Beat constables rewarded 07-05-2011


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Beat constables rewarded 07-05-2011

CP Delhi has applauded Head Constable Ravinder and Ct Mohit posted in Police Station Pandav Nagar, East District, for their selfless act they have done to help a family who was in need.

One Radhey Shyam Ahuja, retired Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India, R/o Sneh Kunj Appartment, Sector-62, Noida, UP along with his family was going to International Air port yesterday night. After crossing Akshardham bridge when they reached at Nizamuddin Bridge, they felt that one tyre has no air. He stopped the car and was waiting for an autodriver so that he could changed the tyre. Then Ct. Ravinder Singh and Ct. Mohit Kumar who were on highway motorcycle patrolling duty came to him and enquired about them. They themselves change the tyre but the changed tyre also have less air. Ct. Mohit brought one mechanic with pump for filling air. Mechanic found that valve of tyre was not working as tyre was not retaining air. Mohit brought valve from mechanic shop and valve was changed and air was filled. This task took around 40 minutes. Both the Cts got their dress dirty in this process. Sh. Radhey Shyam thanked him and tried to give some reward which they denied to accept by saying that they just performed their duty.

Sh. Radhey Shyam also convey his regard for these constables to CP Delhi. Both the constables who are posted in Pandav Nagar Police station, East District are being rewarded by CP Delhi.

Rajan Bhagat

Public Relations Officer

Delhi Police





Ref- FIR No 200 dated 04/05/11 U/S 364-A/120-B IPC at PS K.N.K. Marg

With the arrest of three accused namely Velu( 32 years), Ramesh( 25 years) and Manohar( 52 years), Outer District police has busted a racket of professional kidnappers within 7 days who had kidnapped Rohit Verma son of a jeweler and Devender Singh, the worker in case FIR No 200 dated 04/05/11, U/S 364-A /120-B IPC registered at PS-K.N.Katju Marg

On 01.05.11, Sh Vijay Verma S/O Sh Ratan Lal Verma R/o House No H-1/3 & 4 Sec-16, Rohini, Delhi reported the missing of his son Rohit Verma aged 28 years and Devender Singh (his worker) after they had reached Madurai on 29.04.11 by Spice Jet plane which took off from Delhi at 1.45 P.M. Both Rohit Verma and Devender Singh had safely landed at Madurai Airport on 29/4/11. They had given the confirmation of their safe arrival in Madurai to Shri Vijay Verma on his mobile phone. They had further informed on 30/4/11 to Shri Vijay Verma in the morning that they had stayed in Madurai during the night and were going for site seeing.

On 1/5/11 at about 2.20 PM Shri Vijay Verma received a call on his mobile from mobile telephone of Devender Singh (09560564152 ) that the caller had demanded Rs. 1 Crore for the release of Rohit and Devender Singh which later increased to 2 crores. DD No 15-A recorded at 09.57 AM dated 1/5/11 and a wireless message was also sent in this regard at 15.50 Hrs on 01.05.11 to S.P., Madurai and Coimbature for the search of the victims.


Keeping in view of the gravity and seriousness of the crime, a team of police officials under Sh Karunakarn Ad DCP-I, comprising Sh. Anil Kumar Lal, ACP/Rohini Delhi, Inspector Swadesh Prakash, Inspector Puran Pant, Inspector Sanjeev Kumar, SI Shree Bhagwan, SI Rajesh was sent to Tamilnadu for rescue operation in coordination with local police.

Several team were formed under Sh. Rajesh kaushik, ACP/SP Badli, Sh. Ved Prakash, ACP/Ops./OD and Insp. Jai Prakash and other staff under the supervision of the DCP Outer to conduct analysis and investigation based on input obtained locally and through technical surveillance.


The kidnappers were mounting pressure on the complainant to pay the ransom money of Rs. 1 crore at the earliest for the safe release of Rohit Verma and Devender Singh as the life of both the captives was in grave danger.

On 04/05/11, continued pressure of police and sustained pressure due to several operations conducted by the Delhi Police team in coordination with T.N. Police, resulted into safe rescue of the victims Rohit Verma and Devender Singh.

During the operation, 3 kidnappers namely Velu( 32 years), Ramesh( 25 years) and Manohar( 52 years) were arrested by the above mentioned team on 07.05.2011 from Tirunelvelli, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Interrogation of the accused so far revealed that Velu came into contact with Poliah @ Poolpandy. Poliah gave tips to velu that there are some persons in Delhi who are expert of gambling and who always win the game. Both of them came to Delhi and met Shri Vijay Verma at his house in Rohini.

It was decided to organize a gambling in Madurai on 30.4.11. Vijay Verma gave this information to his son Rohit for going to Tirunelveli, Madurai with Devender Singh. They also arranged their air tickets. Both arrived in Madurai on 29.4.11 and stayed in Aryaman Hotel, Tirunelveli. Next day on 30.4.11 at about 10.30 am, Rohit, Devender, Velu, Puliah and Kumar went to the farm house in a TSR and one motor cycle. They reached the farm house at about 01.00 pm. The farm house is owned by Kumar. In fact gambling was merely a ploy for the kidnapping. The kidnappers were aware that Rohit has earned a lot of money in gambling during the last one year.

