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November 2010

MISSION STATEMENT: We are here to ignite the light of Christ in all people, by reaching out to others, by growing as followers of Christ, and by going forth in ministry and service, so that all may know God’s love in Jesus Christ.


Bethlehem . . . A beacon
Upon the hill who
Ministers to all God's children through
Christ . . . who first served us


I wrote several newsletter articles last month about some of the opportunities for spiritual growth available for us as members of Bethlehem UMC. You can access that newsletter at and follow the links to the October newsletter, or call the church office and we’ll send you another copy.

So, after writing those articles I was shocked when I came to church on Sunday Oct 24 and learned about our financial giving patterns as a congregation!

As your Pastor, I have two reactions to what I learned that day. One reaction is that I hope to never again believe the old adage that if the Pastor will just love the people and preach the gospel passionately people will just automatically grow spiritually and become mature disciples of Christ.

My other reaction is to take action. I have always believed that the best way to help people grow in their faith in God is to provide ways for them to stay connected to Christ. In some real ways I think we are doing that at Bethlehem. But we can do better. In fact, we must.

I like something Rick Warren has said. “We easily miss the spiritual-growth significance of giving money. We need to give the first part of our day in meditation to God. We need to give the first part of our week in worship of God. We need to give the first part of our income to God. We need to give the first part of our social life to fellowship with other Christians. Each of these four kinds of giving keeps our mental compass focused in God’s direction. Remove any of them and spiritual growth slows” (Herb Miller, New Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program, p. 54).

But some will protest that Warren is not United Methodist. Well, first of all spiritual truth is spiritual truth. The source of spiritual truth is not the issue. The issue is whether or not it is true. Be that as it may, John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, taught that when it comes to finances we should “make all you can, save all you can, and give all you can.” John Wesley was concerned about our spiritual health and vitality.

Most importantly, it was Jesus who said it most memorably, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Luke


In Honor Of: Given by: Fund:

David Powell

Roy & Sandra Sofley

Good Neighbor Fund

Pam Stockert

Roy & Sandra Sofley

Hope Homes

Sympathy extended to: Bill West & family in the passing of his sister, Emma Hartman, on Friday, September 24. Yoman & Patsy Smith in the passing of her mother, Margie Hendrix, on Saturday, October 2.
GOOD NEIGHBOR BBQ… Bethlehem’s annual Good Neighbor Barbecue will be held Friday, November 5. Dinner will be served from 5-7 pm and will be old-fashioned barbecue or chicken dinner, slaw, baked beans, roll, and dessert. The cost of the dinner will be a donation of $8 per plate. We will also have special music to enjoy! Let’s all help make this fundraiser the most successful ever!!
YOUR HELP NEEDED… Nathan Smith will be going to Jamaica in February with a WNCC building team. This team will repair a church hall and basic school. Hurricane Ivan hit the buildings in 2003 and after repairs, Hurricane Dean hit in 2007. The work will restore the buildings so the school can meet all the time and the church hall can be used again. If you can help with expenses please place your money in the offering plate. On the memo line write “Smith Mission Trip.”

Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child Processing Center Boone, NC

The youth are working at the Samaritans Purse Processing Center, sorting through donated Samaritan Ministries Shoe Box Gifts, as well as a tour of the facility on Thursday, December 9. We will be departing on the church bus from the church at 4 pm and will return around midnight. If you are not a youth but would like to volunteer at the center with us, please call Cindy Furr 998-5083 or email This opportunity is limited to 15 volunteers.

PINE STRAW AVAILABLE… Please continue to support the United Methodist Men and keep your landscaping in tip-top shape! Bales of pine straw are available. They are only $5 each! Please contact a member of UMM or the church office with questions. Delivery is also available!
EVERYONE, please take time each Sunday morning and sign the pew pads.  We are keeping track of attendance in an effort to reach out to those of our congregation who miss worship a few consecutive Sundays.  If you fail to sign the pew pads a few weeks, you will likely find in your mailbox a card that says “We Miss You” from Bethlehem.  Please help us know when you are in worship and help reduce the unnecessary expense of cards and postage.
TRANSPORTATION… If anyone who no longer drives would like to come to Sunday school, worship, and/or any night events, you may call the church office and someone from the men’s class will pick you up in the church bus.

The UMM’s Prayer Breakfast is usually the 2nd Sunday of each month. For this month, however, please join us Thursday, November 4 at 6:30 pm as we meet for a pinto bean supper in the FLC. We will help make slaw for the Good Neighbor BBQ. Hope to see you there!

