Beowulf Final Project: Due

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Beowulf Final Project: Due ___________

The goal of this final project is to give you a range of creative ways to show the depth of your understanding of the poem and the unit of study as a whole.

Directions for your Beowulf project are as follows: To finish up Beowulf, you’ll be asked to complete an assignment or assignments that demonstrate your understanding of the poem. Work will be assessed based on how well you demonstrate understanding of the poem and literary devices, as well as your creativity. All written portions of the project must be typed.

C. Create a Visual

If you would like to earn a maximum of a C on the Beowulf final project, choose one of the following three assignments to complete.

  1. Choose a specific scene from Beowulf to illustrate, paying particular attention to specific details given in your selected passage. Include the passage on your poster. In addition to the poster, in one half to one page, explain the significance of the scene you’ve illustrated.

  2. Compile a scrapbook based on Beowulf. Write captions explaining each item included, which should be items that the characters might have saved or which somehow identify the characters. Suggested items include pictures, personal articles, and other physical objects. A twist on this idea is to create a Beowulf time capsule.

  3. Create a collage of images and/or quotations from Beowulf that demonstrate the book's theme or message. Include a one-half to one page summary, explaining each image and/or quotation that appears on the collage. Tell why the image/quote was included and its significance to the poem.

B. Write a Poem

If you would like to earn a maximum of a B on the Beowulf final project, complete one of the assignments above in section C AND one of the following three assignments (for a total of two assignments).

  1. Write a poem titled "The Beowulf in Me" or "The Grendel in Me." (Or perhaps write about your duality.) Be specific. The intent of the poem is for you to explore the hero and/or monster in yourself.
  2. Write an original additional adventure for Beowulf. Create some new villain for him to fight. (This would have to take place sometime before his fatal battle with the dragon, of course.) Try to follow the Anglo-Saxon poetic style. Use and label alliteration and at least one kenning.

  3. Create a found poem from words that appear in the text. (A found poem is created from taking works that already exist and reordering to create a new poem.) The poem should demonstrate a theme from Beowulf. After creating the found poem, write a two-paragraph explanation of how your poem demonstrates a theme in the poem.

Change Writing Genres

If you would like to earn up to an A, complete one assignment in each category (A, B, and C) for a total of three assignments.

  1. Retell the events in Beowulf as a children's story, including illustrations and binding the finished project in booklet form. Be especially careful about word choice.

  2. A trend in film today is to modernize old stories. (Example: the movie Romeo + Juliet is a modernization of Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet set in modern-day Verona Beach. The mob-like families tote guns rather than Shakespeare’s swords, while Leonardo DiCaprio swoons for Claire Danes as Juliet.) How would you envision a modern-day or futuristic Beowulf? Think about what modern-day or futuristic counterparts each major character might have and what roles they would play. Sketch out a storyboard or write a proposal for the movie. Think about what costumes, sets, and special effects might be needed. Write a minimum one page proposal detailing how you would film the story, or film/video tape part of the movie. (If you choose to film the video, you may work together in groups of 3 maximum; all group members must have acting parts.) Video format: the DVD must be playable on Mac, using iMovie or in realplayer format.
  3. Create a newspaper outlining the major events in Beowulf. Write articles and include appropriate pictures (hand or computer-drawn, cut from magazines or newspapers, or found on the Internet). In addition to major articles, include typical newspaper features like editorials, obituaries, advertisements, and comics. (You may work with others on this, but each group member must be responsible for creating at least two newspaper pages.)

  4. Interpret a scene from Beowulf, dressing as the characters and videotape scene for the class. Some suggested scenes include Grendel's first attack (27-29), the battle between Beowulf and Grendel (46-48), the attack of Grendel's mother (63-64), Beowulf's battle with Grendel's mother (70-71), the battle with the dragon (102-109), or Beowulf's funeral (119-120). (You may work together in groups of 3 maximum; all group members must have acting parts.)

Try to have fun with this!

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