All the accused are being produced before the concerned court at Tirunvelli, Madurai, Tamil Nadu for obtaining their transit remand so that the accused persons could be brought to Delhi.


  1. Velu @ C Velu Murugan s/o Cheliah (32 years) r/o Vill. Papa colam, Distt. Teruliveli, Tamil Nadu. Bombay R/O A-2/62, 5/8, Dharavi, Mumbai-17. He was born on 6.3.78 in Mumbai. He had passed 9th class in 1998 from Dharavi School, Mumbai. At the age of 20 he started a video game parlour at Dharavi Mumbai. He started a gambling club in 2003 with his partner Murugan at Ganesh Mandir, Akashwadi, Mumbai-17.

  1. Manohar (52 years) s/o Thevamani Seth r/o 6/123 Main Road, Kuttu patti, Algulam, Tirunvelli, Tamil Nadu. He is married, educated upto 11th class. He was doing a tailor job from his house bearing no. H. No. 70, Agaswadi Dharavi. He had no criminal record. He used to visit the farm house with Pullia and Boss at 7.30 am in the morning till late night. They used to consume liquor in the farm house for extending threats to the captives for the early payment of ransom money.

  2. Ramesh( 25 years) s/o Sudhala Muttu r/o 94, Rastha katha Vaku richi Manur Tirunvelli, Tamil Nadu. He has studied upto 9th class and is unmarried. He is a driver by profession and is employed by the brother of Kumar (wanted accused) as a driver of his Maruti Van. All the three had been arrested on 7.5.11 from the said farm house of Kumar. They will be produced before the concern court for obtaining transit remand.

Wanted Criminals

More accused are to be arrested and a manhunt is still on in the suspected hideouts by the Delhi Police team in coordination with Tamil Nadu police. List of accomplices wanted in this case are:-

  1. Kumar @ kana @ Kombiya R/O Kariyakuppa Dist Tirunelveli (TN)

  2. Boss @ Mutthu Ramalingam S/O M Makimmutthu R/O Maniachi Dist-

  3. Poliah @ Ulpandyan S/O Shokalingam Thevor, R/O Naalikurphy, Dist- Tirunveli

Further Action:

The team is still on job in T.N. The immediate target being pursued by them is to nab the remaining culprits. They will also verify all the places visited by the kidnappers during the commission of offence. They are also trying to trace and seize the ransom amount paid by the victim’s family and the belongings of the victims robbed off by the culprits.


  1. Two air gun used for shooting of birds.

  2. Three knives.

  3. Three bags containing the clothes of the victims.




7th May, 2011



With the arrest of two namely (1) Rajesh Kumar Chaudhry, aged 34 years s/o Sh. Ram Khiloawan Chaudhry r/o A-11, Aali Gaon, Delhi. (Native place: Vill. Harri, PS Andhra Thari, Distt. Madhubani, Bihar) and (2) Mahesh Kr. Chaudhry, aged 21 years s/o Sh. Ram Bahadur Chaudhry r/o A Block, Roshan Nagar, Ganpati colony, Faridabad, Haryana (Native Place - Vill. Chaura Mehrail, PS Jhanjharpur, Distt. Madhubani, Bihar), Central District police has solved a blind case of robbery cum murder of an 87 years old man committed in the area of PS Ranjit Nagar on 02.05.11. One juvenile has also been apprehended. Robbed booty i.e. Cash Rs. 2.8 lacs Approx, two laptops and one beam laser have been recovered from their possession.


On 02.05.11, a PCR call was received at PS Ranjit Nagar regarding assault upon an old man who had been admitted in hospital in an injured condition. One Smt. Poonam Mehta r/o Old Rajinder Nagar reported that on 02.05.11 at about 7.10 pm, she was talking to her father Shri Om Prakash on telephone and the phone got disconnected. She called again and her father asked her to wait since there was someone at the door and she kept on the hold for quite some time but there was no response. She heard something unusual and disconnected the phone. Thereafter, she again tried to call on landline as well as on mobile phone but in vain. She immediately drove from Rajender Nagar and reached at 11/14, East Patel Nagar where she found her father Sh. Om Prakash lying on the bed in a pool of blood who was immediately shifted to Ganga Ram Hospital where he was declared ‘brought dead’. On search of the house, bag containing cash about Rs. 3 lacs, two laptops and jewellery articles were found missing from the almirahs. On this, a case vide FIR No. 92/11 u/s 302/394/397 IPC was registered at P.S. Ranjit Nagar and the investigation was taken up.


A joint team of PS Ranjit Nagar and Special Staff/Central District consisting of Inspr. Ravinder Singh SHO/Ranjit Nagar, Inspr. Satender Mohan, I/C Spl Staff/Central, Insp. Rajesh Kumar, ATO, PS Ranjit Nagar, SI Vivek, SI Sohan, ASI Bijender, HC Mahender, HC Anil, HC Sanjiv. Ct. Kamla Prasad, Ct. Vinod, Ct. Pavinder, Ct. Attar Singh, Ct. Manoj was constituted under the supervision of ACP/Patel Nagar.

