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Hiranyakashipu’s Son, Prahlad Learns in Mothers Womb


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Hiranyakashipu’s Son, Prahlad Learns in Mothers Womb

Hiranyakashipu starts terrorizing

And please come to this Jaya-Vijay, they have fallen down in the form of demons, but they are not demons, they are the most elevated living entities, and they are teaching through their pastimes. It was Krsna’s desire that they should become enemies. And that’s why he is playing his part very nicely. And he got all the benedictions from Brahma and then he thought now nobody can kill me. So he went terrorizing everybody everywhere. The demigods completely flew away from their positions. Eventually he went to heavenly planets. He was not satisfied with the only earthly planet. They were mystic. All these demons they were mystics. He went there and then he insisted that Indra should come down from his throne. So he went… Indra was very much terrified. He said “What can I do for you?”

“Get off your throne”, he said.

Indra stood up, and he [Hiranyakashipu] sat down on his [Indra’s] throne.

Then Indra said, “What can I do for you.”

“Take out your helmet and put that crown on me”   and he wore the crown. And he was so very powerful, including Brahma and Siva, they were also afraid of him. Narada was just a layman before him. Narada was running around here and there just to satisfy him. Just to show, this is the best pastime of Krsna, that what to talk of us, Brahma and Siva they are very powerful, Narada is also very powerful devotee, but because they were completely under the control of this demon, they were also scared. And all the demigods were running around here and there. They became invisible eventually. Then he started terrorizing, doing anything and everything. Eventually the whole thing came to his son. Now, he wanted his son, to be like him.

Skand and Amarka try to teach Prahalad

Prahalad was very young, so now everything was alright, everybody was praising him, and he thought he is in control now, that’s how Krsna, many times He shows us also that “you are in control now”, and now you go on doing whatever you like. And then we completely go crazy. And this way he [Hiranyakashipu] is also went crazy.

So he appointed for Prahlad, two teachers, and they were Shukracharya’s son. And Shukracharya himself was the guru of demons. Demons are better, guru how can we imagine, guru of demons. So these boys they were nice. He said these are the fit persons to teach my sons, Shand and Amarka. Their names are also very nice. Shand and Amarka. So, he called him and said take care of this boy, and teach him all economics and political history, and he should be ready to take over my throne.

“All right Maharaj, now we are doing this.”

They went into Prahlad and …we see many times in dramas also they try to preach Prahlad.
Pralalad learns on mother’s womb

But it so happened that when Hiranyakashipu had left for performing their austerities, so demigods thought that this is the nice opportunity, for a long time that demon is absent here, so we’ll capture our kingdom. So they became powerful. And they fought with the demons and the demons lost. And they arrested Kayadu, Hiranyakashipu’s wife. She was pregnant at that time. So, they were arresting the women. Even demons were not arresting women at that time. Demons were also nice natured people. Now, we have completely…very bad tendencies at the moment. When demons were asked by Narada Muni, (Narad muni met on the way).

“Why are you arresting this woman?”

“We are not going to kill the woman”, they said, “but she is pregnant and as soon as the demon is born we’ll kill the demon and relieve her.”

So Narad muni told them that “In her womb, please know that it’s not the demon. It’s the best devotee of Krsna, is situated in her womb.” 

So the demons were also were convinced. “Is it that? Is it not demon there?”

So they released her and they went around her to pray and then they paid obeisances to the devotee and then went away. And this is how, Kayadu was taken by Narada muni to the ashram, and she was given the instructions, transcendental instructions.

This shows that in the womb also the child can learn.
And is what the Vedic system is. When our mothers and sisters they are also pregnant, we always force them to go to the temple, to hear something about Krsna, to read Bhāgavatam or hear Kṛṣṇa atleast. Hear Ramayana, hear Mahabharata, whatever. Then we take them to the fresh air always, outside the village some celebration is there, and this is how we take care of the child in the womb.


Srila Prabhupāda takes us out of the material rut

This Vedic culture from every side, it is just to remind us that this place cannot be our permanent home. Our permanent home is somewhere else. And we have to always strive, to go that permanent residence. And this is how all our traditions were followed. Even now to revive the traditions, Prabhupāda tried very seriously and he introduced these traditions, just to give us the opportunity to hear about these things correctly, he wrote so many books himself, and he has given on every page, his compassion is flowing. Prabhupāda did not have to achieve anything from us. His compassion is in all the purports. He gives us so much information just to pick us up from this material rut. And as soon we come to this point then we get the continuous instruction from the pages of Bhagavad-gītā or Bhāgavatam or whatever. And this is how we should come to these literatures.

Pralalad is Narada disciple

And not only that, but in the womb also, the child has the capacity. Child hears. Since the child is two months old in the womb, the ear holes start. This is the first sense which starts in the womb. And this is the last sense, which goes away at the time of death. You know, many times it so happens, that because of excessive pain at the time of death, we may lose our speech, but the ears are there. The man who has lost the speech on the death bed, he can also hear. This is the last sense to go away. Very important sense. We learn everything through the ear. And this is the tapascharya, this is the penance of ear that we don’t hear anything scratch. Just make a rule, that to the minimum extent, I will hear other things. And this is the best thing, to improve our health also. If you don’t hear anything bad, nothing pollutes your mind or the existence. And then, there is no danger to our health. This is the main thing to be understood from this. So eventually Prahalad learnt, everything in the womb, and when he was born, he already had some lessons from Narada muni. This is how Prahlad was also Narada muni’s disciple.

Chapter 33

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