Bhagavat Saptah a week with a Saint

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Symptoms of live society

First live symptom: Murthi Puja

I had given only one symptom and that is our worship is according to Narada Panchratra, is recommended by Narada, and Narada is the Mahajan who used to see Kṛṣṇa every day and that’s why he knows how to worship Him. Accordingly he has given the instructions in Narada Panchratrika and according to that vidhi we are carrying on our worship. All over the world we are very proud that the pujaris those who are, there are, atleast one or two poojaris who are performing puja continuously, they don’t stay in this world. So far I know in England, there is one poojari and we don’t see him at all anywhere else, his name is Jivapati I think. He is only seen on the altar or he is in his room. Never we have seen him taking his prasadam.  He must be taking some frugal prasadam but we don’t know, always he is chanting or he is in worship. And he doesn’t talk to anybody, he doesn’t want any donations from anybody, he is not interested in money or anything. This is Prabhupāda’s potency that out of the foreign devotees who were born in all these obnoxious activities of eating non-vegetarian food and so on so forth and even then by the touch of murthi or by the proximity of the transcendental form of the Lord, they are completely driven out of their own atmosphere for good. They are not interested at all. 


Dwaraka temple gets a poojari

In Dwaraka, we had installed the murthi’s and there was no poojari and we were worried.  Some or the other we are carrying on puja with whatever devotees we had.   Krishna played a trick, one boy just ran away from his house and next day he was in Dwaraka.
I said “Why have you come?”
He said, “I have come to be a poojari in the temple.”
I told, “Why? Why you want poojari?”
“No that’s the service I want. I don’t want any other service.”

I said “No, you can go out or preach or do some cleaning work in the job first in the beginning, you are just coming out for you...”

“No, no please excuse me, I want to poojari.”
And he is unflinching poojari since then.  It’s nearly one and half year before. Then we forced him to ring to his parents because his parents might be worried.  So he was not willing to ring because somebody told him that if he ring then they will come and take him away and he will not able to do the service.
I told “no no, our bharatiya system is completely different. So you please let them know that you are here.” 
So I took him to the phone and forced him to ring to his house.  Father was very pleased, mother was very pleased. Next day, they all were there in Dwaraka. 
Then he said, “See I was telling you that they will come.”
I told no doubt, let them come. For their coming only we rang them. It’s allright, doesn’t matter. If you are fixed they cannot take you anywhere.
So, then I forced him to accompany them and take them to Beta or where ever the sites are to see. So the boy accompanied them and they tried to convince him that, “You should come back! You should come back! You should come back!”
He said “No, no I have decided I want to poojari of these deities, these dieties are very beautiful. So I like them, now I have come, please now don’t disturb me.”
So, his father then came to me, “You just please tell him to accompany us.”
I told, “See, the child is yours.  We are not holding him here and he is not our property.  We haven’t bought the slave, so he is yours.  You and him whatever you decide, if you request then I will keep him here, otherwise he is an expense to me.  We have to feed him.” [Maharaj laughs]. 

So, father saw that I am not attached. So, father was thinking what to do now.  So, the son said no, for a while let me continue, then may be after a month we will think, so he agreed.  Then they went away. Then, since then they keep on coming. The boy also goes to visit them but he is very fixed in poojari service and once he has started then he doesn’t wanted any other service.  He is the best sankirtan devotee also.  But he doesn’t want, he is fixed completely. 

The meaning is that anybody who has proximity to the form of the Lord, transcendental form of the Lord, [gets inspired by it]
Is murthy is idol or transcendental form of the Lord?

