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Reliance Success Story Awards 2016Application Form

Basic Information

ame (type the name of your installation):


ame of the company responsible for the installation:

Website of the company responsible for the installation:


ate of installation (from–to):

PLC used (producer, model, and quantity):


oftware (type the Reliance modules with the number of data points used in your application):

License number (type the serial number of a hardware/software key):

End user (company name, address, contact person, telephone, or e-mail):

Description of the Implementation
Please describe your implementation in a few sentences (purpose of the application, benefits to end customers, industrial process for which it was created and which is controlled by Reliance, parts of the process visualized, state whether Reliance controls, or just monitors the process, state whether Reliance provides remote control via the Internet, LAN, etc.).
For inspiration, please go to the Success Stories section on w

here you can find many installations from various industries.

Please attach several pictures that can be added to the text, such as photographs of the company’s premises, photographs or images of the control room and the industrial process. In addition, attach several visualization screens.
Please name the pictures.
The width of any picture should not be less than 1024 pixels.

Sending of This Form
Once you complete the form, please send it together with the images and materials mentioned above to with the subject Success Story Competition.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,
Reliance Team

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