Berkeley's wit 7: Packet by Chicago, with a few bonuses by other Deep Bench teams, courtesy of Minnesota Deep Bench


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Berkeley's WIT 7: Packet by Chicago, with a few bonuses by other Deep Bench teams, courtesy of Minnesota Deep Bench


1. Most have a diameter of about .1 to .3 parsecs. and expand at speeds between 20 and 30 km/s. The
central stars within them are very hot. with all about 20,000 K and some even above 100.000 K. among the
hottest stars in the galaxy. They are created when red giant stars near the end of their lifetimes and need to
eject enough mass to become a white dwarf. For ten points-name these gas shells, the most famous of
which is the Ring Nebula in the constellation Lyra.

Answer: planetary nebula (prompt on "nebula")

2. When the publisher told its composer that it needed one more variation, its composer simply took the
main theme and played it backwards. Thus was created the most famous portion of this piece, a set of
variations written on a theme by a violin virtuoso. For ten points—name this work by Sergei

Answer: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini or Variations on a Theme of Paeanini

3. In Cambodia a rain ceremony is still performed in which one of these animals is carried in a cage
through the village and sprinkled with water at each house; its cries supposedly evoke the pity of Indra who
will dispense showers in response. In Welsh lore, one of these, having been bested by the trout Henwen.
becomes a plague on the island of Anglesey, while in Buddhism it is reproached, along with the snake, as
being the only animal who was unmoved by the death of Buddha. For ten points—what is this curious bea»t.
which can call or nap. look at a king, wear pajamas, and have nine tails or nine lives?

Answer: domestic cat

4. Financed by the By/.antine Emperor Michael VIII, who hoped to create a distraction for Charles of

Anjou and thus forestall him from invading his territory, it began on March 30. 1282 when the local

inhabitants revolted, leading to a 20-year war between the kingdoms of Aragon and Naples. For ten points-
-name this rebellion which takes its name from that of the main evening church service.

Answer: Sicilian Vespers

5. "I was not there when they met.— or. not in the usual Way. I later heard from them how they
remember'd meeting." says the narrator as he begins his account of the title characters. The encounter.
which takes place at a saloon in Portsmouth, features the Fabulous Jellows. the Learned English Dog. and
Dark Hepsie. the Pythoness of the Point. For ten points-name this novel written by Thomas Pynchon and
narrated by the Reverend Chokecherry.

Answer: Mason and Dixon

6. It was formulated as six Constitutional amendments, by which slavery in the District of Columbia would
have been protected from Congressional interference; the principle of popular sovereignty would have
allowed the territories to decide the slavery question for themselves: and owners of unreturned runawav
slaves were to have been compensated by the government. For ten points-name this last-ditch plan to head
off the Civil War. narrowly defeated in the Senate on March 2. 1861.

Answer: Crittenden Compromise

7. The final pages of this novel give the reader his last sight of the protagonist, racing madly across a
battlefield, singing mindlessly as he disappears into the rain. The opening pages describe his journey to
visit his cousin Joachim: intending to stay only a few weeks, he remains for seven years. His fellow
residents include Clavdia Chauchat and his mentor Settembrini. who tries to steer him away from the
decadent stagnation of the sanatorium and toward the reasonable activity of the world below. These are the

adventures of Hans Castorp in-for ten points-what 1924 novel by Thomas Mann?

Answer: The Slavic Mountain or Per Ztmberbere

8. A fervent revolutionary, in his essay "Nuestro Amdrica" (Our America) he advocated that his country

break from European tradition both politically and intellectually. Referred to as his country's "Apostle of

Independence." he was an idol of his country's revolutionary 26 of July movement. FTP name this Cuban poet, author of Versos Sencillos and Versos Libres, who died in battle just before his country gained independence.

Answer: Jose Mam'

9. To entomologists, this word is the name for "any of various longitudinal veins in the wing of an insect.'"

In Roman times, this word signified a spoke on a chariot wheel. Anatomists use it as a name for the shorter
of the two bones in the human forearm. For ten points, what is this word thai also means "half a circle's

Answer: Radius

10. Located at the confluence of the Spring. Hondo, and Pecos rivers, its first known European vistor was
Spanish conquistador Don Antonio de Espejo, who explored the Pecos Valley in 1583. but its most famous
visitors didn't arrive for 364 more years. This year. Fox will be airing a show bearing this town's name. For
ten points, name this New Mexico town, which hosts the UFO Encounter festival each July.

