Baseball in April

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Letter to Gary Soto, author of “Baseball in April”

3101 Westchester Avenue

Bronx, NY 10462

September 30, 2007
Mr. Gary Soto

c/o Harcourt, Inc.

6277 Sea Harbor Drive

Orlando, FLA 32887-8777

Dear Mr. Soto:
I just read your story “Baseball in April,” and I would like to tell you a few things. First, I am a girl and my mother won’t let me play baseball. So it was interesting for me to read your story and get an insider’s view of what it is like to play. I really like the coach, Manuel. My father lives far away, so he doesn’t coach any teams. It seems that Manuel really cared about the players the way a father should, and that made me feel good, but sad, too.
Even though I can’t play baseball, my brother Leo wants to play. He tries out for the Little League team every year, but he never makes it. He has thick glasses and has trouble seeing the ball, so the coaches never pick him. I know how bad he feels about this. In the story, Jesse made me understand that other boys feel sad too when they can’t do what the coaches want. It’s one thing to never have a chance to play at all, but it probably feels worse to try out and be rejected. Sometimes my brother says he wants to form his own league for all the losers, but my mother tells him to study hard and be a doctor instead.

It makes me wonder about something. Why do kids want to play baseball at all when it can make them feel bad? The coaches sometimes don’t care about the kids. They just care about winning. I guess I can’t understand because I don’t play, but I thank you for writing the stories. They are helping me figure it out, and I will read them to my brother.


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