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Name: ____________

Shakha: ____________

Phone: ____________

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, USA




Inside …

  • Welcome to Bala-Gokulam …….. 1

  • Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh …….. 3

  • Devnagari Alphabets …….. 4

  • Shlokas …….. 5

  • Bhajans …….. 35

  • Sangh Geet ........ 43

  • Subhashita ........ 50

  • Sangh Prarthana …….. 52

  • Ekata Mantra …….. 54

  • Bhojan Mantra …….. 55

  • Ekatmata Stotra …….. 56

  • Amruta Vachans …….. 63

  • Quotes on Hinduism …….. 66

  • Surya Namaskar …….. 70

  • Sanskrit Commands …….. 74

  • My friends at Bala-Gokulam…….. 75
  • Web Sites for Hindu Kids …….. 76

  • Work Sheets

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, USA

Welcome to Bala-Gokulam

Gokulam is the place where an ordinary cowherd boy blossomed into a divine incarnation. It is here that Krishna's magical days of childhood were spent and his powers came to be recognized.
Every child has that spark of divinity within. Bala-Gokulam is a forum for children to discover and manifest that divinity. Bala-Gokulam will enable Hindu children in the US to appreciate their cultural roots, learn Hindu values in an enjoyable manner and make good friends. They will also develop a sense of Sewa, Service to humankind.

Our Goals are …

  • To facilitate children to appreciate, learn and practice Hindu way of life.

  • Instill pride and confidence in Hindu children about their identity.

  • Raise Hindu awareness in the society around.

  • Develop social awareness and leadership skills among children.

Activities In Bala-Gokulam

Children will have lots of fun while they learn. Activities are planned for their physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development. Weekly activities include:








Special Events


Hindu Festivals like Ganesh Pooja, Raksha Bandhan and Guru Pooja are celebrated with a special focus on children's participation. Children will perform the pooja themselves and the meaning behind the festivals are explained.

Hindu Heritage Camp

Vacation can be magical. That's the time to explore, enjoy and make more friends. Hindu Heritage Camp of HSS conducted during vacations or any other weekends has been a favorite event for the children.

Community Service

Sewa or service is the best way for us to realize the divinity in all and serve the needy. Children from HSS Bala-Gokulam have visited elderly people in convalescent hospital, volunteered at Hindu Mandirs, actively participated in Human Race and have worked with other voluntary groups in serving the community.

"I make it a priority" - Seema Shah (16), Houston,TX

As a Hindu teenager living in America, I make it a priority to participate in cultural or religious activities. The society in this country has a great deal to offer whether it is in education, careers, or recreation. However, it does not give the spiritual and cultural guidance that Hinduism encompasses. Hindu children should realize the importance of their heritage.

The activities offered in Bala-Gokulams are excellent ways for Hindu children to learn about their culture and incorporate the teachings and values in their everyday lives. Furthermore, Bala-Gokulams fosters a productive learning environment that is different from schools.
The breadth of activities from games and exercise to education encourages the children to improve a variety of skills. They also motivate the children to stay committed to the regular Bala-Gokulam classes and partake in the Hindu community events. Thus, Bala-Gokulams are instrumental in providing the necessary cultural and religious education to Hindu children so they may retain and be proud of their Hindu identity.

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh

A global movement dedicated to experiencing, preserving, and protecting Sanatana Dharma and Hindu Civilization.
Hindu, Heir To A Rich Heritage

Hindus are inheritors of the greatest and oldest legacy of humankind, Sanatana Dharma, the Eternal Truth.

While the rest of the world’s ancient civilizations have crumbled and fallen, while the rest of the world’s people look at their past and find it strange and alien, we as Hindus can still read the ancient scriptures of Bharat and find wisdom. We as Hindus can still visit the ancient temples of Bharat and worship the deities there.
Bharat has been the guardian of the Eternal Truth, and our ancestors lived and loved and struggled and died to ensure that this legacy would remain for you to enjoy and experience, to preserve and propagate.

Mission - Hindu Unity

It was the disunity of Hindus, the failure of one Hindu to identify himself with another Hindu, which had permitted foreigners to conquer Bharat and it is the disunity of Hindus that is responsible for present problems in Hindu society in Bharat and other countries. It would be the unity of Hindus, then, which would bring strength to Hindu society around the world and protect the Hindu civilization from again falling into despair.

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) has embarked on a mission to organize the Hindus. HSS is a global movement dedicated to experiencing, preserving, and propagating Sanatana Dharma and Hindu Civilization.
Swayamsevak or Sevika:

A Swayamsevak or Sevika is a self-inspired volunteer serving the cause of our Dharma and society as a silent penance.


"Sangh" means organization. When we work collectively in an organized manner, we will be more effective in achieving our Goal.

Devnagari Alphabets and Transliteration Scheme
A Aa # $ % ^ \ § @ @e Aae AaE A< A>

a ˜ i Ÿ u ¨ ® ² e ai o au aÕ a×

k o g " '

ka kha ga gha ða

c D j H |

ca cha ja jha ña

q Q f F [

÷a ÷ha ýa ýha õa

t w d x n

ta tha da dha na

p ) b - m

pa pha ba bha ma

y r l v z ; s h ¦ ] }

ya ra la va þa ÿa sa ha ¹a kÿa jña

Visit this web site to practice writing Devnagari Script

zaiNt mÙa> - þ˜nti mantr˜× (Mantras for Peace)

The following verses are all þ˜nti mantras. The þ˜nti mantra is recited for peace. It is traditionally recited before chanting other mantras, before we begin the studies and at the beginning of any program.