Answer: Roswell

11. The practice was confirmed by the Eastern church in 1341, 1347. and 1351 because it could lead to the
appreciation of the uncreated light that enveloped Christ at Tabor. Barlaam the Calabrian insulted it by
calling its practitioners "omphalopsychoi". For ten points, name this practice which was started by St.
Nicephoras of Athos in the late 13th Century, who advised people to pray with their thoughts and eyes on

the centers of their bodies.

Answer: contemplation of one's navel (accept equivalents: also accept "omphalicism" before the word comes up in the question)

12. Written about by scholars such as Bruce Cummings, sketchy reports of it have existed for 50 years.

Apparently, in fear of enemy infiltration of fleeing refugee bands, orders were given not to allow any
civilians to cross the front line, but in this case declassified reports show the front line was 4 miles away.
Reports differ, but 100-300 may have been killed. For ten points-name this massacre of unarmed Korean
civilians, which took place at a bridge, near a hamlet south of Seoul recently brought to light by the
Associated Press.

Answer: No Gun Ri

13. The first measure was a naturalization act making a residence of 14 years necessary before foreigners
could become citizens. The second measure gave the President the power to deport any aliens judged
dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States. The third act allowed the imprisonment or
deportation of subjects of an enemy nation during wartime. The fourth act regulated heavy penalties for
conspiracy against the government. For ten points—name this set of laws, which drew sharp criticism
against the Adams administration when they were passed by Congress in 1798.

Answer: Alien and Sedition Acts

14. Nahkla. Lost City, Innisfree, Chassigny. Norton County, and Canyon Diablo are some famous ones.
The only modern case of injury due to one occurred in Alabama in 1954. They are classified in three
categories: irons, made of nickel-iron, stones, made of silicate or rock, and stony-irons, a mixture of the
two. For ten points-give the name of these fragments of space debris which survive their flight through the

earth's atmosphere.

Answer: meteorites

15. The first woman to graduate from her university, she held positions as an assistant doctor at a state

mental institution and as a professor of anthropology. In her observations of children, she noted that links
between the biological and mental growth yielded periods of sensitivity in the educational process and that
use of didactic objects was more productive than traditional systems. For ten points-name this woman, the
founder of an educational philosophy that stresses self-directed learning.

Answer: Maria Montessori

16. Commercially derived from the peel of citrus fruits, this family of polysaccharides is used by plants to
maintain the shape of a ripening fruit. These sugars are initially found in the fruit's cell walls, but as the
fruit matures they become increasingly able to dissolve into the aqueous environment of the cell, allowing
the fruit to lose its shape. For ten points-name this group of polysaccharides, commonly used in the
production of jam and jelly.

Answer: pectins

17. This work was written in in response to David Hume's skepticism about the possibility of scientific
knowledge. It argues that since reason organizes what we experience through our senses, it is possible to
obtain knowledge from experience. What is impossible is knowledge about the "thing in itself. For ten
points—name this 1781 work, the first critique written by Immanucl Kant.

Answer: Critique of Pure Reason (Kritik der reinen Vermmft)

18. His rise began when he accompanied his uncle on campaign against the Fatimid rulers of Egypt.
Following the death of his uncle, he succeeded as vizier of Egypt in 1169. Thereafter he conquered Yemen
and much of Syria and Palestine at the head of a diverse army of Muslims. For ten points—name this

Muslim crusader, most famous for his victories over the knights of the Third Crusade and for his legendary

generosity and chivalry.

Answer: Saladin

19. Her parents abandoned her when she was very young, and moved into an empty apartment building in
Chicago with her puppy. Brandon. She was discovered here by Henry Warnimont. who originally intended
to turn her in to the authorities, but soon decided to adopt her. She also starred in an animated series that
featured the magical creature Glomer. For ten points—name this protagonist of two NBC shows, played by
Soleil Moon Frye.