YOU ARE INVITED... Come celebrate the arrival of Stephen Stuart Logue III (Trey), son of Steve and Whitney Logue and grandson of Steve and Marcia Sexton. The celebration will be on Sunday, November 14 from 2-4 pm in the FLC.

START SAVING THOSE PAPER GROCERY BAGS! Please start saving your brown paper grocery bags for the upcoming distribution of Thanksgiving meals to those in need at A Storehouse for Jesus.  Please put bags in the Donations Room or Missions Room.  Thank you!

12:34). Here is a spiritual growth question: “Are our hearts at one with God. Or are we persons divided between the riches and concerns of what the world offers and our relationship with God?”

I hope and pray you will use the next few days to ask yourself what may prove to be the most important question you ask yourself this year: What percentage of my income is God calling me to give this year? The way you answer that question will have a direct bearing on your

relationship with God and your rate of spiritual growth for the coming year. Donna and I made a commitment the year we were married twenty-one years ago to give to God through the local church at least 10% of our gross income every year. Have we been perfect? No. Do we have the spiritual life of a Billy and Ruth Graham? No. Do we get to buy every car and take every vacation that we would want? No. Has God ever deserted us? No. Has our giving caused us to draw closer to God over the years? Yes. We believe that no matter what happens to us in the coming years God will be as close to us as the air we breathe. Nothing in all the creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

People who give a percentage of their income to God’s work in the world through the local church are blessed beyond measure. You might not be able to give 10% of your income this year. If not, what percentage can you give? 3%? 4%? 5%? On the other hand, some of us might be able to give more than 10%. We’ll never know until we sit down, open the books (finance books and Bible), and in prayer ask God to show us. Whatever percentage of income you give next year, is it what God has shown is appropriate? Let God know your intent in worship on Sunday, Nov 7.

We will have a catered (free) Celebration Luncheon beginning at 12noon following our 11am worship service that day. I believe we will again be shocked when we hear our report on what we have committed as a congregation to give to God next year. Come and be a part of what God is doing at Bethlehem UMC!

November B.U.M.Y. Calendar
Wed. 3 7pm-8pm Sr. High Bible Study
Fri. 5 5pm-7pm Good Neighbor BBQ Work the Take Out

Sun. 7 2pm-3pm Praise Band Practice

3pm-5pm Shop at Walmart for Samaritan Shoe Box

Gifts Bring $20 to spend at Walmart (Camp Hanes $86 due)

Wed. 10 7pm-8pm Sr. High Bible Study

Thurs. 11 3pm-7pm Trip to Alpa Acres Corn Maze

Cost $4 plus money for Dinner

Sun. 14 12pm-1pm Pack up Storehouse Thanksgiving

Tues. 16 5:45pm-pm Storehouse for Jesus bring money for dinner

Wed. 17 6pm-8pm Church Dinner & Thanksgiving


Fri. 19 TBA–Sun. 21 noon Camp Hanes Retreat

Sun. Nov. 28 3pm-4:30pm UMYF Youth sign-up to

volunteer at the Operation Christmas Child Processing Center in Boone on Thurs. Dec. 9, 4pm-midnight
Cindy Furr 998-5083 or 309-5245


donations. When she came back, she had her cart with many bags of groceries. She told me that she had gone to Starbucks to get some coffee before coming to the store and once she checked out her groceries (including her donations), she realized she had left her billfold on the front seat of her car. Instead of her going to her car to get her billfold, the man in line behind her told her to never mind, that he would pay her grocery bill. He paid for all of her groceries! Imagine that! She went into the store to buy her groceries, buy for Storehouse, and then was given a gift from a stranger – the payment of it all. She said, ‘You know God is Good!’ The bags were filled with canned goods, boxed mac & cheese, and much love and care. Right before my shift ended, the customers began coming more frequently; I was talking with the customers, thanking them for their donations, and I noticed a lady standing behind me writing a check. She told me she supports Storehouse for Jesus every year. Before she handed me the check, she told me that she was on a limited income and that she shops at two or more grocery stores on Saturdays to get the best prices possible (she must really study those grocery flyers in the newspaper). I told her I understood. She then handed me a check in the amount of $200.00. That amazed me after what she had just told me that I asked her if she was sure she wanted to give that much. She said definitely yes! I turned over my shift to the next volunteer and drove towards Advance thinking, ‘Wow! What a wonderful morning of meeting the most wonderful, caring people in our community. God is indeed good! Good all the time!’” Cindy Furr