This was a blind case of murder and hence, several sources were deployed and local intelligence was also gathered. Further, the antecedents of the domestic helps and their whereabouts were also probed. During further probe, it was learnt that one Rajesh Kumar Chaudhry s/o Sh. Ram Khiloawan Chaudhry r/o A-11, Aali Gaon, Delhi. Native place: Vill. Harri, PS Andhra Thari, Distt. Madhubani, Bihar was employed as a Driver with the family of the deceased for the last 10 years and was learnt to be on leave since 27.3.11 as he received burn injuries on his right hand. Rajesh was to join back on 03.05.11. In his absence, another driver was employed.

It was found that Rajesh did not join back on 03.05.11. When further verification was made and it was found that he had already sold his jhuggi at Shri Niwas Puri, Delhi and shifted somewhere else. To further locate him, sources were deployed and it was learnt that he has been residing in Faridabad, Haryana and his house was also traced but he was not found present at his house. His family members could not give a satisfactory reply with respect to his whereabouts. His phone was found switched off. Further, it was learnt that his brother-in-law namely Mahesh Kr. Chaudhry s/o Sh. Ram Bahadur Chaudhry r/o A Block, Roshan Nagar, Ganpati colony, Faridabad, Haryana. native Place. Vill. Chaura Mehrail, PS Jhanjharpur, distt. Madhubani, Bihar was also not present at his house which created further suspicion. Moreover, the scrutiny of the call details of Rajesh revealed that he was in constant contact with the domestic help (a juvenile), on the day of incident and even just before the incident.

The questioning of family members of Rajesh revealed that he might have either gone to Bihar or to West Bengal. Parallel raids were planned and raiding parties were dispatched to locate him. Based on the technical surveillance, his location was tracked and pin pointed to a lodging house in Darbhanga. The police teams immediately conducted raid at the said lodging house on 05.05.11 and nabbed both Rajesh and his brother-in-law Mahesh. At their instance, cash Rs. 2.8 lacs and two laptops have been recovered and further the domestic help (the juvenile) was also apprehended.


During interrogation, it was revealed that accused Rajesh got employed as a driver with the deceased about 10 years back and was on leave since 27.03.11. He was constructing his own house in the area of Roshan Nagar, Faridabad and was in need of about Rs 1 lac to complete the remaining construction work. About a week before the incident he asked Rs. 50,000/- loan from the son and daughter in law of deceased Sh. Om Prakash who expressed their genuine constraints. He further revealed that the domestic help (a juvenile) was also in need of money and moreover, he was too much annoyed with the old man Sh. Om Prakash. Hence, both of them planned a conspiracy to commit robbery and also decided that if need be they shall even kill the old man. Rajesh also involved his brother in law Mahesh with him in this conspiracy.

Further interrogation revealed that as per their plan, on 2.5.11, at about 2 pm, when Sh. Om Prakash was busy watching TV in his room, Rajesh was called inside the house at 11/14, East Patel Nagar by the domestic help (a juvenile) and was shown the almirah where cash and jewelery was kept as Rajesh was doing the job of a driver and hence he was not fully aware about the inside of the house. On the day of incident, at about 3 pm, children came from school and at about 4/4.15 pm, they left for the tuition in the area of East of Kailash. The juvenile domestic help also took the permission to go with the children to meet his friends at Greater Kailash. He left the house and informed Rajesh and Mahesh that the old man was alone in the house. He was continuously in touch with Rajesh and Mahesh. At about 7.15 pm., Rajesh gained a friendly entry into the house alongwith Mahesh and both of them overpowered Sh. Om Prakash and strangulated him with the help of a cloth lying there. Thereafter, both took search of the almirahs and took away cash Rs 3 lacs (approx), two laptops, and one laser beam (an electronic equipment) and jewellery.

Further investigation is in progress.


        1. Cash Rs. 2.8 lacs approx

        2. Two Laptops

        3. One Laser Beam (an electronic equipment)

Dy. Commissioner of Police,

Central District, Delhi.



With the arrest of accused Bachhu Parsad s/o Sadashiv Parsad, Laxman Kumar s/o Bachhu Prasad and Pintu Kumar s/o Bachu Prasad, all r/o Kapil Farm House, Church Road, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, the staff of PS Vasant Kunj South, South District has worked out a sensational murder case of a young boy and recovered weapon of offence, cycle used in commission of crime and mobile phone of deceased.


On 05.05.11, HC Ravinder while conducting patrolling in the area, found one highly decomposed male dead body in the ridge area of Rajokari Jungle. He immediately informed Inspr. Ishwar Singh, SHO/Vasant Kunj South who alongwith staff rushed to the spot and found that the body of a naked male person had been stuck in a tree in an old mine. The body was highly decomposed and it looked as if the same had been dumped to this place. Efforts were made for identification of the dead body in the nearby area, but due to highly decomposed condition of the body, it could not be identified by anyone. Accordingly, a case vide FIR No. 109/11 u/s 302/201 IPC PS Vasant Kunj South was registered and investigation taken up.