Answer: Punky Brewster

20. In 1913 this author hired Alfred Agostinelli as secretary and chauffeur and subsequently fell in love
with him, but the young man died in a plane crash barely a year later. This incident served in part as
inspiration for the character Albertine in this author's best-known work. Similarly. Sarah Bernhardt served
as the model for the character of La Berma, and the narrator, like his creator, is French and slightly snobby.
For ten points-name this author who died in 1922 after spending the last 19 years of his life in a cork-lined
bedroom writing Remembrance of Things Past.

Answer: Marcel Proust

21. In a 1554 medical text. Johann Lange declared that this condition in women could lead to a special type
of hysteria, characterized by depression and paleness: this madness could, however, be easily cured by
marriage, regular sexual intercourse, and. ideally, childbearing. In ancient Greece and Rome the concept
referred to a woman—or a goddess—who was autonomous, not "owned" by any man, and in Jewish tradition
was simply a descriptive term for any young unmarried woman. For ten points-what is this idea, which has

only recently acquired its sexual--or rather, non-sexual connotation?

Answer: virginity (accept equivalents)

Bonus Questions

1. Answer these questions about a French National Symbol for ten points each.

a) (10) This woman, who always wears a Phrygian bonnet, represents France's mono. "Liberty. Hquality.

Fraternity". There is a bust of her in every town hall in France.

Answer: Marianne

b) (10) A new woman is picked to serve as the image of Marianne every five years. The woman picked for
2000 has caused controversy in France because she is a 21-year-old model. Name this woman, known
primarily for her Victoria's Secret and GUESS jeans advertisements.

Answer: Laetia Casta

c) (10) Infamy isn't new to Marianne. The 1965 bust of Marianne caused controversy because her nipples
showed prominently through her outfit. Name this model, the star of "And God Created Woman".

Answer: Brigitte Bardot

2. Answer these questions about everyone's favorite German epic, the Nibelun^enlieil. for ten points each.

a) (10) Who is the hero of the epic?

Answer: Siegftred

b) (10) Who is the knight who kills the Siegfried while they are out hunting?

Answer: Hagen

c) (10) Who is Siegfried's wife, who accidentally revealed Siegfried's vulnerability to Hagen making his

treachery possible?

Answer: Kriemhild

3. Answer these questions about Antarctica for ten points each.

a) (10) This amazing lake the size of Lake Erie is underneath over two miles of ice. so no one knows why

it does not freeze. Biologists want to explore it to see life thai has existed in isolation for at least two

million years, but are not sure of how to do that without contamination.

Answer: Lake Vostok

b) (10) Overlooking the Ronne Ice Shelf, it was discovered in 1935 by Lincoln Ellsworth. At over 16.000
feet this volcano is the highest mountain in Antarctica.

Answer: Vinson Massif

c) (10) This American station and airplane runway used to be exactly at the South Pole itself, today it has
moved almost a mile because of the shifting ice. Various studies are done here of the ozone hole and
cosmic rays. It is named after the first two men to reach the pole.

Answer: Amundsen-Scott Station (don't accept Scon-Amundsen)

4. Name the historical figure, 30-20-10-5.

  1. (30) A lawyer born in Illinois, he moved to Lincoln, Nebraska and won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1890. Later he edited the Omaha World-Herald newspaper.

  2. (20) Smote by the Wrath of God. he died in 1925 in Dayton. Tennessee.

  3. (10) Woodrow Wilson appointed him Secretary of State in 1912. and he proposed the formation of a 31 member international commission to mediate international disputes and prevent wars.

  4. (5) A four time presidential loser, he was nominated by both the Populist and National Silver parties for the election of 1896.

Answer: William Jennings Bryan

5. Answer the following on 20th Century German politics for the stated number of points.

a) (10) Overturning the Hallstein doctrine, this shift in German foreign policy allowed Germany for the first

time to open diplomatic relations with countries that recognized East Germany. For five points-give the
name of this movement, which translates to "Eastern Policy".

Answer: Osipolitik

b) (5.5) A certain German political party's gains in the Bundestag in the 1969 elections made Osipolitik
possible. For 5 points each-name that party and their new chancellor elected thai year.