Murthi is wrongly translated.  Murthi is not idol.  Please drive away this wrong translation from your mind.  This is the gift of our guardian’s - British people.  They have given us this wrong translation.  You are idol worshipers.  Frankly speaking they are idol worshipers. I told them…. have you seen London, here also there must be some statues in the city.  In London in the front of Parliament house there is Churchill statue standing like this.  And since the statue is erected there nobody has offered him a single sandwich man.  He is starving like anything and thousand and millions of cars are drawing around the square and he inhales all the fumes.  Nobody cares, he may be sick I think.  Chronic sickness should be there and nobody sees at him. Nobody knows that Churchill is standing there. So he gets dirty by the fumes and everything.  So when he is very dirty the municipal ‘karate’ (?) man comes and with his nice “karate” (?)he cleans him and all scratches are there on the statue after cleaning. 

For our deities we have palatial buildings. Which statue has the palatial building? They may be very important men in their life, I remember this President Kennedy, he was very much glorified when he was there. And now his statue is lying in London near about some park and nobody looks at him and his statue is in a horrible condition. It doesn’t look like President Kennedy. And nobody cares. This is the idol worship. And they don’t know what to worship, what to put. I think in Sydney or somewhere, there is a park, here I think, it is here. I don’t know must be, in Sydney I think. There is one park, wherein they have two matchsticks. Is it here or somewhere else I saw? It’s here isn’t it? Some architect might be there, smoker architect and he don’t know what to do, so daily he was looking to the match sticks. So let me have matchsticks. I think our form of the Lord is much more beautiful than the matchsticks. These ordinary people they want to worship something but then they don’t know who to and those matchsticks, one matchstick is full matchstick and another one is a burned matchstick. Might have lighted and burnt his cigarette and throw it away. Allright one burned and one good. So they are standing here. Please if you doubt me just go and see. This is our folly, foolishness and madness, insanity.

Instead some nice transcendental form of Lord we could put there, people thousands of people are coming there, they will be liberated and those who erect there, they will also liberated.  Some electric lamp should be there and something like this we can have too.  This is our condition we are completely misguided, we are not idol worshipers.  The correct translation of murthi is the transcendental form of the Lord and these forms are carved according to the descriptions given by Narada again.  Narada knows, Narada is daily seeing Kṛṣṇa, he knows how He looks like and according to his description these murthi’s are carved in Jaipur.  Jaipur is very famous in India for murthi’s, carving the murthi’s. And there in Muhamodan murthi carvers are there and they study Narada’s description and eventually they carve out very nicely.  And once the murthi is carved then we for years together we worship the same murthi and He reciprocates. 
We have the self-manifested mūrthi in Dwaraka in the main temple.  This Dwarkadish murthi was not carved, it is self-manifested.  And it is since last four thousand years He is standing there inside as fresh as it was and the pooja is going on very nicely.  This is our one symptom of being alive, live society.
Second live symptom: Prasadam Distribution

Then second thing we do that in all the temples the prasadam is ready.  And prasada is not two peanuts or something.  No, its full thali, kicheri may be whatever, plenty of prasadam is there.  Food distribution is going on to the best of our limits.  This is the second symptom. 

Third live symptom: Study of scriptures and Preaching inside and outside the temple

Then third symptom live symptom is that preaching is going on in the temple and outside. We go personally to the houses and we preach, we request them please don’t waste your human life, human breath, you have limited breath at your disposal, as you breath you are losing the breath life and please utilize it for remembering Kṛṣṇa.  We are very busy in other activities, we request the people that please you do like this and this is one of the requesting point because of these boys transcendental desires.  Otherwise nobody is to gain from this anything.  If there would have been material enterprise they will first see that how much they are gaining out of it. Our society Prabhupāda has told us that money is the by-product, we don’t beg. We are very rich father’s son. Rich father’s son doesn’t beg.  He is just attached to his father and he is also rich.  That is how we are not proud, materially proud.  Material pride is hypocrisy.  We cannot be proud materially.  Nothing belongs to us.  How can you proud of anything which doesn’t belong to us? Ishaavaasyam idam sarvam – everything belongs to Kṛṣṇa.  This is the third symptom, live symptom and then again we go out to preach in the form of our transcendental literature.  Our literature is the best literature at the moment to convince our own mind how to get attached to the lotus feet of Kṛṣṇa and how to make our human life more successful. 