In order to identify the deceased and apprehend the accused persons, a team comprising of SI Rajesh Kumar, HC Kanwar Singh, HC Kailash, HC Ravinder, Ct. Rajender, Ct. Amit, Ct. Arvind, Ct. Shyam Bihari, Ct. Dharmbir Singh, Ct. Yash Kumar under the leadership of Inspr. Ishwar Singh, SHO/Vasant Kunj South was constituted under the overall supervision of Sh. Mohd. Ali, ACP/Vasant Vihar. During the course of investigation, deceased was identified as Pardeep Paswan (20 years) s/o Suraj Paswan r/o Madhuban Farm, Church Road, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Deceased’s brother Dalip Paswan was contacted who informed that his brother Pradeep Paswan had been missing from 02.05.11. In this regard, a missing had also been lodged in PS Vasant Kunj South on 04.05.11. During enquiry, his brother raised suspicion on one Bachhu Parsad r/o Kapil Farm House, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, as Pardeep was having relations with the daughter of Bachhu Parsad and both families had an altercation about six months ago over this issue. Immediately, a raid was conducted at Kapil Farm House and all the three accused persons namely Bachhu Parsad s/o Sadashiv Prasad and his both sons namely Laxman Kumar and Pintu Kumar c/o Kapil Farm House, Church Road, Vasant Kunj, Delhi were apprehended.


On interrogation, they confessed to have committed the murder of Pradeep Paswan. Accused Bachchu Prasad disclosed that deceased Pardeep had an affair with his daughter for which they had strong objection. On the night intervening 2/3-05-11, he heard the conversation of his daughter with Pardeep on mobile phone and also came to know that Pardeep would come in the Farm House by jumping the rear boundary wall of the Farm House on that night. He shared the information with his two sons namely Laxman and Pintoo and planned to eliminate Pardeep. They hide themselves in one of the corners of the farm house and as soon as Pardeep entered the farm house by jumping the boundary wall of the farm house, they overpowered him and killed him by smothering and strangulation. Thereafter, they removed his clothes and put the naked body in gunny bag and carried it on the bicycle to the Rajokari Forest Area and dumped it in an old mine. They burnt the gunny bag and clothes of deceased in the Farm House. The bicycle on which they carried the dead body, iron rod used to overpower the deceased and mobile phone of deceased has been recovered at the instance of accused persons.


  1. Bachhu Parsad (55 years) s/o Sadashiv Parsad c/o Kapil Farm House, Church Road, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi is illiterate. He is married and has 2 sons and 3 daughters. He works in Kapil Farm House as gardner since 1982.

  1. Laxman Kumar (22 years) s/o Bachhu Parsad is a school dropout. He is unmarried. He works as gardner in Kapil Farm House along with his father.

  1. Pintu Kumar (19 years) s/o Bachu Parsad has studied up to 12th class. He is unmarried.


  1. Mobile phone of deceased.

  2. Bicycle used for carrying the dead body.

  3. Iron rod used by accused person to overpower the deceased.







A gang of desperate Auto Lifters namely Manish @ Mota s/o Rajinder r/o Khasra No. 105/10,B- Block Baba Colony, 25 Feet Road, Sant Nagar, Burari, Delhi Age-26 years, Praveen Saini s/o Ram Narayan Saini r/o H. No. H-70/71, Laxmi Park, Kanwar Singh Nagar, Nangloi, Delhi, Age 30 years, Zulfikar Ali @ Raju s/o Zaheer Ahmed r/o c/o Rajinder s/o Dhoom Singh r/o Rama Chowk Ram Park Extn., Loni Ghaziabad, UP Age-32 years and Ashraf Ali s/o Nek Mohad. r/o 41-A, Sunehri Garden Ram Park Extn, Loni, Ghaziabad, UP Age-26 years have been arrested by the staff of PS. Jagat Puri under the close supervision of Inspr. Rajinder Singh Adhikari, SHO/Jagat Puri and nine stolen cars which were stolen from the area of PS. Bhajan Pura, Mukherjee Nagar, Vikas Puri, Ashok Vihar and Burari, Delhi have been recovered from them.


On 6.5.2011 Ct. Jeet Pal, No. 4790/DAP received a secret information that three desperate auto lifter who are having one stolen Esteem car will come near Gurudwara Patpar Ganj sell the stolen Esteem car in the Auto Sale Purchase market Khureji Khas. In order to nab them, SHO/Jagat Puri constituted a special team comprising of Inspr. Ajab Singh, SI Hasrat Ali, SI Vijay, HC Balbir Singh and Ct. Jeet Pal under the close supervision of Sh. Virender Kumar, ACP/Preet Vihar and police party laid a trap near Khureji Petrol Pump, PPG Road, Delhi and started intensive vehicle checking. At about 9.15 am one Esteem car No. DL 7C B 5255 blue colour stopped for checking in which there were three persons in the car, later identified as Manish @ Mota, Parveen Saini and Zulfikar Ali @ Raju. During checking they could not produced the documents of the car and on further interrogation they disclosed that they had stolen the said car from the area of PS. Bhajan Pura (FIR No.173/11 dated 24.4.11 u/s 379 IPC). On sustained interrogation eight stolen cars recovered from their instance and one receiver namely Ashraf Ali also arrested along with one car No. DL 2C J 2353 (stolen vide FIR No. 43/11 u/s 379 IPC, PS. Ashok Vihar).