Answers: Social Democrats and Willy Brandt

c) (10) Signed in 1972. this treaty between the two Germany's regularized foreign relations, committed respect to each other's independence, and prevented either nation from crediting itself as the sole spokesman for the German people. Answer: the Basic Treaty

6. Name these amino acids from a description of the side chain and its one letter abbreviation. FTP each:

a) (10) The side chain is a fluorescent indole ring, and the abbreviation is \V.

Answer: tryptophan

b) (10) The side chain consists of several methylene groups capped by a very basic guanidiniuin group, and
the abbreviation is R

Answer: arainine

c) (10) Since the side chain forms a five-membered ring that includes the alpha amino group, this amino
acid is actually a cyclic imino (IH-mee-no) acid. Its abbreviation is P.

Answer: proline

7. Name these plays which retell the story of Joan of Arc from a brief description for 15. or for 10 if you
need the author.

a) (15) This play was one of the first to recast Joan as a romantic heroine. It varies the story by giving Joan

a tragic flaw, love for the English soldier Montgomery, and by having Joan die on the battlefield rather than

at the stake.

(10) Friedrich Schiller

Answer: The Maid of Orleans or Die Junefrait von Orleans

b) (15) In this 1924 version of her story, emphasis is placed on Joan's individual contact with the divine.

thus presenting her as a prototype of Protestant thinking. In an epilogue she returns to visit the dying
Charles VII and learns of her elevation to sainthood.

(10) George Bernard Shaw Answer: Saint Joan

8. FTP each, identify the ocean current described.

a) This warm current leaves the Gulf of Mexico through the Straits of Florida before proceeding to the

northeast along the southeast US coast toward Europe.

Answer: Gulf Stream

b) This cold continuation of the Aleutian Current flows from 48 to 23 degrees north latitude and results in
the cold water near its namesake state.

Answer: California Current

c) This current brings warm waters from Japan to the Aleutian Islands, keeping temperatures there
relatively warm for their latitude.

Answer: Kuroshio Current or Japan Current or Black Current

9. Given a building in "the birthplace of modern architecture". Chicago, give the year, within 5 years, in

which it was construction was completed, for ten points each.

a)(10)Robie House

Answer: 1908(1903-1913)

b) (10) Sears Tower

Answer: 1974(1969-1979)

c) (10) Museum of Science and Industry. Hint: it was built for the Columbian Exposition.

Answer: 1893(1888-1898)

10. For ten points apiece, answer these questions on unsolved problems in mathematics.

a) The "strong version" of whose conjecture states that all positive even integers greater than 4 can be

expressed as the sum of two odd primes?

Answer: Christian Goldbach

b) What unproven hypothesis states that there is no cardinal number greater than the si/e of the set of all
integers and smaller than the size of the set of all real numbers?

Answer: Continuum Hypothesis

c) No human being has yet directly proved this theorem. However, it was ostensibly proven by two computer scientists at the University of Illinois in 1976 via a program they wrote to exhaustively demonstrate the truth of the theorem for every case possible. Name this theorem, inspired by a problem from cartography.

Answer: The Four-Color Theorem

11. Answer the following about Argentinian politicians FTPE.

a) A supporter of the conservatives in the aristocracy, he took over dictatorial control of Buenos Aires in

the 1830's. Perhaps a play off of his name, he made his partisans wear red rosettes on their jackets to prove
their loyalty to his government

Answer: Manuel de Rosas

b) The author of the text _Facondo_, he was Argentine minister to the United States from 1864 to 1868. He
later became president.

Answer: Domingo Faustino Sarmiento

c) Serving as president from 1946 to 1955 and from 1973 to 1974, two of his wives were instrumental in
his administrations.

Answer: Juan Peron

12. Name the American statesman. 30-20-10.

  1. (30) President Eisenhower once incurred censure for deleting part of a speech praising this man for fear of offending Joseph McCarthy, who had denounced him.
  2. (20) He attempted to mediate the Chinese Civil War in 1946. served as Secretary of Defense from 1950-51. and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953.

  3. (10) He was Secretary of State from 1947-49 and created the European Recovery Program.

Answer: George Marshall

13. Identify the Anton Chekhov plays from brief descriptions for ten points each.

a) (10) Ivan Voinitzki manages the estate of his brother-in-law. Aleksandr. putting aside his own dreams in
order to support Aleksandr's academic career.