DECORATING BETHLEHEM FOR CHRISTMAS... All ladies are invited to decorate the Bethlehem Sanctuary and Family Life Center for the Christmas season on Tuesday, November 23 at 6:30 pm.  Drinks and snacks will be provided.
BABY SHOWER... There will be a baby shower for Cara and Derrick Stovesand (Daughter of the late KayLynn Hansen and Andy Hansen) Saturday, November 20 from 2-4 pm in the CAC. They are expecting a baby girl. Cara & Derrick have registered at Babies R Us.


Our biannual “Food for His Flock” was held on Saturday, October 2. For about the last 12 years, Bethlehem UMC has been responsible for soliciting donations at the Hillsdale Food Lion for this food drive benefiting A Storehouse for Jesus. Because of a scheduling mix-up at the home office, we were unable to be at our local Food Lion on October 2. We were, however, asked to solicit at the Lowes Foods in Clemmons since they had no one to volunteer for that store. I must admit I was disappointed about the move; we always get such a generous response from the customers at Food Lion, we are so familiar with the staff there, and we remain in Davie County.

But my dismay quickly turned to delight when upon entering the store on Saturday morning to introduce myself to the store manager I was thrilled to discover he was none other than Steve Kauff, a member of Bethlehem UMC! Our day went very well with positive responses from most of the customers. Most of them knew about Storehouse and its ministries, and our barrels were overflowing each time the guys from Storehouse came for a pick-up.

My sincere gratitude goes to Cindy Furr, Sue Riddle, Donna Lemons, Barry Lemons, and Wesley Myers for their outstanding volunteerism to this vital outreach ministry. Each of us had special moments with the customers, but I’ve asked Cindy, a first-timer with “Food for His Flock,” to share her story with you for this month’s Missions Moment. – Virginia Burnette, Missions Chair

On Saturday, October 2, Sue Riddle and I volunteered the first two-hour shift collecting food items for A Storehouse for Jesus at the Lowes grocery store in Clemmons. I was amazed at the amount of food we collected in just two hours! Two high school age girls (still in their PJ’s) passed by my station in front of the store, and I gave them a flyer and asked for them to donate. They came out the door, approached the drop box, placed several items in the box, and they were then empty handed. I asked where their personal groceries were, and they said they didn’t find what they were looking for. I told them how thankful we were that even though they didn’t find what they were looking for, they took the time to purchase for the needy. Soon after, a lady came by telling me that her daughter helps out with Storehouse and that she would be back with some

hildren’s Ministries

November Schedule

Wed. 3,10,17 3pm-4:30pm

Games, Refreshments, Bible lesson, Prayer, Music, Art
Cindy Furr 998-5083 309-5245
Family Fun Night

Families with Infants, Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

(your older children may attend)

Friday, November 12


Christian Activity Center (CAC)


Please join us for fellowship, fun, food & storytelling of Joseph & His Colorful Coat.

Bring a clean used coat, sweater, jacket or sweatshirt for the UMW Coat & Sweater Drive for Storehouse for Jesus
MARK YOUR CALENDARS...Children’s Christmas Musical Sunday, December 12 at 10 am in the FLC.
BROUGHTON HOSPITAL CHRISTMAS CHEER FUND… UMW will be collecting gifts for Broughton Hospital again this year. Toiletry items, books, sweaters, sweatshirts and other items. A complete list will be in the Missions Room. All items are due by the first part of December. A group from Davie will be delivering the gifts. For further information contact Pam Stockert 998-0839.


October at our Preschool is always an exciting time with many adventures during the month.  Fire Prevention Week brought the firemen from Smith Grove Fire Department with their fire truck – what a fun day!  We practiced a fire drill to follow up on the things that the firemen taught us.  We appreciate our community helpers who are willing to share their knowledge with the children in our program.

Lunch Bunch is going well with three and four year old children staying on Tuesdays for an extra hour to eat lunch together and play with friends.  The parents seem to appreciate the extra hour that this service provides.

Chapel time, led by Ms. Deana, takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  The children are learning so many songs about our “mighty God” and the lessons that are taught in Bible stories.  Giving preschoolers exposure to these teachings at an early age will surely impact their lives in a “mighty” way! 