` sh navvtu, sh naE -un­…,

sh vIy¡ krvavhE,


ma iviÖ;avhE,

` zaiNt> zaiNt> zaiNt>.

om saha n˜vavatu |

saha nau bhunaktu |

saha vŸryaÕ karav˜vahai |

tejasvin˜vadhŸtamastu |

m˜ vidviÿ˜vahaŸ |

om þ˜nti× þ˜nti× þ˜nti× ||

May Bhagwan protect both of us. May we be nourished together. May we work together. May our studies be brilliant. May we not fight with each other.

Peace. Peace. Peace.
(Note: Here the phrase 'both of us' refer to the teacher and student. This mantra captures the very essence of teaching and learning. Learning is a joint exploration by the Guru and the disciples. The phrase 'our studies' says that it's not the all-knowing teacher teaching the ignorant student, but both making a joint effort in understanding.)
` pU[Rmd> pU[Rimdm! pU[aRt! pU[RmudCyte,

pU[RSy pU[Rmaday pU[Rmevaviz:yte,

` zaiNt> zaiNt> zaiNt>.

om p¨rõamada× p¨rõamidam p¨rõ˜t p¨rõamudacyate |

p¨rõasya p¨rõam˜d˜ya p¨rõamev˜vaþiÿyate |

om þ˜nti× þ˜nti× þ˜nti× ||

OM! That is Full. This is Full. From that Full, this Full has come; when this Full is taken from that Full It always remains Full! Om Peace, Peace, Peace!

` *aE> zaiNtrNtir]< zaiNt>

p&iwvI zaiNtrap> zaiNtrae;xy> zaiNt>,

vnSpty> zaiNtivRñe deva> zaiNtäRü zaiNt>

sv¡ zaiNt> zaiNtrev zaiNt> sa ma zaiNtreix.
om dyau× þ˜ntirantarikÿaÕ þ˜nti×

p®thivŸ þ˜ntir˜pa× þ˜ntiroÿadhaya× þ˜nti× |

vanaspataya× þ˜ntirviþve dev˜× þ˜ntirbrahma þ˜nti×

sarvaÕ þ˜nti× þ˜ntireva þ˜nti× s˜ m˜ þ˜ntiredhi ||

May there be peace in heaven. May there by peace in sky.

May there be peace on earth. May there be peace in waters.

May there be peace in plants. May there be peace in trees.

May there be peace in all divinities. May there be peace in Brahman. May there be peace in all. May peace come to me.

|| Selections from Veda Mantras ||

May all live happily

sveR -vNtu suion>,

sveR sNtu inramya>.

sveR -Ôai[ pZyNtu,

ma kiít! Ê>o-aG-vet!.

` zaiNt> zaiNt> zaiNt>.

sarve bhavantu sukhina× |

sarve santu nir˜may˜× ||

sarve bhadr˜õi paþyantu |

m˜ kaþcit du×khabh˜gbhavet ||

om þ˜nti× þ˜nti× þ˜nti× ||

May all live happily. May all enjoy good health. May all see auspiciousness. May none experience distress. May peace prevail everywhere.

Take Me From darkness to light

` Astae ma sÌmy,

tmsae ma JyaeitgRmy.

m&TyaemaR Am&t¼my,

` zaiNt> zaiNt> zaiNt>.

om asato m˜ sadgamaya |

tamaso m˜ jyotirgamaya ||

m®tyorm˜ am®taðgamaya |

om þ˜nti× þ˜nti× þ˜nti× ||

Bhagawan, lead me from untruth to Truth; Take me from darkness to light; from death to immortality. Let there be peace all around.

` -Ô< k[eRi-Zz&[uyam deva>,

-Ô< pZyema]i-yRjÇa>,

iSwrEr tuòuvag!< sStnUi->,

Vyzem deviht< ydayu>.

om bhadraÕ karõebhi× þ®õuy˜ma dev˜× |

bhadraÕ paþyem˜kÿabhiryajatr˜× |

sthirairaðgai× tuÿ÷uv˜gÕ sastan¨bhi× |

vyaþema devahitaÕ yad˜yu× ||
Let us hear good things through our ears, see good things through our eyes and do good things through our bodies and please the Devas whereby our life span may be increased.
` $za vaSyimimd< sv¡ yiTk jgTya< jgt!,

ten Ty­en -uÃIwa ma g&x> kSyiSvÏnm!.

om Ÿþ˜v˜syamidaÕ sarvaÕ yatkiñca jagaty˜Õ jagat |

tena tyaktena bhuñjŸth˜ m˜ g®dha× kasyasviddhanam ||

All this is for habitation by the Bhagawan. We should enjoy whatever is left to us us by Bhagawan. We should not go after any one's possession.

gayÇI m<Ç>

` -U-uRv> Sv>, tTsivtuvRre{ym! -gaeR devSy xImih,

ixyae yae n> àcaedyat! .

g˜yatrŸ mantra×

om bh¨rbhuva× sva× | tatsaviturvareõyam bhargo devasya dhŸmahi|

dhiyo yo na× pracoday˜t ||
We contemplate on the glory of Savita (the Sun God) that is in the earth, the sky, the heaven! May He enlighten our intellect.

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