Sustained interrogation of the said auto lifters revealed that they have formed a gang and committed hundreds of M.V. Thefts in the different areas of Delhi. They also confessed that they target only old cars and dismantle into parts i.e Engine, chasis, tyres, batteries, accessories and sheets respectively. During the interrogation Parveen also disclosed that he is involved in several auto lifting cases and released from Jail in the month of August 2009. He is also auto mechanic in profession. Zulfikar also disclosed that he is having his own auto workshop in the name and style of J.B. Motors at Ram Park near wine shop, Garhi Kataia village, Loni Ghaziabad, UP and he is expert in dismantling the stolen cars by rubbing Engine/Chasis number of the car and also use fake number plates.

Further interrogation is being carried out.


  1. Easteem car DL 7C B 5255

  2. M/Zen DL 6C H 0114 (Dismantled position)

  3. M/800 DL 4C G 4205

  4. M/800 UP 14 6923

  5. M/800 DL 2C J 2353

  6. M/800 DL 5C 7218

  7. M/800 UP 15 H 3821 (Dismantled position)

  8. M/800 DL 2 CC 7916 (Dismantled position)

  9. Easteem UP 16 A 1797


  1. FIR NO. 173/11 u/s 379 IPC, PS. Bhajan Pura, Delhi

  2. FIR No. 137/11 u/s 379 IPC, PS. Mukharjee Nagar, Delhi
  3. FIR No. 200/11 u/s 379 IPC, PS. Bhajan Pura , Delhi

  4. FIR No. 50/11 u/s 379 IPC, PS. Vikas Puri, Delhi

  5. FIR No. 43/11 u/s 379 IPC, PS. Ashok Vihar, Delhi

  6. FIR No. 242/10 u/s 379 IPC, PS. Burari, Delhi.

  7. M/800 UP 15 H 3821 (Dismantled position and stolen from the area of Sahibabad, UP)

  8. M/800 DL 2 CC 7916 (Dismantled position and stolen from the area of PS. Jyoti Nagar, Delhi)

  9. Easteem UP 16 A 1797 (stolen from the area of PS. Sahibabad, UP)

Verification of the remaining three recovered vehicles is in progress.

( Dr. O.P. MISHRA )





The Staff of P.S. Moti Nagar, West District arrested a person namely Manoj Kumar Kohli, brother in law of Sh. Ramesh Miglani, the complainant. He had stolen cash more than Rs.7 lakhs from his sister’s house.


Manoj Kumar Kohli S/o Late Shri Ram Kohli R/o F-1/194, Sec-16, Rohini, Delhi, age- 40 yrs.


  1. Cash 2.50 lac

  2. One santro car

  3. One gold chain

  4. One mobile phone.


On 03.05.2011. Shri Ramesh Miglani S/o Late Shri Kham Chand R/o B-431, Sudershan Park, Moti Nagar, Delhi reported that his brother- in- law was residing with him for a month. On 02.05.2011 at about he went to Gurdwara, Rajinder Nagar and when he returned at about 10.00pm his brother- in- law was not present at his home and his mobile phone was also switched off. On checking the almirah he found his cash more than Rs.7 lac was stolen. On this a case was registered in PS- Moti Nagar. The information was further developed and all probable hideouts of culprit were searched. Local sources were deployed in this regard. On 06.05.2011 an information was received by Inspector Rajkumar SHO/ Moti Nagar that Manoj Kumar Kohli will come near M-2 K Cinema, Rohini at about 4.00pm. On this a raiding party under the supervision of Shri J.K. Sharma ACP/Rajouri Garden comprising Inspector Rajkumar/SHO Moti Nagar, SI Ram Pratap, HC Rishal Singh, HC Narendra, HC Randhir Singh was constituted and deployed near M-2K Cinema, Rohini, Delhi. At about 4.00pm Manoj Kumar came in the parking of M-2K Cinema and was apprehended on the instance of secret informer. On interrogation he disclosed his name as Manoj Kumar Kohli S/o Late Shri Ram Kohli R/o F-1/194, Sec-16, Rohini. On further interrogation he told that he has committed this theft.