Answer: Uncle Vaiiva

b) (10) The young Treplev aspires to literary greatness but is crushed when his play is received with
laughter. Though he finally attains artistic respectability, he commits suicide after he is abandoned by

Ans: The Sea-Gull

c) (10) Olga. Masha. and Irina live out a drab existence in a small provincial town, hoping to escape to
better lives through liasions with the young army officers stationed there.

Ans: The Three Sisters

14. Given a molecular formula, give the correct name of the compound for five points each.

a) NHI4]NO|3]

Answer: ammonium nitrate b)Na|2]SO[4]

Answer: sodium sulfate OMgS

Answer: magnesium sulfide

d) FeCI|3|

Answer: ferric chloride or iron(lll) chloride (prompt on "iron chloride") e)CaCl|2|

Answer calcium chloride ft KH|2|PO[4]

Answer: potassium dihydrosen phosphate

15. Answer these questions about a certain Greek myth FTSNOP.

a) (5.5) Name the two ill-fated lovers who were separated by a wall and later by a lion.

Answer: Pvramus and Thisbe

b) (10) Pvramus and Thisbe lived in Babylon under the reign of this Babylonian queen.

Answer: Scmiramis c) (10) The two lovers arranged lo meet ai this tomb near ihou homes. Answer: Ninus's tomb

16. Identify these Latin phrases used in law for the staled niimho >>f points.

a) (5) It literally means "thai you ha\ c iho body." A writ of this requires thai officials bring a detained

person before a court.

Answer: habeas corpus

b) (10) It literally means "friend of iho court", briefs of this type are submitted by interested parties other
than the plaintiff and defendant.

Answer: amicus curiae

c) (15) It literally means "io be certified". A writ of this is issued when a higher court reviews a case from a
lower court.

Answer: certiorari

17. Around the beginning of the seventeenth century, Japan saw an end lo the era of the country at war, or
sengoku jidai. FTPE, answer these questions about the national reunification which marked the end of the

a) First, name the samurai whose motto was "Rule the Empire In Force." and who went so far as to

slaughter the Tendai monks via a siege ol their monastery ai lliei/an. He was killed in 1581 by Akechi
Mitsuhide. one of his own general-.

Answer: Oda Nohunaga

b) Another of Nobunaga's general-. Ik ueni on lo complete N\'h.;:aga's plans for unification. He typically
won his battles by mustering overwhelming forces, surrounding In- enemy, and waiting for them to

Answer: Toyotomi Hidc\o-ht

c) The last victims of Hidcyoshi's strongman tactics were the family. Because they had been given
ample time to surrender peacefull> he;ore 1590. Hideyoshi forced thorn to commit suicide rather than
maintaining some control over then h> klings. He then gave the lands lo r/i»5 man. a prominent ally from the
Odawara campaign whoso family lent t- name to the period of Japanese government which remained intact

for almost 250 years thence

Answer: Tokugawa lev a-u

18. Give the molecular shape of the loilowing compounds. F!T each. For example. C02 is linear.

a) CH4 Answer: telroliedial

b)NHj Answer: trigonal pyramidal

c) XeF4 Answer: square planar

19. Answer these questions about Ye;:i- for the slated numlvi o! points.

a) (5) What theater did Yeats found, with Lady Gregory and Gom go Moore?

Answer: ihe Abbey Theater

b) (10) What was the prc-Raphaelitc group Yeats had earlier helped found in London?

Answer: the Rhymers' Club b) (15) Yeats was greatly influenced K the Russian woman who -tailed the Theosophical Society. Whai was this spiritualist's name?

Answer: Madame Helena Pctrov na Blavaiskv

20. Identify the cily. 30-20-10.

a). (30) Served the by port city of < Kah-ay-yo). this city o! 6.4 million was nearly destroyed by earthquakes in 1687 and 1746

  1. (20) A terrorist takeover of an embassy here bore striking similarities to ihe Entebbe Rescue, as all the hostages were freed, all ihe terrm i-t- killed, and the government forces commander was the only casualty.

  2. (10) The capilal of Spain's New World Empire, it was founded by Pi/.zaro in 1535 and supposedly contains his remains.

Answer: Lima. Peru


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