Bell Ringer Award

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Allen Independent School District

2007 Bell

Ringer Award

Bell Ringer Award

The Allen Independent School District Bell Ringer Award recognizes AISD employees for service on behalf of children "above and beyond" their regular job responsibilities. Any AISD employee may nominate any other AISD employee for the award.

Criteria for Selection

  • Willingness to go "above and beyond" what would be considered normal job responsibilities on behalf of students and/or the school district as demonstrated through specific actions.

  • Ability and willingness to work cooperatively with fellow employees.

Nomination Process

Candidates for the AISD Bell Ringer Awards may be nominated by any other AISD employee by returning the nomination form to the Public Information Office or e-mailing the Public Information Office by Wednesday, April 25, 2007. Any number of candidates from any school or department may be nominated for the AISD Bell Ringer Awards. All nominations will remain confidential. Only the 2007 Bell Ringer Award recipients will be publicly recognized.


Any AISD employee, full-time or part-time, is eligible to be nominated for the Bell Ringer Award.

Selection Process

Nominations will be received until 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 25. A selection committee consisting of two administrators, one teacher and two support staff members will then make a decision based upon the nominations. Verification of some nominations may be necessary. The number of awards will be determined each year based upon nominations. The award recipients will be announced at the AISD Employee Convocation on Monday, August 20.

Recognition – Not Competition

Selecting the Bell Ringer Award winners is not a competition to choose the school district's best employees. It is only intended to recognize those employees who have gone "above and beyond" the call of duty for the current school year.

2006 Allen ISD Bell Ringer Awards

Elizabeth Baehner – Story

Sharon Herkert - Boyd

Vicky Selznick – Lowery

Stephanie Budish – Curtis

Cindy Herrin – Assessment

Claudia Stevens – Ford

Lisa Cook – Kerr

Mary Higgs – Ford

Billie Terrell – Reed

Stacie Curd - Kerr

Lantz Howse – Transportation

Irene Tyrvek – Transportation

Valerie Dean – Student Nutrition

Jennifer Hulme – Learner Services

Jan Wagner – Boon

Pam Dewald – Norton

April Jessie – Story

John Yoder - Transportation

Terri Eck – Marion

Davia Madariaga – Rountree

Jane Faber – HR

Ashley Martin – Story

Bonnie Farmer – Boon

Johnetta Mass – Anderson

Kathy Freeman – Vaughan

Stacey McGraw – Story

Graham Gadd – Ereckson

Susan Oliver - Boyd

Anne Gifford – Story

Carol Olsin – Green

Amy Givoniette – Kerr

Lidieth Oreamuno - Dillard

Jean Hammack - Bolin

Charles Pennington - AHS

2007 Bell Ringer Award Nomination Form
Return to Public Information Office by Tuesday, April 25 via campus mail or e-mail to the Public Information Office.
Nominee's Name:

(The nominee will be informed of his/her candidacy)

Nominee's School:

Name of Person Making the Nomination:


In your nomination, give specific examples of how your nominee meets the criteria for this award.
As an employee of the Allen Independent School District, I would like to nominate my colleague to

receive a 2007 Bell Ringer Award. I believe this individual has gone above and beyond his/her normal

job responsibilities on behalf of AISD children for the following reasons:

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