                Fall parties will be held at the end of the month with children wearing costumes and taking part in a costume parade.  Parents provide special treats and then children get to visit the pumpkin patch and hear a story from the master story teller, Mr. James Howard.  Then they may choose their own special pumpkin to take home.  Thanks to Ezra and Nancy Gough for the donation of pumpkins!

HOW TO JOIN BETHLEHEM UMC: If you (and your family) need information about joining Bethlehem UMC as a member, please call our Pastor at the church office (336) 998-5083, or email him at Tell him you are interested and he will be happy to answer all your questions. New members join the church on the first Sundays of each month (or at other times if circumstances warrant). Remember, we would love to have you make your spiritual home at Bethlehem UMC!

Book Bags of Hope

This school year Bethlehem is partnering with Smith Grove UMC on the Book Bags of Hope project for Pinebrook Elementary. This project donates a bag of food every Friday to a child for the weekend. These children would normally have very little, or no food to eat on the weekend. There are about 70 bags given out each Friday. All foods are individually wrapped, single servings, and require minimal cooking.

Please help us by donating food to this worthy cause. Some food items are alternated throughout the year, but the items on this list are collected all year long. Purchase items on the list below, and donate items in the boxes provided around the church (Missions Room, FLC and CAC).

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

*Oatmeal *Chex Mix

*Grits *Chef Boyardee Variety –*Nutri-Grain bars 7.5 oz. microwavable

*Cheese Nabs or Wheat and cheese *Raisins

(No peanut butter due to allergies) *Del Monte Fruit Cups

*Cheez-It snack packs *Campbell’s Chicken Noodle

*Pudding cups soup

*Pop Tarts *Campbell’s Tomato soup

*Rice Crispy Squares – 1.3

oz. (larger size)

***Contact Christin Howard (940-2412) or Virginia Burnette for more information, of if you would like to help pack the bags!

**If you’d like to donate money, please designate your check to Book Bags of Hope.
**~ Don’t forget this is a yearlong commitment – we need your help! ~**

CONTRIBUTING STOCKS/BONDS… BUMC has established a brokerage account at Wachovia. If you have negotiable instruments that you would like to donate to Bethlehem, please have your broker transfer directly to Wachovia, using account number 17083592; our DTC number is 0141. If you have any questions, please call Ken Lard (998-8863).
BETHLEHEM COOKBOOKS… The Bethlehem United Methodist Women will continue to offer our popular Bethlehem cookbook, Cooking with Grace, for only $15. This price includes the original cookbook with the new supplement in a loose-leaf binder. If you already have the original cookbook, you can buy a supplement for only $7. All profits go to UMW mission projects. Contact the church office or a UMW member to get cookbooks for families and friends.

November requests: juice and non-refrigerated juice concentrates, ground or instant coffee, tea bags (preferably black tea – regular or decaf, not herbal teas), sweetened Kool-Aid, bar soap, canned fruits and paper & plastic grocery bags. Please place items in the baskets in the adult Sunday school classrooms or in the Missions Room at the back of the Sanctuary. Volunteers will be working at Storehouse Tuesday, November 16 at 6 pm to stock shelves. Please join us!

WHEN YOU PRAY MEETING… There will be a prayer meeting the last Thursday of each month. The group will be using the “When You Pray” book. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 30 at 7 pm in the CAC. Please join us!

BUILDING TRIP... Justin Riddle and Billy Keenan are heading off to Victoria, Honduras from February 20-March 1, 2011. During their week they will be building basic, simple block homes to serve two families in the Victoria community. The cost of the trip will be $1,000 per person. If anyone is interested in going, just contact Billy or Justin. We appreciate all your prayers and donations to help us on our journey.

NEWSLETTER… To ensure the Bethlehem Messenger is able to be delivered in a timely manner each month, please turn in your articles to the church office no later than Tuesday, November 15. Thank you for your cooperation!
AL-ANON GROUP… An AL-ANON family group is meeting at Macedonia Moravian Church, Hwy 801 North in Advance on Sunday nights at 8 pm. The meeting is located in Room 225 above the fellowship hall. AL-ANON is a group to help families and friends of alcoholics. We welcome and share hope for those who are in need of help.
United Methodist Women - Monthly Meeting

The HOPE circle of UMW will meet on Tuesday, November 2 at 7 pm at the home of Lynda Smith, 1283 Hwy 801 N.  Our program will center on the World Thank Offering. All women are invited to attend for Christian fellowship and involvement in mission opportunities.

