Bedtime Stories for the Scholastically Inclined

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Bedtime Stories

for the Scholastically Inclined

You are challenged to create an exciting innovative bedtime story (Friday nap time story) for the classes to come in the future after you. Your story must incorporate material from one of the units of study in the course.


Title: ________________________________________________________________

Unit of study to be covered:


Main Characters:

Mathematical Concepts to cover:

1) ______________________ 2)______________________

3) ______________________ 4) ______________________

Plot time line:

Marking Scheme:


Covering Chapter Content


One concept covered well (full mathematical solution modelled).


Two concepts covered well or three concepts covered.


Three concepts covered well or four concepts covered.


Four or more concepts covered well.

Story Line


Has a story line.


Reads well with some errors.


Reads well with only a few errors.


Reads smoothly



written legibly





computer processed and colour


Computer processed, colour and graphics

Grammar and Punctuation


More than eight errors.


More than three errors but less than eight.


Less than three errors.


No errors.

Bedtime Stories for the Scholastically Inclined

Article Submitted by: Jacqueline Hill (Teacher of Mathematics at Port Perry High School. Involvement includes Course Profile writing, Workshop Leader, Pine Ridge Math Association President, writer for Nelson Thomson Learning. I am dedicated to teaching all of the students in my classroom. This means reaching each of them in some way each semester. I try to vary my instructional approaches to take into account the different learning styles the children bring to the classroom).

This particular assignment idea was first conjured up by me 4 years ago. Every Friday we start classes with nap time (Grades 9 – OAC), then followed by story time. Story time is consumed with content related math stories out of the volumes of stories I have. Since it was first conjured up each semester I have students write bedtime stories. The Rubric was a new twist for me this year. I conference with the students 4 times throughout the process of writing their stories. The first time is after they have completed the Title and Unit of Study. I have students sign up for units in the course (so each volume of stories has an even distribution of topics). The second conference contains setting, main characters, the four pieces of mathematical content they are going to cover and the Plot time line. The third conference takes place after the first paragraph is written. I usually try to get a senior English class to proof read the stories when they are complete. A fourth conference is scheduled just before the students are to hand in their finished product. I have a student volunteer to produce the title page of the class’s volume. Titles include Bedtime Stories for the scholastically inclined volumes 1 and 2 as well as Mother Hill’s Bedtime stories volumes 1 and 2.

I have included a student sample of work. Travis Puckrin was a wonderful student in my grade 10 Applied Math class. He gave us permission to read, view and use his story. Please note that there are mathematical errors throughout his story. So on the scoring rubric he would have obtained a level 2 or at most 3 for his covering chapter content section.

The bedtime stories are used as part of the 30% final assessment and given out in the latter portion of the course.

Bedtime story titles include; Red Riding Hood and the Quadratic Visit, The Three Little Pigs and Linear Systems, The Care Bears save the Function and Matrices and Transformations visit the Cinderella at the ball….

Enjoy a little piece of our childhood and math content at the same time.

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