On interrogation Manoj Kumar Kohli disclosed that he studied up to VIth standard. He was not good at studies and left the school. He came in contact with bad elements and started doing bad activities. Later on he worked in some private factories but he was not satisfied with this income because he had many bad habits. His wife also left him due to his bad habits. He is the only son of his parents so his sisters have much sympathy for him. Now he is an unemployed and alone so his sister called him to live with her. In the beginning he started committing petty thefts in their house but they ignored it. His sister and his bother in law( Jija) had a check on his bad activities. He wanted to live free and wanted to make his life luxurious. He spent much money on bad activities and was very fond of drinking costly wine. He did not like to be controlled and so he made a plan for committing theft in his sister’s house as his brother –in -law is a business man and keeps the huge amount of cash in his house. On 02.05.2011 he noticed that the huge amount was kept in the house. He thought that it is a good chance to steal the cash when his brother in law went to Gurdwara. He had stolen the cash from almirah and fled away. He bought a Santro Car, one gold chain and one mobile phone from the money stolen.

Staff involved in the good work is being rewarded suitably.




Dated : 07.05.2011


The staff of PS Tilak Nagar of West District has arrested three cheaters namely Ms. Pradeep Kaur, Ms. Harneet Kaur and Sardar Rattan Singh.

Mr. Jagjeet Singh has lodged a complaint alleging that Pardeep Kaur , Harneet Kaur and S. Rattan Singh All R/O A-34, Plot No.-8, Sector-9, Sarv Sanji Apartment, Dwarka , Delhi committed forgery, Cheating, impersonation, criminal breach of trust, misappropriation and criminal intimidation.

Profile of Accused Persons:-

  • Ms. Pardeep Kaur R/O A-34, Plot No.-8, Sector-9, Sarv Sanji Apartment, Dwarka , Delhi

  • Ms. Harneet Kaur R/O A-34, Plot No.-8, Sector-9, Sarv Sanji Apartment, Dwarka , Delhi

  • Sardar Rattan Singh R/O A-34, Plot No.-8, Sector-9, Sarv Sanji Apartment, Dwarka , Delhi


Total amount cheating. Rs - 11 lacs

Similar complaint was also submitted by S. Harjeet Singh and S. Darshan Singh (Both brothers) against the above cited persons in the same matter. The complainants are brothers and family friends of Ms. Pardeep Kaur (Respondent) since long. In the month of July 2010 Jagjeet Singh (Complainant) was enquired by Ms. Pardeep Kaur and her sister Harneet Kaur whether he is interested to go abroad as their aunt Ms. Balbir Kaur Kalsi is MD of M/s Thakral Brothers Pvt Ltd, having offices in Singapore and Canada and she requires personnel possessing Diploma in SAP and they would get salary over 60,000/- per month. Both the sisters claimed that they are the Executive Director of the said company. Complainant was called for interview at Hotel Taj, Delhi and issued an appointment letter at her house in A-34, Plot No.-8, Sector-9, Sarv Sanji Apartment, Dwarka by Ms. Pardeep Kaur. She asked him (Complainant) to keep his passport ready. Ms. Pardeep Kaur took Rs. 11,000/- for urgent issue of passport from the complaint. Ms. Pardeep Kaur started calling him frequently and demanded more money on one pretext or the other and promised to send the complainant abroad shortly complainant deposited the money in the account of Ms. Pardeep Kaur a number of times. Ms. Pardeep Kaur also took Rs. 20000/- for preparation of income tax returns for the last three years. Ms. Pardeep Kaur took the complainant to Max Hospital for medical examination but the said examination could not be conducted even after depositing Rs. 1450/-. Ms.Pardeep Kaur took Rs. 17000/-for arrangement of overseas Mediclaim Policy and also took Rs. 68000/- in lieu of fees of Advocate named Brown who was pursuing the visa application of complainant in Singapore Embassy as per her statement. When all the formalities were supposedly completed by complainant, complainant requested Ms. Pardeep Kaur to tell the reason of delay. Ms. Pardeep Kaur replied that his appointment by the company has been cancelled due to delay in issuance of passport. Complainant got suspected at this stage as Ms.Pardeep Kaur started avoiding the complainant . Complainant went to residence of Ms. Pardeep Kaur at about 06.00AM and finally able to meet her at 03.00PM, when she barged into her home with another gentleman who claimed to be her associate and it was told that a copy of “Promise of Visa” would be provided on 27-02-2011 but all in vain. Ms. Pardeep Kaur promised to pay Rs. 5 Lac on 28-02-2011 and complainant was called at Corporation Bank, Sec-10, Dwarka but after some concocted stories she asked the complainant to visit at 03.00PM , since then she did not respond to his calls and could be contacted on 10.00PM on 28-02-11. Ms. Pardeep Kaur has strong links with Vinay Kohli , dealing in foreign currency whom complainant delivered money number of times to be handed over to Ms. Pardeep Kaur. Complainant deposited Rs. 45000/- with Mr. Kohli on the pretext of purchasing the Singapore Dollors. Complainant deposited Rs. 25000/- and Rs. 3000/- in the account of Md. Juned R/O Patel Nagar who is associate of Ms. Pardeep Kaur. Ms. Pardeep Kaur and Ms. Harneet Kaur have also duped the real brother of Complainant Sh. Harjeet Singh on the pretext of sending him to Canada, also gave an complaint against Ms. Pardeep Kaur and others.