The MORNING GLORIES circle will meet Wednesday, November 3 at 10 am in classroom 14.

Concert December 5th 6:30 pm, 2010:

It is not too early to book your calendar because you will not want to miss this! Sunday, December 5th beginning at 6:30 pm the Adult Choir will be hosting a CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING! A time to remember the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD and reflect on many Christmas memories as we prepare our hearts and remind ourselves why we plan, shop, wrap gifts, spend time with family, and cook so many wonderful foods during this time of the year.  This concert will be filled with many old gospel songs we grew up on as well as some new favorites we can never get out of our minds.  Mark it on your calendar before you get booked and begin to plan things around this special Christmas Concert with many solos, trio’s, quartet’s, and group songs to enjoy and sing along! Sometimes you pay 50, 75 and 100 dollars to attend many concerts and travel 30 to 100 miles to get there but this one is free and it will be just as uplifting because you are spending it with your family of God!  DON’T miss it for the rush of the season.  Put God First! 

BETHLEHEM MEMORABILIA… A Gerald Marion colored print of Bethlehem Church is available for purchase. The cost is $60 and the money goes towards the Building Fund. Please call the church office if you are interested in purchasing a print.
COFFEE TIME… Join us in the Family Life Center at 9:30am. Come and enjoy a variety of coffee and a danish while we fellowship prior to the Sunday school hour.
ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD MEETING: The next meeting will be Sunday, November 14 at 6 pm in classroom 14.
UPPER ROOM BIBLE STUDY… Wednesday nights at 6 pm, a Bible study based on the Upper Room daily devotion will be held in classroom 14. This is open to everyone. Please contact Perry Crutchfield or Justin Riddle if you should have any questions.
COLLEGE STUDENT ADDRESSES... Contact church office with 2010 mailing address and e-mail addresses of college students (even if it's the same as 2009).  Bethlehem UMW would like to communicate with our students.
CONGRATULATIONS… Jaynie Marie Patton was born Monday, October 11. She weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. Proud parents are Chris & Shannon Patton and grandparents Larry & Karen Umberger.

The Wired Word... The Good Neighbor Sunday School Class is now using The Wired Word every Sunday morning.  This is a program that relates Biblical teaching and Christian beliefs to current events.  As an example, we recently discussed the rescue of the Chilean Miners and the presence of God during that time.  Each week the news event and discussion questions for the next Sunday are emailed to you on Thursday from Bethlehem.  If you would like to receive The Wired Word, please contact Shannon at the church office and add your name to the email list. You can receive The Wired Word even though you may be unable to attend the Good Neighbor class.

Dear Bethlehem Family,

I wanted to express my sincere thanks to all of you for your love and support of me, Kim, and the kids over these past years.  The financial and spiritual support that you have provided is just another example of how God has worked through you to further my family’s journey towards service in the United Methodist Church. 
As I reflect upon our time together, I am joyful about how much I have grown as I have attended Bethlehem.  Talking about coconuts while on mission trips to Mississippi, watching my son being baptized in the sanctuary, and even my white cooler that still smells like pork from the Good Neighbor BBQ all trigger thoughts of our God-given journey together.   From participating in worship to being your delegate at Annual Conference, it has been a joy and remains a joy to be able to say that I am a part of the Bethlehem family of believers.
I would also like to especially thank Pastor Barry for his guidance over the past year.  His advice has helped me to make some tough decisions about my life and what it means to follow Jesus.  He is a true man of God, and I value his continuing friendship.  I wish him nothing but the best as he continues in the ministry of the United Methodist Church.
I hope that Bethlehem UMC continues to strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a lost and dying world.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all for everything.
Your Brother in Christ,
Darren L. Crotts

South Dakota Missions

November 11, 2010

Why we go…

The Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations are the poorest areas in the entire U.S. They have few natural resources and no industry ~ only 1 in 5 has a job.

Ministry on the Rosebud & Pine Ridge Reservations

Crisis Center RST

Senior Citizen Center Juvenile Detention Center

Please pray for the Lakota Nation, the Ministries on the Reservations, and for those that go to share the love of Jesus!

Items Needed:

  • Towels

  • Heaters
  • Ceiling Tiles

And other building materials for the Coffee Shop
Donations needed for Feast of the Nations:
  • Gallon cans of Green Beans

  • Gallon cans of Corn

  • Large boxes of Instant Potatoes

  • Financial Contributions for the purchase of food items
For more info: Gail McCuiston (336) 909-1959 (336) 998-6322

To make a financial contribution: mail check or money order to

Storehouse for Jesus “Rosebud Account”

P.O. Box 216 Mocksville, NC 27028

We appreciate your prayers and support!

