserving a rich legacy for future generations.
Our stories create enduring connections from past to present, people to place and to each

other, giving us a sense of belonging. Experience how these stories are being shared and

bring your own stories to life.
kuril dhagun, level 1

The telling, retelling, and transformation of stories through new mediums connects younger generations with their culture, and honours the knowledge passed down from Elders.

See how the next generation of Indigenous storytellers have embraced new technologies, reigniting a passion to ensure their culture continues to evolve and strengthen the importance of our Dreaming.
Be inspired by animations from Queensland and beyond, catch a glimpse behind the scenes of the Tellin’ Country digital workshops, and discover Indigenous language and storytelling apps at interactive stations.
SLQ Gallery, level 2

Explore an immersive landscape of vibrant animations from Aboriginal Nations Australia’s The Dreaming series.

Be captivated by the beauty and timelessness of Queensland’s stories, developed in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Discover the history and significance of the series and the contribution it continues to make to cultural storytelling.

Create and share your story and connection to country in an evolving landscape of Our


Philip Bacon Heritage Gallery, level 4

Jump into the animation studio and experience the process of animation. See how stories have been brought to life through the beautiful artworks and animation cells from The Dreaming and Tellin’ Country series.

Try some animation activities, share your stories and be inspired to create your very own animation.

The Dreaming stories

20 animated stories from The Dreaming series will be shown at State Library:

Learning notes
Designed to support the exhibition, the learning notes align with the Australian Curriculum in English, History, and Geography, with a focus on the cross-curricular priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. This resource can be used to enhance students’ learning experiences pre-visit, at the library, and post-visit. The activities can also be adapted for senior and adult learners.
The resource is divided into three parts, available as downloadable PDFs.

  • These background notes

  • Junior phase (Prep to Year 4)

  • Middle phase (Year 5 to Year 8)

Using the learning notes offsite

For the full experience, we recommend visiting the exhibition at State Library. If you are unable to visit, some of the activities can be used independently. Students can also access information and images from the exhibition website

To locate primary resources on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, including oral histories, digital stories, photographs, and blog posts, check our website and the library catalogue

Arranging your visit to SLQ

To book a group visit to Our Dreaming, contact the Learning team at or 07 3842 9293.

Please indicate the following when enquiring:

  • Name of school

  • Contact details of organiser

  • Proposed date and time

  • Number of students and adults attending

  • Year level and subject


The Stories from The Dreaming is a reproduction under license from The Dreaming Series produced by Aboriginal Nations Australia. Copyright Aboriginal Nations Australia 2013

© State of Queensland (State Library of Queensland) 2013
These learning notes are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia licence. You are free to copy, communicate and adapt this work, so long as you attribute the State Library of Queensland.

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