Baldock Crusaders Netball Club

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Baldock Crusaders Netball Club

Founded 2004

President: Mrs Christine Schwick

Secretary Chairman Treasurer

Jessica Young Cllr Andrew Young Natalie Massey

Tel: 01462 896490 Tel: 01462 892817

Mobile: 07815 596015 Mobile: 07896 666490

Minutes of Baldock Crusaders Netball Club Committee Meeting

Held at Avenue Park Sports Club, Baldock on Monday 4th February 2013
Present: Jess Young, Andrew Young, Bobbie Knighton, Georgina Knighton, Penny Young, Sheena Owen, Beth Jones, Shelly Pye, Julia Spence, Jen Cross.
1.and 2. Chairmans Welcome and Apologies

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave the apologies for absence from Emma Slattery, Jenna Selb, Bev Massey, Caroline Smith, Nat Massey (will be late).

3. Treasurers Report

The treasurer’s report was read out by JY on behalf of NM:

Although a slight blurr over the last few months, the account has been ticking over nicely with our income still exceeding our expenses throughout the season. The changes made to junior term payments has proven to be a positive decision with more money being paid throughout the season ensuring all cost of the kit, balls and equipment is covered by the juniors themselves.

We currently have £6,839 in the bank which is fantastic. Lets hope we have some more successful fundraisers this year.

There were no questions at the meeting on the treasurers report.
4. Webmasters Report

The webmasters report was read out by JY from CS:

The website is still going well. From January to February we received 185 visits. We are still getting new players through the website which is great news.

52% of our users this month have been all new users.

I haven’t had a visit from Moldova this month yet though!
The girls are still a bit shy coming forward with news stories. Although Emma did come forward with a nice story this week that I put on.
I think the website linking to twitter and Facebook is working really well.
Looking to the future at the juniors section definitely needs working on. There is somthing within the website that is not allowing me to access this at the
moment. I need a bit of time to work through that and will need to contact the website manager. This is my next task.
There was a comment from BJ that it should be reminded more often to players that we have twitter and facebook and that new stories are needed as she is sure they just forget.

  1. Baldock Crusaders Red Report

JS informed the meeting that Reds were top of the cup and league in the Heritage League and 2nd in the Bedford League. All players who were out pregnant or injured are now back playing so we have a nice consistent squad of 11 players.

  1. Baldock Crusaders White Report

The Baldock Whites report was read by JY on behalf of JC:

Whites finished 3rd in the cup despite playing a game less than everyone else (Letchworth Ladies were afraid to play us and managed to void the game, long story!!!) and a scorecard floating around the postal system in Bedfordshire somewhere. It was a strong start to the season and one which we aim to build on for the league. I personally am pushing for 2nd in the league but at the very least would want us to finish 3rd, we sometimes suffer from a bit of inconsistency in our play, however, the team has gelled well and we have the potential to do very well this season. Without wanting to jinx us, availability for the most part has been good and the team attitude is very positive. Were enjoying our netball and hope that at the end of the season we have the results to reflect this.

There were no questions on the whites report from the meeting.

  1. Baldock Crusaders Blue Report

Its been a tricky season so far for Blues with no real on court captain in the team and me organising the squads and umpires, but the girls have gone out each game raring to go and its nice to see some youngsters from juniors last year showing some promise for the future.
Blues finished 9th in the cup and should be in the plate competition. In the league so far they have won 1, lost 2 and have 2 rearranged due to weather.
There were no questions from the meeting.

  1. Baldock Crusaders Black Report

Progress so far is very positive we had our first win of the year last week and everyone played fantastic. I have also had a lot of positive feedback from other teams and umpires which I know Caroline has put on the website but I want to share with the committee. The last couple of weeks both the umpires and our opposing teams have all said what a lovely team we are and always friendly to play against. The umpires have also mentioned how we ALL have a nice nature and we never give the umpires any hassle which I am very proud off as it is nice to hear this.

  1. Juniors Report

Currently have 48 juniors registered and regularly have 35-40 attending. Had to cancel many sessions due to snow but back again now. Have 3 young leaders who help out massively, I am looking to get them on some courses.

  1. Survey results (junior and senior)


The junior results are quite self explanatory (and attached).

What was agreed from the survey is that we will:

- Try again to contact Priory, Stevenage Storm and Royston to get some friendly matches.

- The issue of the bowls club is worrying but as its a one off it is something we will just continue to keep an eye on.

- We will see when we can get matches for as to whether its week nights or weekends.

- We will invite the parent who said she was interested in being on the committee to the next meeting.


The senior results are also attached and we will be auctioning the following:

- We are obviously training on the same nights that people most want already so will continue as we are

- We will give captains the option and support if they want to chose their squads from those that have been at training.

- Those interested in becoming qualified coaches will be offered the details of local courses

- We could start doing a fun but more serious than normal tournament on the open day, 6th May.

- Lesa would like to be invited onto the committee
11. Fundraisers

It was discussed that previous fundraisers have not been attended by many players, and that the committee have been dragging friends and family there to make them worthwhile. Baring in mind its the players that benefit from the subsidised memberships, the committee feels that the club should not hold any more fundraisers. A letter will be sent to players to explain this to them. However, the race night was successful last year as it was different, so we will try this once more and if its not successful then we will stop that also. Players not attending will be asked to sponsor a race or horse. The race night will be on Saturday 20th April.

We will also continue to attend the street fair, Saturday 18th May and we will do a tombola and book sale again.

Our presentation evening will be done after a match upstairs and we will have a buffet and add the AGM to it also.

12. Any Other Business

Trials will happen in June again for next season, JS to speak to Hilary to find out her availability.

JY informed the group that we were getting reaccredited for our CAPS and hoping to go for silver soon.

The Cottage, 41 Ashwell Road, Bygrave, Baldock, Herts. SG7 5DY

website: email:

Affiliated to the Bedfordshire County Netball Association

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