Orientation Class and New Member Sunday

For our guests who may have been attending Bethlehem UMC a few Sundays and believe the Lord is leading you join our church family, please know you are invited to an Orientation Session to be held on Sunday, November 21 at 3 pm in Classroom #14. This is just a brief way to more formally meet with the staff and a few church leaders who can introduce you to themselves and the church. Did you know Bethlehem became a preaching place in 1773? Did you know that we recently hired a new Children’s and Youth Director with 15 years experience and a certification in Christian Education from Pfeiffer University?

Soon after on Sunday, December 5, we will have a New Member Sunday at Bethlehem as we welcome all who are interested into the community of faith at Bethlehem UMC.

If you have been thinking of making Bethlehem your church and spiritual home, please mark these dates on your calendar. If you are not able to join us on these dates, please call the church office to let us know of your interest and pastor Barry will make contact with you.

STOREHOUSE GHANA VAN... As of the week of August 22, Storehouse has collected $14,220 for the van needed to continue to minister to the lost and needy of Ghana. A total of $38,000 is needed to purchase a new van. All checks should be written to A Storehouse for Jesus and designated in the memo section to “Ghana Direct – Van”. Please mail your check to Storehouse for Jesus, PO Box 216, Mocksville, NC 27028.
THANKSGIVING DINNER & SERVICE... Bethlehem will celebrate Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 17.  We will have a free fellowship dinner including homemade soup, sandwiches, and desserts at 6 pm in the Family Life Center.  At 7 pm we will have a Thanksgiving message with a special time of sharing in the Sanctuary.  Please note this dinner and service will be the  week before Thanksgiving so that it won't interfere with other Thanksgiving activities.  A nursery will be provided.  Bring your friends and family.


CHRISTMAS LAMBS AND STARS... Bethlehem will again help A Storehouse for Jesus by sponsoring Christmas Lambs (children) and Stars (senior citizens).  We will receive a list of needy participants later in November, and all gifts will be due back to Bethlehem by Sunday, December 5.   If you choose to be a sponsor, you are asked to purchase two toys (or personal items) and two clothing items.  Donna Powell and DeEtte Glasgo will have sign-up sheets.

COAT AND SWEATER DRIVE... UMW is collecting used coats, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts in GOOD, CLEAN condition.  Leave these in Mission Room.  To be donated to Storehouse for Jesus.

Happy Autumn! Submitted by Gail Howard

Being a Christian is like being a pumpkin.

 God lifts you up, takes you in,

 and washes all the dirt off of you.

 He opens you up, touches you deep inside

 and scoops out all the yucky stuff-- including

 the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc.

 Then He carves you a new smiling face

 and puts His light inside you to shine for all the world to see. 

CELL PHONE DONATIONS… Do you have old, unused cell phones lying around the house? Put them to good use by donating them to Davie Domestic Violence Services and Rape Crisis Center. Donated phones are either refurbished for reimbursement for client services or reactivated for client use. Safety is a key issue for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; a cell phone activated with 911 telephone service can be extremely necessary and even life-saving. Please place your old cell phones (with charger if you have it) in the designated box in the Missions Room. For questions, please contact Virginia Burnette (998-2660 after 6:00 pm).

FORGIVEN MINISTRY... This year Bethlehem has been involved in a new mission. I'm sure you have heard all about! If you have wanted to get involved with Forgiven Ministries and haven't had the time here is your chance. We are helping co-host an Angel Tree Christmas party with Oak Grove UMC and your help is needed by sponsoring a child in Davie County whose parent is incarcerated or you can make a donation and we will use it to off-set the cost of the party. If you are interested in sponsoring a child please see DeEtte by Sunday, November 28 they will be due on Sunday, December 5.
Thank You! Thank you to everyone who donated school supplies in August and September to Davie County students in need.  Within two days, A Storehouse for Jesus distributed 5,535 school supplies to 140 Davie County families (360 students).  Bookbags are still needed and, in fact, are always needed on a continual basis. 