An inquiry was conducted and a case vide FIR No. 98/11 u/s: 420 IPC was got registered against Ms. Perdeep Kaur with the approval of senior officers. During the course of investigation sufficient evidences have been collected by SI Devender Singh, PS. Tilak Nagar. All accused persons were arrested on 06.05.11 in this case and same are being produced before the Hon'ble Court.

Staff involved in the good work is being rewarded suitably.




Dt.: 07.05.11





A team of officers of the Crime Branch led by Inspr. Vivek Pathak and consisting of SI Satyawan, HC Abdul Hakim, HC Om Prakash and Ct. Yogesh under the supervision of ACP/Narcotics and over all supervision of Addl. DCP/Crime Sanjay Bhatia have arrested a drug trafficker and have recovered 275 grams of Heroin.

On 04/05/2011, SI Satyawan received specific information that a drug trafficker would come to Rohini, Delhi to deliver Heroin to a contact. On this, a trap was laid and Ashraf Khan (aged 22 years) s/o Amzad Khan r/o Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh was apprehended. 275 gram Heroin was recovered from his possession. A case under the appropriate sections of NDPS Act was registered.

Ashraf Khan was subjected to intensive interrogation. He disclosed that he had purchased the heroin from Raju r/o Gulariya Meerganj Bareilly UP for supplying it in Delhi. He had to deliver the heroin to Dharmendra r/o Mangolpuri Delhi

Further investigation is in progress.


Dt.: 07.05.2011

  • Interstate prostitution racket unearthed

  • Cyber pimp arrested

  • Prostitution was run through a web portal

  • Network was in all the big cities across the country

  • Accused is an MBA from Ghaziabad, based in Jodhpur and wanted in Bhopal, MP

A team of officers of Crime Branch led by Inspr. Arti Sharma and consisting of SI Sharat Kohli, ASI Suresh Kumar, HC Shyam Lal and HC Amit Tomar, Ct. Narender, Ct.Dabbu, Ct.Sunny and Ct.Vikas under the supervision of Addl. DCP Joy Tirkey have busted an interstate prostitution racket and have arrested the kingpin of the racket.

Information was received on 6.5.11 by HC. Amit Tomar that a person running an interstate prosecution racket would be coming near Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. On this information a trap was laid and one person was apprehended. He was identified as Sudhanshu Gupta (aged 32 years) s/o Chander Prakash Gupta r/o Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Sudhanshu Gupta is an educated and suave person. He was subjected to intensive interrogation. He disclosed that in 2003 he completed his Masters in Business Administration from a Management Institute of Ghaziabad, UP. He then till 2004 worked with a multinational bank at Delhi as Regional Manager. He then shifted to a Share Broking Company in Delhi and then to Jodhpur. In 2005 he started his own Tour and Travels Business at Jodhpur, Rajasthan. In the year 2010 while on a business trip to Delhi he met a call girl in Delhi. Together they decided to start an ‘Escort’ web portal. In 2010, Sudhanshu Gupta started ‘’. He ran his interstate prostitution racket through the web portal ‘’. Through this portal he developed the network of call girls all over India and catered to the demands of his clients in almost all the major cities across the country. The clients entered their requisition through the web portal. He catered to the requisition of the client by getting in touch with the nearest available call girl as per the requirement of the ‘client’. He called up the client and fixed the ‘price’ accordingly. The girl reached the destination as per her convenience and took money up front. Sudhanshu Gupta took a ‘cut’ of about 30 to 40 percent of the total amount fixed. The call girl deposited the money at a given bank account of Sudhanshu Gupta who withdrew the amount through ATM. This way, neither the client nor the call girl ever got to see Sudhanshu Gupta. His web portal allowed him to cater to a wide demand in almost every corner of the country. Sitting in Jodhpur, Sudhanshu Gupta reached hundreds of ‘clients’ all over the country and provided them call girls who were based in almost all major cities across the country.

In March, 2011, a call girl was arrested by the Crime Branch, Bhopal Police in a Hotel at MP Nagar, Bhopal. She disclosed that she operated through her pimp Sudhanshu Gupta r/o Jodhpur, Rajasthan. In the instant case he had arranged the call girl from Delhi who had flown to Bhopal to be with the client. In this case she deposited Rs. 1,48,000/- in the three ICICI bank accounts provided by Sudhanshu Gupta. The Bhopal Crime Branch has seized these bank accounts of Sudhanshu Gupta. The accounts show transactions worth lakhs of rupees. The Bhopal Police had been looking for Sudhanshu Gupta ever since.

After the Bhopal Police crackdown, Sudhanshu Gupta has put up his web portal for sale.
The Bhopal Police has been informed and they are on their way to Delhi.



Dt.: 07.05.2011

  • Four cases of bag lifting on moving Trains work out.

  • 3 Bag lifters arrested from Kishan Ganj Railway Station.

  • Stolen property of an Israeli National recovered.

