Beginning of Agriculture

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Chapter 1/Section 2: “Beginning of Agriculture”

Ancient world History Reading Questions

Pages 12-17 Mr. don Owens Room 306

Read the section and then use descriptive answers on the below questions. NO “ONE or TWO word answers!

Inside Story:

What allowed early man to begin farming?

What type of seeds did early man first use?
The New Stone Age:

What is the Neolithic Era?

What were three advancements in tool making?
Development of Agriculture:

What is the Neolithic Revolution?

What ended the Ice Age?
What was the importance of wild grains?
What is domestication?
Why is it important?
What was the first domesticated animal used by humans?
Agriculture Changes Society:

What is a pastoralist?

What allowed man to stop being a nomad?
What did farming societies allow early man to do?
What is a megalith?
What are they related to?
What were three problems of early agricultural settlements?
New Technologies:

What is technology?

What was the Bronze Age?
When did it begin?
What was Catal Huyuk?
Where was it located?

Who was Otzi the Iceman? What is he an example of?

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