HOPE HOMES... Emotions flew in every direction on Saturday, October 23 on the "Hampton Hill" as Justin and I like to call it. We took the chance to spend some time with MaryLou before the dedication began and sitting in her house with all 4 burners on the stove going on high to provide heat, holes in the ceiling letting all the cool morning air in, the smell of mold, and so much more. All she could talk about was how much this new home meant to her and how much she loves the Lord. "God is good all the time, Baby," she kept saying over and over. Family came over for the dedication and each one of them shared how deserving she was to have such a wonderful new home and how she has touched their lives over the years. During the dedication tears flowed down almost every cheek as the most beautiful lady, MaryLou, expressed her joy in receiving such a great gift from God. It was such an inspiration to see firsthand how God, if we allow, can truly be our strength when we are weak, the treasures that we seek and He truly is our all in all.

To the church - if you have not taken the time to work on a Hope Home you have no idea what you are I pray I will see you all in the Spring of 2011.

As for you "Mr. Jim", thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way through Hope Homes!


SPENDING THANKSGIVING ALONE? If you want to share a meal, Eagle Heights Church (852 US Hwy 64 W, Mocksville) will be serving a free thanksgiving meal Thursday, November 25 11 am-4 pm. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation please make your check payable to Serving Him Ministry and send to PO Box 1135, Mocksville, NC 27028.
Operation Christmas Child Mission Project... It’s time to start collecting items for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!  Please start praying for this mission project as you begin to gather small gifts for a boy or girl (ages 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14) that will fit inside a shoebox.  The brochures with instructions and suggestions for gifts and the plastic shoeboxes will soon be available to pick up.  They will need to be turned in no later than Wednesday, November 17.  Last year, we filled 135 shoeboxes for needy children all around the world thanks to your generous donations!  See an upcoming insert in the bulletin for more information.
SAVE THE DATE... Sunday, January 2, 2011... Luncheon with all donation proceeds going to support Nathan Smith, Justin Riddle & Billy Keenan on their mission trips.
MEETING... There will be a Sub-district Missions Meeting Tuesday, November 9 at 7 pm at Cornatzer UMC.

Administrative Board Meeting October 12, 2010

The meeting was brought to order with Barry Lemons, pastor, presiding. We opened with prayer by the pastor and proceeded to the business of the board. The discussion was focused on portions of the budget. The items were the Conference Apportionments and Administration Salaries and Benefits for 2011. After reviewing the totals Jean Harpe brought up the issue that the budget for Conference Apportionments may change by $196.00 or less. The change would be made by the WNC Conference Treasurer. It was motioned by Jack Newman with a second by Dave Darby to accept the proposed budget items and the correction if necessary. The motion was approved unanimously by those present.

The meeting was adjourned with Charge Conference to follow.

Respectfully Submitted

Sandra Sofley

Charge Conference October 12, 2010

The Charge Conference was brought to order with Barry Lemons, Pastor presiding. Each attendee was given a packet containing the following items, 2010 Charge Commitment, Report of the Pastor, Annual reports given by Sue Riddle, Byron Vines and Perry Crutchfield Lay Speakers, a copy of the 2011 budget items for approval (Conference Apportioned Funds and Salaries and Benefits for Administrative Personnel), and a list from the Nominations Committee containing all servant/ leaders for 2011, including the Administrative Board, was presented.

  • The Commitment and goals for 2011 were discussed.

  • The Report of the Pastor was presented.

  • The Report of the Trustees was presented with discussion about insurance limits, liability, and workers compensation. Items are to be confirmed with the insurance company on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 and corrected if necessary.

  • The Lay Speaker annual reports were briefly reviewed.

  • The list of the 2011 Administrative Board and other servant/ leaders was reviewed and a motion was made to accept the recommendations by Ken lard with Dave Darby seconding the motion. The vote was unanimously accepting.

  • The conference budget items for 2011, Conference Apportionments and Administrative Salary and Benefits, were presented. A motion was made to accept the portions of the budget as presented by Jimmy Myers with Dave Darby seconding the motion. The approval was unanimous.

The meeting was adjourned by pastor Barry Lemons.

