Beowulf Questions and Short essay responses

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Beowulf Questions and Short essay responses:

After listening to the lecture by Prof. Shutt:

  1. To what extent are we to admire Beowulf? What, specifically, are we to admire?

  1. Why does the poet directly depict Beowulf fighting monsters rather than people? What does the nature of the monsters suggest about the nature of what Beowulf is up against?

  1. Is he fighting symbolically against different things when he takes on Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon? If so, what might those things be?

  1. Why do we have to wait so long before meeting Beowulf himself? What is the point of beginning the poem not with a story of Beowulf, but with the story of Scyld Scefing?

  1. Is Beowulf a crude or unsophisticated poem? To what extent and in what ways?

  1. What is the evidence for thinking of Beowulf as a “primary” epic?

  1. To what degree, and on what grounds, does it make sense to think of Beowulf as a Christian reconceptualization of the heroic, pagan past?

  1. To what extent is Beowulf a Christ figure, and what is the point of making him a Christ figure?

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