Appeal to the youths: Don’t get lost or frustrated

Please young people, I would request you don’t be misguided, don’t get lost.  Here the young people are in a very dire difficulty. They don’t know which course to follow, how to follow, expenses are there, everything is there, they don’t know.  Please don’t do that.  This human existence is not for frustration.  We are frustrated because we don’t know that our own selfish interest is in the Supreme Absolute Truth, Kṛṣṇa. That we don’t have any idea.  

na te viduḥ svārtha-gatiṁ hi viṣṇuṁ

[SB 7.5.31]

We don’t know this that our svārtha-gati – own selfish interest is in Kṛṣṇa.  That’s why every time in 24 hours for 26 hours we are frustrated.  Don’t do it please.  Young age is not meant for that. You come in contact with these boys and there will be plenty of work to do.  Please, please don’t waste your time.  We want your youth.  We want your hours.  We want your kriya shakti and please utilize it in propagating the names of Kṛṣṇa.  It’s the best use of our existence and then side by side when you are attached toKṛṣṇa’s lotus feet your own desires will be automatically fulfilled.  Those who don’t come to Kṛṣṇa they look pale. They don’t have any red capsules of blood in them.  Because we don’t have faith and because we don’t have faith it speaks adversely on our own health and you become completely pale.  You don’t know what is happening. You start dwindling in young age. 

Our psychiatrist is Kṛṣṇa

Those who come to Kṛṣṇa automatically by the name of Kṛṣṇa the red capsules of blood will develop in their bdoy.  Otherwise particularly in the advanced stage the blood is not there atleast.  Or it may be there it might be yellowish not red.  But those who are running after Kṛṣṇa they are karkandu like tomato.  Please in order to have nice health, in order to have reducing all the anxieties, this is the royal road.  Don’t run around here and there.  Psychiatrist is the modern invention to reduce your anxieties.  Frankly speaking they don’t do anything.  They hear you.  That’s it and they themselves are disturbed.  That’s why they become psychiatrists.  And all these ordinary psychiatrists, they are consulting the higher psychiatrists. .  And all those higher psychiatrists again goes to the highest psychiatrists to consult. And the highest one commits suicide. Please this is, we don’t want that.  Our psychiatrists or whatever you call is Kṛṣṇa.  That’s it and this is to propagate and not only that but this is the only society on the face of the planet at the moment who have printed millions of our scriptures and already distributed and we are still doing that. And because these literatures are now rampant in every town and city, may be every house I don’t know and that’s why there is always talk of the war but the war never takes place.  This is the lid over these material ideas.  Till we follow this lid we will not be in the difficulty, the whole planet will not be in difficulty.  This whole planet is known as Bharat varsh. 

Study the scriptures

[There is some gap in the audio].. for mother’s sake you be good.  We don’t want, conversions we don’t want.  We want you to improve the values of your human existence and as soon as you follow these four things in our, through our society or wherever you are get it in touch with the and please look to these good things.  We have our own problems as every society has but problems don’t worry, we don’t worry because anxieties are already there.   So we go on with these things and please we request you that you please carry on in your own way, whatever in a trickle way may be in a small way, just try to come to the, take some small books, have the small book with you and keep on studying that book alone, that will give you the whole idea and that will attract you to the big volumes like Bhagavad-gītā or Bhāgavatam or Caitanya-caritāmṛta, etc. 

So, please don’t forget this, these are the prime duties, every society if they want to be alive they have to perform otherwise it’s a dead society and don’t look to the problems, every society.  May be they are divided, so many ways they are divided. Every sect is divided, doesn’t matter.  There are so many divisions, always these upamann societies are there, are bound to come up.  Don’t worry about it.  But the crux of whole thing is in pooja, performing pooja, continuous pooja.  Crux of whole thing is the study of the scriptures and preaching. The whole problem is food distribution.  That’s it, print the books and distribute.  Buy the books and distribute to the best of your ability. That is the biggest seva you are doing. 
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