Respectfully Submitted

Sandra Sofley


Believe it or not, ready or not, Christmas is only two months away and soon Bethlehem, like countless other churches, will begin play practices, filling and collecting shoeboxes, going caroling, sponsoring lambs (children) and stars (seniors), and decorating a sock and mitten tree all to simply spread the joy of the season. These are all wonderful ministries. Although this year I have wondered about all those lambs that are sponsored, yes on Christmas morning there will be joy from the gifts they receive, but do they know what it is really about? Have they heard the story of the birth of Jesus? Here at Bethlehem we have a great Christmas Eve service and many of our family, friends, and neighbors join with us, but many within our reach aren’t present. So it’s time we take the true Christmas story out to them. How can we do it? We can load up a truck and a trailer with the manger scene, throw together costumes and prepare to tell the birth story of Christ on a child’s level. When will we do it? Christmas Eve, that’s right Christmas Eve... there is no better time. (We will go during the day so you will still have your evening and night for family.) Where will we go? Obviously we will go to areas within our county that are less fortunate. We will set up specific times to be at certain places for the kids in the neighborhood to be aware of our arrival. Why? Why not?

Things we will need

  1. Help!

  2. Volunteers to go with us and read the Christmas story to the children.

  3. Willing souls to dress the part (there will be little to no lines to remember)

  4. Small toys to give the kids after we finish (stuffed animals, balls, coloring books, inexpensive things)

  5. Christmas candy

  6. Singers, any singers

You don’t have to make an all day commitment; any time you can help will be a blessing. If you have any questions about what we will be doing or wish to help in any way, please let Justin Riddle know.

Feed the Hungry at Thanksgiving
Again this year, Bethlehem will be joining with Macedonia Moravian Church to provide Thanksgiving dinners for 120 needy families in Davie County.  We are responsible for filling grocery bags with Thanksgiving dinner fixings for 60 families.  Our United Methodist Women and Men pay for 60 turkeys, but we ask our congregation for the other food items.  We are requesting that you bring these items by Sunday, November 14. The following items are requested for each family:

  • 3 cans of green beans

  • 3 cans of corn

  • 2 small cans of sweet potatoes or yams or 1 large can

  • 2 boxes of instant potatoes or 1 large box

  • 2 bags of stuffing mix or 1 large bag

  • 2 jars of applesauce or 1 large jar

  • 1 can of cranberry sauce

  • 2 muffin mixes (blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, etc.)

  • 2 desserts (boxed cheesecake, cake mix and icing, brownie mix, etc. – nothing that needs to be refrigerated or frozen)

If you prefer to make a cash donation, we will do the shopping. We are requesting a donation of $15 per family.  Please make any checks payable to “Bethlehem UMW.”  Several UMW members will be collecting donations at the end of worship services for the next several Sundays. If you would like to volunteer to help bag the groceries on Sunday afternoon, November 14 or help give out the Thanksgiving meal bags on Sunday afternoon, November 21, please contact Virginia Burnette (998-2660), Debbie Crutchfield (940-2678), or Sue Riddle (998-3169) or sign-up on the sheet in the Missions Room.

Thank you, Bethlehem family, for your generosity and continued support of this outreach mission in our community!

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Volunteers for November

10 am Nursery

Children’s Moment

7 Angie & Maddie Myers

7 Susan Sidden

14 Pam Stockert

14 Cindy Furr

21 Angie & Maddie Myers


28 Virginia Burnette

28 Susan Sidden

11 am Nursery

Children’s Church

7 Janet & Savannah Taylor

7 Laura Kelly

14 Regina Allen & Maddie Myers

14 Deana Roberts

21 Angie & Maddie Myers

21 Annette Eaton

28 Angie & Maddie Myers

28 Melissa Boswell

11 am Acolyte

11 am Sound System

7 Kelly Howard

7 Joe Taylor

14 Will Foster

14 Mike Allen

21 Caleb Boswell

21 Jerry Howard

28 Trey Clontz

28 Walt Myers

4 year old – 2nd grade Sunday School

3rd5th grade

Sunday School

Christin Howard

Nena Allen


7 Christin Howard

14 Donna Lemons

21 Gail Howard

28 Joe Taylor


7 Stephen Isenhour, Mike Allen, Nathan Smith, James Howard II, Craig Roberts

14 David Powell, Jon Gunter, Ken Lard, Walt Myers

21 Gary Holt, Terry Funderburk, Johnny Allen, Byron Vines, Tony Myers

28 Jack Newman, David Darby, Mike Flynn, Wiley Burns

Newsletter Team: Team members Barbara Boger, Nancy Gough, Ivey Jo Smith, Gene & Helen Lanier, Kay Foster, Hollis Smith and Pat & Billie Collins will assemble the December newsletter on Tuesday, November 23 at 10 am in the Christian Activity Center! Please feel free to come join us!

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