Band of Brothers – Episode 1: Currrahee Name: Period: intro

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Band of Brothers – Episode 1: Currrahee

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INTRO: Band of Brothers is a ten-part video series dramatizing the history of one company of American paratroopers in World War Two—E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne, known as “Easy Company.” Although the company’s first experience in real combat did not come until June 1944 ( D-Day), this exemplary group fought in some of the war’s most harrowing battles. Band of Brothers depicts not only the heroism of their exploits but also the extraordinary bond among men formed in the crucible of war.

As you view the film answer the following questions. If you miss any questions during the film go back and answer them later.

  1. Where does the story begin?

  1. Describe basic training.

  1. Why is the drill sergeant (Captain Sobel) so critical of the men? What is Sobel trying to instill in the men of Easy Company?

  1. Why does Lt. Nixon think Sobel is a genius?

  1. How do the men react to Captain Sobel’s demeanor in the field? Explain.

  1. Why does Sobel bring Lt. Winters up for court-martial? What is Sobel’s reasoning?

  1. What do the men do in response to Captain Sobel’s incompetence in the field? What are they risking by doing this?

  1. According to Lt. Winters, why did these men volunteer for the paratroopers?

  1. What is the airborne’s objective for D-Day?


  1. What is the message of this film? Explain your reasoning.

D-Day Map Questions

1. How many U.S. divisions took part in the D-Day invasion of Normandy?

Name them:

2. How many British divisions took part in the D-Day invasion of Normandy?

Name them:

3. How many Allied divisions in total took part in the invasion?

4. To get from Normandy to Paris you must travel (direction).
5. What geographical obstacle kept the 21st Panzer Division from attacking the Allies on D-Day?

6. Which beach had the smallest Allied advance of D-Day?

7. Which town did U.S. Airborne troops capture?

8. From this map, can you tell if Hitler’s Atlantic Wall (fortification against allied invasion) was a success?

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