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Using Photo Story to create an animated picture show!

1. Open Photo Story and “Begin a new story.”

2. Import the pictures that you want to use. Choose them from a SAVED file on your computer, not from the camera or CD. Save all pictures in your “H” drive. Delete any pictures that you will not use. By the way, do you know that all pictures in your “H” drive are PUBLIC property? ANY citizen of the state of Washington has the right to request to see what is saved on your Student Drive. Take a moment to consider that. The technology director goes through your files and removes anything that is oversized or inappropriate.

3. Are your photos saved in the correct drive? Not on the Local Computer, not on the desktop!

4. Import your photos from your “H” drive

5. You may scroll through them to correct color balance, red eyes, rotation, and other picture errors.

6. Organize your pictures in the bar below. Try to mix-and-match your pictures in a unique, captivating manor. Repetition is boring! Spice it up and challenge your viewer!

7. If you need to edit your pictures (crop, rotate, auto fix, effects), add them under this tab.

8. Add a “written” title to your picture. This tab allows you to add text, change the font, the color, the size, and the position of your text. White is a good color, but you should experiment with color and size.

9. You will be narrating 6+ of your pictures. You will need a microphone! In this box, type a few notes to help you remember what you will be saying. To ensure correctness, ask Madame Meissner or Madame Maney to verify that what you have written is correct. Click on the red button to record. Click on the next button to stop. Click on the curved error to erase what you have recorded. Preview your work! Don’t like it? Do it again! AND AGAIN!

10. MUSIQUE! This is optional, but it adds a nice touch. If you choose to use your own music, choose music for which you have LEGAL means to use. YouTube (where we are posting our work) will kick your video off or mute your music if you use copyrighted works. Choose music without lyrics. This is important because you will be talking during the show. Lyrics will make your spoken work difficult to understand.

Photo Story will allow you to “create” music! Choose your own genre, tempo, mood and instruments. It’s legal and fun!

11. All done? Is it spelled right? Good vocabulary, verbs and pronunciation!? It’s time to save using the first option. We will upload your project to YouTube later. Save it in your “H” drive. We will copy it to my hard drive or upload it Google Groups later. Save it with YOUR French NAME!!

Bonne chance! Questions?! Ecrivez-moi :

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