A team of officers the Crime Branch led by SI Devendra Kumar and consisting of SI Virendra Singh, SI Rajeev Kakkar, HC Harvinder Singh, HC Raja Ram, HC Raja Ram, HC Surender, Ct. Swaraj, Ct. Rasid, Ct. Jai Baba under the supervision of Addl. DCP/Crime Sanjay Bhatia have busted a gang of bag lifters that lifted bags on moving trains in Delhi & NCR. Three persons have been arrested and stolen goods worth Lacs of rupees including gold and artificial jewelry have been recovered.

On 26/04/2011, an Israel National was coming to Delhi from Kathgodam by Rani Khet Express. She was sleeping on the upper berth and when she got up she found that her bag containing gold/artificial ornaments, cash and other material stolen. A case under the appropriate sections of the law was registered at PS Sarai Rohilla Railway Station.

On 3/05/11, on secret information a trap was laid and three persons were apprehended. They were identified as i) Bali @ Vikas @ Bengali (aged 27 years) s/o Sampat Rai @ Shokat Ali r/o Najaf Garh, Delhi, ii) Deepak @ Aakash (aged 32 years) s/o Hans Raj r/o Usman Pur, Delhi and iii) Ravi (aged 22 years) s/o Binda Singh r/o Usman Pur, Delhi.

They were subjected to intensive interrogation. They disclosed that they had stolen the bag of the Israel, National containing gold and artificial jewellery alongwith other material and documents which has since been recovered. Besides, the interrogation of the gang members led to working out of 03 more cases of bag lifting and pick pocketing of PS Sarai Rohilla Railway Station.


1. Bali @ Vikas @ Bengali (aged 27 years) s/o Sampat Rai @ Shokat Ali r/o Najaf Garh, Delhi - He has studied upto 6th.

2. Deepak @ Aakash (aged 32 years) s/o Hans Raj r/o Usman Pur, Delhi - He has studied up 6th and earns his livelihood by committing crime.

3. Ravi (aged 22 years) s/o Binda Singh r/o Usman Pur, Delhi – Ostensibly works at Tea stalls on daily wages at railway stations and commits crime.

Further investigation is in progress.








With the arrest of two persons namely Aashiq @ Ashu@ Asif S/o Hasim R/O H No.1934 Suaiwalan, Gali pattewale, Turkmangate Delhi Aged 26 years and Majid @ Majju S/o Fayuddin R/o H.No.1286 Rakabganj, Delhi Aged 25 years the staff of P.S. Hazrat Nizamuddin, South East Distt. has busted a gang of robbers.


On 6-5-11, at about 2:00 PM, the complainant Deepak Singh S/o Sh. Gopal Singh R/o D-358 Shiv Durga Vihar, Lakkarpur Faridabad was going to his office from Paharganj to Mandi, Sultanpur, Mehrauli. He was intercepted on the Lodhi Road flyover by two persons on a Hero Honda Glamour M/Cycle. They threatened him with a knife and took away his belongings, Rs. 500 cash, driving license, debit card, credit card, ATM, mobile phone. They also snatched his M/cycle keys and one of the accused started the M/cycle and escaped with it. The other accused was caught by the complainant there was a scuffle. Meanwhile, public gathered and police reached the spot and with the public help the accused Aashiq @ Ashu@ Asif S/o Hasim R/O H No.1934 Suaiwalan, gali pattewale, Turkmangate Delhi was caught. A case vide FIR No. 116/11 U/S 394/34 and 25-27/54/59 Arms Act dated 6-5-11 was got registered at PS H.N. Din.


During investigation a team under the supervision of Sh. Data Ram, ACP/New Friends Colony headed by Inspr Ram Kumar,SHO/H.N.Din alongwith SI Ajeet Kumar, SI Abhishek, PSI Kuldeep, HC Saffuiddin, Ct Anish, Ct Meva Ram and Ct Upkar was constituted to nab the co-accused and recover the robbed articles. The co-accused Majid @Majju was arrested from old Delhi area. On his instance M/cycle Pulsar 180cc, of the complainant was recovered from the area of P.S. Lajpat Nagar. The complainant’s wallet containing his articles/belongings and mobile Phone was recovered from the residence of co-accused Majid @Majju.


During Ashu’s interrogation, it came to light that he was released from jail very recently. He is accused in many robbery and snatching cases, mostly from the areas of Mandawali, Mayur Vihar, Anand Vihar, Shakarpur.

He alongwith the co-accused Majud had planned to commit robbery again. Ashu was caught while Majid escaped from the spot.


  One Wallet containing driving license, debit card, ATM card, credit card and Pan Card

         One Knife

         Hero Honda Glamour Dl-7S AY 7637

         Pulsar Red 180 CC Dl-3S BK 0189

         One Mobile Phone - Nokia


1.          Aashiq @ Ashu @ Asif S/o Hasim R/O H No.1934 Suaiwalan, gali pattewale, Turkmangate Delhi Aged 26 years. He is involved in more than 30 cases of robbery and snatching

2.          Majid @ Majju S/o Fayuddin R/o H.No.1286 Rakabganj, Delhi Aged 25 years.

Further investigation of the case is in progress.


(Ajay Chaudhry)

Addl. Commissioner of Police:

South East District, New Delhi.


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